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  1. Everything that can give alchemy a more better role in game is a good one, i started to play this game coz i wanted to make dyes and do other stuff in area, wasnt much then still isnt so +1
  2. If u need any more impers i can imp most all stations, but here is the ones u can see if u want to put me on: Carpentry: Carpentry 99,62 Fine carpentry 99,41 Toymaking 72,59 Smithing: Chain smithing 95,60 Plate armour smithing 96,33 Shield smithing 91,25 Blacksmithing 99,66 Jewelry smithing 70,72 Talioring: Cloth taloring 75,39 Leatherworking 96,52 Masonry 95,73 Stonecutting 77,04 So i can almost jump in almost all areas, theres some ill missed but this is what i can help out as imper, can do ws to 52+ aswell but yea... atleast something to offer to help ya all out... //regards MrCoolMan
  3. time to bump this we refilled some areas and added Masks and shoulder Pads, added more enchanted weapons / tools. //Have a good weekend regards mrcoolman.
  4. or where do ill do the trade / pickup at ingame name mrcoolman
  5. Sent [11:31:44] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  6. Pls close this ill got a new agenda for them dyes a better one :>, but thnx anyhow take care ppl
  7. Sold: red 214/41/41, red 214/37/37, green 34/221/34, and blue 23/23/231.
  8. I am cleaning my storages and i am going cheap on my dyes here i am letting loose to all off u ppl, ill sell them in sealed barrels and at a cost at 20c/kg, i will not unseal them at all and the prices stands. The following Dyes are: RED: Green: Blue take care and have a good day //regards mcm. Contact me ingame same name as forum name or here at forum
  9. Good catch there Odynn about to do some buoys and dye them dont want the the wood dyed so...
  10. MrCoolMan: Most areas except ws i can imp over 90+ Ill bring my Vyn priest Galsaan with me 100 faith atm 85 channeling-
  11. its a must with font options, i got glucoma and i see badly, i am still in old GUI coz it dont do me any good that GUI.