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  1. Yes my GLSL on core too.
  2. I painted a curb fence and a crude wooden fence gate to white ([15:58:53] Colors: R=237, G=237, B=237.) But we can't see the difference. The right fence tile, the gate is painted on the picture.
  3. Yes, it is great! Package holidays!
  4. Archeology! It is awesome! When will be the big update?
  5. +1 Great idea
  6. +1 YES, yes, yes I would like very much
  7. Please make it a bug, because it is a bug, the kind and smart developers will fix this. It is a bug, it is a bug, it is a bug, it is a mantra...
  8. Grats, it was nice work Thanks for the invitations.
  9. Yes, yes, yes! Big, nice "portcullis" window with colored glass.... +1
  10. +1 Pottery open fireplace! Oh... It would be nice
  11. lol If you offer your little finger, they want your arms I want ships rack, I can't see the sea from my caravels and corbitas. I hope I will be able to load the ships with crates in it into ships rack.