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  1. Yep, that's the Celebration way expanded! It's annoying.
  2. At least they were in the arena this year! Could have been the imping floor again. lol.
  3. Welcome back. While I do have issues with the Damine toon's previous owner, I will be civil and open to you. I will be very honest here. Seeing that name gives me panic attacks for what he put me through, so it may take a while. Just as you ask for patience and understanding, I do as well. Happy Wurming!
  4. Shrimpiie - I may not be able to attend this year's impalong. Life's taken a crap on Kris and I at the moment. There's some major things going on that I can't talk about here. Please know I'm really, really sorry because I wanted to be there. I doubt I'll be able to wurm much at all for the next few weeks.
  5. YAS!!! Finally with the saddle bags! I've been wishing and annoying forever for those! So excited!!! clothes soon? Sleeping bags? I have so many more ideas!!
  6. Yas! More blacksmithers. I'm going to love this impalong! Well, depends if Pingopongo is behaved. If not, I guess I can bribe the gnomes.
  7. I vote for restrictions on Ping!
  8. Not sure if this is the right place, but I wanted to let someone know. First, I see several missions on Celebration currently that do not have a God listed on them. There's even one that states "Description: wants 2 of you to bring and give birdcages to venerable Avatar of . Venerable Avatar of was last seen near Jericho in the northwest regions." Also is a mission to sacrifice tortoises inside Libila's domain. That's a bit hard on Celebration. We have no such domains unless something was changed in the previous update allowing Libila on Freedom lands.
  9. Valdor and Gumbo with the saves! If this happens, I can blacksmith without worry of slave-driving.
  10. Oh, yes! A new way to torment Kristof and have fun in the process. I'm game!
  11. and cookies! I finally cooked em!
  12. Welcome to Wurm and Cele!! It's true. We do have a lower population here on the server, but for the most part, we're pretty helpful. I'm not sure who are taking in recruits, but I don't mind answering any questions to might have. Just put em here, message me or if ingame, pm me. I'll do my best to tell ya straight. Hope to see you around ingame!
  13. It really wasn't your fault that they introduced both the new permission system and new cooking update last year before the Impalong. That being said, I was there from beginning to nearly the end and had a fabulous time. Even with all the commotion and "downs", it was super fun. Don't be so hard on yourself, Shrimps. Kyoko! I'd say the more, the merrier at the BS forges. We got slammed last year and it didn't stop until the end. I worked 3 forges for the first 3 days. Come on down!
  14. Yes! Hello, fellow tailor and carper! Oh and pottererer! Hey, I'll be lonely at the BS forges Necroe's only partially entertaining.
  15. You might not have chosen the Staff life, but the Staff life chose you. LOL