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  1. Tbh, what drew to me Wurm was the option to play on a PVE server without the worry of being killed (well, by other characters). I do not see myself going to PVP at any time, because that's not what I like about this game. I love the freedom to choose how you want to play. The fact that this game provides a place to do either is one of the better qualities of the game. If this is a good then for PVP, then I'm happy for those who enjoy that type of gameplay. However, that being said, I don't want to be forced at some point in the future to decide between continuing my Wurm experience and playing in an atmosphere that I cannot handle for a number of reasons. I'm sorta of meh about this newsletter and updates - only because it affects me in a roundabout way. I wish I understood the PVP aspect a bit more, but I don't.
  2. Mr. Shrimps, I sent the cotton and cotton strings. Looking forward to annoying...I mean, helping this year!
  3. Oh, thank goodness. More BS help! Maybe I need to make Pandalet a throne too.
  4. Ohh looks like something I can annoy Kris with! yay!
  5. Put down in Pottery as well - if I can escape the forges. lol
  6. Ugh!! You're impossible. *scrambles to go read through the last few internationals* Actually a little excited for a new skill, to be honest xD
  7. Come on! Give us a little hint on the upcoming skill. Pretty please? We have cookies!
  8. I can't be a definite - depends on if my driver feels well, but maybe!
  9. How many you needing? I can whip some together, but you'd have to pick them up. PM or message me what you need.
  10. Lol, when global chats lead to forum posts. >.< i blame Friday's person. lol
  11. Hey, let's be rude when the question was already sufficiently answered in a reply below this one! I wasn't the only person to be confused considering that many of the previous impalongs used the year they started in. But thanks for being a jerk. Makes it so much easier to understand.
  12. Blame Beast.
  13. No! I'm busy on the forge...forging. No time for blame!
  14. I've never put these two together. Lol, always just thought it was random noises. Thanks for teaching me something new!