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  1. ah, fatty! no kidding
  2. Thank you solmark, appriciate your kind words!
  3. 2h Sword, silver, 71ql, 74nimb, 74LT, 82coc, 88ms - 11s CoD to Elwoode
  4. possible to get a 70ql 50ish BoTD Stone chisel? higher cast is prefferable CoD to Elwoode
  5. Well thank you. we at the academy appriciate your kind words whole heartily! feel free to visit us on melody or visit our discord!
  6. one cloth set excluding the hood with i-6 dye on it of 60ql CoD to Elwoode!
  7. updated OP with 2 more pictures! we're at 14 newbs, 3-4 of which already went premium, up to 5-6 elders, lots of allies and friends! what ya waiting for ?!?
  8. As of today we started co-operating with our local Horse Breeder Dunsel on melody, thanks alot my friend!
  9. Added nother, we're growing quickly!
  10. Edited OP with progress pictures!