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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys and gals, just starting playing today, I was creating my first character on the mythmoor server and I took too long to choose my appearance, because the game timed out, when I reconnected to the game, I was stuck with default appearance. Is there a way to delete my character and restart or change appearance or something ? Thank you
  2. Firstly, if it's not already been done. The ability to craft a hand mirror. Secondly. an overhaul of the character! Add: Skins Animations Detailed Model (more polys) Hairstyles Clothes More Backpacks
  3. So I've just looked at my characters since the first update, and they're all deformed. Their top halves have suddenly become a lot smaller than their bottom halves, so it looks like they're being viewed from this extremely weird angle. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I'm fairly sure it's not supposed to be like that because it looks ridiculous. Also one of my characters has a different skin colour on her face to her neck and hands (face is correct, neck and hands are not). I'm not sure if this is the correct place to put this topic, should I move it to bugs?
  4. Just an idea I've had since I've seen some players who are unsatisfied with their characters appearance, and from seeing people complain about not being able to trade Silver Hand Mirrors. I think the solution should be to make a special recipe that produces Golden Hand Mirrors, similar to the silver variant, but with an obviously different material to make it distinguishable from its silver cousin. before we continue on the subject of the hand mirror: in order to make this logically work, we would need to add glass to the game and to make glass we should just be able to put a small amount of sand into a small container that fits in a forge and let it smelt awhile to make said glass, doing this would also make way for a few new additions that could require glass. to sum up a small good way that I thought it could boil down to in just 8 easy-to-remember steps: Get Sand, Get Gold, Smelt Sand into Glass, Heat up Gold, Craft Gold Hand Mirror Frame, Combine Frame and Glass, Get a priest to cast "Bless" on the Mirror, Spend a small amount of Karma to change Appearance. this is just a sample of how it COULD be made, but the dev's get the final say. Not sure how everybody here will view this idea, but I was just giving around a small idea that had been kicking around in my head, I know others probably have mentioned an idea like this in the past, but I, like them, want to see a way to change character appearance. Leave your opinions, feedback is good afterall.
  5. Hey! Was thinking on hedges that we have two different models, which are brighter green and with leaves showing maple hedge, and of course the low lavender hedge showing up some nice flowers. Would make us gardeners so happy! Here are some ideas for new models: • Rose hedge. Should be like rose vines covering the hedge model, here's example: • Camellia hedge. I don't think this one needs much changes, maybe more alive deep blueish green colour and maybe some little white flowers, but that's all. • Oleander hedge. More colour. Maybe also medium sized as camellia is? • Thorn hedge. Maybe some spikes appearing on the look, not sticking out, just slightly making it more alive. Should be darker version. • Cedar hedge. This one should be the simple model. I would only add some slightly appearing branches very much similar looking as cedar branches are now on tree model, make it look the hedge is covered with it. Green would show up very smooth. So here some ideas, what do you think?