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  1. Thank you for clarifying that, Ostentatio!
  2. Noooo noooo! Now the deed will never be finished! I'm blaming Retro! On serious note, I'm looking forward to seeing how amazing the deeds will be with all the new stone decor. Question - on the herbs inside of containers, the planter rack is a container so how does that work? (I probably haven't had enough coffee to get this atm, forgive me for a dumb question.)
  3. Wanting 2 Tall Banners and 2 Reg Banners for Kristof at Peaceful Harbor (E22 Celebration). Willing to pay delivery fee. Plz message Kristof or Hepha ingame about delivery. Arrangements made - edit.
  4. So sad the trip ends for now. Can't wait to make more changes before your next tour. Safe travels!
  5. Added sails, sheets and large anvils - low prices for new players! Check us out. I'm at stall #42
  6. I'd like 2 banner and 2 tall banners. Is it possible to be delivered to inner coast of Cele?
  7. They do spawn in the wild. The mission does also accept player bred animals as well. I added 2 ven sheep to a mission on Cele last night.
  8. Um, I don't see horse ears in the one on the right. We need more realism like the one on left. xD
  9. Restocked and added some new items. Come down to check them out!