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Found 5 results

  1. WTS (Aroma's shop)

    Hi, Some items i like to sell,: 1k iron ql72 75c 2k mortar 2.3s/k -- 100 concrete 1s--- 1k cotton ql60 50c. sandstone bricks 2s/1k. Sprouts,Seedlings and Flowers 0.50i/each --- Oak or Willow 7c/each (+Cod1c) Grape/hops trellis 9c/each. Rowboat 50c, Sailboat 1s,Large cart 25c. (can use wagoneer in Xanadu)Large crate 9c, Small crate 2c.) ------------------------------------------------- I also can make any pottery items ql53. Small amphora 3c/e , Large amphora 7c/e .. ql10. I Have a Nahjo priest :100 faith 83 channeling. Around 50c travel cost if job cost is less than 1.50s. Bless(1c) Courier(90c 90+power) Strongwall(20c) Genesis(5c) Mend(5c) Woa, Aosp, Essen drain, Mind stealer, Venom, AD, HD, Lurker in the dark, No locate, Fire protection, Glacial, Charm, Locate soul, Summon Soul. I have 82 (ql80-82.5)Hot food cooking full CCFP : Affinity-Pizza 11.4 kg ql82.5 , any affinity you like 29c/each (first bite 10hrs) Affinity meals 3kg+ (3hrs+ first bite) 14c/each Normal Full House Pizza ql82 11.4 kg+ 24c/each Pizza portion 2kg ql82 4c/each Bangers & Mash 2.20kg ql82 5c/each (Full CCFP, wrapping is free) Send a prived MSG with your ''affinity key/base'' and your order your food if i'm not online. To find out your affinity key : -Make a bear meal -> in an oven(not rare+), use any frying-pan add an bear meat and an corn (do not dice or chop them) then taste the bear meal and that affinity is your affinity-key/base. -That is the info I need to make affinity meals/pizza. Greetings Aroma, hope to hear form you soon. Pm ingame or leave a prived MSG. A hint : /redeemkey TXFX4VCF7B8W-ABGWDXESZWO3 (2015) /redeemkey XDH94OUQA4UL-ABZIM4ESSVSY (2018) Pottery valentine''s
  2. Oakheart Pizzeria

    Oakheart Pizzeria is proud to be offering you a chance to increase your skill gains with bespoke on demand pizza. - 14.5kg, 1 bite full ccfp and 8hrs+ affinity timer 25c per pizza. - Random pizza slice at 2kg is 5c Each pizza/slice will come wrapped for extended storage Quick guide for new customers: 1. Make sure you are on fixed affinities by: - Going to the character window - Right click the body icon in bottom left corner - Go into manage profile - Check the option for cooking affinities near the bottom 2. Pm Millzy in game, on here, comment below or Discord Jay#3603 and I'll send you a test meal (this will be basic bear and corn meal) let me know what the affinity from tasting the tester meal is, "[17:50:30] You think the bear meal might give you more of an insight about chain armour smithing!" for example. 3. Let me know the desired AFFINITY you want 4. I will let you know how long before your hot freshly wrapped pizza will take to be ready (estimated, usual log in time is 2000 UK) Want somewhere to call home? Look no further than below!
  3. UPDATE: I just heard from another player, that meals stored in meal storage items (like larder/hota statue) may be taking damage but not showing the damage. In that case, we would experience getting a lower than expected nutrition off of our meals/pizzas. I have not tested this at all, but am posting it here for any who want to test or post any test results on this thread. Could be my pizza did have damage when it was in my larder, but was instead showing me zero damage. I will try to watch how my foods affect my nutrition in the future, trying to detect undeclared damage, specially w/ older meals/pizzas. I will post on this thread if I discover anything along these lines. Ok, just now, a few minutes ago (7 Sep 2018, 17:33 EST), I moved a Full House pizza to a lit forge to heat it for eating. What happened, at that instant, the entire full house pizza instantly decayed to dust. What I'm saying is I moved a full house pizza that had the affinity I wanted, from a larder to a lit forge, and the pizza (which had ZERO damage) instantly crumbled to dust. WTF! Are we broke? Is this a new glitch... food instantly crumbling to dust? Ok facts in this case: On Independence server. In a building (TeeeBOMB's Tall House) on my deed (Cornersville), of which, I own the building, and I am the mayor of the deed. Upkeep has been paid over 2 months atm. That larder shelf is full of full house pizza's affinity listed. That larder has 100 good snowballs in it's ice box. The full house pizza was for foraging for my character (TeeeBOMB), and had 43+ QL with no damage on it. I made that pizza on 5 Dec 2017... so it is... 275 days old. Like a very very very old horse. So.. I am not sure about what are the correct game mechanics on this. Just my experience. My experience is that meals slowly gather decay when stored in a larder that has snowballs in its icebox. I was quite miffed, on this day, for this pizza, to have it instantly crumble to dust with no warning at all. POOF. Gone. So I post here, to document something new, I just now had happen to me in game. This may be a glitch. It certainly feels like a glitch. If this isn't a glitch, it should be (lol). All the full house pizza's on that shelf, no damage on any of them. I certainly would have noticed had there been any damage on that pizza. Thanks for your time, TeeeBOMB
  4. close plz

  5. Tomatoes

    Tomatoes. Though they are merely a step to the true food that Wurm desperately needs: The food of the gods... Pizza. Assuming mentioning pizza and Wurm in the same context is safe now?