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Found 14 results

  1. Screenshot updated after every harvest or transaction. I sell by the large crate-load. One large crate can hold 300 items. Price is 30c per 300 items. I cover the delivery cost and the crates. Wagoner delivery on Xanadu only. However for big orders valued at 4s or more I can find the time to sail to other freedom servers. In this case, free delivery and free crates as usual. Send me a forum PM or reply to this post if you're interested. My in-game name is Blakd but I am not online so much any more, except to farm.
  2. Hello Wurmians and today harvestmoon is recruiting. We have good stuff that inclides: 1. Farms you are free to take from [u get farmer rank if you choose the job farmer and u have to farm.] 2. Animals 3. Jobs 4. Water 5. Closest town on island is Valiheim 6. Boathouse with boats to build on. 7. Friendly staff [Farmboybello and Ultradude] 8. Free cart shuttle service 9. Farms ship supply store. Your number one Place to buy boat materials for the boats! 10. Free houses. you can choose from one of your vacant houses or build your own! If for some reason the town isn't big enough for your house, we will gladly expand our town for you. 11. Farm is strict BEWARE! 12. We have a mancave that has free materials for you to take [Farm will soon be looting it for any boat materials] 13. Fun 24/7 Thanks for reading this me and ultra hope to see you soon in harvestmoon lagoon . Harvestmoon Lagoon is a copywritten by Band Organ Town CO. Band Organ CO. the company with many companys. Band Organ co is a trademark company of Band Organ INC. all rights reserved use with permission.
  3. Right now, There is no (fast) way of knowing which report your almanac is missing. Why not just list all the possible harvest reports in the Almanac Summary? example: Report QL State Harvest start harvest end Apple 39 Harvestable A week ago 4 days <-- A report you already have Grapes - - - - <-- A report you are still missing Also, add "Missing" as a category to Almanac Summary for sorting/filtering when implementing this. The above implementations will make it more logical and also easier to add missing reports to Almanacs, Especially if you're making a ton of them to sell.
  4. Sprouts

    lemonwood x 300 grapewood x 600 camelliawood x 300 hazelnutwood x 300 QL50+ 1c per sprout free coastal (non-pvp) delivery if your order for 3s+, otherwise cod, pickup or a charge of 50c buy 300+ for 85i ea
  5. This is irritating and would prefer this fix for the upcoming later version of Wurm and Wurm Unlimited. When using your Farming skill feature - Harvest and Re-Plant -> 3x3 or 5x5, farming goods are created into Piles of xxx. My issue is that when putting into food storage bin that should have shows the farming good and not "pile of xxx". This may seems like I am trying to take away Pile of xxx feature which can probably stack to 100 which not at what I am getting at. As I haven't got that far yet. But, I am really asking the developer to fix it where Piles of xxx get converted to individual in food storage bin. It doesn't make sense to view and withdraw pile of "1" farming good when it is actually 1 farming good in general. To me, this was unintended and over-sighted and hope that this can be fix for further triggering details minded Wurm players. Edited: I was confused with the installed mod so might have to retract this post. Fix: Depositing 1 farming good will convert "Pile of xxx" into individual farming good
  6. The moons of Wurm are a beautiful sight suring the night, many is the time I've looked up to see what the position of the moons are just for the hell of it. Still, it would be nice for some kind of moon linked feature so... Moondrops. They come in 7 colours. Red : Can be applied to a weapon\tool to cause an infected wound on strikes for the next 10 mins (0.05 used), if drunk poisons the user (inflicting a random light but infected wound) (Jackal) Green : Can be drunk to grant +0.01 in a random stat (Body, Mind, Soul) (per 0.01 drunk), can be applied to a tool for +5% skillgain on the next hour (0.05 used) (Valrei) Pale : Can be applied to a serious wound (0.02 used) or a bad wound (0.01 used) to turn it into a medium wound. If drunk reduces a random wound 1 level per 0.01 drunk. (Seris) Yellow : Can be applied to a weapon for +5% skillgain on the next hour (0.05 used), if drunk gives 0.01 in a random weapon skill (per 0.01 drunk) at the cost of sustaining a light wound. (Jackal + Valrei) Pink : Can be drunk to restore 10 karma, can be applied to a wound and will either remove it or make it worse by one stage (50% chance), a serious wound will become infected if it fails (0.01 used). (Jackal + Seris) Emerald : Can be drunk to increase healing by 0.01 (per 0.01 drunk) or applied to a wound to reduce it one level (0.01 used per action) (Seris + Valrei) Scintilating : When drunk gives +0.02 in a random skill (per 0.01 drunk), when applied to a weapon/tool grants +5% skillgain on the next 2 hours (0.05 used), when applied to a wound removes it (bad or less costs 0.01, serious 0.02). (All three) Moondrops are randomly dropped during wurm nights for events involving outdoor activities and plants. That is harvesting crops, cutting saplings, foraging, botanising, picking flowers/reeds, cutting grass (and any other people can think of). The chance is low (see below) of getting a moondrop. The moondrop given depends on the stage the moons are in. All 3 moons are not full and all are below half. Moondrops generated are Red, Green, Pale. If a moon is new its moondrop is not generated. (1/10000 find rate) One moon is above half but not full, the others are not : Generates the moondrop of that moon only ( 1/5000 find rate) 2 moons are above half but not full, the other is not : Generates Yellow, Pink or Emerald (So if valrei and jackal are half and seris crescent we would get yellow moonderops) (1/5000 find rate) All 3 moon are half or above but none are full: Generates Yellow, Pink and Emerald moondrops (1/5000 find rate) One moon is full : Generates the moondrop of that moon only (1/1000 find rate) Two moons are full : Generates Yellow, Pink or Emerald (So if valrei and jackal are half and seris crescent we would get yellow moonderops) (1/1000 find rate) 3 Moons are full : Generates Scintilating moondrops (1/1000 find rate) When a moondrop is found a container must be empty for it to be collected. Only 0.01 is collected at a time (so it takes a while to get!). Quality is always 100. This item does not decay, but requires a container (which does!), These liquids give minor bonuses, are findable by all players regardless of skill level and are a reasonable item to trade. Edit : Corrected the spelling of ``Jackal''
  7. Hi, So I'm wondering if a mod already exists for this. I play both Online and Unlimited servers but recently decided to try out a solo game with my own server. The server is my òwn computer and will only be running when I'm playing the game. So the main setback i need to overcome is time - the game will be running 2 / 3 hours a day rather than 24/7; i have crops set to tick earlier, i have an animal gestation mod to make them breed quicker - but it will take forever for fruit trees / grapes etc to come into season. Is there a mod that makes them permanently harvestable? Or a GM command to set them so? I know there's a database entry where you can set the game time, so as a last resort i could use that, i suppose (so long as i figure out the numbers) - just curious if anyone's already come across this and solved it? Thanks!
  8. I see that olives are harvestable. My time in Wurm is [13:35:41] It is 18:16:04 on Luck day in week 1 of the Bear's starfall in the year of 1064. Unless I'm reading it wrong, according to the chart on Wurmpedia, olives aren't supposed to be harvestable in the first week of the Bear. Is that chart still accurate?
  9. page needs updating with new harvestables Pinenuts (pine tree) Default week is Starfall Diamonds week 1. Hazelnuts (hazel bush) Default week is Starfall Dancers Week 4. Hops. (Hope trellis) Default week is Starfall Fires Week 3. Acorns (Oak tree) Default week is Starfall Snake Week 2. Orange (Orange tree) Default week is Omens Week 3.
  10. Tools like Wurm Assistant and wurmpedia are useful, hence my opinion versions of them should be integrated ingame. For example a craftable almanac or calendar for looking up what is harvestable on what seasons, the order of seasons, and how long in game time (and RL time) till said season.
  11. I was replanting a field while farming. I queued up 2 actions for sowing, and my remaining two actions for harvesting some fields. When the sowing actions finished, my character stopped, even though I had queued up the harvesting actions. I tried the inverse, which is sowing after harvesting, which worked fine. So, the bug is that you cannot queue up harvest actions after sowing.
  12. Hi, I am working on an extensive overhaul of "WurmClock" ( and want to include chestnuts and walnuts in the list of harvest seasons. Does anybody have that information? Also: has anybody found any errors in the list WurmClock uses so far? Cheers Yaga
  13. Note: This has nothing to do with sickles, or the issue with having to bind the "harvest" action I have noticed for a few grape seasons in a row a problem: a missing "second" season. To make it simple here is the difference: How grape season(s) used to be: -Season listed as 1-4 Raven -however it was effectively two seasons. Those being: 1-2 Raven, and 3-4 Raven What I've noticed is now different: - No "second season" harvest available weeks 3-4 Raven. (for a few seasons in a row now) Also please note well that this past season due to the server reset in week 3 Raven it was possible to get a second harvest. This second harvest was not the result of the "second" grape season. I purposely paid very close attention this season round because of the missing season in the past. There were no new grapes week 3 of Raven prior to the server reset. This was an issue before 1.1 was released. I am pretty sure it changed somewhere 1.0 to 1.1. (I wasn't really up on my grape collecting for awhile before 1.0 so I can't say for certain it couldn't have become a problem then.) Can we *please* get the "second" grape season fixed? I can't see how the old way of having two grape harvests could have been the glitch- given the long history of it's existence. Also, seasons for other harvests are 1-2 weeks long ( So it always made sense that grape season was actually two 2-week seasons one after another, even though it has always officially been listed "1-4 Raven" This likely also impacts apple season- as it is identical to grape season. I did not get the chance to check the apples though.
  14. When replanting/harvesting my field i noticed that i couldnt get a harvest action to queue after a sow action. To reproduce have a dirt tile + a ripe farm tile (in my case wemp) next to it. and some wemp seeds in inventory. Rightclick the dirt tile and sow the wempseed, while the action timer is going rightclick the wemp tile and click harvest. [07:45:29] After sowing you will start harvesting. [07:45:31] You sow the wemp. It will ignore the harvest command you gave it. EDIT: Tried to queue in a few different orders: Sow - Harvest - Sow (Skips the harvest and just sows twice) Sow - Harvest - Harvest (Skips both harvests)