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  1. Outside of the tower, beyond the laughs and tears of the group, high up in the sky was a creature. Bright green scales and sharp teeth. With a figure riding on top. A Crooked nose could be seen.
  2. The most funny thing is that I am picturing a group of people doing rock, paper, scissors in front of a dumb founded dragon Dragons should not be able to be trapped. They should have the power to stop shaker orbs or stonewall spells if near to the dragon. Like a area of effect barrier around it. Or even just break open a tunnel. It is a dragon, a creature that should be bringing terror to the masses. It is not meant to be a glorified piñata 🪅
  3. I've never used locks on any of my chests or other items. If something is really valuable then I might use a alt account to store it, in the inventory. Other stuff is in my house which has locked down perms anyway. If the deed the house is on falls and also then the building the item is in falls then those items are up for grabs. Anything really valuable is stored behind stone High ql brick walls. It takes ages for them to decay off deed lol sometimes a year or more if high ql. Plenty of time for me to come back and grab them before the walls fall and looters come to grab the goodies. Then again, if things do get taken which they were before in the past when I left for a while. I then just went and found some old dropped deeds in the wild to refill my lost items. I did have some really good flags taken from me though that I was attached to. But then I saw that I was making a big deal out of a video game and the items did not even exist in real life, so why was I getting so emotional and drama filled for? I let go of my attachment to those items and then felt much better. I also then placed some of my other flags around the community deed so that everyone could share in them. That's the thing, if you have attachments then you have something to lose. You have investment. I still have attachments to things that I've created or done in wurm but each time when I see things changed, I try and remember that all things change and try to see the good in what is new, instead of clinging onto the past.
  4. Yes please. A few years ago (I think) I took over a old abandoned deed and it had 30-40 or so bulk storage bins that were all locked. I had to push them all off deed and into the water to decay away. What a massive waste! They could of held lots of wonderful materials to help build up the deed but also even if not, they would of made nice storage homes. Without having to make new ones.
  5. Some different suggestions then to help: Tents - Allow people to use 2 tents as spawn points when they die. Then when you arrive at a shoreline, before going to a rift, you can pop down your tent at your boat. Then travel to the rift. Then when you get to the rift, pop out your other tent at the rift site. Then if you die at the rift, you can spawn at the rift sites tent instead of your sail boat tent. Or create a big tent or god statue which everyone can use at the location that a rift takes place. Like it spawns there when the rift appears. Ready for use and then disappears when the rift is over. Like the Gods are trying to help the mortal rid the world of evil, kind of thing. They can pick to spawn at the rift if they die or back at their normal tent or elsewhere. Other suggestion: Faster Mining and Concrete creation - Allow people to mine surface rock much faster so that people can create deeper water passageways and such if they wish. Though I would also make concrete more easy to make as well to offset the faster surface mining. For a boat suggestion - Boat Speed Boost at certain depths - You could make it so that the boats get a speed boost when they are sailing in certain depths. So for example, the Corb could get a sailing speed boost when it sails over tiles that are -50 dirt in depth or more (As an example) but when it gets back to a tile 49 and under, then the boost goes away. Could say that those deeper tiles have larger waves or something so the boats can handle them better. The Knarr could get a speed boost in less deep water so in water -5 to -15 the knarr would be really speedy but above that point it would go back to its normal speed. Apply that calculation to the smaller boats and the other boost for the bigger boats. Then you can travel faster in certain depths but also each type of boat gets its own speed boost in each depth zone.
  6. I love my corbita so I would like some sort of improvements, yes
  7. Maybe a different idea to allow exploring but not the ability to effect the world could be a tourist pass with a portal or some other means. In other words: You can travel between sfi and nfi. You get put into a new class called "tourist" With the tourist class you can move around the other server but you are only a tourist. You can't gain any skills. The monsters will not attack you. You can't make anything or chop, dig, mine..etc. you are like a walking camera who can observe the surroundings but not effect them. You could also get special tourist clothes with a mini tourist label near your name or something so people know that you are just visiting. When you are finished looking around you could either click an icon in the menu, find a portal or even click on an item in your inventory to head back.
  8. Just merge the servers and let what happens, happen. The players and the dev team will sort out any problems that arise when they occur. Anything else is just arguments about "what ifs" that are not happening and have not happened.
  9. That's really funny. I did not know you could do stuff like that!
  10. That would be cool and handy. Even more so for building Palisade fences.
  11. 32 currently but I keep on forgetting how old I am when people ask me in person. As in I actually fully forget. Like, age does not matter much anymore.
  12. Yeah, I remember I saw your name once appear in the chat when I was quite new to Wurm. Ah, I wondered who that Island Escape building belonged too. He still is the leader, I think. I've not been on the main servers in a while or even the Wurm Unlimited Servers actually. Real Life is seeming much more important then wurm right now ~
  13. Ah okay, I did not know that Though I do like the sound of that though since I used to love theme park world and I really liked games that had editors too
  14. From what I've seen in Wurm, people still need some sort of narrative or direction to follow, to actually do things - Even more so when it is together (A group of players) Like at impalongs for example. If there are clear games or activities set out, which start at a certain time with someone also telling everyone that as well, then people know what is happening. Though from what I've seen, there are only a small amount of games that get created. People play them much more when rewards are up for grabs too. So having a sandbox with all of the skills...etc does not do much on its own. It needs a follow through. It needs to be supported by a interesting narrative or storyline along with good game mechanics. After all, another big draw to videos games is if you can twitch stream it and wurm is not a very good game to stream. People also like to get rewards as well and that also pushes them to do things. As soon as a dragon pops up on a map, 100s of people sail to that location. I would say that a Sandbox game works the best when the devs work on interesting game mechanics, new features, items, creatures, missions, new rewards and a few storyline pieces to start players off. The players then have to actually work to craft the world in their image and this does not just mean, having a deed and building a castle and some farms. It means players taking a more active role in creating the storyline of the game, shaping the lands, having history and sharing that history with others. Wurm is a living virtual space where people live out their virtual lives. Where people die to hoards of blood thirsty monsters and fight other players while climbing massive dirt walls all at the same time. Got to say though that wurm is not that exciting. It feels more like a AFK clicker mobile game. I feel that there needs to be some excitement somehow to keep people interested in the long term...