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  1. I've taken alot of items from old deeds. Normally mats are what I hover up first. Even more so if they are mats that you have to create like bricks, mortar, nails...etc. I also look out for items that I don't have the skills to make yet. LIke certain items made with Fine Carp. I will also look out for replacements. So if I find a Oven or a Forge, I will check to see if it has a higher QL then the one that I already have. My most fav item that I found was a few flags and banners of Legion of Anubis. I love that green design with the Anibus Face. I also found 8 Banners of the Apocalypse Order and 2 tall banners with some flags for that kingdom too. A very cool design.
  2. If you imagine building and placing objects in the real world - Like ships at the coastline - Or think of ways to improve the world because you can do that in wurm. Or if the sound of a fire in a open fire place, makes you relaxed and feel at peace because it reminds you of the soothing sounds of the Open Fire Place in Wurm.
  3. Last Post Wins

    The Minotaur is coming - God I love em so much
  4. It might be better to organise with other players on Xan who want to be visited. Then if they have a priest with the teleport skill, they could portal you over to them to have a look around. I think it is far to big to go it alone. Xan is one of the servers I will never travel to again. I've only been over a few times but it is just far to vast and takes too much time to travel around even with my corbita ship. Another reason to organise with others is that you might travel for hours and finally come to a deed and it is locked. At least as with connecting people who want to be visited you can also avoid that and speed things up a bit. Something else you could do is die teleport. to get around the map into other areas. At least you would see all of the starter towns
  5. The Fire Starter - Taken on a Private Server -
  6. I would not buy charcoal. I would get it for free by taking it from a found BSB at a fallen deed. That or take some from a community deed shared bsb. I only use it for making snowmen anyway
  7. I got 9/11 and I don't even put the waterskin in anything apart from my inventory Though yeah, fix them to fit correctly in containers. A nice quality of life update.
  8. That would be cool. Would make a kind of ruined overgrown look.
  9. Taking down a horrible camouflaged Forest Spider from the Private Server Kanga - There was also a massive Champ version around that area but these critters are pretty tough in their normal versions.
  10. Airships

    I love blimps so yes please
  11. Yay! You had a look around the Harvestmoon area and Tiki too! Tiki is where I created alot of the buildings and coloured lights, flags...etc. I built the Tiki Inn, Tiki Storage, Jolly Sailor Pub, Tiki Games Room, Tiki Lodge, The wooden towers and the big wooden bridge over the water. Zexos's Home, Promethis's workshop, another slate building near by and the meditation hut. Along with some more buildings inside tiki caves. I also put down the pillars too and alot of the roads. Along with the Wagoner and trader. They are both mine. That big wooden bridge used to go up to a unfinished castle which I was working on, made in Render. It was called Heaven's Castle. But real life got in the way and I found myself leaving wurm. I destroyed the castle and towers when I went. Now another user who has made alot of improvements while I've been gone has got the spot. NCR's Black Castle is very impressive, eh! When you get past tiki, you will move towards Harvestmoon Ranch, one of the newer areas but it is quite amazing how much improvements people have made. You'll see the big pillar which I made soon, in the distance, I bet. I watched all of your video. Very good. I liked your trip up the top of the wooden tower near Finns place. I've also not been around Wild Coasts area in ages so was good to see what was new over there. Vailheim is also apart of the Harvestmoon Area. Wild Coast is not. Havestmoon controls the majority of the area and then moves across to the Tiki Side too.
  12. Did you know that the Harvestmoon Area is now even bigger then ever before! It has now expanded out into Tiki Woods. What was once a land full of pine trees and trolls is now a lovely looking village. Check out the improvements to Tiki Woods now called Harvestmoon Ranch and also what is new at Tiki Sandbar. Harvestmoon Ranch Overview of Tiki and Harvestmoon Across the Water from the cliffs of Harvestmoon Ranch The Impressive Black Castle at Tiki Sandbar - Please excuse the blood stains....I fell down a cliff while looking around The Pillar and Bridges at Tiki
  13. Some people in the comments said that there are people in India who have such carts and sleep under them. Maybe in more warmer climates but in a cold winter land, I would not want to test the Warm and cozy feeling.
  14. Lol that is a mystery in itself!