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Found 17 results

  1. This page does not list several of the new types of sprouts, and whether they can or cannot be used for hedges. I tested Orange (cannot), Hazel (cannot), Raspberry (cannot), and Blueberry (cannot). The destroying section should also be reworded. The new cut down ability does not require a player to have 21 body strength to do so
  2. hi. Trying to build a stone fence at the highlighted border. There is a pottery T arch there, which shouldn't be a problem. There is a camelia hedge adjacent to the left. There is a rendered wall at 90 degrees to left. Error reads: [20:49:14] There is a fence or wall there. Action not allowed. Will attempt taking the hedge down and report back if it makes any difference. Edit: Taking down the hedge didn't help. There is also a pottery T arch where that rendered wall is. So it is a corner made of 2 pottery T arches. I suspect that may be the problem as on the other side of the house, I used a regular arch on one side and had no problems.
  3. If a tile border (all of it) is high enough above water to allow a hedge to be planted on it provided that the tile were flat, then allow a hedge even though the opposite border is under water instead of rejecting the action with "The ground is too moist here, so the sprout would rot." I don't know whether this restriction is a bug or is intentional, but it seems unnecessary to me. In fact the hedge is disallowed if even only one of opposite corners is submerged.
  4. Really hate having to remove off deed hedges. So much damage to any tool I use. Growing up, we had tons of hedges that needed pruning and/or removing. The tool we always used was a pruning saw. Let's add one to our tool set, but to prevent unseasoned players from ripping out all our hedges, make it a high skill to create tool. Also, make it take normal damage from use, like chopping a tree, or cutting planks. Right click hedge, "cut down". Bashing would also work with all your classic methods.
  5. Hey! Was thinking on hedges that we have two different models, which are brighter green and with leaves showing maple hedge, and of course the low lavender hedge showing up some nice flowers. Would make us gardeners so happy! Here are some ideas for new models: • Rose hedge. Should be like rose vines covering the hedge model, here's example: • Camellia hedge. I don't think this one needs much changes, maybe more alive deep blueish green colour and maybe some little white flowers, but that's all. • Oleander hedge. More colour. Maybe also medium sized as camellia is? • Thorn hedge. Maybe some spikes appearing on the look, not sticking out, just slightly making it more alive. Should be darker version. • Cedar hedge. This one should be the simple model. I would only add some slightly appearing branches very much similar looking as cedar branches are now on tree model, make it look the hedge is covered with it. Green would show up very smooth. So here some ideas, what do you think?
  6. Some means of improving a hedge's ql, even if its slow. Regular pruning comes to mind.
  7. Port SMC Market Basic Information Port SMC is a deed found on the South Eastern coast of Release, exact coordinates (x40, y45)We have goods available that are not listed so if there is something else you need feel free to ask and I'll let you know if we can provide it. Market - Merchant now located at Sloping Sands Market Current stock as of May 22 Items not in stock can be ordered.Blacksmithing Can make tools of 70+ QL to order. 40c per toolChain Armour Can make sets of 50 QL 1s for full setWeapon Smithing Can make 50+ QL weapons. 40c per weapon 1h weapon, 45c per 2h weaponCarpentry 60+ QL Oaken Spindles, Mallets, Grooming Brush - 25c60+ QL Oaken Ropetools - 40cLeatherworking 60 QL Toolbelts 65c60 QL Studded Sets 1.75sHorses (See new post for future horse sales) Services Tile Enchants (Cost includes travel, 18 hour cooldown) 1s Per TileFo Ser​vices Courier Enchants (cost includes travel, you pay for a minimum power, I keep casting until I meet or exceed the minimum) 50+ Power: 1s70+ Power: 2s90+ Power: 3sWild Growth 20c Per CastGenesis (10c for Travel, 30 minute cooldown) 20c Per CastMag Services Mole Senses - 1s Per CastStrong Wall - 1s Per CastTower Construction (50+ QL, 5 tower guards;Minimum 50 tiles between towers) 2s with your materials (20 QL minimum, 500 bricks 500 clay 100 planks)4s with my materialsHedges (10c Travel, waved if 10 or more sections) Choice of Maple, Cedar, Rosewood, Thorn, Oleander, Camellia (medium) and Lavendar (low)5c/hedge section Stock RopesRope - 4cMooring - 5cThick - 15cCordage - 20cCrops (10c Delivery in Release, 20c to Pristine) Wemp 90+ QL 10c/100Cotton 90+ QL 10c/100Food crops 10c/100Sprouts (10c Delivery in Release, 20c to Pristine) Common/New Sprouts 5c/10 Willow 10c/10Oak 20c/10Ships & Vessels (Current stock listed below) Applewood Sail Boat 40QLCedarwood Sail Boat 40QLCherrywod Sail Boat 40QLLemonwood Sail Boat 40QLOlivewood Sail Boat 40QLApplewood Row Boat 40QLOlivewood Row Boat 40QLOak Cog 40QLPrices (All Ships & Vessels come with Anchor, lock & key) Row Boats 1sSailboats 1s 75cCorbitas 8sCogs 10sKnarr 18s -----Post is subject to change. Keep an eye on it. Contact Lokitia/Lokitio/Lokoh in game or PM here.-----
  8. When you attempt to create a hedge in-between two enchanted grass tiles, it gives you this error message. [01:58:22] You cannot plant a hedge there. Please fix. Thanks!
  9. I feel it would be a good idea to allow some form of decay system or single action method to destroy hedges. The hedges provide no security due to the fact you can trim them down to a stage where you can walk over them and they are the only construct that ignores the usual decay of player-made structures, this often results in abandoned long decayed deeds being left unappealing due to being infected with copious amounts of hedge borders if the old deed owner was keen on them. You are unable to destroy them bit by bit due to the fact the regrow and reduce thier own damage over time so you need to commit to destroying the full thing in 1 session, and this can become a real maul / axe destroying couple of hours on those 95ql + hedges that can exist. So overall, they do more harm than needed because while you can prune them to walk over they still deny many off deed abandoned areas a chance for people to reclaim and make new areas unless they are willing to spent (in some cases weeks) alot of time to painstakingly bash hedges, you could deed an area in order to get the damage bonus for them yes, however I feel most people settle and build a little first before fully commiting to deeding an area, and this also often leaves you needing to deed tiles you never wanted to destroy more hedges without destroying your maul / axe or ignoring them and having quite an ugly mess surrounding your new deed. When off deed I think it would be beneficial to either have them decay or have a "burn" action with flint and steel or "Cut / dig up at roots" with sickle / shovel. Personally I have my deeds and landmass I want sorted out for all i need until further notice so I don't have anything immidiately personal to gain from any such change, however all my old neighbors were very fond of hedges, and the land over the hills from me is covered in hundereds and hundereds of them all in random labyrinthian lay outs due to them being the last surviving parts of those old deeds. It has been over a year since all but 1 person in my local has quit playing and I beleive it is due to those hedges making the land pointlessly unattainable.
  10. Eternal and endless hedge blockades are becoming a nuisance for everyone. They are simply too easy to fire and forget over huge areas. How about if players could just pass through them? Then if you want to block off half the server, you have to do it with fences.
  11. Cannot plant hedges along the borders of enchanted grass tiles. Figuring the game doesn't recognize the tiles as grass, thus not allowing. Unsure if actually a bug.
  12. I have encountered some problems with hedges a while back but they haven't been reported here yet. Planting versus tiles next to the tile border I tried planting a hedge on the border with on one side enchanted grass, the other cobble stone. Planting a hedge is not possible. I tried planting a hedge on the border with on one side a farm tile, the other cobble stone. Planting a hedge is not possible. I tried planting a hedge on the border with on one side a dirt tile, the other cobble stone. Planting a hedge is possible. Dirt/dirt, grass/grass, dirt/grass and those in combination with pavement works. Other tiles need to be fixed Bisons walking through hedges I use 1x2 pens for animals with 1 iron fence and the rest hedges. Put in bisons I wanted to keep there. I come back the other day, and the run across my deed. All had left the pen. Hedges don't seem to block movement of bisons.
  13. Just planted an oleander hedge and the only skill that changed was gardening, the wiki says it uses forestry which seems to be wrong.
  14. Wanted to report the following problem; 1) Have 5 camellia sprouts in inventory 2) Activate one 3) Plant on tile border where both sides is enchanted grass 4) I get the message 'You cannot plant a hedge there' Planting with the same sprout elsewhere, e.g. on a a tile border with only one side enchanted grass works fine.
  15. I read in the wiki and in the patch notes a couple weeks back that Camellia hedges are only supposed to grow to medium. I just put in a new pen on my deed that I want to be able to see over the fences on and I was using WIld Growth to get them to medium. One of my casts got extra power and reached some of the hedge sections I had already grown to medium and the grew the last stage to Prime. I'm assuming this is a bug and someone didn't bother to tell WIld Growth not to grow the last stage on Camellias. I guess I'll prune them back down to medium but I sure hope they don't keep growing again.
  16. sorry my bad ... some times im stuppid ;P
  17. Wild growth, growing hedge on another's deed. I can't get this to work using different permission for forestry and cutting old trees. [09:53:10] You are not allowed to affect the hedges in Delialicious. Edit: Became a citizen of the deed and it works.