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  1. ill guess it was u that wanted that dye i sent it to u, its hotfix on server but i sealed it in a barrel ql 90,35 rgb 9 that what i was able to do in short notice

    1. MrCoolMan


      + i sent it for u aswell

  2. and ppl comming to xanadu to exploit the bug...
  3. Looked wrong when i got 3 increase from 3 casts ( with in 24h ), 2 was stacked and 1 on the latest one, but no gain atleast for me on the SB.
  4. Cant play wurm anymore

    A addin on buying psu ill use this site, when lazy ordering but it say much so. Then u can compare ur comp with what u have and whats needed, ill always have a 250 more watt then needed coz all usb things + fans. Adding that 80+ aswell, i only buy corsair psu's
  5. Oracle Java on Arch linux clients

    ill do fix better very soon, i am seeing alot off diffrent adjustments so...
  6. Oracle Java on Arch linux clients

    remove this thread pls, i am fixing a correct one for the right core
  7. I found a recently added article from this site to add oracle java to arch linux os system, take care.
  8. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong (Friend-A-Long)!

    Well planned, thnx that i was able to come in and help some
  9. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong (Friend-A-Long)!

    sorry abit late to hot on the days to play i am on route atm Picking up some free lantern dyes i can share at deli aswell
  10. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong (Friend-A-Long)!

    Was along time ago i attended to a impalong so why not, i want to help out the community so Can imp: Carp. Finecarp, Pas, Cas, Shield Smithing, LW. Blacksmithing. Mason + Stonecutting. //regards mrcoolman
  11. Skill Grind Spoilers!

    But 1 part thats not added and most players perhaps want to grind is Reparing This a part i looked at and took at and it worked took me over 70+ reparing and Doctoragnus passed 90 with it, its rather simple. Mailboxes and Spirit castles infact have longest repair time + best skill gain here i havent seen still seen another with a longer repair time ( finished item ). Just make alot of them stand ind middle off them they dont need to be casted on, bash them down with a maul to 80-90 dmg use Sleeping bonus and repair. ( we had a discussion of using lava tiles but it wasnt fast enough to grind ) 1 xtra tip. //Regards MrCoolMan
  12. Close thread pls

    [22:33:09] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. thats all ppl thread can be closed
  13. Close thread pls

    [21:45:13] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  14. Close thread pls

    Rings and wc potions sold, shoulder pads left.