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  1. Like the fishing Contest ill Will Have a Rare Row Boat for first price Dyed Deep Purple( Confirmed earlier ) things like that, some rares + other fun. For the imping Tour on Xanadu ill take the boat and come to east side and see if some one need a imp or xtra hand or something mailboxs casts etc. ill have to do surgery 28 nov then some getting on the legs.. Rehab and that stuff.
  2. Well Shared area Richtje, Martynas and me, after surgery, and all stuff u had to hear and delays in stuff ill will do a small event for our community, 1 ( Friday--->Sunday ill travel with me and some priests around to help ) (Fo-Vyn-Mag+me and Richtje, happy imping party - Casts aswell ) date not set 2 ( Some casting and fishing contests close to Legions market top 5 winners ofc ) date not set ill got some more on my Brain aswell its coming as a tribute for Our Community! U can give suggestions for more what todo but ill have to see what we can do and not but pls suggestions ppl ^^
  3. Should think so looked at status and there it was down, they was working on it
  4. Ill understand that, but ill was kinda tired when ill wrote that, ill want help, but if we have more understanding what we looking for then we can push that corner, but ok ill dont get involved but just saying many ppl wants to help out a point system for that can be handy just for fun, might help more ppl help out on testserver. but ok take care thnx for all good work, just thinking loud.
  5. One Question we are paying to play this game, Why is we kinda do Beta testing whole time, A better solution is use test server pay the ppl come there with Sb and do it more officially Before any bigger change let ppl log in and help ill think most ppl that played 4 years+ log on and help out we want a bug free server to play, Perhaps share more in detail whats going on aswell many of ppl here know 1 or 39 tricks and can help, thoose that help more get xtra bonus but this is just me thinking... Ill see ppl leaving the game just for the reason Beta testers, its sad. use that to ur advantage insteed. but thnx for the 5hr sb anyhow.
  6. Hope u look this up ill know its alot going on, adding alot of new code makes wierd stuff //Thnx in advance if u look on this
  7. Just by my experience lower rate of rare rolls or supreme, it happens time to time, but its like 1/10 ill get a casket and then its around 50k actions. perhaps u have a better system. ( no rare rolls no more only supreme ill get )
  8. We same many has same after event started Casting is off
  9. As title stated i am on Xanadu and i am not alone with this problem, since event started the Casting went from a usally cast 2 imps to 100+ to getting no more 100 hardly getting 90 casts, is it only me that feeling these things, ill have hard to cast over a 63 spell took me 9 tries to get it to 72 and its like its 10x harder casting... Oh well as said not alone here
  10. [22:17:51] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Belacane in less than ten minutes. we got insta mail so ^^
  11. Time to sell some and we kept them as 1+rest so all can get what they want specially own signature on them Our price was first 9c/piece but its hallowen and weeknd so we lower it some for u Take care all.. So all Statuetts of 13 frags from 114c --->80c each Goblins 360c ---> 300c/each Mountin Lions 414c---> 3,2s/each Rift beast 414c--->3,2seach Magranon 594c ---->4,8s Sold Fo 594c---->4,8s Sold Kyklops 414c---> 3,2s each The Masks has already gotten The rare ones .//Regards Mrcoolman