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  1. Still not able to receive mail from Exo to Cele at this point of writing. Thanks for the head's up, Keenan. Will take note.
  2. Well done, Ping! No wonder you been silent so long. Now I really have to catch ya!
  3. Great service, quick to send and would definitely use again!
  4. Please send 4 of the 6,4kg 83ql wools to Pandylynn Thank you!
  5. Congratulations to all the promotions! Well done. I'm glad that Idony isn't leaving the GM post. I would miss their presence greatly.
  6. Most welcome! Anytime
  7. Rambling past the area and found a named brown horse wandering the highway. i examined it and found the following info: [14:18:02] It has been branded by and belongs to the settlement of Bunker Hill. [14:18:02] It is being taken care of by Bagheera. Last seen riding into the woods toward the west. It wouldn't let me lead or I would have kept it safe.
  8. While currently playing on Celebration, we are having some rain. Said rain is falling through a finished roof - akin to the old days of Wurm. This building has been completely finished for several Wurm years now. Has there been some sort of change to go back to that or is this a new issue?
  9. I've been wanting taxidermy for years, but never really could piece together like this. I would support!
  10. A visitor at night at Peaceful Harbor (Celebration)
  11. I always knew you were nuts, but congratz on 100! I really like the title "Bookwurm" and hope to add it to my collection.
  12. oh yeah rift starts in like 2 hrs.
  13. i just got a failed to connect, will retry in 777 secs msg progress?
  14. awww we all love cele xD