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  1. I'm on permant absense, I will not return to wurm ,for those wishing to reach out to me can add me on discord.

  2. hilfe is no alt of mine whatsover
  3. Emeraude/Opal is now the mayor of the academy, this will be my final announcement to you guys, i've considered some of you as close friends therough the years, but here is where it ends, i'll be taking my leave on wurm
  4. Rest easy mikey
  5. well said there, i stand behind you with this, plus many other reasons.
  6. i am actualy not sure i should continue to play, after 15+ years , my enjoyment of the game reach a dead end... there is a long list of reasons i stopped logging in a month ago. whatever the reasons, good going wurm.
  7. Year of 1100

    i hosted the millenium impalong on inde in the year 1000
  8. Hello all wurmians of the world we call wurm online. I've been around close to a bit of 15 years, i've been merchanting for almost just as close to that. after a few months on NFI and neclecting my SFI account i came to realization , well, i can do something back to the community. and by that decree i proclaim , Elwoode (NFI ) and Elwood (SFI) will imp any blacksmithing tools to 60 and 70ql respectivly for free, just cover mailing fees! if you wish to remain private, feel free to forum pm me. before sending out the item, please rename the item to your ingame name! happy wurming! ---Elwood/Elwoode