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Found 5 results

  1. The topic asking for this has been archived so have to make a new thread. Please bring back old oleander bushes. They were pretty, pink and looked like real oleanders. Thanks. New/current oleander Old and MUCH BETTER oleander:
  2. Our deed was recently filled with rose bushes. We picked up the sprouts, built hedges - its ok. But then i noticed its a harvesting season! And I was like woot! Now can harvest roses to make... lvl 1 healing covers? Whaaaat? Well I mean they are beautiful and useful flowers, and you have to wait a lot to harvest them, just to gain such a minor use... Harvesting those bushes is about long wait and we should gain a reward for waiting. So here are more useful uses for roses, lavender and oleander flowers: 1. Decorative. Yes, they are roses and they have to be presented to girls, not to be mixed with cow`s bladder to heal your bruises. Flower beds, flower pots, wreaths and other pretty stuff. 2. Making incenses. For priests. For more favor? Spell chance bonus? Faster faith gain? Light up your thuribles! Whatever the bonus, priests would love those and would be waiting harvests like Christmas! 3. More alchemy. Healing tea maybe, or potions, or alternative dye ingedients. Yay for more diverse alchemy! Because I don`t need to wait months to gain lvl 1 healing cover with 0,05 weight I`d rather hunt poor things for them.
  3. Hey! Was thinking on hedges that we have two different models, which are brighter green and with leaves showing maple hedge, and of course the low lavender hedge showing up some nice flowers. Would make us gardeners so happy! Here are some ideas for new models: • Rose hedge. Should be like rose vines covering the hedge model, here's example: • Camellia hedge. I don't think this one needs much changes, maybe more alive deep blueish green colour and maybe some little white flowers, but that's all. • Oleander hedge. More colour. Maybe also medium sized as camellia is? • Thorn hedge. Maybe some spikes appearing on the look, not sticking out, just slightly making it more alive. Should be darker version. • Cedar hedge. This one should be the simple model. I would only add some slightly appearing branches very much similar looking as cedar branches are now on tree model, make it look the hedge is covered with it. Green would show up very smooth. So here some ideas, what do you think?
  4. Oleander is highly poisonous in real life... in Wurm it is pretty but serves no function! Why not give it one?! I propose we use oleander for poison-- and be able to use the poison on arrows. Unless removed a poison arrow would continue to slowly infect the wound. Perhaps the poison could also be applied to other weapons and applicable to the first hit the weapon deals after being poisoned -- the effect in this case might be something along the lines of increased heal time on the injury. If we wanted to be really devious ... maybe it could be possible to poison food or water sources (water source poisoning should have a limited period to it.. so as to not poison it forever... ) This might be best only implemented in PVP ... but it would at least there give a use to testing water or examining food before eating...
  5. Oak Trees are killing Bushes After the Grass Cutting change. (probably willow too) I noticed this change when grass cutting was implemented. Although I had thought a villager was playing tricks on me. But I have now confirmed that bushes are killed since after the grass cutting update. These bushes include but are not limited to: oleander, lavender, roses, camellia.