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  1. Auctioning off 1k wemp at 57,02ql pick up at S-18 Woodscrap factory on melody upon winning auction. Starting bid :1s Increments :1s Buyout : none Reserve : non Auction runs for 2 days
  2. good day people of NFI i auction before you this fine collection of cotton! Starting bid : 1s minimal increments : 1s reserve : none buyout : none no private bids accepted It will run for 3 days, pick up is at S-18, Woodscrap Factory on Melody
  3. Melody character name: Elwoode and my priest alt Priestscrap Deed: Woodscrap Factory Location: S-18 Prior wurm experience: i've been going on in wurm since mid 2006 basicly non-stop since then, lived on JKH, predecestor to independence. furfilled a PA role (first generation CA) from 2009 to 2011. pretty much done everything that wurm has to offer to present But i know my name might ring a bell
  4. Great services, cheap and a good guy overall. I'd fully endorse his venture into the tool market!
  5. you and me both, we've been there ourselves
  6. how is that possible, i aint even on the server!
  7. hahahahah ahahahahaha......bhahahahaha we know what happened in the past when rolf tried that trick on us!