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  1. German Wir wuenschen Dir ein glueckliches neues Jahr ( We wish you a happy New Year ) oder Einen guten rutsch ins neue Jahr ( slide well into the New Year ) oder Prost neu Jahr
  2. This same thing just happend to me too. I was not leading anything , but did have my Rope activated because the last thing before getting on Ship was leading a horse. It's been a Bug for a long time(Years)!! and has not been addressed :((((
  3. Closed

    Awesome, thx for the speedy response and shipping
  4. Closed

    Buyout for 15 s Pls CoD to Eala Cheers
  5. Do you still have any of the Shadow Hell Horses or Skewbald?
  6. Super fast response, great quality and good pricing. So happy with my new Outfit I'll be back for more items and will share your services with friends and neighbours
  7. Thank you for mentioning our 1st Annual WU Mythmoor Impalong 2017 in your Post!! Here are a few snapshots of the fanominal Weekend and Events. Cheers Betty (Cecci) Tuanta & Tsunami
  8. The 2017 Impalong has come to a close. And so I compiled some photos to celebrate this wonderful Event. I hope you will all enjoy the Pictures and remembering the many great moments we got to share over the weekend. A lot of heart and soul went into putting this event together. So many people contributed so very generously. So without further ado.... Cheers to Betty (Cecci) which, without we could not have done any of this! Our Inspiration and Muse Tsunami & Tuanta
  9. This is so sad. Almost over now. Had a blast and will post some screenshot and will tell tales of all the games and events. Still time to stop by for some games and prizes ..... hurryyyyyyy
  10. The long awaited Impalong is here :-) Come join us for a lot of fun and games on Mythmoor Prime Candlekeep for our 1st Annual Impalong
  11. More fun - Adventure - Play - Events - No Drama Come join us!!! WU Mythmoor Avatar & Uniques Fun in Moors Rest Wurm Unlimited Mythmoor 1st Raceway Obsticle Event Wurm Unlimited Mythmoor Xype hosts Aquatic Event at Moor's Rest Docks
  12. I’ve always been a huge fan of player run events, no matter what game they happen to take place in, and for Wurm Unlimited that means the Imp-along. Betty has been the inspiration to bring this to Mythmoor and will be an invaluable asset as Co - Host. Thank you for all your input in advance So what is an “impalong”? The name comes from ‘improve’ which is of course how you better all items in Wurm Unlimited, you ‘imp’ them. The event takes place at Candlekeep, which is on the Prime server, (Top/middle North ) You don’t need to be of high skill to participate.For sign up to help add yourself to the Excel Sheet Online (weekend Fri - Sun) 27 - 28 - 29 In order to hold an Imp Along we will need the following: 1.) Facilities (Done = Candlekeep) 2.) Workstations and Storage (Done) 3.) Resources (please Sign up and state what you can bring) the higher level the better but all quality is appreciated 4.) Players to Improve Items (please Sign Up which craft you are willing to support) 5.) Players who need Items improved (we are planing to hold Imp Along if 1-4 can be filled. So please, spread the word, sign up and gather resources.Of course the more people who help out for this event, the better. I’ll be bringing Tsunami to act as battery /cast spells for those who need it and to help out where she can. Without the players behind this event, it would never happen.If you play Wurm Online but you’ve never checked out this yearly event, or you’re thinking of getting involved in Wurm and want to see what a player run event is like – this is your chance. Come help make this year the best.As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!
  13. Just added a Race Track and are in the middle of rebuilding Hells Keep. So come join the fun
  14. Latest News from Mythmoor Prime We are excited to share some original creations in Mythmoor - Wurm Unlimited. Conquerors will win special, ever rotating in game rewards in surprise locations scattered throughout the event locations. Come join our community on Mythmoor Prime in these adventures and experience the thrill of Online Gaming in a whole new way. HOTA is enjoyable as a Solo or Group Player Event, although PVP. The rest are created as a minimum of 2 and up Groups. A very special, full of surprises... HOTA Maze (once conquered - resets every 36 Hours ) A PVE Maze (GM Hosted only) A PVP Event Arena A Dungeon High & Low Level - Fight Skill (GM Hosted only) Island of Doom (PVE Group Event / GM Hosted only) Weekly GM & Player Hosted Events Mythmoor Prime Map of Event Areas Starter Town - Moor's Rest PVP Events - Tickets Will Call PVP Event Arena (Player Hosted) Dungeon High & Low Level - Fight Skill (GM Hosted only) PVP Event Arena (Player Hosted) and PVE Maze (GM Hosted only) HOTA Maze (PVP) Inside the HOTA Maze Island of Doom ( GM Hosted only)