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  1. The max cap being 50 is not big enough for some deeds. Let alone the amount of different animals that people keep on their deeds. I live in a community village. One of the main draws is that we have so many animals for you to grind your animals skills on. Our mayor is trying to get to 90 taming and 90 Husbandy. Only way to do that at a more fast rate is if you have a large amount of animals to grind on. Then again, since there are quite a few players in the village, many players have their own animals as well. By putting a limit of 50 on animals that does not take into account, the amount of players in a village or even what they want to do with the animals. Some players might want to be big milk collecters and have alot of cows. Other people might want to collect wool from sheep. Then you've also got food supplies as well. Many people mass breed animals like bulls and pigs...etc for meat. Also, the other problem is that by introducing an object to store the animals in, you might also be taking away the freedom from players who want to see their animals roam around out in the open. They introduced a box to store chickens in for example but it is actually more easy to just keep the chickens out in the open. That and it also takes alot of skill to even carve the box for the chickens. ---------------------- Mob count: I would suggest instead either making it so that the monsters and animals are not a part of the same mob count limit. So that monsters have their own limits. Then you only have to worry about players who hoard monsters for zoos lol - Though normally it is champs that get hoarded. New Animal Transportation System: Or you could maybe create a new cart or wagon for animals that uses the creature cage. (I'm not sure if you can load a creature cage onto a wagon and then ship it out) With this new cart/wagon you could send out shipments of animals to other players. Sort of like the wagonar system. Maybe even make it a part of the wagonar system. (I don't really know how that system works btw) Then you could have an automatic transport of animals sent from deed to deed. or manual, whichever you want to do. Auto would have some sort of payment. Manual not. Best to have a limit some how of how many you can send though in a day or at a time. Animal Traps: Another idea is to use the traps skill and create some new traps to lure in animals. Like trap pit falls for example. Made with mixed grass, shafts, rope + Veg. Lay the trap down and the scent of the trap will slowly start to lure animals towards it within so many tiles. (The amount of range for a lure trap could depend on ql of the trap) Then the animal once trapped would act like a creature that has been tamed. It would stay in that spot. How long it stays still would again depend on trap ql. Magic/Meditation lure/location spell for animals: As it says, there would be a spell that allows someone to find a certain type of animal in the wild. It would tell you how many tiles away the most close animal is that you have choosen, along with which direction. Kind of like the "Locate Branded animal" but much more detailed. It would ignore animals on deeds/ (Don't know how though, maybe a new system or change in the code for that > . > ) Tracking skill: How many people use the Tracking skill for trying to find animals? if they don't, then is it because the skill can not reach very far in range? How about some add ons to the tracking skill. If you click on "Track" you then get some options of what you want to track. "Players, Sheep, Cows, Horses...etc" You can even have a monster tracker as well to find certain monsters. Champ Creatures and monsters could only get tracked at much higher levels. The higher your tracking skills, the more different types of creatures you can track and the further you can track.
  2. The underground connection between the main cave and the iron mine never used to be there. I actually made it by joining up old caved in paths but it is much better now. They fixed the route while I was away lol. The old, underground water route is no more
  3. If you had some glow in the dark pens, you could draw on the poster. around the eyes and mouth. Then it would glow in the dark and make it even more spooky!
  4. Does wurm need Clue quests? Hmm....
  5. That does not sound like a very nice thing to do. Even more so with a name called "ANTI-DEED" It seems then that people have found a loophole for the old saying "DEED IT OR LOSE IT" I had a look on the Xanadu map and it looks like that around the Summerholt area, there are alot of deeds. If this sort of thing happens on there, then I would either recommend to move to a different server or check the Xanadu map for areas where there are not many deeds around. http://wurmonlinemaps.com/xanadu
  6. Trickster, the only thing in my logs that I have is you saying that it was fine for someone to take items from your docks, but they had to ask first. Do you think someone who was not a villager might of come along and taken it when the perms were glitched out? Or maybe you misplaced it? Or maybe it decayed away but I don't expect so since you said it had high ql. I don't know if anyone else is new. I've got some of my rare items on my bed over at tiki, would be a shame to see them taken. Though the building has perms on - Though if it glitched or bugged out > . < yeah, I would not be happy either. Hopefully you can get it sorted out and find out what happened to it
  7. Yes, more clay objects please and I really like the clay house too!
  8. I'm interested to hear more. was nice to hear your wurm adventures.
  9. I like the Executioner title. After slashing through so many foes, your name would be heard throughout the lands. The powerful and relentless Llawnroc whose blade rings out in the night. Cutting out the very soul from the creatures itself. The calls of all of the souls that were cast aside by Llawnroc curse his name because he is the scorn upon the land. The dark and wreched one, filling this domain with sorrow as he takes another innocent creatures life away into the void. No words are spoken, only Lifeless bodies lie at his feet.
  10. Black Friday!

    Great news! Will help with buying from the shop. saves me money. BTW - I saw that the servers are down. How come? Patch update? How long do you think, they will be down? Many thanks
  11. Hey congrats on 100 swords Llawnroc! How about Legendary Hero Or even Planet Buster!
  12. Have you heard of the sims medieval? In that game you could send messages to other npcs with a pigeon. It had its own little pigeon box for sending messages. Also another game that I used to play that had a mail function in game was called Perfect world. In that game you could send messages to people through the mail box and it would show up as a new message when you went to check your mail at this certain location in the game (I think - I can;t remember fully) The messages in the mail box, I think they only lasted for a few weeks. Was a great feature for if you wanted to send a message to someone who was offline and you could even send them items through the mail along with your message. Also the suggestions from others, not just you, to use the ink and paper...ect to send a message to someone offline, I have this to say: I am lazy and if I want to send a message to someone offline, I would not be bothered with skilling up and learning new skills just to send a letter through the mail box. That and also having the mats around to do it. I did not even actually know that such a feature was even around either. Oh and I have only wanted to send a message to someone who is offline on very rare occasions. going along with my lazy attiude, I would prefer some cute little pigeons or something like it, to fly off with my mail to the other person. maybe a small fee to pay as well for the service. like it currently is to send mail.
  13. I say yes to all of your suggestions, just because I want to make some fireworks and differnet looking armour would be cool to see. That and the telescope features with the stars sounds interesting. I already have a spyglass but I never use it. I actually normally forget I even have it. It is hidden away in my backpack. A use as in a new skill would be great.
  14. Hmm....Yeah, I know that if there was to be alot of guidelines to follow or even rules to follow that I would feel far to restricted in how I act for example. One of the common things that I get told is to clean up after myself. Like when cutting down trees or even when mining rocks. I will either leave it alone to decay away or clean it up at some point. But there can be this feeling of having to clean up the area to make it look "Nice" and "Tidy" Why does it have to always look nice and tidy? Why can't things just decay away? If resources don't get used before they decay away then, that is okay as well. Things in wurm grow back after some time and reform. The majority of it, I would say. ----------------------------- Here is a story from when I was more new: ------------------- In other words: I will do things that come under common courtesies but I might not always go along with them. I might also look out for ways to get things done in a more easy manner. Or even to help me claim land, resources, buildings...etc. I got a big area in the village because I just went and started to use it and no one else was using it. I did ask if no one was using it but after that confirmation, I then started my move in. Sometimes that mindset/playstyle can work in your favour and sometimes not. Just got to read the situation and see what is going on. Then make the best judgement in the moment sometimes. I like to be friendly and help out others but I also like to help out myself to and sometimes I can't be bothered with doing the "polite" thing.