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Found 9 results

  1. Hello and welcome to crafters legion merchant ad ! Latest update: 09/18 Currently there are two public wagoners in market for everyone to use. Location: Crafter's Legion Market Xanadu M7 north of cave canal. Our crew: Martynas Mrcoolman Richtje Richardcheese To order item post here or pm crafter ingame. Currently thread is WIP, if you dont find item you need tell us. 10% discount on items with crafter's signature ! Alternative payment methods: Favor[NEW] Enchanting Alchemy: Carpentry: Hot food cooking: Masonry: Smithing: Tailoring: Up to 99QL
  2. Welcome to Zredna Taloring We are Locaded on Cadance Q24 (For pick up) Our time is GMT +2 Pm Me In Game Anderz Or Order Here. We can offer Tapestry 45c Each QL25 Carpet Red 30c Eatch Carpet blue N/A carpet yellow N/A Meditation rug 25c Ql 25 Flag 40c Banner 20c kingdom banner 20c Tall kingdome Banner Comming N/A Sheets 40c Bedroll 1s QL25 Cloth Armor N/A Hats 20c 20Ql Peasant wool cap 20c common wool hat 20c squire wool cap 20c foresters wool hat 20c Tents Ql25 Explorer Tent 1s military Tent 1,4s Sails Square small sail 30c square big sails 30c triangular sails 30c Leatherworing Toolbelt Adventure hat Ql25 15c Rug Wolf,bear,lion 15c Saddle 25c Leather Armor N/A special stuff We Mail Our Stuff From Our Awsome Box (Mail fee will come) [19:20:44] Courier has been cast on it, so it is possessed by some messenger spirits. [86] If we need to Delivery Its Between The Buyer And The Seller But It Will Come A Fee Free delivery to shore/harbour for order 4s and up. We only delivery to Pve servers Vist Our store at Sonata if you are neer or only whant to see. If you wonder anything, dont be shy to ask, happy wurming everyone
  3. Check this out [00:12:08] A nice woven Tapestry made by Mclavin. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with some yarn. Ql: 17.756172, Dam: 0.0. Starting bid : 5s Bid increment : 1s Buyout : Negotiable
  4. The idea is to craft a map of server Islands as one of the type of tapestry. And maybe "[00:07:02] <Whispper> or sections of it" also good idea for maps, but slightly more difficult to perform.
  5. This months competition is the chance for your art immortalized in-game! We are looking for you to submit your fanart or screenshots to us, with the winner having their work in the game as a new tapestry design! The winner will also receive a supreme version of their tapestry as a prize too. There's a few rules before entering: One submission per player. Artwork MUST be an original creation, no third party copyright material may be used. Drawings, digital artworks, and screenshots are acceptable. The entries will be open until the 21st of August, with the winner announced on the 25th! Without further ado, get drawing, and good luck!
  6. Starting Price 5s Increments 1s No Reserve Buyout pm offers
  7. Hi In current Wurm, tapestries and sword/axe displays are pretty much the only wall decorations we can make. However, game does not allow to put tapestry stand on same tile with a bed or another stand. "You cannot drop that item here, since there is not enough space in front of you." Is there a reason for this, other than "it's in the code"? Please let us decorate our walls behind beds!
  8. Magic City, Exodus presents... the first annual 2015 Horse Adoptathon! For 1 week only, visit Magic City and get a fabulous new addition to your family for an outrageously low price! 4-Speed: 15c each 3-Speed: 5c each But wait! There's more! Why add just one new member to your family when you could add.... TWO! TWO 4-Speeds: 25c TWO 3-Speeds: 5c (WHAT?! That's the same price as it is for ONE!! WOW!) BUT WAIT! There's STILL more! Why would you take home just two horses when you can lead 4 with one character? FOUR 4-Speeds: 40c FOUR 3-Speeds: 10c WAIT! Coming horseless or bringing a friend? Add one more horse for FREE! Buying four 3-speeds but don't want five of them? Pick a 4-speed for your FREE fifth horse! WOW! WAAAIIIITTT!!!! Adopt 4 or 5 horses and get a FREE TAPESTRY OF YOUR CHOICE!! (20c value)! Want to purchase tapestries? During the Adoptathon, all Tapestries are on sale! Regular 20c Now 15c AND Buy 6 get 1 FREE! No horse adoption required! Hurry in today! Limited stock available. Deals expire AUGUST 8, 2015 EXTENDED to August 16th!
  9. Magic City is ready to offer you Tapestries!!!! We have all tapestries available for purchase, at least 2 of each are currently in stock, and more are being made. Our tapestries are available for: delivery, pick up, or merchant purchase. Which tapestries do we have? All of them!!! Check it out!!! (Note: Beige and Orange tapestries are not shown in this picture, but are equally available for you!) Wow!!! We are currently selling them at the spectacular price of 20c each! WOW!!!! What do we currently have in stock? Green 3 Beige 3 Orange 3 Festivities 3 Kyara 3 Faeldray 2 Cavalry 3 More stock is always being added. Place an order if we don't have what you need and we can prioritize your order! What are you waiting for?!? Deliveries (priced per order regardless of quantity!) - Exodus delivery: FREE!! - Celebration or Deliverance delivery: Only 50c per order for delivery!! - Independence or West Xanadu delivery: Just 1s delivery! - East Xanadu, Pristine or Release delivery: Simply add 1.5s for delivery! OR you can pop by to pickup anytime! We have tapestries available in our merchants, located conveniently in Magic Mall! They are on duty 24/7 waiting for you! PM Seedlings or Hypamania for questions/orders, or visit us at Magic City! D-21 on the in-game map, or visit X:37, Y:8