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Found 2 results

  1. Hear ye, hear ye! As of earlier today, I've refounded the Academy of Enlightenment. A small hint to its predecestor on independence ran by me and Dannyiron from 2009 to 2013 During its 4 years of being around the Academy was home to a several dozen players, many were tought the basics of Wurm in its crude basic form, while some quit, others stuck around becoming long term players of wurm. I have noticed during the past 4 months on Northern Freedom Isles that no such thing as a newb academy exists, or at least that I am fully aware off (correct me if i am wrong). Our goal: Help new players find their way into Wurm and earn their footing, hopefully making them long term players as Wurm notoriously has a steep learning curve and low new player retention percentage. Who am I? Most know me as Elwood from the Southern Freedom Isles, born on Jenn-Kellon home before migrating to independence to join Dannyiron as a elder before eventually moving across the servers throughout the years. I have been a CA myself so I know how important certain aspects are to new players and how to keep their interest in the game. Elder Team: Elwoode Ilyich Quelliz Allies: Genehunt Location: M-16, just off the highway east of Overture How to contact us? Either pm Elwoode ingame, or Elwood2 on the forums, if you cant wait you can head over to our discord server and file in a request and we'll try to get back to you as soon as we are able too. Sponsors: Shout out to Dunsel for providing us with horses! our grattitude cannot be expressed with words! Progression of the deed
  2. Concrete was implemented into the game a while ago. It was supposed to help aid those that wanted to fix mine floors, that had either been: *Damaged by the horrible implementation of when devs allowed critters to mine. *Damaged by newbies/griefers The addition of the concrete feature also gave players new flexibility in design, both in the under world and the surface world. The problem is, concrete is too hard to make. It's very time consuming, as you need to gather a slew of materials to attempt to make it. Also, MANY skills are required to gather this stuff: ash comes from firemaking, lye from alchemy, clay and sand from digging, and mortar from masonry. Once you manage to gather said materials, the materials need to be very high quality to get a decent chance to make. Even with my nat sub in the mid 30's, my creation % is quite low (62, I believe) using 35-40ql lye and 70-80ql mortar. At 62% chance, I fail a lot at creating concrete. If a player with my skill set has such a hard time creating this stuff, how hard is it for a newer player to do so? If concrete was made easier to create, we would see: *Public mine floors repaired. No more 100+ sloped spikes in starter area mines. *More creativity in building and design *Surface mining could be tweaked and played with a bit, because concrete (the fix) is easily available. Thoughts?