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  1. I have an off deed farm that I've lit with an oil barrel for quite a number of years. After the blessed lamps were introduced my lamps started going out. At first I thought I had let my barrel go empty but when I checked it still had plenty of olive oil in it. Every couple days I have to fill a few more and re-light them. Has something changed with the functionality of off deed lamps fueled by oil barrels? I can't exactly pave tiles in the middle of my farm so the blessing will work. (Well, I guess I could... but then I'd have 15 fewer tiles I can farm...)
  2. Here are three screenshots showing what I used. It's possible I missed something but I've reviewed it a number of times and it looks identical to me. Spreadsheet Web Setup Maker
  3. I seem to be missing something. I originally used the spread sheet and found a meal that works for me. I just plugged all the entries from the spread sheet into the site and I come up with different results. It seems that the + for frying pan is different on the site (1 on sheet vs 65) as is the + for various meats (Humanoid is 10 on sheet vs 25, Beef is 2 on sheet vs 17 etc). Originally I was making Farming food. The same ingredients on the site claim I would make Praying food. I still get Farming in game so that tells me the sheet is correct.
  4. I didn't have to reseal any of my racked barrels. They just started processing after the bug fix and have now all finished.
  5. I don't have my main miner premium currently so I've only been able to try it with my miner that only has 55 skill. It almost seems worse than previous with that character. I got 3 shards out of a run of 20 actions at one point.
  6. Making chocolate covered nuts using hazelnuts does not create a chocolate covered hazelnut, just hazelnuts even though the description says they are chocolate covered.
  7. Sink Hole

    But what is the orientation of that tile? Is the cave wall north, south, east or west?
  8. Sink Hole

    I would guess it would have something to do with the orientation of the tile and where Hoppy was mining from.
  9. Perimeter decay didn't used to effect houses owned by villagers. Allies, yes, but not villagers. If it is now, then that is also broken.
  10. Well, I'm taking 3 damage per tick on off deed buildings. Some are in perimeter but not all. Walls are all 80+ QL. Owner is active and member of the settlement so I'm thinking 3 dam per tick is a bit excessive for an active player.
  11. From what I can find it isn't going to work without some coding on someone's part. The Christmas check is hard coded for last year. However that isn't the only issue. Even when I reset the reimbursed flag to 0, as soon as I log any character in the flag gets reset to 1. I only got Christmas partially working by resetting the server date back to 2014. This at least makes it so the game thinks it is Christmas right now, but the reimburse flag makes it so none of my players can get gifts. I have a pretty limited set of people playing so I can just spawn gifts for them but it would have been nice if someone had at least put a little effort into WU Christmas this year.
  12. Actually, look at the code again. There is 0% chance to get just a single name. The top end of nextInt is non-inclusive so rand.getInt(100) will never be 100.
  13. Yeah. Need to remove the original and re-scan but that fixed it. Thanks.
  14. I'm not seeing either parents. Just says 'bison' in granger so it isn't very helpful.