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  1. Woot, thx for making it available Count me in !
  2. That was very well, organized and smooth killing with peeps being respectful of each other. Gratz on a fun public event. Thank you for doing all of the work and being inclusive
  3. Thx 4 the Heads up, will be there
  4. German 🇩🇪 Wir wuenschen Dir ein glueckliches neues Jahr ( We wish you a happy New Year ) 🥳 oder Einen guten rutsch ins neue Jahr ( slide well into the New Year ) 🛷 oder Prost neu Jahr 🥂🍾 🍻
  5. This same thing just happend to me too. I was not leading anything , but did have my Rope activated because the last thing before getting on Ship was leading a horse. It's been a Bug for a long time(Years)!! and has not been addressed :((((
  6. Closed

    Awesome, thx for the speedy response and shipping
  7. Closed

    Buyout for 15 s Pls CoD to Eala Cheers
  8. Do you still have any of the Shadow Hell Horses or Skewbald?
  9. Super fast response, great quality and good pricing. So happy with my new Outfit I'll be back for more items and will share your services with friends and neighbours😊
  10. Thank you for mentioning our 1st Annual WU Mythmoor Impalong 2017 in your Post!! Here are a few snapshots of the fanominal Weekend and Events. Cheers Betty (Cecci) Tuanta & Tsunami
  11. The 2017 Impalong has come to a close. And so I compiled some photos to celebrate this wonderful Event. I hope you will all enjoy the Pictures and remembering the many great moments we got to share over the weekend. A lot of heart and soul went into putting this event together. So many people contributed so very generously. So without further ado.... Cheers to Betty (Cecci) which, without we could not have done any of this! Our Inspiration and Muse Tsunami & Tuanta