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  1. Story of withdrawal of my prize: I also had the original link leading to an error page so raised a support ticket at G-Loot. They have answered within a day and after a few questions confirmed the link is not working and sent another link which worked and I could claim the prize money. Thank you
  2. Sorry I was late too.
  3. Iā€™m really surprised, but Iā€™m really happy, thank you so much for the placement! Congratulations to the other winners, you are very creative! šŸ˜Š
  4. Category: Place of business Xanadu C10 I'm happy I just finished in time my mine wine cellar on Saskalap. The guests are feeling good, the wines (red and white) are tasty, the beers are great and the gins are strong. The roasted lamb smell is good already Poor dog is not allowed in Bella is waiting her owner The mood is good inside Who is the lucky girl? This is a very old pub Some are killing time playing board games
  5. +1 It is a great idea, I like it. I hate to see when horses are starving and die. I know they are just pixels, but it is hurt me. I use to make enchanted grass under them, maybe I'm childish but it is an MMORPG, the emotions are important.
  6. Yes, I remember that too. I agree Malena, It would be nice. The female character can't wear short sleeves cloth above the standard beige top.
  7. Orom 563, 988 Thank you
  8. I was leading a hell horse when entering a mine with a rock mine door. Hell horse was branded, not tamed and being led by a Fo's priest so not aggressive against being led. As realized later the hell horse got unhitched so tracked back the location using get direction and checking the logs. When I arrived back to the mine entrance it was lost I've heard the death shriek of the hell horse and could no more find it with Get directions (cannot find the animal, it was here a minute ago) The corpse did not show up nowhere, but about 10 minutes later appeared in front of the mine entrance (I have passed there a few times in the meantime between heard to die and see the corpse) The corpse shows the cause of death is suffocation in rock. UPDATE: The hell horse was kindly restored by GM team (thank you!). The next moment the hell horse on lead unhitched in front of the mine door when I entered the mine - visually I could only see the flame on its head under the cobblestone tile in front of the mine door and could not rehitch. Fortunately this time the hell horse entered the tunnel and I could put in on lead in there.