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Found 14 results

  1. CLOSE

    LOT 1: Overview of what you get: 13k reed 1.9k acorns 4k wemp 15k mushrooms 5k cotton Total:39k Starting bid: 9 silver Minimum increments: 50c No reserve LOT 2: Overview of what you get: 23k fruit 51k meat 3.4k flour 1.7k eyes 19k rice 4.7 k veg Total: 102k Starting bid: 30 silver Minimum increments: 1s No reserve LOT 3: Overview of what you get: 12k eyes 1.4k cheese 5k hearts 1.9k rice 400 eggs 1.8 fruit 2.7k spices 6k meat Total: 32k Starting bid: 10 silver Minimum increments: 1s No reserve Sniper protection for all: 1 hour SPECIFY WHICH LOT YOU ARE BIDDING ON AND THE AMOUNT YOU ARE OFFERING IN THE COMMENTS.
  2. Selling a bit of everything ! Pickup available at Independence House of Lords M25 (ingame map) or 62x41y (community map). Taking sleep powders as payment for crops and enchants now! Taking orders for any items you may need ! For any questions or orders send a forum message or PM Zoranah or Raldon ingame ☺️ ?Acorns? ?Animal bits? ?Building materials?️ ?Cochineals? ?Collectables? ?Compasses?️ ?Crops? ?Cheese? ?Dyes? ?Eggs? ??‍♂️Enchants??‍♂️ ?Fillets? ?Fish? ?Flowers? ?Fruits? ☘️Grass? ?Herbs&Spices? ?Hides? ?Imping services? ?Juices? ?Leather? ?Maple sap? ?Meals? ?Meat? ?Milk? ?Oils? ⚱️Potions⚱️ ⚱️Potion mixing⚱️ ?Rares/Supremes/Fantastics? ?Recipes? ??Rune attaching services?? ??Sacs?? ?Seedlings? ?Silver coins? ?Shoulderpads? ?Sprouts? ?Tomes? ⚱️Transmutation liquids⚱️ ?Woad? ?Wool?
  3. I saw a lemon tree with fruit hanging on it. It turned out to be shrivelled and not harvest-able. [23:21:07] There is nothing to harvest on the Lemon tree. [23:23:06] You see an old and shriveled Lemon tree. There seems no way to remove the fruit graphic from the tree so it continues to mislead us. Also, typo - shrivelled has 2 L's
  4. 50K trash items in 5 lots A. 10,000 Raspberrywood sprouts 98ql B. 10,000 Raspberrywood sprouts 98ql C. 10,000 Blueberrywood sprouts 98ql D. 10,000 Blueberrywood sprouts 98ql E. 5,000 Raspberrywood sprouts 98ql + 5,000 Blueberrywood sprouts 98ql Note: These are trash heap goal items, they are bush sprouts and will NOT work for the tree planting goal. FREE BSB included with each lot. Buyer(s) must agree to pick up the BSB(s) of sprouts from Southport U18, Deliverance, or the lot(s) will go to the next bidder. Please keep auction comments for bids only - Feel free to pm me with any questions!  Please state which lot(s) you are bidding on when placing your bids. Buyout: 10s each lot No Sniper Protection Start Bid: 1s each lot <-----------------L@@K! Increment: Whatever! No reserve.
  5. Sprouts

    lemonwood x 300 grapewood x 600 camelliawood x 300 hazelnutwood x 300 QL50+ 1c per sprout free coastal (non-pvp) delivery if your order for 3s+, otherwise cod, pickup or a charge of 50c buy 300+ for 85i ea
  6. 5000 Raspberry sprouts 98+ql 5000 Blueberry sprouts 98+ql Offers in a pm please, or to Muse in game - if you want one or both types, or a different quantity or different type of seedlings or sprouts just ask UPDATE: Will split and sell any amount - if 5000 is too many!
  7. selling off my stock of sprouts and fruit. delivery is possible for orders of 10s+! If you pick it up most items have a 50% discount (does not apply if order is 1s or less!) Pickup location: with Ships N15 Xanadu (only Knarrs fit through the tunnel) - per Land L15 Xanadu (Atrocitas) accepting sleep powder 1s and referrals 6s as alternate payment. Fruits 90ql+ 1.5s/100 (50% Discount for pickup =75c/100) 4137 Cherries ql96,95 4850 Apples ql92,11 9024 Lemons ql95,39 2232 Olives ql97 1401 Walnuts ql97,95 1306 Walnuts ql 93,98 857 Pinenuts ql96,96 Fruits 70ql+ 1.2s/100 (50% Discount for pickup =60c/100) 1780 Cherries ql85,85 1671 Blue Grapes ql88,44 1451 Olives ql86,77 Fruits 30ql+ 1s/100 (50% Discount for pickup =50c/100) 2124 Lemons ql33,93 1827 Olives ql42 New Fruits 2s/100 214 Oranges ql96,95 481 Hazelnuts ql97,94 Sprouts 1s/100 (50% Discount for pickup =50c/100) 2569 Apple ql76 1542 Olive ql76 0 Maple ql77 1487 Cherry ql81 968 Walnut ql77 700 Cedar ql79 106 Lavender ql75 629 Thorn ql76 483 Camelia ql78 465 Birch ql72 314 Rose ql77 New & rare Sprouts 2s/100 353 Orange ql81 75 Oak ql74 Maple Sap ql96+ 2s/Small Barrel - 40 barrels in stock
  8. page needs updating with new harvestables Pinenuts (pine tree) Default week is Starfall Diamonds week 1. Hazelnuts (hazel bush) Default week is Starfall Dancers Week 4. Hops. (Hope trellis) Default week is Starfall Fires Week 3. Acorns (Oak tree) Default week is Starfall Snake Week 2. Orange (Orange tree) Default week is Omens Week 3.
  9. With the recent addition of tile alchemy, I found myself grinding Forestry for more efficient fruit harvesting. Peeking at the decompiled source, I was disheartened to see that picking fruit from trees has a difficulty that scales with your skill--likely a remnant from before pruning existed, which also scales with skill and is generally far better for grinding Forestry. While scaling difficulty isn't inherently a bad thing, it limits how good you can get at an action. In the case of Forestry, higher skill actually makes you worse. A few quick trials in a simulator showed an ugly trend: even with a QL95 sickle, your average fruit QL actually goes down as your Forestry skill passes 80. I had hoped that I was just missing something with the skillchecks and this wouldn't happen in the live game, but the simulator was right on the money, and indeed my average fruit QL has gone down after grinding from 70 to 90 Forestry. The increased skill does speed up harvest time, but that is cold comfort when I'm actually worse at producing fruit. The problem is all in the difficulty for harvesting fruit, which is (Forestry skill / 2). This means that, beyond 80.0 skill, picking fruit actually has a higher difficulty than mining gold, and the difficulty keeps climbing while your sickle QL can only go so high before it becomes impractical to maintain. My solution would be to set fruit harvesting to a fairly low difficulty, somewhere around 20; it should be harder than picking sprouts, but not by a great deal. Since the simulation was correct about my experience with Forestry, I'll also use its results to show the difference in live versus proposed QLs: Live fruit QLs, with Forestry/2 difficulty: 70 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL58.7 average 80 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL59.4 average 90 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL57.9 average 95 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL56.27 average Proposed fruit QLs, with 20 difficulty: 70 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL70 average 80 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL73 average 90 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL74.5 average 95 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL74.7 average The fun thing about 20 difficulty is that, even at 99.999992 skill, harvesting fruit with a QL1 sickle would still have a ~50.4% gain rate. Players could still grind Forestry by going out and harvesting fruit, while there would still be the expected incentives, and rewards, for very high skill.
  10. WTS Supreme Fruit Press Wood: Chestnut QL= 28 can be imped if needed Price = 20s Mail able = Yes Server = Xan
  11. Minimum incr.: 50c PM Bids: NO PM Buyout: YES Sniper Protection: 1 hour 1. RARE fruit press, birchwood 81ql Starting Bid: 2s Buyout: 5s Current Bid: 2s Booskii 2. RARE needle 13ql Starting Bid: 1s Buyout: 3s Current Bid: 1.5s Conditusviper Items will be send CoD on buyer cost. Good luck! edit: Added sniper protection.
  12. Object Name : Blackberry Bramble Type : Bush Thorns : True Season : Autumn months Fruit : Blackberry Item Name : Blackberry Information : Strawberry clone Item Name : Blackberry Trellis Information : A different kind of trellis using blackberry sprouts Optional Extra : Thorns effect (only one triggers per tile) Simples
  13. #1 Rare Grindstone 19ql Starting Bid - 1s Minimum Bid Increments - 50c Buyout - 5s Free CoD. #2 Rare Hanging Lamp, Silver 50ql Starting Bid - 2s Minimum Bid Increments - 50c Buyout - 6s Free CoD. #3 Rare Fruit Press, Lemonwood 14ql Starting Bid - 3s Minimum Bid Increments - 1s Buyout - 10s Free CoD. #4 Rare Spindle, Cedarwood 74ql - CoC65, WoA72 Starting Bid - 3s Minimum Bid Increments - 1s Buyout - 10s Free CoD. Sniper protection: 1h Free CoD or Pickup at S19 Xanadu - Sarmatian Island Good luck! BIDS: #1 2s Gorgian #2 2s Dergen #3 3s Ordinii #4 5s Aniceset Delivered
  14. Made by Ulviirala [Fine Carpenter], one of its kind to this day with a special engraving on its side "U+N=♥". Price 3s. Pickup on Independence at Ussta Delmah (far north-east), 60x5y (24c ingame map), optionally can deliver to Targoviste 56x9y (coast near Ussta Delmah/Island) during daytime CEST/UTC+2/EST+6/PST+9/MSK-2/AEST-10, or Cash On Delivery, buyer pays COD fee from Independence.