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  1. will have favor for cast to be done, and place + summon there if u come by boat its just as easy to sail in to area.
  2. Add more info now, it used fatigue when she was doing WS but she running with caffine boost all time and cant turn it off.
  3. As she saying she getting the skill gain aswell as using the coffe and no fatigue lost, so that is more like a bug wise then. and who nows it might stack up and get a bad effect in end, atleast some one have a look here. she use the Sleep bonus and it does not affect the Fatigue area a more correct area.
  4. main she plays easy 4-5hrs each day so ill know for sure it should had ticked out by now
  5. Well tested, she say to me that when she logged in yesteday it started at 29 min and counted down, she keep have it
  6. Add this it on Richtje Char and on Brownie char same, why i tought it was first a client bug. But i logged on and same.
  7. So my woman Richtje has some weird bug, i thought it might be a client bug but, i just reinstalled my wurm to confirm if its bug by old client or not. ( show me exactly the same locked ) Happens with me online from other area. this keep ticking down 4s - 3s - 1s - 0s and start over kept doing that since we first was able to get hold off this, keep repeating it self so, from this point we dont know what todo, was a restart she said to me and was a bugfix but this still happens after it. Clueless here.
  8. Good that some one cordinates this thnx stanlee
  9. Thnx as i say a good thing this, its worth the coins, no more looking for food when doing some grinding, my longest affinity buff stretched it self over 2 session so ill dont complain, CCFP ill store in my pinic basket and thats ppl all that needs ^^
  10. Well recommended from my part, helps me tons + ½ barrel is perfect then ill take more off them
  11. New in here coming Monday 8 October custom casting with a stable price line .
  12. Need a grind tool perhaps we have it, this is what we have in store and as a Halloween Special we have 10% discount on theese grinder tools below
  13. Bump If u looking Stuff that might help u Grind at this 30% XP gain u can look at our Grinder Tools section we got ton of it , and if u miss something can contact me and ill can look what we can do about it. Got Vyn priest with Benediction at 97,3 Channeling on maxed Enchanted bonus deed for casting. + We have a Fo priest same deed with Benediction Channeling at 96,8.
  14. If u need any help with favor ill got my vyn at 100 faith 97 channeling ready to help community.