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  1. No matter what is on the "banned" list, someone will flirt with the limits. It's human nature. It might not be your nature, but it is someone's. That being said, during a time when everything has gone to hell, sometimes you just need to get it off your chest where you feel the safest. Sometimes that place is in a land of pixels with people you have interacted with for months or years. Now if a pleasant discussion devolves into a heated mess, by all means, we should do something about that - no matter what the topic is. Bottom line, I think the real issue comes down to no set moderation rules. We've been guided by the moderators' interpretation a lot more than a hard and fast rule. With the influx of new players, there seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to anything remotely controversial. I'm all for less trolling, but taking the fun/silliness away seems more harmful to me than anything else.
  2. Annalise

    Dang it. I hate cancer so much. My sincerest condolences to you, her family and friends. I'm so sorry
  3. I'm not sure that they were trying to be extremely accurate when making the game so long ago. But most likely it was the easiest solution. lol
  4. However, if you can get someone to make them for you, yes, they are visible in the large planters. I just tend forget they're in them. >.>
  5. Not that I'm aware of, unfortunately. We recently got Large Planters ingame, so we can finally grow them. However, no decorations atm. Maybe putting something into suggestions? I think it'd be a great idea.
  6. Congratulations!! That's a great sounding title!
  7. I try to help as much as possible, but I stay quiet if I know nothing about a subject. If I see no one responding a long while, I try to at least acknowledge the question. Not everyone is comfortable answering questions for others if they're unsure themselves. Also we only know when CAs are online if we're on the same server as they are. it could be a period of time when no CAs are available at all. That being said, I really feel the wiki should be pushed a little more during tutorial because a lot of the questions could be solved by it. Just my humble thoughts.
  8. Although I know it's a graphics thing, I do like the suggestion of removing it somehow. It does ruin a nice looking spot sometimes.
  9. Hey now, I used em to get cookies. Best set of 1c I spent so far
  10. In under the wire - true Pandy style. lol.
  11. 100 Thatching. Go BIG or get off cele