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Found 28 results

  1. Harbor of Wholesome Hoarder (located: Melody g15 on the shore of Melody lake) is finally connected to ocean by 2 Canals: 1) Northern Lake Canal (g,f 15 + e13, all ships) and 2) Eastern Lake Canal (g17, all ships) WTA I am currently runing 6 auctions: rare rope tool rare press 3x rare stone grindstone rare unfinished kiln rare cheese drill WTS dirt price 60c/300, in storage 20 x 300 +200 = 6200 all price 12,4s if you do not have your own crates, add to price 30c per large crate (free load on your ship or vehicle), pick up only or change my mind with a lot silver WTS stone bricks: ql 0+, price 60c/300, in storage 0 ql 10+, price 63c/300, in storage 0 ql 20+, price 66c/300, in storage 1000 together 1000 WTS silver lump ql 50+, 6,4kg price: 1s WTS fine mediation rugs ql45+ (ql47-50 now) price: 99c+cod per item in stock: 7 items WTS gems: diamond ql 50,60 price: 75c+cod diamond ql 74,58 price: 87c+cod diamond ql 20,42 price: 30c+cod diamond ql 51,70 price: 76c+cod diamond ql 18,17 price: 29c+cod sapphire ql 17,47 price: 28c+cod emerald ql 51,70 price: 75c+cod emerald ql 46,70 price: 73c+cod emerald ql 3,72 price: 6c+cod sold to Aleck 18.9.2021 ruby ql 50,60 price: 75c+cod ruby ql 1,00 price: 2c+cod sold to Aleck 18.9.2021 ruby ql 29,57 price: 44c+cod opal ql 51,70 price: 76c+cod sprouts: ql 20-29,99 pinewood x 50 price: 1,2c + cod per 1 ql 30-39,99 pinewood x 150 price: 1,3c + cod per 1 chestnut x 50 price: 1,3c + cod per 1 ql 40-49,99 pinewood x 300 price: 1,4c + cod per 1 ql 50-59,99 pinewood x 150 price: 1,5c + cod per 1 ql 60-69,99 pinewood x 150 price: 1,6c + cod per 1 ql 70-79,99 pinewood x 150 price: 1,7c + cod per 1 stone bricks: ql 0+, price 60c/300, in storage 3000 ql 10+, price 63c/300, in storage 900 ql 20+, price 66c/300, in storage 1200 ql 30+, price 69c/300, in storage 300 if you do not have your own crates, add to price 30c per large crate (free load on your ship or vehicle) delivery possible to coastal areas if you order goods for 10s and more, delivery fee is based on distance 17.1. 2021, 7200 stone bricks sold and delivered to Szarin for 14,4s (bulk discount) + 2s, I am currently sold out 11.9. 2021, 7500 dirt sold to Jpunchy for 15s 12.9. 2021, 900 stone bricks sold and delivered to Crusigan for 2s (with delivery fee) 15.9. 2021, 100 pinewood + 100 chestnut sprouts sent to Monique for 2s + (2s cod) 18.9. 2021, 3000 stone bricks sold to Mirowen for 6s (pick up) 18.9. 2021, 1 sleep powder sold to Arno for 1,5s 25.9. 2021, 2000 stone bricks sold to Eddywhite for 4s (pick up) 25.4. 2022, 1000 dirt sold to Breezy for 2s (pick up) 1. 5. 2022, 6200 dirt sold to Shaunchadwick for 10s (pick up - bulk and pick up discount applied) WTS rare rope tool, chestnut, ql 57,97, rare unfinished kiln (pick up Melody g15) price: 8s/rare item
  2. Some sprouts are currently stored as 'sprout' others are stored as 'sprouts'. It is quite inconsistent as both sets include bushes and trees. This is a recent change although I have not checked my sprouts for a few days.
  3. Sprouts

    lemonwood x 300 grapewood x 600 camelliawood x 300 hazelnutwood x 300 QL50+ 1c per sprout free coastal (non-pvp) delivery if your order for 3s+, otherwise cod, pickup or a charge of 50c buy 300+ for 85i ea
  4. I just found out today from a sprout buyer that orangewood tree sprouts do not add to the total sprouts needed to complete the "Plant 100 sprouts" personal goal. When orangewood sprouts were used, the goal did not trigger even after 300 orangewood sprouts were used to test. When instead they used a mix of rosewood olive and lemon, the mission was triggered at exactly 100 sprouts. We think that somehow orangewood sprouts have not been included in the coded list of sprouts that qualify for the plant tree mission(s).
  5. Not always sure whether to start a new thread, or resurrect an old one. Given the timing of past threads, I decided to start a new one relating to past ones. The topic came up recently in one of the Valrei International discussions. I got curious as to why it isn't possible to pick a sprout from horseback and wanted to know more about the history of requests. Two reasons seemed to come up as cause for a -1: Macro - Some seemed to say it would make it easier to macro. Others disagreed. I wouldn't call it conclusive and honestly don't think I would consider it a viable reason for a -1. A vast majority of players are not looking to macro and should not be punished for the occasional bad apple. Where's the line! - A more popular reason seems to be where we draw the line as to what can be done on horseback. The most common response, and a compelling one imho, is to point out all the things we can already do on horseback. The line wasn't drawn then, it shouldn't be drawn here. Things we can do from horseback currently, as far as I can tell, please add others you know of: Imping Arrows. Repairing Armor. Paving? Healing Self. Healing Others. Butchering. Burying. Lighting a forge. Plant Cat's Eyes. (Thanks Muse!) Saccing. (As per MrGary in Alyeska's thread.) Collecting snowballs (As per Cecci in Alyeska's thread.) Reinforcing. (As per JakeRivers in Alyeska's thread.) Past threads: 2010 :: only 2 responses, both -1. 2011 :: +10, -5 2012 :: +5, -1 2014 :: Yes 92, No 28. A poll made by Protunia who had been a -1 in both previous threads. Now a +1. Many of the -1's in the body of the thread are more about disdain for Protunia than the suggestion. 2015-->2017 :: +31, -4 An interesting idea was brought up by @Tavariellin the 2014 thread. The idea being linking the ability to do certain things on horseback to the related skill, or perhaps to body control. Based on all the above, I would propose we push this through to implementation before a 2019 thread. Thank you much.
  6. Astoria Mercantile Animals Type Special Features Price (each) Price (Breeding pair) Price (any set of 4) Chickens/Roosters Provides eggs for cooking 5c Pigs 10c Sheep White Provides milk and wool 20c Black Provides milk and wool 25c Seals 25c Crabs Hostile, rare to find in wild 50c Tortoises Hostile, rare to find in wild 50c Bison – 5 speed 8 trait Provides Milk, Faster wagon pulling 50c 90c 1.8s Cows/Bulls – 5 speed 8 trait Provides Milk, Ridable 25c 40c 80c Hell Horses – 5 speed 8 trait Hostile, Ridable Horses – 5 speed 8 trait Original Colors Ridable 50c 90c 1.8s New Colors Ridable 75c 1.4s 3.8s Unicorns – 5 speed 8 trait Ridable, 2 Seater 1.5s 2.75s 5.5s Fierce Ridable, 2 Seater 1.75s 3.25s 6.5s Champion Ridable, 2 Seater 2s 3.75s 7.5s Dogs Champion Endangered 1s Deer Champion Endangered 1s Cats Champion Hostile 1s *Extra traits: Tough Bugger – Withstands more damage Fight Fiercely – Does more damage Keen Senses – Sense danger in water (unconfirmed) Strong and Healthy – Higher Resistance to Disease Certain Spark – Lives 50% longer All Crops 1s/1k Crops Quality Amount Available Barley 93.03 7,134 Cabbage 92.75 6,038 Carrot 93.30 7,630 Corn 91.99 4,751 Cotton 90.84 3,996 Cucumber 93.10 5,346 Garlic 91.37 4,934 Lettuce 92.48 5,117 Oat 84.17 5,326 Onion 91.13 5,158 Pea pod 92.40 5,073 Potato 92.85 5,395 Pumpkin 92.84 5,284 Rice 92.69 1,042 Rye 93.02 6,186 Strawberry 93.41 4,769 Sugar beet 92.17 4,893 Tomato 92.86 5,345 Wemp plants 92.87 6,347 Wheat 92.46 6,866 *** Delivery only available on Deliverance *** *** All Mailable items require standard COD costs *** *** Any Items not listed may be available upon Request ***
  7. I think grouping of sprouts in my inventory became dizzy after I started to take out less-than-full weight sprouts from crates left offdeed for a long time. However it affected all. Note for example that sprout, maplewood is 0.20kg and after it there's another sprout, maplewood of 0.20kg too; those are full weight afaict. Also, maplewood and grape sprouts seemed to be "special" inside the crate too: the other sprouts were in a group of "sprouts" even if it was only 1 left; but 1 maple and 1 grape sprout were separately in crate.
  8. Get your RARE if you dare! They are shiny and so nice, we can negotiate the price ! Updated list of sold and available items with reduced and old price: Sold items : Rare needle ( c79,w80 ) 80.09 QL - was 7s, now 6.50s SOLD Rare small trypod table - SOLD Rare horseshoe - SOLD Rare stone brick (2x) - SOLD Rare supreme lump - SOLD Rare ore , iron - SOLD Rare cordage rope - SOLD Rare sprout, oakenwood - SOLD Rare clay ( 46.19 QL ) - New item just added ! - 20c- SOLD Rare brick ( 5.65 QL ) - New item just added ! - 20c- SOLD Rare clay 13.43 QL New item just added ! 20c SOLD Rare grindstone 50.04 QL - was 3s, now 2.00s SOLD Available items : Rare grindstone ( c77 ) 46.48 QL - was 3.70, now 2.70s Rare lump, silver -30c Rare dirt - 20c Rare iron lump 6.58 QL - New item just added ! 20c Buyer pays COD Or you can pick them up from my merchant. We have 2 merchants and they sell other goods as well. They are located near Eden Harbour at entrance to bridge that connects Summerholt - Whitefay tunnel/highway ( Xanadu, H-23 ) PM me on forum or reply to this topic with your request or offers. Please provide your correct name.
  9. Cleaning up my deed and I have some things for Sale potions of mining 74.67ql - 3s potions of mining 46.02ql - 3s potions of carpendry 56.64ql - 2s potions of carpendry 23.19ql- 2s potions of weaponsmithing 46.78ql- 1s potions of weaponsmithing 14.53ql- 1s Seryll lump at 83.48 ql - 3s seyrll plate vambrace 26.11ql - 1s All the above can be mailed for cod cost the seryll lumps will have to mailed in a satchel so the cod cost will be doubled. All will be mailed from Deli. I can also make arrangements to meet somewhere on deli to sell the items above to avoid the cod costs. All items Im selling below can be delievered for free but only to deli. I can make arrangements to meet somewhere on deli for the sale. Message me in game to make arrangements Sanrina 5k total Charcoal 40.08ql - 1s per 1k 6k total Ash 33.53ql - 1s per 1k 100 concrete 23.50ql - 1s per 100 (Pending sale) 1k cotton 90.67al - 1s per 1k (Pending sale) 4k Wemp Fibre ( This is in Fibre not plants still can be used for Cordage) 90.22 ql - 1s per 1k Sprouts are sold 50c per 100 except oak and willow which is sold 1s per 100. Apple - 300 in stock Birch - 600 in stock Camilla - 700 in stock ( will produce medium size hedges) Cedar - 400 in stock Cherry - 400 in stock Chestnut - 200 in stock Fir - 100 in stock Grape - 700 in stock Lavender - 600 in stock (will produce short hedges) Lemon - 600 in stock Linden - 100 in stock Maple - 500 in stock Oak - 300 in stock Oleanders - 400 in stock Olive - 300 in stock Pine - 600 in stock Rose - 700 in stock Walnut - 200 in stock Willow - 100 in stock 4k Bunches of Mixed grass - 1s per 1k 1k Bunches of Thatch - 1s per 1k
  10. Hi! my adress is Deliverance 18C "Ziemie Kompanii Wyklętych" WTS 2x Yule goat [buyer pay COD] 3s each THANKS! for reading ;_; have some Polish Pierogi / Pierogies online between 10am - 8pm with breakes GMT +1 Time
  11. "You have a moment of inspiration" ... rare grapewood sprout Another sac item for now, but what of making it a bit more usefull? When planting a rare/supreme/fantastic sprout, the tree/bush, it turns in to a rare/... tree/bush and does the following: Rare trees/bush = harvestable every 24 hours (all year long) Supreme tree/bush = harvestable every 12 hours (all year long) Fantastic tree/bush = harvestable every 6 hours (all year long) * Not talking about sprouts as "harvestables" (for the 1-every-x-hours), but all the other things you can harvest from a tree/bush (maple juice, grapes, walnuts, ...). * QL of the harvest is still based on the same skills/ql of tools like it is now, nothing changes about that. * At their normal growth stages, you can still pick sprouts, but they wont have chance to be rare (to refrain from farming more rare sprouts from rare trees), only non-rare trees will give the normal chance of rare like they do now. * would offcourse only work with trees that produce stuff (so it wont include birch, pine, oak, willow, cedar and fir) Balance part of the suggestion: It kinda balances itself out, due to rares being, well, "rare". * By the time you have collected a field of rare grape sprouts, some time (and silver, should you buy them from other people) will have passed, making it not an instand limitless supply of resources. * You have to farm them each day to get the benefit from the being "harvestable all year long" * Supreme and fantastic sprouts are even rarer, making the fields of supreme grapes/olives even less likely and thus making the 12/6hour rule balanced. * wildgrowth makes sprout farming allot easier, but if the rare chance is still 1/hour, then it doesnt matter much if you harvest 10 or 100 sprouts/hour * could stimulate people to keep more trees around and pick sprouts every now and then, in hope of finding a rare (or better one) to sell on the market (who knows, could make Wurm "greener" in the proces ) (if they are more interested in the coin then the 1 grape each day) Thats it, I tried to include some thoughts on the balance of it all. I'm not sure how big everybodies rare collection of sprouts is, but I gathered around 7 in the years the rare-system is ingame XD (only 2 of those are harvestable ), so yeah, my rare garden would exists of a rare walnut and a rare grapebush, but hey, it might be a start of something nice (PS: Does the rare-suggestion topic still exist somewhere? or is that one archived? It might have been suggested before, but I didnt find much (at least not with "rare sprouts" "sprout")
  12. I'm surprised the search didn't pull up any results on this, but I'd like to suggest that planting sprouts centers the item on the tile. Understandably, randomly seeded tiles are at the whim of nature, and therefore subject to randomness; however, manually planting a sprout should be in center-tile. It makes sense to me that when you plant a row of trees/bushes, the farmer intends for the crop to be aligned instead of the haphazard/random distribution method that is in play
  13. QL30+ (and increasing) I dunno the market price, I ask for offers... We will make the deliver sailing if price don't worth the travel we will reject the offer (we are from Cele).
  14. While foraging (I believe on grass) in the Freedom Islands on Pristine I got an ivy seedling. I have never seen a seedling of any sort only sprouts, and I searched online everywhere and can find nothing about seedlings or ivy at all. A friend who has played much longer than me took a look at it, and she's never seen one either. She set it on the ground and said it looks just like a sprout does, but when we tried to plant it on dirt, grass, and even shallow water (as you do with reed), there was no plant option available. Does anyone have any idea what an ivy seedling is? Its purpose or use? When I examined the ivy seedling: [11:29:21] A tiny ivy seedling. It is made from unknown. It can not be improved. When I examined a cherrywood sprout: [11:34:16] A delicate tree sprout with a few tender leaves. It is made from cherrywood. It can not be improved. Here is a screenshot of the ivy seedling on the ground, on the left the Cherrywood Sprout and on the right the Ivy Seedling. Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone else found one? Were you also foraging when you found it? My friend just found 3 more of them while foraging.
  15. Some means of improving a hedge's ql, even if its slow. Regular pruning comes to mind.
  16. Want to sell lavender sprouts in bulk 1k = 8s Pickup at Gorzelnia Dragona deed ( x22/y30 Exodus )
  17. Port SMC Market Basic Information Port SMC is a deed found on the South Eastern coast of Release, exact coordinates (x40, y45)We have goods available that are not listed so if there is something else you need feel free to ask and I'll let you know if we can provide it. Market - Merchant now located at Sloping Sands Market Current stock as of May 22 Items not in stock can be ordered.Blacksmithing Can make tools of 70+ QL to order. 40c per toolChain Armour Can make sets of 50 QL 1s for full setWeapon Smithing Can make 50+ QL weapons. 40c per weapon 1h weapon, 45c per 2h weaponCarpentry 60+ QL Oaken Spindles, Mallets, Grooming Brush - 25c60+ QL Oaken Ropetools - 40cLeatherworking 60 QL Toolbelts 65c60 QL Studded Sets 1.75sHorses (See new post for future horse sales) Services Tile Enchants (Cost includes travel, 18 hour cooldown) 1s Per TileFo Ser​vices Courier Enchants (cost includes travel, you pay for a minimum power, I keep casting until I meet or exceed the minimum) 50+ Power: 1s70+ Power: 2s90+ Power: 3sWild Growth 20c Per CastGenesis (10c for Travel, 30 minute cooldown) 20c Per CastMag Services Mole Senses - 1s Per CastStrong Wall - 1s Per CastTower Construction (50+ QL, 5 tower guards;Minimum 50 tiles between towers) 2s with your materials (20 QL minimum, 500 bricks 500 clay 100 planks)4s with my materialsHedges (10c Travel, waved if 10 or more sections) Choice of Maple, Cedar, Rosewood, Thorn, Oleander, Camellia (medium) and Lavendar (low)5c/hedge section Stock RopesRope - 4cMooring - 5cThick - 15cCordage - 20cCrops (10c Delivery in Release, 20c to Pristine) Wemp 90+ QL 10c/100Cotton 90+ QL 10c/100Food crops 10c/100Sprouts (10c Delivery in Release, 20c to Pristine) Common/New Sprouts 5c/10 Willow 10c/10Oak 20c/10Ships & Vessels (Current stock listed below) Applewood Sail Boat 40QLCedarwood Sail Boat 40QLCherrywod Sail Boat 40QLLemonwood Sail Boat 40QLOlivewood Sail Boat 40QLApplewood Row Boat 40QLOlivewood Row Boat 40QLOak Cog 40QLPrices (All Ships & Vessels come with Anchor, lock & key) Row Boats 1sSailboats 1s 75cCorbitas 8sCogs 10sKnarr 18s -----Post is subject to change. Keep an eye on it. Contact Lokitia/Lokitio/Lokoh in game or PM here.-----
  18. Astenians Fo Enchants, Sprouts and Platesmithing Shop Located at Wurm Academy X20 Y27 Pristine I'm glad to offer a range of services, Such as; Courier Anywhere on Pristine 50-59 1 S 60-69 2 S 70-79 3 S 80 + 4 S 90 + 5 S Note: If you get a Cast over (50-59) Range in First Cast, You get it for the 1 S price. Past Courier Enchant Powers include, But are not limited to... [53], [73], [77], [88], [89] and [95] Sprouts Prices are as follows; Old Lumber Trees (Birch, Cedar, Maple, Pine) 1S Per 100 New Lumber Trees (Chestnut, Fir, Linden, Walnut) 2S Per 100 Fruit Trees(Apple, Cherry, Lemon, Olive) 2S Per 100 Bushes(Camelia,Grape, Lavender, Oleander, Rose, Thorn) 3S Per 100 Oak Tree 7 Copper each Willow Tree 10 Copper each (Due to lack of trees to maintain stock currently) Delivery Fee of 50 Copper to anywhere on Pristine. Negated on orders of over 2 Silver (Or Pickup at Wurm Academy) Current stock (To update later) If I do not have enough sprouts for your needs in stock please PM me with your type, amount and timeframe you need them by and I'll do my best to have the order fufiled to your needs. Currently unavailable until I finish Exams. Platesmithing Set prices are as follows; 50 QL 3 S 60 QL 5 S 70 QL 8 S 75 QL 11 S 80 QL 14 S (Currently unavailable due to lack of enough Charcoal to make a lot of good QL Steel) If you need an already made set imped Prices can be found by rounding to the lowest QL Range (Eg. 57 QL Set is 50QL) and then take price for QL to be imped to (Eg. 80QL 14 S) and then do Imped QL Price - Current QL price = Imp Cost (Eg. 14 - 3 = 11 S) Need only one or two pieces? Feel free to PM me about the cost of each piece. Not got enough Cash? Trade in Charcoal at the value of 1.25 S Per 250 Charcoal to be used in Shop! OR/AND Trade in Grains or Garlic at Value 1S/1K
  19. Tired of buying QL20 and below sprouts? Well now you can get decent QL sprouts. Oak sprouts are 15c, Willow Sprouts are 5c and all others are 1c. Delivery will be 50c on any server. For pickup I am located at Harvestmoon lagoon on realease at x41 y6 My Woodcutting is 69.50 so if you need some logs I sell QL 60-69 logs for 1c per 24kg log. I sell a full large crate of logs for 2.5s and you can keep the crate. I can gather certain sprouts if you need. I have a rare QL 90 sickle and my avg QL from harvesting is 50-60. I have a bunch of my low level sprouts mixed in that I picked before I got my rare sickle so that is why I have some low QL sprouts. Oak - 47 @ QL 53 Willow - 212 @ QL 56 Lemon - 70 @ QL 40 Grape - 123 @ QL 36 Pine - 815 @ QL 48 Birch - 327 @ QL 31.21 Cedar - 180 @ QL 44 Olive - 101 @ QL 41.99 Linden - 94 @ QL 48 Oleander- 36 @ QL 49 Cherry - 72 @ QL 39 Lavender - 0 @ QL 0 Chestnut - 50 @ QL 37.91 Fir - 53 @ QL 38.05 Maple - 0 @ QL 0 Apple - 59 @ QL 32 Walnut - 255 @ QL 60 Rose - 136 @ QL 59 Camella - 225 @ QL 62 Send me a message in game or leave me a PM. Thanks
  20. *** Order filled, thank you Drakeling *** Make offer. I want at least 100 of oak and walnut. How much to deliver to Deliverance NE 37x.10y.
  21. Simple... I see no reason at all we should be able to butcher /loot / bury corpses / repair /imp from horse back and not be able to pick sprouts and fruit from trees as well. So I ask that the ability be given to pick sprouts and fruit from horseback!! What say you?
  22. Selling a bit of random stuff on Deliverence. I can deliver anywhere on Deli, and to ports on Indy, Cele, and Exodus. The meat has to be picked up at Bridport as I cannot haul that much in one go. PM me on the forums with offers or contact Dougan in-game. Quantities are correct provided they don't take a storage bin decay hit between now & time of purchase. BEAST PARTS (all or none, BSB quantities, make offer) PART QTY Q eyes 100 41.96 bladders 124 26.60 glands 121 23.54 hooves 196 28.31 paws 205 27.36 tails 189 29.68 teeth 254 28.91 horns 58 34.82 hearts 2 9.14 ----- 1,249 DYE INGREDIENTS (all or none, BSB quantities, make offer) INGREDIENT QTY Q woad 67 19.50 cochineals 171 23.43 acorns 33 20.00 --- 271 FOOD (all or none of a type, FSB quantities) FOOD QTY Q PRICE oat 1,500 54.68 1s50c potatoes 1,000 48.57 1s cooked meat 4,000 27.64 6s SPROUTS (all or none of a type, BSB quantities, make offer) SPROUT QTY Q grape 50 32.80 cherry 50 32.64 pine 90 32.16 MISC (all or none of a type, BSB quantities) ITEM QTY Q PRICE soft cap 1 * 2s (it is wrapped, will have to check QL) thatch 700 17.70 make offer hides 200 25.15 make offer
  23. We are able to see the options: botanizing; foraging; grass cutting; but with sickle activated the option to cut off the sprout is not there. It is just a Small bug; but, I thought I should report it. Thanks for the wonderful updates, I look forward to seeing all of them. Or will the sprouts only be able to be gotten through foraging/botanizing now rather then cutting them from the tree directly? I still see a statement on the trees that sprouts are ready to be harvested off of them, so that is why I will assume for now that you need to have this brought to your attention. Thanks. I did find a sprout through the other methods. (*Excited too as I then got to plant my first fir tree... very kewl.) PS: I just noticed also that pruning is not available either... same idea.
  24. - Either Pine, Birch or any combination of them is ok. - You must deliver to Deliverance, NE, ~ 37x.11y. - You must deliver between the hours 8 am and 2 pm GMT. - You have 5 days to complete the order once accepted. If this time frame expires the job will be canceled and likely be posted again. - Not a single sprout can have more then 10 damage. edit* added Birch
  25. Why not? We already have keybinds for sowing seeds and planting flowers, I can't imagine that this would take more than 25-30 minutes of work at most to make it a feature. Perhaps it'd make it more appealing for players to replant forests instead of just clearcutting it.