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  1. my rare small dirty casket is open now helped by GM
  2. i have the same problem with the rare small dirty casket, can not open it
  3. i seen it too, on our Large magic chests also unload stuff out off the carts and its gone need too relog then its there again
  4. on brownie the timer whas there and when the timer whas 3 sec ,2 sec and didnt went away , but she gets skillgain on richtje the timer comes up and also still counting in seconds, also getting skillgain. the fatigue doesnt go down also richtje also whas drinking coffee and the timer is still there even after the restart so whats wrong with my chars
  5. i like too buy 1 bear and bull and 1 boar and dog and i come after the event with mcm too pick it up
  6. i have it for a long time now, but i dont like the title for female char but any way ty trevize
  7. im 100 in farming and got the title pumpkin king, but im a female, then maybe there should be the title pumpkin queen instead
  8. i can imp ws at 93. lw at 98, carp at 92, mason 96 i come with mrcoolman have also fo priest at 100 faith and channeling 82
  9. Xanadu down?

    i whas in game and long lag, could drive car and the deed is totally gone, big hole. cant get in anymore after logging out
  10. yes i got the last gain tick on 10 december 2019 and finally i got the last gain and title at 27 may, so thats a long time and ty