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  1. ill know ppl want to do it all and look forward for killing warmaster but, yea ppl dont kinda care anymore so.... and this is so bad few ppl dont care do stuff on a rift like 25 other ppl want todo and yea kill it, u know dont ppl care about community anymore, ill rember that char asked should we kill it or not, ill said ill do the tanking and we was about to kill it and some one sacced to get the stuff over, perhaps the system need a overhaul on a vote system for WM and last part there.... ill do know this time to time its hard for few ppl so why ill say a vote system. Any how i was tired ppl been doing this many told me the same ill just took it up and pls dont go to far its a discussion we need only to discuss this ill respect u all. time to time u need to look out and remember this is a game, we all play as Community, Key to have it work take care of Ur's fellow mates. Take care all, back to work for me.... Have to finish what i started.
  2. With our ThinkTank area as Idea area, who knows what will happens, but yea its my thinking, dont hurt right
  3. ThinkThank

    So All Players In game Who Plays And Like This Game its More or Less test of how we sitting Home and We are Very Clever, We are all like a big Think Thank. we should do more like talking ( Btw ill cant Use Discord if security can look on it pls the Boots are Hacked ) Any how cant we use the focused Brainpower to help out, And Yea one of theese guys my guy in dev in game is intreesed about OOOps, Stop Hidinf Most of u Have High IQ,,,, This ill heard for sever Years now...
  4. Sorry abit tired, but ill tough it a wrong way how ppl do some few with out not asking what all other ppl want todo...
  5. At Pristine Today we killed all stuff around, we was about to kill WM, but Same team that Runs around and do this over and over and over again on RIFTS killed it so we didnt get the Honor to kill WM, no asking nothing,,, This is bad If the Community do a thing few ppl shows up and Destroy what End Goal is, whats the meaning with it.... Few ppl destroys communitys, ill thing u gms should warn them for not asking, ill told it straight out on battle field ill got back this: [21:16:59] <Blaike> we should start asking at the start of the rift ... Why ask we do this a community ok they want to Bennefit from it ill dont ill do it for help my ppl to grind and have a fun experince, but they sacced and sacced we killed they looted the mats wow... so yea Not like that play style at all, something need to be done about this soon, we loose ppl, coz ppl like theese, u know big stone in a Water Pound makes riffles, ill try to do all to keep help ppl to stay few here, dont have then IQ for it ill guess, so gms should look whats going on, on many areas.... //Just Caring for our Community
  6. Just do Impossible But ill did it. Congrats there my friend aswell
  7. Nice Good find. Well i am trying to help more and more out here on server if u need any kinda help let me know
  8. Deed Artic Retreat Center at,1431
  9. So this sail area,1218 Western Waterway Tunnel /canal we fixed, todo some minor details to fix aswell, we soon back and fix more need to do some support beams for floor, dragged some buoys trough it easier to sail. Diagonal area ill didnt fixed yet inc soon ( cant be at 2 places at one time ) but ill love this server alot.
  10. Sorry some off atm, doing some work off deed for my part but we aiming to be back tomorrow.
  11. Hey mate sorry ill left u Hanging here, Martynas is on Vaccation, if he didnt was on and helped some hard to tell, ill hasnt talked with him
  12. And i am sorry that we dont do the Celling its very uneven, but we do the area Usable good again, ill invite Community to look atm where u want us to do some better
  13. So far mined out all the veins in the way, doing strongwalls + Buoys adding atm, should be a good tunnel to use for the future.
  14. Thnx there my friend, we done that tunnel already alot, will do our best to get it as good as possible, was an incident today, making me Wonder hmm why can some ppl bend the rules and other ppl get the blame when we working here free just to help rest of the community, ok me thinking to much but i am not wrong here . Probably should not sending this but was not much about it where ppl didnt do wrong kinda got the blame. Wish all u other very good ppl don't get to be in this area, any how we can give out some Free mining tools if needed for the ppl that is on the work force.