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  1. I have 1345 rift points, but I can't buy an item that costs 700 RP. What is it? Maybe a bug?
  2. Please add Tamina to Rite of Spring Faith 100 Channeling 82.56 Time zone EU CEST
  3. Yes, it would be nice! +1 I hate to click all of the little checkboxes.
  4. Yes! It is a great idea! +1
  5. +1 I would like if the marsh could spread.
  6. It is sad, I'm very sorry, I'll check the website. Are the characters lost too?
  7. Hi! What happened? I can't log on, the server is locked with password and I don't see the familiar map.
  8. +1 It is good idea. Please.
  9. Oh don't do it Oblivionn, it will be too expensive for me! I want to change group, I want a scale set, I'm bored with my hide armour.
  10. Can we tame the uniques? ?