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  1. I was just looking to see how to get onto the test servers and went into the "Test Server Guide" topic made by Retro. The problem is that the link in the topic that goes to the Test Server Download page, is broken. This is the link that is broken: Wurm Client Test Jnlp Would be great to update the link or topic with the right information. Thank you
  2. You can find a bit of lore from the Puppet skill Also the pvp kingdoms used to have some lore with each of their songs. Such as: Though yeah, more in game story would be nice
  3. If you want to do that then how about having chat options for the guards. Like the wagoner npc. Only the creator of the guard tower would be able to change the chat settings or maybe even the mayor of a deed that a tower sits on. Those chat options that you suggested, I would put into the grumpy mood. Well... Most of them.
  4. To me, it sounds like that "you" are doing the same as them. You are one person who is trying to speak for a group of people. You the 1 "I" is framing your posts in "We" talk. You are dictating how others play the game. You are saying that people need to play and work together in a certain way. I am someone who might not do that. Some people (such as myself) play in different ways. I mean how many people have moaned about rifts being too long and boring. Ton loads. But your lines about how if someone does not like playing for a long time at rifts then they should buzz off and do a quick slaying instead is like dismissing those users. I know why though because "you" are frustrated and angry and want to enjoy the game as you want. Just bloody own that! Come on. Btw: I've never gone to a rift before because they happen too late and they last far too long. I have stuff in real life to do. That and killing monsters non stop for hours is not fun for me anymore. Disclaimer: I replied in this manner because I saw your post as a threat to my enjoyment of the game. This is because as soon as you start enforcing and telling people how to play and act then that can become a slippery slope of more enforcement for the good of the so called group. It is much much better to communicate with honesty then to start laying down punishment and vengeance. Along with hating those users. If you have a group of you then talk to these rouge users as a group. I'm sure you can sort something out..
  5. Hey that sounds cool! Yeah, I like that idea. It makes things more interactive then just a zoo type of slaughter. There used to be something like that on a game that I used to play. A random village/town/city was picked at a random time and it would come across in game messages that an attack was going to happen soon at so and so location. People would rush to that location to defend it from attack and get some sweet loot. Did not happen all of the time but was a nice kind of mini event to keep things interesting. It would also bring in high level players to low level locations to defend the newbies from the high level mobs.
  6. The Troll King snarled at this response because what he wanted was Ice Cream made from the grinded up flesh and bones of the four players in front of him! RAWR! GRRRR!
  7. How about creating a special deed on each map that is a big Arena. Mark it on the main map like a starter town. Every week a Unique would spawn in the Arena of this deed. The gates would be locked until the appointed time. This is how it would work: Week 1 Spawns a unique at say 6pm GMT on a Saturday. Week 2 Spawns a unique at say 6am GMT on a Saturday. There would be a 12 hour difference between each 1 week. This would mean that everyone in each timezone can have a chance at making it at some point. Hopefully. Either the 1st week or the 2nd week. I don't know how the loot system works at the moment for slayings but I would assume it could apply to this arena type system? It would mean that the slayings are public. Can be found at a fixed location. Would be a weekly event. Would be at a set time. This does of course take away the hunting for uniques and the trapping of them. But well maybe they could introduce some new monsters that can only be found if you have a high tracking skill. This would make use of the tracking skill. Like invisible monsters that only show themselves when a pro tracker discovers their presence or something. Or maybe a unique monster that shows up when you cut down a certain high amount of trees or maybe randomally spawns when someone casts the lava spell. Just some random ideas to get new monsters/uniques into the wurm world through other means.
  8. As the group fled, they ran through the forest and bumped right into a Troll King who....
  9. Really good ideas. I would like being able to create marsh tiles and the palm trees are a massive win for me.
  10. Could I buy the 71ql trowel, iron - 80woa // 45c I would also like to buy the 71ql stone chisel, iron - 103woa 95coc // 2,65s COD Please send to Zexos Thank you
  11. As soon as the first phase hits, just as well quit the game. A question: when is something "old and largely abandoned? " how do you determine when it is time to wipe an island clean by dumping ice cubes onto it? Also, why even bother? Just delete the server or wipe it clean without any special effects if you are going that route. Though do that and I would wonder why anyone would even want to rebuild on the server that they once lived on. When it got taken all away from them. Trust would be gone. In other words:
  12. Yeah that's a good idea. An idea to help save any horses then just killing them. So that they get back on land. That is another way of solving the issue.
  13. That sounds like a much better idea yeah. I did not think about horse speeds. Or even it just effecting wild horses/0 - 1 speed horses only kind of thing. I hope you don't mind that I added your suggestion to the topic.
  14. Can we do something about the mass amount of horses that are taking really long swimming lessons? My Suggestion: A Horse can only swim in the water if they are being lead on a rope by a player or it is tamed. or make it so that horse's can only swim for a certain amount of time before taking damage. (This is for anyone who might be leading their horse while in a boat and then a server issue or something like connection problems etc happens) I have also seen alot of them at the server's edge in the water as well. Edit: Another Good Suggestion by TheTrickster: Edit: A Good Suggestion by Themystrix
  15. We are still looking for new members! Free Space at Harvestmoon! Free Plots of Land! Lots of Community Mats! Big Collection of Animals! Farm to your hearts content! What are you wanting for? Come and Join us! Update: Checkers Games Room at Tiki Sandbar Would you like to play checkers in a nice environment? If so, head over to the village across the water at Tiki and go into the Tiki Games Room to find currently 2 checkers boards to play checkers with your friends. You get to hear the sounds of the water, ducks and frogs at night to play some chill checkers games along by the shoreline.