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Found 3 results

  1. I'm looking to employ one or two people to dredge around our deed. Its one of those things that i've meant to get to for the last year, but there's always more pressing things to do. (Having fun for example, or anything other than dredging.) 70+ digging skill and your own tools (boat & 2-3 dredges) are prefered. (Certainly not required, but those with them will get priority) Inventory access to several Knarrs will be provided and I am happy to offer a tutorial on how to dredge efficiently. I recommend Netflix or some other external form of entertainment, unless of course you just REALLY enjoy bobbing around, pushing buttons on your keyboard. Option 1: (We keep the dirt) I am paying 1s per 1,000 dirt dredged from around our deed. Option 2: (You keep the dirt) If you prefer to keep the dirt (so you can sell/use) for less pay, we should be able to come to an agreement as well. (You would need to manage storage and transport of the dirt however) We are happy to provide food and secure oceanside lodgings during your employment. I am also happy to improve items for you free of charge. (Within reason of course) Oceanside cottages:
  2. Paying 3s each for Potions of Woodcutting PM me here or in game on Tuanta
  3. We've had several comment positively on our deed and many have been interested in its layout/design. So we are posting here to share our experience... My wife (Awngeleak) and I (Tuanta) bought Cape Hazard a few months back. We renamed it to Waterdeep and began work... (The name seemed fitting since it is located on the West Coast and I am a fan of "old school" D&D) Location: Waterdeep (x4, y19) located on a Peninsula (Turned Island) in the Central West Coast of Pristine (Size 59x57) Before: Overlook Work in progress: After: Overlook Design: Above ground (All tree and bush types, large farm and ranch areas, Monastery "Fo, Magranon, and Vynora", Path of Love & Knowledge, and all trade "Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Masonry, Carpentry, Kitchen, Tailoring, etc" buildings) Below ground (At least one of every ore type all utmost quality and 10,000 remaining actions) Additional pictures: North side at water level outside Carpentry building. (Will be placing merchants at each trade building. Wood: Raw Materials and Wood: Tools are currently setup.) West side (Castle complex will be placed at top) South East side facing West (Showing Hazard Heights mountain deed where overlook pictures were taken) South East canal with small boat passible land bridge (Island was actually a peninsula. There is rock just below surface there) South side canal (Equipped with warning lights for large ships) Note: North side is large ship passable yet most still choose to push their ships over the land bridge. Wurmians do it the hard way! It's our way of life! East side showing guard tower Corner shot at South East Fall: Walnut & Chestnut Lemon & Maple Apple & Linden Cherry & Birch Cedar & Olive Oaks Winter: Note: Brass lamps with blue dye give the blue glow through the walls Maple & Lemon Olive & Cedar Fir & Pine Cherry & Birch Apple & Linden Grapes on Western Shore (inside) Grapes on Western Shore (outside) Carpentry building with a BSB for each wood type and each 10ql tier (1-9ql, 10-19ql, etc) Monastery Western Shipbuilding side Willows in Winter Oaks (Lamps inside trees give off blue glow) Southern Building (outside) Southern Building (second story) Monastery and Pond area Farm area Animal pens Will update with more picks as we progress.