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  1. Hope you're doing well Elwood :) Happy 2022

  2. i've been running windows 11 since it became un-officialy available. since then upgraded to the rquired hardware, of ateast a 2nd gen ryzen cpu and according motherboard, officialy win11 is not supported on a ryzen 1700x, but i managed to run it on there. sofar no issues with games or anything.
  3. Switch gaming

    Advance wars 1+2 is comming back to the switch console in december 2021, orginaly it was released for the GBA, already pre-ordered mine.
  4. JKH, may 2009, right on the day independence was launched and everyone stood either at newtown waiting for rolf to enable the portals(brand new thing!) or waited at the borders of the map to go by boat! Small bears, JKH
  5. Rest easy Waar, your battle has been fought, may you find eternal inner peace and friends in the sky you been missing. With Waar, a piece of wurm history dies off. Yet another wurmian that has fallen from us, it never gets easy....knowing how many close friends in wurm online,wether it be staff or just players have died over the years.... Untill we meet again! --Elwood
  6. I'm on permant absense, I will not return to wurm ,for those wishing to reach out to me can add me on discord.

  7. hilfe is no alt of mine whatsover
  8. Emeraude/Opal is now the mayor of the academy, this will be my final announcement to you guys, i've considered some of you as close friends therough the years, but here is where it ends, i'll be taking my leave on wurm
  9. well said there, i stand behind you with this, plus many other reasons.
  10. i am actualy not sure i should continue to play, after 15+ years , my enjoyment of the game reach a dead end... there is a long list of reasons i stopped logging in a month ago. whatever the reasons, good going wurm.
  11. Year of 1100

    i hosted the millenium impalong on inde in the year 1000