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  1. Wow saddle bags! You are very smart and creative, we would never have thought about it!
  2. +1 When long time ago you introduced friend categories I thought these are real groups and I could set the groups permissions then I only need to just add my friends to proper group, and they get the group permissions and when I take out friends from a group they lose the group permission. But the friends groups don't work that way. The change would be desirable.
  3. LOL It is a cute idea. The hell horses smoke with a bunch of wemps after breeding and they are very relaxed.
  4. We played with this bug for cca half an hour, very funny
  5. I met again this problem I can't plan a wall plan next to the roof. The error message is: "[22:57:35] The roof is in the way." I hate this!
  6. I have sacrificed a supreme fragment and I didn't get full food and water and any skill. I hope it is a bug.
  7. I choose Spatula and Ardingly. It is nice game
  8. Haha, it will be a fun! I'm happy to help with imping to leatherworking, tailoring, carpentry, fine carpentry, bowery, fletching, toymaking, jewerly, pottery, masonry.
  9. Agree, I have written this because I have played on WU servers with valrei mobs and I hate them, especially the spirits and the nogumps
  10. -1 Dear Eyesgood, I wouldn't like valrei mobs on Freedom, I wouldn't like see when the eaglespirit and the drakespirit are killing my branded animals in the locked pens, I wouldn't like running from a nogump in a slower cart. If I would like these, I'd move to Chaos or Epic, I recommend it to you as well.
  11. Yes my GLSL on core too.
  12. I painted a curb fence and a crude wooden fence gate to white ([15:58:53] Colors: R=237, G=237, B=237.) But we can't see the difference. The right fence tile, the gate is painted on the picture.
  13. Yes, it is great! Package holidays!