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  1. So i tried something else, i unchecked "Enable special event visuals" and couldnt tell if anything change in the game. I still see black wraith or spectres in Haven and idk if the horses are back to normal or what. So i logged off, enabled that "Enable special event visuals" again, nothing really change at all. Still look the same as normal character model. Edited... Checked the game folders and found this console.xxxxxx, that "enable_seasonal_mappings = true". Didnt really see anything wrong in the datas.
  2. Yes i see that on the launcher settings, its enabled. Was doing fine and the first day, i did look undead then after that updates, i was push back to normal self looks. Was told, some were having these issues as well. Guess they didnt report it yet or didnt bother them at all. Idk, look like the only way to fix this is uninstall the game, folders, etc. Dunno about the registry and reset the pc, then re-download the whole thing all over again. It was pain for me trying to get the settings up like i had it, guess i should write them down before doing this uninstall. Funny things is, that i can see undead horses, bloody rivers and lakes, etc. But everyone else i bump into and included myself isnt undead looks. Someone told me, that when he hop on a undead horse, sometimes he/she will look undead and sometimes it doesnt work. So i dont know what going on, sounds like a glitch.
  3. Yeah that what i was looking for, didnt show that option on the list.
  4. I checked everything, in CA Help, they mention under profile, nothing there and i figured it would be under the launcher before you launch the game and didnt see anything there either or even the settings as well. Been over this like three times and though did a update to show it, still nothing. So i verify the files to besure every thing is alright, saying its 100% fine. Idk, maybe i need to uninstall, delete the folder(s) and dunno how to do the registry or whatever that is, some thing can be hidden in there as well that can cause problems to programs later on. Only things i see is... Optional PMK Graphics, Optional Sound Files and finally Optional Experimental Files and that one is disabled. While first two is enabled. I did ran over the settings, couldnt find it and sometimes when i change things on there, didnt kick in. So checked ingame settings, didnt see anything there either.
  5. What happen to undead looks? On the first day before the big updates, i was happy that i look like undead or skeleton and now i cant seem to find a way to bring it back. Was told the Devs pull the plugs here, that someone complaining they werent happy looking like undeads. The rivers/lakes covered in bloods, undead looking horses, etc. I was really enjoying the Halloween, until the undead looks was removed This happen to be my favorite Event of the year. I dont know, would i be better off stop playing online and go back to Unlimited for my own pace or simply find another game to hang out?
  6. That is really good, looking forward to this Good job!
  7. Undead looks?

    I was starting to enjoying Halloween Event online, then this big updates really killed it. Halloween Event, happen to be my favorite time of the year, until some poor souls couldnt handle the undead looks. We have rivers and lakes covered in bloods, undead looking horses, etc. But they cant handle the undead looks of themselves or others around them. So my question is, is there a mod or can someone make a mod that i can use the undead look at my own pace to enjoy the game on Unlimited? That way i will be happy and not dealing with poor souls that have issues, thinking about ditching Online!
  8. Halloween 2021

    Well i got a pumpkin shoulder pad, leather here. Hope i can dye it black later on
  9. Halloween 2021

    Curious, do we need to start and focus the combat for this to work? Cause few years ago as well new players attend to call the guards to attack it first before doing anything, that didnt seem to drop anything at all. So wasnt sure if there a bug or problems with that. I know there will be new players trying to get those masks or whatever they aim for, didnt seem to do well on their own.
  10. old ui gone?

    Idk, i do like the old UI. Checked out some unlimited servers in the past several weeks to see how my old server was doing until it got pulled. Looking at the old UI, sure bring back some good memories though. Also didnt like the bold text or font on the new UI, been trying to reduce its size. Wish there were options to choose different text/font styles too. As long they are scale with the UI's frame, that you are using large resolutions, that will help out alot. Unfort cant do much in the old Unlimited, everything is so small if you get your desktop resolution too big.
  11. Not really sure, havent be able to make/get one, that would like to use Sacrificial knife in combat too. So wasnt sure how the speed/parry rates are and few told me you can and some told me you cant use in combat or poorly in combat such as hatchets for down trees, etc.
  12. Hopefully this patch will fix it, most of us, esp new players having a hard time dealing with the heavy hitters and would die if not careful.
  13. This is good news, happy to see more improvements on the way!
  14. I have been in and out in many games, before i found this one, took me awhile to learn the ropes, etc. It more likely where i belong and its relaxing game to me. I still play odd games time to time, Diablo II (new) and few strategic wargames as well.
  15. Yeah seem realistic, believe they did something like this back in those days when they found Americas. But i dont know if they will add it, they keep telling me its wurm and have nothing to do with reality lol.