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  1. Year of 1100

    i hosted the millenium impalong on inde in the year 1000
  2. Hello all wurmians of the world we call wurm online. I've been around close to a bit of 15 years, i've been merchanting for almost just as close to that. after a few months on NFI and neclecting my SFI account i came to realization , well, i can do something back to the community. and by that decree i proclaim , Elwoode (NFI ) and Elwood (SFI) will imp any blacksmithing tools to 60 and 70ql respectivly for free, just cover mailing fees! if you wish to remain private, feel free to forum pm me. before sending out the item, please rename the item to your ingame name! happy wurming! ---Elwood/Elwoode
  3. as a slight reminder to the academy's predecestor!
  4. Blofield is a orginal Small bears/Free bears citizen, i can hold it when i see them again, bratty.
  5. Fantastic news! We've just marked our 10th newb going premium! just a little information what happened , joined quit or is still active. 26 newb's joined in just 39 days since we started late december last year. out of which 8 people we had to say good bye too or quit the game 10 went premium and 10 are still noobing it out as they are not as active as the others, but with time we wil lsee those grow up to full fletched wurmians! with these numbers i can safely say, we've exceeded my expectations in such short ammount of time, knowing that i can also safely say, we exceeded the success of this academy's predecestor on Independence, ran by me and Dannyiron from 2009 to 2013. I would like to thank the Community of wurm online and my merry bunch of elders on which i can count in times of need also the welcoming support of the current staff team, wether it be CA,CM or even GM! I couldnt have done it with out you guys! so with a big warm heart i say this to you all : Thank you!
  6. hi friend :)