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  1. i dyed them and sent that order to u ?
  2. why did u know it was me that made the mixing hmm directly is was uncovered again in making dyes ?
  3. And i started to see them again after newest update again. Dont know what missing sound is atm but something is on place
  4. Rare stone chisle to same name ingame if its still there//thnx in advance
  5. LS is Longsword so but thnx for the input and help
  6. I need a price check on theese thing so have some kinda clue what to do with it//Thnx in advance Regards MrCoolMan. Have a great weekend
  7. JK wagon bought fast delivery by a good seller ?
  8. Sold

    Cod me the rare awl, Same name as on forum
  9. close this pls its sold, it was a standing sale so i couldnt close it. But its sold
  10. sorry been sick irl and down some days, i back and i am taking pms for a bit better price then post above , pls pm me if u have a suggestion, but i got a lowest price aswell so. //take care mrcoolman.
  11. Btw adding this for a fast sale ill go down to 95s. //regards mrcoolman.
  12. [17:43:05] A blue colored wooden stick with a bunch of green leaves in a fan shape on one end. Symbols indicate that if you plant it at sea, an island will emerge! Ql: 84.0, Dam: 0.0. adding to topic.
  13. as topic says 1 gold