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  1. this is why i love to do things in dye area with lamps and so on I made it for my woman Richtje ingame. Dragon hearth square ^^
  2. Me playing with lights and dyes on things looks ok, wish it was a rare one but this will do for the moment
  3. We done that now 5½ month. i didnt knew about the tool there but i followed all other areas and i been helping here.
  4. that said i been helping her to reach 100 since mid december and we tried it all, i got a farm field around 670-700 tile ~ she been using that with all tools, i saw the rake skill was very high so she used the scythe grind one for 2 months to harvest in that area, still no gain, we tried since mid december get that 100 dont work.
  5. hehe thats said u got a decay area on not being online 24/7 on skills i like that one, i never thought about that before
  6. I been helping her to get this skill since last date i already did at that date and belive me we tried it all, runed things etc... I need some one to look on this no speculations. Thnx
  7. Howdy there can u add this deed Dreamers Going Final at 1243, 4940 ( highway system dragged there now ) //regards mcm
  8. have u heard something from galadhel?

    i dropped 6s for ukeep for him i got worried, and if u hear so pls can u tell me give me a pm //Regards mcm

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    2. MrCoolMan


      Galadhel was online today. if u see him say i got some of his stuff, and have him pm me


      take care

    3. Alkhadias


      Didn't see him, but [03:38:28] You pay 10 silver to the upkeep fund of Mag Mell.

    4. MrCoolMan


      he wrote me here so...

      dont looks like any happy news...
      atleast then u know


      Its was down to 20 days of upkeep until a few days ok, thats true. I've added the last silver coins I own to the upkkep now, but I'm not yet sure whether I will ever return to Wurm.


      Thanks for saving my stuff for now anyhow


      Greetings Gal"

      i am saving down all his created stuff so u know, btw alot of ur ppl in area good to see some new ppl if u need anything let me know, i am sitting on tons of stuff, atm making a new forest insteed of all birch 😆

  9. hey mate ur online or u been sick or is u alive? i added 6s to ur deed u lost some gems so ill took that hold raft will be on my main deed ill keep it there untill u contact me, i repererd some stuff will soon make u a wagon so i can save down ur stuff ifnt u see this msg.

    I am worried mate so, pls txt me back


  10. I asked marty about it, output seems weird when he has so much higher skill then me.
  11. Xanadu from a cart [18:14:31] You leave the "Sunset".