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  1. ohhh so you brought some with you, huh? where's the decon chamber!!?!
  2. Um, Keenan? It broke. lol It wasn't me! Zethreal did it!
  3. I don't think lag liked being ignored, Dan! lol
  4. True, but we do have some newbies. I'm still laughing at taunting xD
  5. Thanks so very much for this! Even if it is on April 1st. Please don't turn us into gnomes.
  6. Cele Lag

    Waar been trying to quarantine us for ages. We just keep finding ways out. lol
  7. Cele Lag

    Heard it's been spreading beyond Cele at times as well. It's probably just time to say goodbye to the tired hamsters. Also stop trying to beat me
  8. Have to agree with my fellow Celebrants. This is getting worse. I have had 2 separate instances where I lagged for nearly 2 mins. I exited the game for a full 10 mins, logged back in, and within a short time, I lagged out again. It also pretty bad when people leave Cele to go to Xan and comment that the lag on Xan is less than Cele. Please do us a favor and fix this. Don't shove it off to the side as it might not seem high priority atm. I know a lot of us would greatly appreciate it.
  9. Well, at least I can now say that I'll never lose my wagon
  10. Duly noted, Wucian. *makes notes on her list*
  11. Valdor, dear, some things are beyond the scope of others.
  12. I wondered why i was forsaken in friends. TY
  13. [01:28:59] <Darwin> im sorry danny, i dont hav ea penis command yet. [01:30:55] <Darwin> That monies for Marlene's schoolin!!! [01:30:57] <Pandylynn> ea released what game now
  14. [20:08:52] <Madnath> I should imp my Woody [20:09:32] <Magicmike> and put some coc on it