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  1. You can bandage a wound with nearly every cloth item, including tents. That being said, I don't know if event related items are different in some way.
  2. Peaceful Harbor (#1506,442 ) is no more.
  3. +1 Standalone bridges should have the option to decay at a faster rate if unused or the opportunity to bash them/demolish them somehow should be available. As it stands, seeing bridges to nowhere in the middle of a reclaimed, natural area is jarring at the very least. Case in point, a player had a deed in the desert near my old place on Cele. After the deed had been gone for about six months and no sign that the player was returning, Kristof and I put the land back to desert except for one bridge. I wasn't going to sit there for a month and bash the object. There really ought to be some kind of middle ground.
  4. There's an impalong coming up very soon. Lots of people who aren't able to attend the event are willing to donate items. So don't hesitate to ask around as much as possible. Might be a good list of things to look for in this thread.
  5. can i just say thank you to all who gathered the info on the guard towers? that's going to make a huge difference in the hunts. ❤️
  6. Looking for 95+ BotD on a trowel. Please let me know who to send to
  7. Geez Louise, Marty. That's a snazzy looking set!
  8. Holy Sites can also cause creatures to spawn nearby, with the creature type depending on the type of holy site. This may include creature and condition combinations not normally seen, so say hello to champion seals! Please, dear FO, GIVE ME THIS ONE THING!
  9. Waar's last wine collection. I'm not sure if I'll open it. A few signs with his sig.
  10. I'm not going to recognize anything, am I? lol That's a lot of work! Can't wait to see it when I can.
  11. Not many people know, but Kristof and I had a lot of real life emergencies happen within a very short time, including finding a new place to live and several health issues. To say I've been stressed is an understatement. We weren't able to play for the past few months, but several people in the community reached out to check on us. Heck, some even went above and beyond what I could ever expect. Because of them I was able to stave off a lot of bad things. I know the community gets a bad rap much of the time. I do think there's some things we can improve on in the long run, but this time, I couldn't be more proud to be a Wurmian. Thanks for all you do, people of Wurm! Pandy