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  1. The traveller in blue spoke up. "Let's just go in search of this wizard.... We can eat when we get there" and so the camera follows the group who are travelling to see the wizard... Whatever will happen to them?
  2. Congratulations How about: The Blockinator The Rock Unmovable mountain You shall not pass Protector of the gods Impenetrable You have arms of steel from carrying around those shields and using them to their highest potential. You are the master, the top dog. The one who everyone else can rely on to protect them from the evils of the world. You stand tall and proud in front of any foe. No one will hurt you. You are the ultimate specimen of defence. The omega. A shield god
  3. Does not matter. Wurm online is now connected to steam so has to follow their rules. You can play on all servers through steam or the non steam launcher. So any account buying change would apply to the steam version too.
  4. Lord Enki the Head GM Spoke to the group ""I come from the magically lands of london pvp where mr green over there used ter help me nick treasure chests full of 'igher GM powers! Oi! After all, how do yer fink I got ter be 'EAD GM!"
  5. There is much more that needs doing in a deed and more so a community pve deed then just adding to upkeep to stop the village going away. The mayor is very important in that they are the pillar of strength for that community. The mayor has the power to destroy buildings, access homes, manage perms, hire guards, resize deed, create roles and build/guide a vision for the village. Without the mayor, the deed is just a shell of its former glory. Lets not forget that many people on PVE servers have giant castles, ###### loads of items and massive investment in their location/community. This is why it is so important to have a mayor or a replacement mayor. Also the time limit is quite long so I am sure that in that time, any villagers around will decide who gets to be mayor when they get to switch to a democracy. Even more so if it is a strong community.
  6. Mr Josuhacalvert stepped forward out from the group and said "I only have one thing to say to you Mr GM..... WURM WOOOOOOT!"
  7. He was so unhappy that he summoned a rift beam down onto the group!
  8. The grammar gremlin stopped in mid sentence because a Sword was stuck in its throat. A laughing voice from a black hooded figure said "Grammar can't help you in de affehlife! Now who's f' goblin pizza"
  9. Olá Passei sua mensagem para a aldeia. Você também pode enviar uma mensagem para / Ultradude para pedir que ele participe também. (A propósito, isto é traduzido automaticamente do Google) (English Version: Hello I've passed on your message to the village. You can also message /Ultradude to ask him to join as well. (By the way, this is auto translated from google) )
  10. Harvestmoon Lagoon. At D22 on Release. There is a Ranch deed in the woods next to tiki sandbar. Seen lots of players gather there before.
  11. It says in the idea that it would only happen if you put a statue down on the rug. Which means it is an add on for a bit of extra content and some extra karma + a change of scenery. You know, fun. It is not a mandatory thing. You can still sit down and gain skill if you so wish.
  12. Quite a good idea. Makes a interesting change to the rarity system. I like it Most of the system seems like it would work in the background. All that users need to see is that 3 cared for items have a progress bar towards an increase in rarity. The bar moves up as the user uses the tools/items in their daily wurm life. A number counter for how many clicks or actions could be on the bar for that day or month.... Etc. Then when the bar reaches max level, you can combine them together for a chance at one of them increasing in rarity, while the other 2 get destroyed. It seems very random chance. More so a nice little extra then something to try and farm with alts. As your example showed. It would also be good for the bar to be turned on and off as well for people who don't want to see or use it. ------------------ There is something like this on the wurm unlimited server I play.... Details below: Rarities and smooshing: Three new rarities above fantastic: Epic, Legendary and Unique. Each higher rarity gives the normal increased effects of rarity and items that are at least epic cannot be shattered via enchanting. Epic and Legendary rarities are available via normal rare rolls, but Unique is reserved for special rewards and Smooshing only. Smooshing allows you to combine two items of the same rarity for the chance of increasing the rarity of the target item. The chance to successfully increase rarity is determined by item qualities, if they are the same item, and if they are bulk items or not. Smooshing is only available to characters with KangaWU+