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  1. Not many people know, but Kristof and I had a lot of real life emergencies happen within a very short time, including finding a new place to live and several health issues. To say I've been stressed is an understatement. We weren't able to play for the past few months, but several people in the community reached out to check on us. Heck, some even went above and beyond what I could ever expect. Because of them I was able to stave off a lot of bad things. I know the community gets a bad rap much of the time. I do think there's some things we can improve on in the long run, but this time, I couldn't be more proud to be a Wurmian. Thanks for all you do, people of Wurm! Pandy
  2. This is one of my top fave april fools. Definitely much better than the construction sounds. lol
  3. Murmaider

    Loving the shells
  4. Madnath taught me the way
  5. All the titles possible on pve xD
  6. I have to concur with Batolemaeus and Valdor. This project would've been a good idea in the early days of Cele, but I know of 2 places the grids go through that don't want highway through their deeds at all.
  7. Last Stand of Left epic structure location [19:00:06] <Steelmerc> fyi fo mission structure is at j25 in a cave
  8. noooooo go away rift
  9. Sad News

    My deepest condolences to those missing her now. I wish I had met her. She sounds amazing. It's a great testimony to see those in wurm dedicate things to her honor. My thoughts and healing go to all her family, friends and all who loved her.
  10. Yes! MAP DUUUMPS!! Congrats to all the full time Devs. Here's looking forward to amazing things!
  11. Hated climbing that mountain for personal goals. Doesn't help I'm afraid of heights. lol
  12. Valdor, why you gotta hurt me like this? You know someone is going to want to remodel AGAIN. Kidding aside, this would be a great idea. +1
  13. been waiting for these myself, tbh