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Found 9 results

  1. Such a beautiful area - Unfortunately, it's all abandoned. Cadence pics of my alt:
  2. I'm looking for Halloween pictures because I'm away from wurm right now for a while, so I'm going to miss the event. Any pictures of gatherings, items, monsters, scenic views and blood water would be fantastic to see! 🦇 Many thanks 🎃
  3. Latest News from Mythmoor Prime We are excited to share some original creations in Mythmoor - Wurm Unlimited. Conquerors will win special, ever rotating in game rewards in surprise locations scattered throughout the event locations. Come join our community on Mythmoor Prime in these adventures and experience the thrill of Online Gaming in a whole new way. HOTA is enjoyable as a Solo or Group Player Event, although PVP. The rest are created as a minimum of 2 and up Groups. A very special, full of surprises... HOTA Maze (once conquered - resets every 36 Hours ) A PVE Maze (GM Hosted only) A PVP Event Arena A Dungeon High & Low Level - Fight Skill (GM Hosted only) Island of Doom (PVE Group Event / GM Hosted only) Weekly GM & Player Hosted Events Mythmoor Prime Map of Event Areas Starter Town - Moor's Rest PVP Events - Tickets Will Call PVP Event Arena (Player Hosted) Dungeon High & Low Level - Fight Skill (GM Hosted only) PVP Event Arena (Player Hosted) and PVE Maze (GM Hosted only) HOTA Maze (PVP) Inside the HOTA Maze Island of Doom ( GM Hosted only)
  4. Medieval Weapons This page includes dates, pictures and information on different types of weaponry. Medieval Armour This page includes dates, pictures and information on different types of armour.
  5. We've had several comment positively on our deed and many have been interested in its layout/design. So we are posting here to share our experience... My wife (Awngeleak) and I (Tuanta) bought Cape Hazard a few months back. We renamed it to Waterdeep and began work... (The name seemed fitting since it is located on the West Coast and I am a fan of "old school" D&D) Location: Waterdeep (x4, y19) located on a Peninsula (Turned Island) in the Central West Coast of Pristine (Size 59x57) Before: Overlook Work in progress: After: Overlook Design: Above ground (All tree and bush types, large farm and ranch areas, Monastery "Fo, Magranon, and Vynora", Path of Love & Knowledge, and all trade "Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Masonry, Carpentry, Kitchen, Tailoring, etc" buildings) Below ground (At least one of every ore type all utmost quality and 10,000 remaining actions) Additional pictures: North side at water level outside Carpentry building. (Will be placing merchants at each trade building. Wood: Raw Materials and Wood: Tools are currently setup.) West side (Castle complex will be placed at top) South East side facing West (Showing Hazard Heights mountain deed where overlook pictures were taken) South East canal with small boat passible land bridge (Island was actually a peninsula. There is rock just below surface there) South side canal (Equipped with warning lights for large ships) Note: North side is large ship passable yet most still choose to push their ships over the land bridge. Wurmians do it the hard way! It's our way of life! East side showing guard tower Corner shot at South East Fall: Walnut & Chestnut Lemon & Maple Apple & Linden Cherry & Birch Cedar & Olive Oaks Winter: Note: Brass lamps with blue dye give the blue glow through the walls Maple & Lemon Olive & Cedar Fir & Pine Cherry & Birch Apple & Linden Grapes on Western Shore (inside) Grapes on Western Shore (outside) Carpentry building with a BSB for each wood type and each 10ql tier (1-9ql, 10-19ql, etc) Monastery Western Shipbuilding side Willows in Winter Oaks (Lamps inside trees give off blue glow) Southern Building (outside) Southern Building (second story) Monastery and Pond area Farm area Animal pens Will update with more picks as we progress.
  6. Post all of your pics, here are mine.
  7. Hey guys and gals, I know we have all seen millions of cats on the internetz, but who knows whose cats those are.. I want to see YOUR cats (or dogs, pets, whatever, but mostly cats)!! Maybe give their name and a short description if ya want! I'd prefer the cutest pictures that you have, but any pictures will do.. I just love cats. Here is my baby, Billy. He is classy and always wears a tuxedo. He doesn't like to meow or claw, but loves to cuddle, roll around in the sun, and be awesome 24/7.
  8. Since We have no galley I think we should have a screenshot thread substitute it until we get a proper Section on the site for it. Here Is my retarded horse And here is one of my friends trolling gravity
  9. It happens to me so often that I see something in RL which reminds me of Wurm that I now decided to start a thread for it to see where people find Wurm elsewhere in the world. I start with this... a new decorative cobble tile. Pay attention to the pile of rock shards .