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Found 7 results

  1. Sprouts

    lemonwood x 300 grapewood x 600 camelliawood x 300 hazelnutwood x 300 QL50+ 1c per sprout free coastal (non-pvp) delivery if your order for 3s+, otherwise cod, pickup or a charge of 50c buy 300+ for 85i ea
  2. Hey! Was thinking on hedges that we have two different models, which are brighter green and with leaves showing maple hedge, and of course the low lavender hedge showing up some nice flowers. Would make us gardeners so happy! Here are some ideas for new models: • Rose hedge. Should be like rose vines covering the hedge model, here's example: • Camellia hedge. I don't think this one needs much changes, maybe more alive deep blueish green colour and maybe some little white flowers, but that's all. • Oleander hedge. More colour. Maybe also medium sized as camellia is? • Thorn hedge. Maybe some spikes appearing on the look, not sticking out, just slightly making it more alive. Should be darker version. • Cedar hedge. This one should be the simple model. I would only add some slightly appearing branches very much similar looking as cedar branches are now on tree model, make it look the hedge is covered with it. Green would show up very smooth. So here some ideas, what do you think?
  3. Looking to buy bulk Camellia to make potency 3 healing covers. If you have some in bulk to sell message here or pm me. Prices? Defending on how many you have.
  4. Looking for 1k+ if you have them. Prefer to have them delivered. Roads lead from east coast, all the way to Greymead, or can sail shallow boats in from the NE ocean bay. PM me to negotiate on price/delivery.
  5. How else are we going to drink our camellia tea? Only peasants drink from flasks and skins, we need some more civilized containers. Also, make tea do something special like wine/sandwiches etc.
  6. I read in the wiki and in the patch notes a couple weeks back that Camellia hedges are only supposed to grow to medium. I just put in a new pen on my deed that I want to be able to see over the fences on and I was using WIld Growth to get them to medium. One of my casts got extra power and reached some of the hedge sections I had already grown to medium and the grew the last stage to Prime. I'm assuming this is a bug and someone didn't bother to tell WIld Growth not to grow the last stage on Camellias. I guess I'll prune them back down to medium but I sure hope they don't keep growing again.
  7. buying all Lavender, Camellia, Oleander, Rose, Cedar, Maple sprouts in bulk on deli :3