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  1. Yea its not fun to try play a good game with ppl if u dont trust them, but u need to start somewhere, and he is a example and one that makes this so harder to do areas like this.
  2. Jisses why do ppl do this, destroy game for other ppls not good at all... very sorry to hear this happend to u....
  3. Silver weapons for the xtra dmg they do as 1h ill use a silver sickle with lms 2h i got my buddy with me i had a long while now my Adamantine rare staff. on mag alt its silver staff and for defense same as i have. but i can be tanking time to time on a rift then i prefer the med maul rare as i has and shield, its all up to u what u like.// Have a good weekend and stay safe.
  4. Must see places

    a good area and good pictures for ideas, ill dont build areas thats looks good i build like more optional. thnx for all the screenshots sofar
  5. Hello there well we can start with that area, and if u need more we can continue, its weekend for all of us, if bulk area is wanted perhaps we can do some, atm, i am finishing of some stuff i has in que area. but will start fix this as soon as i can.
  6. as i told u i dont do black dye aka rgb 1,1,1 sorry mate there. ( and i dont have )
  7. Hey there i stopped doing black since they removed 10% gather rune then i cant do the black there, and its no winning on it i need to be alot higher in alchemy and natsub to be able to do that, atm i got very hard to grind that area I do sell red, green and blue + all mixing area and i try do my best. Ill add this atleast so u know the eye cant see the diffrence between rgb 1 and 10 its same up at 254 and 244, useful information.
  8. Added 2 weaponized silver sickles with monster demise Nimb, LT , CoC, MS at market. QL 90+ ( demises can be changed if buyer wants it them pm me in game. ) Just adding this about silver so u get it all again 10% damage to hunter mobs (most aggressive) takes most of aggressive mobs in game For my own part so fun weapons to grind with. Have a great day regards MrCoolMan.
  9. Well i did looked a third time and i did with all skills on both chars and it has the output on chars at it should but, the fo getting faster and more skill ( more prays ticks ) then my priest, i checked with my newer chars they get aswell faster skill tick gain then my main vyn, its very odd, ill keep looking. i got more place to look at so.
  10. ill did 60 prays this is outcome: 0,105602 Fo is still getting more so...
  11. ill took it to 0,01 and tested on vyn with affinity food praying i got this ( to add 2-3 times on 10 prayers ) [18:36:15] <Galsaan> [18:35:57] Prayer increased by 0.0111 to 40.4231 Fo priest no food no sb [18:37:06] <Brownie> [18:35:31] Prayer increased by 0.0122 to 43.3213 still abit off and as said vyn is 10% skill gain + vyn priest has the affinity food.
  12. Galsaan 0,001 second vyn 0,01 Fo at 0,01 Mag at 0,001 i can see ur point here so.
  13. Just adding this the Fo our only gets ~ 50 for in gain using SB isnt that gonna do like 2x everything?