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  1. Hmm.....I would say that some developers can be more like background devs. Who work on the code and features but don't really talk much themselves. Yeah, maybe that is more like it.... The Facebook Wurm Page is sort of active though - Posts every 1 - 2 weeks. Gets some comments and likes on their posts - Wurm Facebook
  2. Just something I thought of but: Do you think that the staff or the developers are actually really Introverted? So social gatherings and coming out and being really chatty does not really appeal to them. Or maybe they have anxiety and panic when public speaking. Hmm....
  3. Okay fine, ###### being nice and ###### my image then. Because all of this drama bothered me while I was away on holiday. Tear me apart then because wurm is the most serious business there is. It is a word. Child. Omg wow let's create a huge drama storm and get into a big serious debate over censorship issues and the state of the world. It is a video game. Children and trauma is one of the most taboo topics. It's like if you don't agree then you are a heartless monster and you deserve to be attacked till kingdom Kong. I am a human being who just happens to not like censorship. Apart from of course when it works in my favour. I did not want the censorshippers to censor a word and so I tried to censor the censorshippers. See how it feels to be shut down and censored! Do you like it? Ejdudtrtjfrjdgd aaaaaaa! You guys can be so annoying and so can I. Let's just agree on that eh
  4. Okay let's clear things up. My post was me saying what "I" saw other people saying in the topic. I was not blaming anyone because why would I do that? I was seeing lots of people being triggered and I was seeing people assuming that other people in the topic may have trauma and that might be a good reason for censoring words. I came in and basically was trying to say that from my own experience, when I project things onto others, that is showing that there are issues to deal with. I was trying to show people that if I see this in myself then maybe they can see it in themselves too. Then we can all work on our internal issues together and then less censorship would happen. Because if you accept something within yourself fully then it will not be such a big deal anymore.
  5. Okay..... I do use deed planner to plan things out. Though I can't show them off to people in the way of: "now people can use the building and explore around it" That is more so the fun to give back to the community and see how they interact with what I've created. That's what I really like doing.
  6. Why would I mean that? It seems that you think I was talking about physical issues such as eating, need warmth... Etc. Nope, I meant your own mental internal issues. That is why I said about projecting them externally. This is philosophy. Like Jordan Peterson says "Clean your room" which means "Sort out your own mental mess first so that all of that rubbish does not pile out onto someone else" Alan Watts, eckhart tolle, osho.... Etc are all great people to find out more information from Also what was with the "Next?".?
  7. I've only been a priest once and that was just to bless some lamps. Yeah, I did not know that. Gasp as in "wow, this is amazing" why would I mean a negative gasp??? The AH update effected me because of the lowering of cart/horse speed, I did not like it and I agree that things need to be tested fully before release and for the players to help shape it for the best results. I would say that the majority of the suggestions here are more so like blueprints. Then the devs can mess around with them or even take multiple ideas and stick them together. Attacking creatures is..... Ah.... Something to get through when I am going somewhere else. I have tried to kill all of the monsters on my island before but after about 2 or 3 hours of cutting down foes, I got fed up. I was also more trying to level up my fighting skills too. It just does not really interest me. Fishing with a rod I've not tried yet but I have tried net fishing and spear fishing. They are okay things to do on the odd chance. My most interesting thing to do on wurm is creating buildings, seeing them appear on the landscape. I've always found making things on games to be the most interesting thing for me. Though I hate creating the materials to build things. Why I sometimes pay other people for bricks and mortar.. Etc. I've tried quite alot of different skills but nothing really interests me as much as planning and building....
  8. If you find something triggering then that is showing you that you have unresolved issues to deal with. Any censorship act is a way to not see or deal with something anymore. Other things where people talk about trauma, well that is the most biggest issue to deal with. If you don't deal with it then it will effect you for the rest of your life. Take note also of the mass apology too. Also why doss every topic go into a war zone? Unless you look to find out why these things are happening, they will keep happening. True empthy in my view is dealing with your own issues and not projecting them externally.
  9. Yes please to the farming mini game and also to the gemstones. Wurm needs a change up. Add some new stuff that actually makes the wurm players gasp. Take some risks. Thanks for keep on coming up with new suggestions that also breaks the so called wurm mold. The wurm box. Oh and yes I've seen people on the wurm steam forums say that wurm should be renamed afk clicker because that is basically what it is with a few exceptions. I do like wurm BTW, it would just be nice to have some more interactivity.
  10. I like the suggestions for making deserts and tundra more interesting with the rabbit npc too. To bring some more interactivity to wurm. Also, why are people always calling you a troll when you are actually coming up with new detailed suggestions all of the time? I think it is because there is a certain idea of what wurm is. Wurm is more so a afk/semi afk game with lots of timers and grinding. Players call that "being rewarded for having patience" I call it, zoning out watching YouTube videos to pass the time while clicking the mouse/keyboard now and again. Though your ideas can bring more management and things to do but the way that wurm is set up, with timers and looped animations and even the game engine itself, does not really work that well with more interactive stuff. I would not like your suggestions for item improvement or for the freezing of clay in the winter.. Etc. I get fed up enough as it is doing certain tasks, let alone adding more micro management to the mix. The main problem is that bringing more interactive features to wurm like mini games for example will not go down well because wurm's genre is afk timers/grind. Why do you think people do not like the fishing system or even do not take much interest in the checkers mini game? Because they are the odd ones out in a world that is based around timers. And zoning out at your computer screen. You would need to remove timers and make more of the wurm game interactive to change the whole of the game mechanics to make people want and crave even more interactive elements. Because then interactive elements are the main foundation of the game.
  11. I've not really seen any change on my island on pristine. Maybe some more non aggressive animals but there are still ###### loads of spiders, crocs and trolls here. I can go down a path along certain parts of the island and have 4 crocs on me with some spiders wanting to join the fun. Then again, there are only 3 deeds on the island. Remember too that deeds also decrease the spawn rate near them.
  12. You might have to make it where the dirt does not effect the slope of the caves though so that people don't use it as an easy way to level up cave floors. If it is more so something to lay down on the floor, like how you pave tiles then that would be great I like the idea. Plants in caves is a big yes!
  13. Great idea! Makes me think of Life Goals from the Sims games for some reason.