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  1. From: Wood type affects production: Cedarwood piles burn slower due to their decay tick mechanic, but produce the same amount as a non special wood type. Oakenwood piles produce more charcoal as they take less decay per tick and thus have more ticks. Walnut Piles give a 10% bonus on the quality of the items it produces. Other wood types have no effect on burn time or charcoal production.
  2. Map Updated to here. -The map background has been updated with the August 2017 map dump and it is set as default on the interactive map. -The original map dump has a land changes overlay, I'm no longer going to use this. The most obvious change you'll see is the Esert desert in it's full original glory.
  3. I didn't even think about that, good call, thanks. I mined up 1 and it worked, i even was able to mine through the floors I already made to fix that.
  4. Underground marble slab floors aren't changing to the finished model after building them. Relogging doesn't help and it's on both stable and unstable clients. I don't know if other floors are bugged or if it's happening outside too. The floors i made are right below the ceiling, I haven't tested if that matters.
  5. I think epic building missions should be removed from freedom completely, allow no new epic buildings as mission points, keep them able to be made for decorations.. Replace it with something more PvE friendly, something we can share instead of fighting over and hoarding. Freedom should be about co-op, I refuse to compete.
  6. Forum caching has been temporarily disabled thanks to Keenan. Any auction image posted from the time the forum was updated to now will have to be reposted to work. All those images are still cached. Any new image posted will work as usual.
  7. test: Any auction image posted from the time the forum was updated to now will have to be reposted to work. All those images are still cached. Any new image posted will work as usual. Thanks Keenan! I'll update the site to generate secure URL's.
  8. It's a good workaround, but any number of websites can be linked to to show a countdown, with more information and nice styles. The auction timer image was designed to be seen in the forum, without that it's much less useful.
  9. A link should work - secure - not secure
  10. Did some digging in my cPanel, apparently my host enabled free SSL for all sites last year. Yay! I really love them, if anyone is interested. I've been with them since 2001. This works (note the https): However, with the forum caching the auction timer still won't refresh.
  11. The new forum caches images so the auction timer will no longer update when you reload a page. I currently don't have a solution to this. I have no way to update the stickies in the auction forums to warn people it's not working. testing:
  12. Looks like the new forum is caching the timer. The URL for the image in that first auction is : When it should be: As it is for old posts. I suspect it has something to do with the new https. Can't have an unsecured image on a secured page. My site has no https because it's too expensive for a personal site. Even if I got https or gave my code to the devs to host on theirs I don't know if it would help because the forum may be caching all images regardless.
  13. As a serial deed re-builder I'm glad I'm a little behind. All these great updates would have me making more bricks and mortar than I do already. My ever changing future deed plans are going to be great!
  14. I made the grid lines thicker to show the regions. You may have to hold Ctrl while clicking reload to see it.Took the fast lazy way out.