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  1. I can't equip my horse with horse shoes or saddle. Error Message: You are not trading. - The horse is tame. - It is mature and was born a month ago max. - The horses inventory is a list with no sublevels (except left hoof and right hoof) - The horse shoes and saddle are of good quality. What I tried: - relogging (the horse went untame during that and sometimes didn't reappear after logging in again) - relogging for /lotime (the horse went untame during that) - equipping the horse with another account on another PC Note: - I had that problem before with another horse. A relog for /lotime helped back then.
  2. The problem is that there is absolutely no player-accessible data in any way recorded when it comes to the bank account. Unless you're logged in at the moment the money is transferred. Then you get a message telling you that.
  3. Since trading via CoD is a big thing in Wurm it really is time for a better bank management. We need a window where you can see the transactions of the last 30 or 50 days (or more). Having to note the amount you have in the bank before you CoD something to be able to check if the buyer paid is a pain in the lower end. Even more when you sell a lot of stuff constantly. BTW this was suggested years ago already but I couldn't find the thread.
  4. Sneaky little thread tries to hide again. *bump*
  5. Oh come on... honestly why do you guys have to bring this black and white thinking to the table. There are scammers on PvE side and you have spy alts on PvP side. One isn't better than the other. But the majority on both sides just wants to play the game. On PvE side people get together to build huge community projects like the colloseum on Deli. On PvP side you join together in kingdoms and build up your defenses and such. But please don't tell me that after you guys raided the villages, drained the hell out of them, destroyed every single structure, dug every bit of dirt and sand so noone else may ever build there... you all, friend and foe, sit down in the evening and have a good laugh about it. Yes one part of the fun on PvE is making some money and buying other stuff you don't wanna make yourself. But this is working together as well as digging a defendable dirt wall side by side. All of you people reading this should know that you don't have to sit next to each other physically to have a good time together. Or are all you PvPers sit together on a huge Lan Party every day playing Wurm?
  6. In my opinion it's not the PvP players who are the problem and I think many PvE players would agree on this. It's the priorities of Rolf about how development time is spent and the decisions of him how to implement things. A lot of time is being spent with the goal of getting more people into PvP which (and let's be honest here) isn't Wurm's strong side. And compared to the numbers of PvP and PvE players there's rather little time spent on developing PvE stuff.
  7. Your title is saying it all wrong then
  8. Becoming too aggro? Naaaah, it took at least 1 1/2 pages to become a ragefest xD And besides... for me the separation suggestion (though I wouldn't vote for another server) is a good one if we (on PvE side) don't have to deal with code changes that are primarily for the PvP side of the game. We don't need our pets doing only half damage to balance our gameplay and we surely don't need a new god who is turning two old ones obsolete (Nahjo <-> Fo and Mag; look at the spell list, can cut wood AND mine etc.). By adding the new gods we don't have more choices now. We are kinda forced to choose Nahjo now because the other two are simply a lot worse. And all the fluff we get from the Chaos action is still only that... Fluff. I personally don't need a single one of that.
  9. I think the question is not how it could be done but when they finally will do it
  10. Since the only things you need higher paving for are the different house floors making gain skill on it easier now doesn't make sense. If they would make it easier then they could just get rid of the skill requirements for the floors altogether. But no... new players are simply not skilled enough and therefore have to live with the floors they can make or ask someone to make them some other. -1, sry
  11. A gunpowder thread a.k.a. how to get the most -1's in the shortest time -1
  12. Guys calm down... Whether or not it is wise or polite to deed right next to someone or not is not a question here. I don't really like it either. But the OP is just asking if the owner would be so kind and drop his/her deed if he/she doesn't use it anyway. He's not demanding it nor ranting about people who deed, pay and then leave or whatever. Give the guy some rest.
  13. Can't believe you forgot your own most important topic: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/93961-smelting-furnace/ Should be a rather quick one... take code from forges, increase max. ores in it to 100 and add a new model (which should be done in a day max.). No need to be extremely fancy... it's supposed to look simple and dirty