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  1. I was on another sandbox mmo's website and they had a link to their roadmap on their website drop down menu. I feel that if wurm used this website or a website like it and showed it off on their website then users would know what is in development, what is postponed, what is already added....etc. It also helps people to see what is already in the game and that active development is happening. Wurm could still have images and blog/promotion posts but this would help greater user and staff communication in a way or like a behind the scenes look. Instead of things being hush hush.
  2. I don't have a problem with winter on wurm. It creates some great moody screenshots. It also helps show things up on my monitor when the sun is shining on it from outside 😆 Maybe that glitched version of the snow might be good. Where the grass shows through the snow. So white and green.
  3. Sounds good. Makes me think of Jackel. Maybe if it was a special dungeon type of map like Jackel was. 👍
  4. I don't agree and more just because I edit quoted text so that I am replying to certain parts of it. Otherwise if I couldn't edit the quote then it would sometimes be massive walls of text.
  5. I saw this video a while ago. It shows off some of the levels in the game. I thought it was quite interesting and cool to see medieval artwork come to life. Do you think this might be a good game to form a partnership with for wurm? Or even having something like this as a mini game in wurm. Small little battles between moving creatures on enchanted tapestry perhaps.
  6. There's actually a mini indie game where these types of characters come to life.
  7. It does look a bit silly/funny. Maybe some other kind of items might of been better. Like a wood or stone statue of a rabbit. Maybe a little rabbit/easter bunny figure for walls and tables. Or even a brand new puppet in the form of the Easter bunny that interacts/has text lines when interacting with the god puppets. You could even have a reward of new artwork for tapestry featuring rabbits in the medieval style:
  8. They should go onto the PVP servers and do their land war over there. Then they can see if people want to join their sides and they can play as the king in their own kingdoms with followers. Then they can have their true land battles. Instead of using words and insults, lets see if their cash will win the day in the wurm battle field!
  9. This was amazing and got me very emotional near the end of the song 😀
  10. I did not even know it was April fools day today but I hate pranks with a burning passion (Depending on what it is) I was really quite excited about the diving and thought it looked cool, that and new sea creatures would be awesome. So hopefully it is not a prank or a joke. Even more so when wurm greatly needs new content. A surprise like this concerning a underused element of the world such as water would be great 😀🐟🐠🦈🐙🐋
  11. I created places like that on release. Even created a games room but the main problem I found was waiting for people to come. It is far better to go to the people then wait and see if they will turn up. I would say that you've kind of sabotaged yourself being on xanadu. Unless you are near a server crossing. It might be better to move to a server that is smaller, has a active population and create a deed near other active players so you have a good support network of players around you who may even help promote your area to others.
  12. Take a look at these lines: "All and everyone is equal, but different." We are all dirt. We are all gems. We just come in different shapes and colors. " In which case, Fo is showing that you should not judge a creature by how it looks because everyone is equal but different. If you apply this to how Fo looks then his appearance makes perfect sense and it also helps show up who are non believers of Fo!
  13. No way. It's too far. Xanadu is too big. I went to a Impalong when I was sort of new on Xanadu but it took ages to get there. I got lost. The map was so big. Too big. I felt dread thinking about going back to my own server. Release and other servers like it are perfect sizes. Indy is okay but Xanadu is Ridiculous
  14. Come along to Harvestmoon and the Surrounding Areas! Release is a great server and Harvestmoon has been around years and years as the go to place for either newbies or for anyone else looking to join a massive settlement.