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  1. Hmm.....For some reason though the village that I am in on Release, is getting a mass influx of new users joining it. Came on the other day and there was 13 other accounts online in the village. Which is more then it has ever been since I joined the village near 2 years ago lol hmm....
  2. Many greetings Draelock and Aryalyn I have received your letter and placed it on the welcome shelf for safe keeping. I will send notice of your interest tomorrow after a night time snooze . You may get contacted before then by either the mayor or someone else in the village. Yep, we can show you what it means to live in a Harvestmoon Lagoon Zexos
  3. Aww, I missed some whale flying action at harvestmoon I've never seen the Trebuchet at work before . Nice one!
  4. Could you remove breast milk island. The milky goodness is not there anymore. Top right corner. Near harvestmoon. Cheers
  5. More members are joining us at HM! We still have lots of room at HM! We are a massive area after all Come join us There are 5 deeds in total! At the very top of the map at D 22 - This is how much space is at HM: (I think it might be even bigger since the Tar in the centre of the island, is in a HM Deed owned farm field. I'm sure) Below are two pictures from the new expansion at HM and HM Outpost! There are even more big builds in the area too! And the cave system is expanding as well underground! Lots of lovely veins
  6. I've thought before how wurm should be marketed towards Care Homes (no joke). There are quite a fair amount of much more older people who play wurm. Who like the village and community life. The slow pace of things. Maybe that would be a good way for wurm to go down. Maybe even make wurm VR so that the older people in a care home can experience a virtual world. Feeling like that they are there instead of being locked up in a care home. Then again, wurm advertised itself onto Steam. The platform which is filled up with the more younger crowd. Even the wurm trailer (Which is very good mind) cut out all of the more slow paced things and did scene transitions. No timers in the trailer either. If it is really such a big + (timers, slow pace...etc) then it seems that wurm is not promoting itself to the right crowd then. Since it seems that it is promoting itself to the more younger crowd now instead. If you want to see the divide that has been created from expanding out to steam and see the steam users view points then check out: Wurm... Online or Unlimited? - For the love of god drop the subscription model - Hard pass - Unpopular Opinion Thread - This one has some good view points on what people find frustrating in/about wurm...etc -
  7. Someone in the Village that I am in was quite excited that they had made a Yoyo but then the excitement crashed cause it does not show you the tricks you are doing. Please add some animations that go along with the text that is happening. To show off the tricks. Also you could make it so that you can perform the tricks while on the move. That would be cool.
  8. Wurm has to be more interesting then what is going on around the person. I have been finding myself not playing wurm as much since it is getting more sunny. The outside world is calling me. I don't really want to be stuck at my computer desk hitting the mouse button over and over to create stone bricks and mortar to build my castle. All the while I am also having to watch youtube videos to make it less of a chore. Wurm is slow. slow slow slow and I lose interest in what is going on. After all, there is only so many times I can watch my character perform a digging animation or a mining animation...etc before I start to tune out. More interactivity. Bit faster timers. More minigames. More items to create stuff with. More special events or maybe even "Gasp" quests with rewards that are not just karma and some sleep bonus. please.
  9. 1 big problem with slayings... Etc is lag on the server. That and some people might not want to see a giant dragon in the sky. That would cause alot of lag I bet. I do really like the idea mind. Maybe a toggle in settings to just not render it unless you are like 50 or 100 tiles away from it. Another thing is that war machines would have to have ui or changes I feel for this. Like a real target system where it actually shows you were the projectile is going to land. With like a bullseye or something. The dragon and all of its minions would have to spawn at a far enough space away from deeds too.
  10. We've gained quite alot of great new members to Harvestmoon as of late We are still recruiting more members if you want to join! Here is a picture from a sermon at Harvestmoon Church that took place today:
  11. The people are seeing you and your view points as a threat. When they see it as that, they do not want to interact or listen to what you have to say, only shut it down. The best shut down is to just not reply anymore so that the topic fades away never to be seen again. It follows along with this view point that if something has been a certain way for a long section of time then it becomes "A Part of the game" like a game feature. Like how people say "Wogic" when something does not actually make sense but hey ho, what can you do, its wurm. Wogic and all that. Just got to accept it and move on. Or find some loop hole around it. Then the loop holes become the game feature. Like alts. An alt is a loop hole that tries to fill the gaps in poor game design. People have gotten so used to it that they see it as being, "What makes wurm, wurm" and without alts wurm will just "FALL OVER AND DIE!" because so many people prem all of those accounts. I bet that also the real life payments for wurm accounts also drove that Alt craze as well. Because if you can raise the skills on lots of accounts at the same time then more money can be made when you go to sell them because you will have more "Stock" The same for the other issues. People want lots of unique items from slayings for example. They want alot of stock in Rift and dragon gear so bring in the alts to increase the item count for that player. Someone who is using multi accounts to mine resources at a fast rate can not only speed through their work but can also collect alot of resources for themselves "Only" To raise certain priest skills one of the best things to do is sermons and you need so many accounts to do it, so bring in the alts to allow yourself to take full control of not only the skill gain loop hole but also the control over having the correct amount of people, AT ALL TIMES. No waiting around for others. No having to talk. Just grinding and grinding to make those numbers go up. I get the feeling that all of this also creates that anti social feeling. In a multi player game. I don't NEED to interact. I can just focus on my own stuff. In other MMO games you could go it alone if you wanted but it was far much more better to team up with others because you get through your goals at a much faster rate. Anyway, even if people could do everything at a fast rate like how they could do before with alts, do you know what would happen? People would moan and whine about how things need to go back to the good old days where things were hard and that meant that you actually earned something and felt pride. Yeah sure.....but that also goes back to the days of stock piling items and treating alts and these loop holes as Gods or cheats. You know, I might use alts now and again but this is more so when I can't be bothered with dealing with how long something is going to take. I use them to speed things up. If I could speed through things really fast then great! but you know though, there has to be a balance..... If things are too fast then it becomes boring. I gave myself GM powers in Wurm Unlimited and could do everything at the snap of the fingers and set my skills to increase by 1 level every action I did. It was so just like no challenge at all. Here is another problem as well.....Because people have gotten so used to using alts and it is a game design now. A game feature. That means it MUST NOT CHANGE. EVER. If you are going to change it though then it needs to give those same benefits to those players or otherwise they will ###### and moan to hell and back and more players may be lost. This is because once people have got used to something, even if that something is bad game design, they will still want to cling on to it with all of their might. They won't even hear you. TLDR: People cling to Alts like they are gods gift to wurm. Alts = Wogic = Game Feature = Reject any suggestions that threaten alts = Leave topic. Alts = More items for players, more stock, more actions performed and are a loophole for bad game design. Alt could be changed or main characters could be changed to perform actions faster but the loyal alt crowd may still be unhappy. I would like to perform actions at a faster rate. Fixing the unique drops/system or even introducing something brand new would do wonders to clean up the mess. People need much more end game content. So many players have been here for so bloody long that collecting dragon scales or whatever else, is one of the main goals to reach and focus on. Could say the same for priests as well. Priest skills need changing so that you don't have to go through such a big loop hole with alts to try and increase your skill levels at a faster rate then normal. Introduce some quests or something for priests where they have to use a certain spell on so many monsters or something to allow them to unlock a % increase to certain skill gains or just increase the skill gain for certain skills so that it does not take so long. Or even introduce new features or options for priests to gain skills in other ways that can not be cheated with more alts.
  12. Hey, great idea! Though only if it happens when you have the shovel equipped. Or just make it an option to turn on or off in the settings. On by default.