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  1. Made an ingame order for Leatherworking booze. Not only did Blacklotus deliver the goods in a sealed barrel, it was sent in a shorter timeframe than I was quoted! It's been great to take 2 sips and have a whole day of affinity! 10/10 will use again and again. Speaking of, Lotus, please send me some for Blacksmithing and Weaponsmithing! Thanks!
  2. I mean, you could see it if you equip it to bonk someone. >.> *hides list*
  3. This would also help to reboot Alchemy and Natural Substances in a way. The herbs and mixtures could create better healing covers. Definitely +1
  4. August Boar would be the speedy capital of Cele.
  5. I've been in the game too long when I see the donkey and think "We already have so many jackasses." lmao I'm interested to see what the new changes are for AH. Kris might have to redo our stables - AGAIN.
  6. i'll take a steel smile and bronze hello
  7. Can always go to my area and search. There's about 6-8 deeds between my deed and the grapeyard.
  8. - Items that won't fit in chests.. . I could go on for days about it, it's woefully inadequate, making game life frustrating. There are coffers ingame that can hold larger items that chests can't. It's where I stuff all my rakes, scythes, etc when I'm working on them. I do agree that the saddle and shield racks need to allow more items in them. It makes little sense to have a handful in there when you tend to use more than that.
  9. I think this is confirmation all those scraps went to your head. lol
  10. Eagle was born last week. 5spd 6 trait Gold.
  11. Mystery to Pain - Epic Structure approx E20ish on ingame map. approx 1471, 393 on the comm map.
  12. Congratulations, Madnath I knew you could do it.