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  1. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong (Friend-A-Long)!

    Was along time ago i attended to a impalong so why not, i want to help out the community so Can imp: Carp. Finecarp, Pas, Cas, Shield Smithing, LW. Blacksmithing. Mason + Stonecutting. //regards mrcoolman
  2. Skill Grind Spoilers!

    But 1 part thats not added and most players perhaps want to grind is Reparing This a part i looked at and took at and it worked took me over 70+ reparing and Doctoragnus passed 90 with it, its rather simple. Mailboxes and Spirit castles infact have longest repair time + best skill gain here i havent seen still seen another with a longer repair time ( finished item ). Just make alot of them stand ind middle off them they dont need to be casted on, bash them down with a maul to 80-90 dmg use Sleeping bonus and repair. ( we had a discussion of using lava tiles but it wasnt fast enough to grind ) 1 xtra tip. //Regards MrCoolMan
  3. Close thread pls

    [22:33:09] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. thats all ppl thread can be closed
  4. Close thread pls

    [21:45:13] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  5. Close thread pls

    Rings and wc potions sold, shoulder pads left.
  6. Close thread pls

    sorry notticed
  7. Close thread pls

    ok what name u want me to cod it to?
  8. Close thread pls

    might have take a over price on the shoulder pad so its down to 75c...
  9. Close thread pls

    all items sold
  10. Red Dragon

    Can some forum mod lock this thread its, all i see is pie cast contests here. I say this the last time, HEY its a game. grow up ppl.
  11. Red Dragon

    Atleast i can behave and be polite
  12. Red Dragon

  13. Red Dragon

    well i just find when u saying something and do the opposite thing isnt really good, but i couldnt be online irl always goes before. No hard feelings from my side anyways take care
  14. Red Dragon

    Just saying, u stated all fighters get loot and after that u change the rules, to the only online ppl, thats sad... Oh well
  15. Decay rate on Deed!?

    i have things inside house with 90+ days upkeep that taking alot of dmg, and i saw that test posion did aswell, but i dont know, atleast saying it perhaps do something, i cant run around on 2 servers and 2 deeds to repair all time, but atleast have a open eye here.