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  1. Deer decided to suicide by drowning
  2. Kris and I may tap into that once we get some RL issues resolved. Thanks, Moogien.
  3. Now Kris can do the maps this weekend
  4. Can also confirm. Lagged completely for 10 mins and then kicked out. Trying to connect. No go. Tried to connect again. Received following message; Network error: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
  5. I think there are more player made gods or demi-gods by now. Unless I'm forgetting some gods.
  6. congrats!! wonder what powers the new demi-god will have been neat seeing gary altars. strange break in the weirder spellings
  7. Always up for more pottery! Plus, these make sense given the new cooking update.
  8. There's probably a bunch of hidden gems in the south of Cele. There's a whole lotta people down there!
  9. Kristof is bringing the following to S25 dock area; 1,000 cotton 70+ql 1,000 cloth squares 70+ql 100 wool squares 3 Cedarwood Large Storage Units I am sending an item through the mail for the amount we agreed on. He also mentioned that you wanted some more items? Get ahold of me here or ingame.
  10. Lol, sometimes Peaceful Harbor feels like a small country the way I run around doing things in it! But thanks! Not as big as Waar's territories, for sure!
  11. That's a great shot, Jony. Maybe I ought to send Kristof to these testings and redesigns. Then I won't have a headache for a while. lol. What's the word on that new skill? We need clues!!!
  12. Got 1000 cotton, 1000 cloth squares and 100 wool squares coming. Don't have enough wool to do more at the moment.
  13. If you're willing to take any ql, let me finish these cloth squares and see what I can do.
  14. guards! Why aren't they attacking the spider? Lol, on the real, that's cool! Wonder where it is.
  15. I just might mine more if this worked