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  1. If you pave a bridge with a different type of pavement the edge of the pavement will be seen on the outside of the bridge. It isn't nice For some reason I can't embed the picture from imgur now, but here are the links.
  2. -1 I don't understand this problem. Find some friend when the unique spawns and find it, pen it and kill it. It is simple, you need times only and some good fighters.
  3. +1 000 000
  4. +1 it would be great
  5. -1 Yellow potions are funny
  6. -1 I think the crops need sunlight, but the enchanted grass doesn't need it.
  7. +1 It is a great idea
  8. I can't make wall plan next to the roof on the south side of the tile. But I could plan next to the roof on the west side of the tile.
  9. +1
  10. Wow! It is a very surprising news. "The mine is 2D, we can't make bridges." Congratulations, you made the impossible!