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  1. Ill do buy out pls cod to mrcoolman ingame thnx in advance
  2. Sorry that i never showed up there, Hope it was a good event, IRL Does alot stuff for, me, but ill have my first of 2 surgery's in 1 week from now ½ year from Now perhaps ill can attend more active, Hope u all had Fun. Take care all, back to my micro playing the game, Pain is hard to live with.
  3. New To our Sell Page We taking Orders in Favor ( Cordage Ropes ) 1--->29k 0,7s/1k 30k Favor = 19,5s (0,65sx30k) 50K Favor = 30s (0,6sx50k) We Produce as fast we can And All orders is done By This Page No PM's So get in Line if u need, Me and Richtje Has 95+ Ropemaking and we have 2 Supreme Rope tools We can Use. This is Gonna be on Main Page Soon,
  4. We added some Veggies / herbs / Coffee beans and some stuff to normal prices, at larger order we do discount of course just talk with us. so ill bump thread have a good one all
  5. Sorry we been abit offline, atleast me, been alot IRL again, and We are about to re-bounce Again with some lower Prices, Custom Cast Prices, Better Bulk mats and Prices, atm Working on it and we will be able to take on Order Large Veggies Sale Bulk 45k+ On order its Bulk Farming / Butchering Some Herbs ( they will be at a week around 7k each depending what is needed ) Anyhow After This months Impalong Easter Impalong at Deliverence Renaissance Festival we aiming to work as normal. So take care. Ill Still do as a Community Service Free Potion Making if u pay the cod and send with sourcesalt for it + Free imbue with ur mats and ur stuff. what i seen with my ability ill get as lowest a imbue a 10 at a ql2 potion. ( why adding this info ill heard some disturbing news ppl saying they get 5-7 imbues, They have higher natsub/Alchemy then me, last 169 potions ill imbued ill hasnt seen it and what ill rember perhaps at 70 natsub ill saw a 7-8 but no lesser.Natsub ill got 90,5 alchemy 58,9 ).
  6. So i am not steam user, this thing make my Computer Lag freeze whole time, ill know Google had some issues lately... ill try to look what it can be, Java isnt my strong side but ill atleast know when something is wrong, the Memory get chewed up badly...
  7. Ill know i found the problem, I am the blame not finding the stuff here, Sorry for it. Atleast ill can say and owe my own problems, ill had this Network Worm crawling in my network that thing that came last week, so ill totally forgot that ill had Wifi Lamps, that had my computer to crash over and over again when ill did diffrent stuff, So yes i am sorry Delete Thread.
  8. So just a reminder look on the codes again ill was ingame and a certain time ill got total faliure of network, ill have no clue i found some wierd java files never seen before in wurm directory, then again ill been working with security a whole week, this aswell poped up, so just adding. Reinstalled computer and rested the whole network, was around 3hrs ago it shutdown my Java, it vanished, ill got back in but it removed my settings and stuff. Atleast Look Pls, i ll dont do java anymore u do.
  9. Me and Richtje for sure coming with our priest gang ill guessing ^^
  10. [16:19:00] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Farscape in less than ten minutes.