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  1. Hi Jotz, I'm developing a small deed in viewing distance of Greymead called "Ultimarus Market Square". I'm building a free public Inn and workshop there as well. If you need a place to get yourself on your feet again, you're welcome to stop by. I'm also a part of the largest alliance in Xanadu and there's always people on. Let me know how I can help! -Soniczap-
  2. Ultimarus Market Square Location: 4587, -3063 I am the mayor, thank you! -Soniczap
  3. Hi there GoldFever, I appreciate your offer! I've already found a solution though; thank you anyway Soniczap
  4. Pick Up Location: Xanadu G23 (Summerholt lake, there is a canal to the sea nearby) Pick Up Contact: Rotgut Destination Location: Indy D14 (Hilfe's Shipworks, unload on docks) Destination Contact: Soniczap Cargo: 16 Crates (Approx) Please message me in forum with pricing requirements if you are interested. Thank you, Soniczap
  5. The following constriction materials are needed. Please message me via forum with pricing requirements if you are able to fulfill part or all of this order. I will arrange transportation, thank you. Stone Bricks: 1k Wooden Beams: 750 Clay: 3k Mixed Grass: 1.5k Sincerely, Soniczap
  6. Contract fulfilled, thank you!
  7. Need delivered to Hilfe's Shipworks. Partials orders OK, please send message with offer. My in-game name is also Soniczap.
  8. I found the problem and the fix! I discovered that my computer was behind a company firewall that prevented access to the login server. Using a free VPN tunnel app, I was able to bypass this pretty easily. Thanks for your help folks! ~Soniczap
  9. I'm afraid I had no luck with this either.
  10. I've tried the latest version of Java, both 32 bit and 64 bit as well as Java 6 and 7 with no luck.
  11. Just to clarify: I'm running on Windows 7 Pro
  12. Hi Folks, I'm trying to log into Wurm and can not even get to the launcher. Upon downloading and running the Wurmclient.jnlp, it simply crashes saying "Unable to launch application". I've gone through the forums and tried many things including: - Using different versions of Java (6, 7, 8, 32bit, 64bit) - Opening regular Wurm Client and Unstable version - Disabling all firewalls and antivirus - Updating Intel HD 4600 drivers Regardless of what I try, I can not get into the launcher. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated, thank folks! ~Soniczap PS Here are the Java error logs: