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  1. Spear fishing is meant to be comedy isn't it?

    Net fishing isn't bad. Well, clams that have chocolate in them scare me. Otherwise, it's the easiest out of all the fishing options.
  2. *hic* Cake's a lie *burp*

    Congrats, Finnn!! Well done.
  3. If you could pick your villager, who would it be?

    I was gonna say trap ping!!
  4. Wurm April Fools 2019

    How dare you? Seal's nightmare!? Poor babies.
  5. Wishing well (Question to the Development staff)

    Lol, that's how I annoyed Rolf to put cookies ingame. Just about every time I found a coin foraging, I'd rename it "Cookies plz" or "We need cookies!" xD
  6. Celebration Map

    Prancing Pony Farms has relocated from X24, Y49 to X36 Y10
  7. Wurm Contrails?

    What if this isn't wurm but a version of Civilization and those are the ones who get space travel before the rest of us?
  8. WTB archaeology branches [all bought]

    Which ones are left?
  9. WTB archaeology branches [all bought]

    Doing some arch now. Will see what I get!
  10. Celebration Map

    Bless you for this!
  11. Beverage overhaul

    +1 We have the items already in game to make more variety of drinks. It would be interesting to see if we could get recipes named after us like with the food.
  12. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    So much added. O.O In addition to the new priest dynamics, I'm curious as to the lore of the game. is it going to reflect the hierarchy between the main and demi-gods? Also, thank you so much for the chicken coops.
  13. Servers down?

    New game update being put in.
  14. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Oye! Don't forget Pandylynn, Galigan and ChampagneDragon for them strings/square donations, mister!