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  1. But what if I wanted to log in right in the minute after teh server crashed?
  2. They should forum-ban from now on people that ask for changes in the sleep bonus system, you got your bags of powder, that goes against Rolf's vision of the game, to have no purchasable skill boosters in the shop. now shoo go away!
  3. Lore in Online games you say? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2237590/00333.jpg
  4. I think i have found the problem, It seems I had a few drivers/programs missing that where somewhat involved with everything. Using da-drivers.com <-- I really do not trust sites like this but I was desperate enough to do it this time I found out that I was missing the following installs: - Intel Rapid Storage Technology - Intel management Engine interface This is annoying since it is clearly my fault for not being trough enough. The manufacturer site had about 40 itmes for download for my notebook, I skipped quite a few stuff thinking they where additional useless utilities and gadgets that the manufacturers usually slip by with your drivers. Also the Intel update utility did not detect that these drivers/stuffs where missing or outdated. Thank you all for your ideas and suggestions on this matter, they kept me going since I was about to give up >.>
  5. That was about all the free support I got when I contacted Windows Edit to avoid triplepost: I will gladly do any diagnostic you guys can suggest, please tell me what software I can use and i will have a go, I know my way around computers in general, but this problem simply comes out from nowhere.
  6. I have an SSD and I was running low on space on C: there was a lot of clutter there and i had a lot of programs installed everywhere, etc, I just needed to start out new. I had no performance issue whatsoever, everything was running fine before reinstalling. After reinstalling windows I had good desktop performance, I did notice a few hangs (less than a second) here and there but nothing that would cause problems. When i tried playing games is when i noticed something was seriously wrong. This rules out in my opinion any hardware failure of some sort.
  7. I tried not to scare people with a wall of text containing everything I tried but here it goes: In Dota2 I set everything to the lowest possible settings and the peformance did not improve at all. Its hard to explain, there are periods from 1 minute to 5 seconds when the game runs almost smoothly then i get severe fps drops and it becomes unplayable. I even used Halo: Combat Evolved to test my performance and I had the same behavior on the nVidia GPU even trough it ran smoothly when the drivers for it where absent. I just installed wurm and had a go, the result was shocking: Edit: Everything went haywire and i couldnt even move...
  8. Hello my dear Wurmians, I have encountered a really annyong technical problem after reinstalling Windows and after spending more than 24 hours trying to fix it I have yet to find a solution and I was wondering if anybody here can help me. I have a Samsing NP300A5 Notebook: OS: Windows 7 64x CPU: Intel i3 2.10GHz RAM: 4GB GPU: Intel HD 3000 + nVidia GeForce GT 520MX (With Optimus) My problem is that all my games are now unplayable (i get about ~1fps) if I use my nVidia GPU. If I only use the integrated GPU I can play the games it can run just fine. If I install the drivers for the nVidia GPU I am unable to play even games that would normally run smooth on the integrated GPU. Now I had my problems running Wurm first time I bought this laptop but it was a quick fix, I just had to overide Optimus and force it to run javaws with with the dedicated GPU but this problem exceeds solving ability. I have tried different nVidia Drivers from the one supplied by my Notebook manufacturer to the latest drivers, I used varous driver combinations for the chipset and the integrated gpu but with no success either.
  9. Any idea that implies adding more fog gets my vote!
  10. bump. Maybe we should make an attempt to actually fix/ameliorate latency and positioning issues since this is the biggest reason for shutting down any attempt to modernize PvP beyond auto-combat?
  11. I played BattleDawn a while back but it got a bit too P2W lately, Still it has quite some limitations on that and it has worlds to suit any prefference (speed/theme)
  12. I can only cringe when seeing such ugly images that prove my point yet people use them to show how awesome that feature used to be, You do not see such ridiculous things in AAA games and for a reason, else i would start questioning my visual tastes.
  13. Please do not speak in my name dear sir, the way the colouring was done made me cringe everytime I saw the "variations". I am pleased that finally they got removed, what actually i can't understand is why did they introduce such feature in the first place. Travel times should stay the same. Already since the days I started playing travel time has been reduced a lot on sea and on land, in my opinion some of the speeds that can be reached are actually ridiculous. I do not understand why the implementation of Xanadu is an excuse to expect even faster methods of travel. It is actually amazing that it takes more than a day to cross trough a server so big. Why do people now want to shrink the world even further? If you do not like living on such a large map, why did you chose to play on Xanadu and not on another Freedom server?
  14. Wurm is not F2P. The basic packet contains too little to be considered more than an unlimited trial.
  15. I was wondering why my fiber was so slow but then I remembered I was on the wifi. Edit: here comes the zoom wire. Still didn't beat MD tho. Edit2: My upload is tremendous Speed improves with distance, now I'm just showing off....