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  1. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong (Friend-A-Long)!

    I don't know that I can make it for certain right now, but do you need anything else? more strings, cotton, etc? I will look around for stuff to donate!
  2. The Crusaders Merchant

    Left message for Rudie \o/
  3. Valrei International. 058

    Thankfully no remodel work needs to be aborted at this. We'll see in 2 weeks. *keeps her eyes on Retro and pottery logs* Going to be interesting with those colors.
  4. Remaining PvE Population Centers

    Doubt closing servers will happen as Rolf has always maintained that as long as one person plays on it, a server will remain. Having lived 5 years on Cele and put in hours of work, I'd be upset if I had to move to another server without any consideration to what I've done to my deed, let alone the amount of items that I've gathered. As it is, lower population allows you to get to know those on the server more, imo.
  5. Remaining PvE Population Centers

    Southern part of Cele seems to be popular. I'm forever in the NE. lol
  6. Sound Dropping in Mines

    I always play with the sounds on, ambient, action and footsteps included. They work fine until the moment I enter a mine. Then there is complete silence in the game from all areas. Restarting the client brings the sounds back, and I have no problems until I once again enter the mine. Not sure why this happens, but wanted to make sure someone knows. Thanks for your time, Pandylynn
  7. Three years in the making....

    Wow!! Congratulations!! That's impressive. *dance party*
  8. what mining for 12 hours looks like

    ya'll not doing a very good job of convincing me that i need to get those mining titles. lol
  9. Does anyone want to help update the Celebration map?

    It happens, Prophetears. Real life tore us down bad. All we can do is band together like community does. ((hugs))
  10. Does anyone want to help update the Celebration map?

    Kristof was doing it for a long while until his health declined. Before giving it up, he rode around then entire island for what was accurate at least twice over. He handed it over to Edgard. I know it's maddening, but hopefully Edgard will update it soon enough.
  11. Cookie

    Looks like I need to light my oven soon.
  12. Patch Notes 08/MAR/18

    Retro, the chisel I'm trying to improve is an iron chisel made well before the update. I was working on it last night just fine. Just no option to polish, hammer, temper - anything.
  13. Patch Notes 08/MAR/18

    On my deed, I have the following issues after this update; My painted mailboxes are not showing their respective dyed colors. Examining them shows the RGB numbers in the Event tab. Also, I am unable to polish a stone chisel. There is no option given in the right-click menu at this time.
  14. WTS - Banners, Flags, Bloods, Picnic Baskets

    Sent a message. Kris and I have both been sick.
  15. Wagoneers on Cele

    I was thinking of Wuuthard's island to the mainland when I said I didn't know if the whole south was done yet. I knew you and others did massive work down there, Angel. It looks awesome.