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  1. Not really a bug, just a minor annoyance. The text in the update loading bar is centered making it almost unreadable as it's updating. Please make it left aligned.
  2. [Close] 700 Gems, 7 Auctions

    Auction ended. May be closed.
  3. [Close] 700 Gems, 7 Auctions

    30 minutes to go, any bid after this will trigger sniper protection.
  4. [Close] 700 Gems, 7 Auctions

    4 hours to go!
  5. [Close] 700 Gems, 7 Auctions

    1 day left!
  6. [Close] 700 Gems, 7 Auctions

  7. [Close] 700 Gems, 7 Auctions

  8. [Close] 700 Gems, 7 Auctions

  9. [Close] 700 Gems, 7 Auctions

    This is 7 auctions for 7 bags of gems. Each bag contains 100 gems. Gems Over 10 QL Gems Under 10 QL Diamond Emerald Opal Ruby Sapphire Low QL 1 Low QL 2 Total QL: 2,681.09 2,840.83 2,790.03 2,698.94 2,968.50 Total QL: 410.45 356.35 50i per QL converted to silver: 13.41 14.20 13.95 13.49 14.84 2c per QL converted to silver: 8.21 7.13 Starting Price: 10 silver 10 silver 10 silver 10 silver 10 silver 6 silver 5 silver A spreadsheet with the QL of each gem and the formulas used the get the numbers above is at: If any of the winners bid over 15 silver on a bag of over 10 QL gems they will get a free star gem of that type. Minimum Bid Increase: 50c Buyout: None Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 30 minutes I'll deliver to any reasonably easy to get to coast.
  10. Exodus Community Map

    The Interactive map combines all road types into 1 layer so using the new routes map dump as a background is messy. I will update to separate those layers (and add a new surprise layer) but in the meantime here is an image with the routes map dump and only highways removed. Looks pretty cool I think.
  11. Exodus Community Map

    Map updated to here. Interactive Map Updates: -New December 2017 map dump added and set to default. -Now only the default and original map dumps are preloaded and only load other map dumps as needed. This will reduce initial loading time.
  12. Exodus Community Map

    There is a blue mark at x22 y19 showing the start of that side of canal tunnel, I added that a while ago but didn't have time when I was in the area to map. There are some turns in there that need to be accounted for, it's not a straight shot. I'll need a picture to add it or it will have to wait until I go back through there.
  13. Valrei International. 049

    The new map type is interesting, but as a map maker it would be very useful for me to have just the highways with a transparent background so I could use it as an overlay.
  14. Exodus Community Map

    Map updated to here.
  15. Nine things that blew my mind

    That firepillar tip is great, I've already put it to good use, many years of playing and this is the first I've heard of it. One I use a lot is if you need to bash a ground floor outside house wall it always takes more than a hit or 2 unlike other walls. When possible if you temporarily add the tile next to it to the building you can bash the wall in a hit or 2 then remove the tile from the building. Saves time and wear on your maul.