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  1. Retro, the chisel I'm trying to improve is an iron chisel made well before the update. I was working on it last night just fine. Just no option to polish, hammer, temper - anything.
  2. On my deed, I have the following issues after this update; My painted mailboxes are not showing their respective dyed colors. Examining them shows the RGB numbers in the Event tab. Also, I am unable to polish a stone chisel. There is no option given in the right-click menu at this time.
  3. Sent a message. Kris and I have both been sick.
  4. I was thinking of Wuuthard's island to the mainland when I said I didn't know if the whole south was done yet. I knew you and others did massive work down there, Angel. It looks awesome.
  5. Much of the North is connected to Tap Dance in some fashion. Moogien and Deppen did a lot of the NE. I helped get a portion from my deed down to Blacksmith - which already was tied into Tap Dance. There's been a ton of work to get the southern part of Cele connected. Like Galigan said, there are still some working on it. I know that parts of highways were started at various points. Not sure they are connected.
  6. Oh, lord what have I done now? lol.
  7. That essentially was my dream - have a merchant with low cost, high ql items that a noob could afford. Real life and a few other things had sidelined it. Maybe with Kris' deed remodel, I can sweet talk him into a merchant space.
  8. Thank goodness! Nothing in this update to warrant another deed remodel. Just more time at the forge. And thank you for all the work. It's neat to see new things coming into the game!
  9. I've had a merchant on my deed but no one pops up here to the NE and I'm too busy to ride down to TDM to stock. That's the main reasons I trade through mail
  10. Tap Dance Market and I believe the guys at Skyforge are kicking around ideas for one.
  11. I'm in. Guess I missed the Hamster Revolt. xD
  12. LOL!! Took ya long enough.
  13. Got my vote! I'd love to use bookshelves to store the almanac and other possible books (i.e. cookbook, breeding book (which horse bred with which horse, etc.) that won't take damage or lowered damage than currently set.
  14. Dude, you need more goals. You'll have these done by the end of summer.
  15. Ofc, she's nuts. It's Moogien. Now, Deppen is a whooooole other ballgame.