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  1. Noticed in some servers i have played in, have portals to travel certain areas. But i didnt want to go too far, some like it hardcore and some doesnt.
  2. Yeah i probably start something simple first to get a hang of it. The Multi spawn in, is the creative map, that when you make a character you will random spawn in different locations through out the map. The default creative map in Unlimited, i think it has four or five possible spawning points. That can be useful too, some may not like it though.
  3. That would be great, gonna try this slim dell i have here. Been using that as 24/7, but i dont know if that thing can handle a huge map as 8k though. My question is, how do i make it more alive with npcs, multi spawn in, etc? I am not sure if i will like it as creative map, since nothing around to interact with. Idk let wait and see how this goes first, like one step at a time.
  4. Well i didnt try to make a map, i saw a custom somewhere in here and try to load it and didnt work. Guess it will require some skills how to set it up. Yeah i can take my time, making one, like earning it and be happy with it. @Kiama, just a though. Doesnt have to be perfect. But for example, Willows should be around swamp or marsh areas. Rarely any willows in most servers i looked into. I like to have slow pacing and long term game going, most servers are way too high skill gains and strict rules, etc. My biggest issues is most servers having bad ping or too high. The reasons i like Emerald Expanse, believe its 2x skill gain and action, deed upkeep, etc. That is something i am looking for. Btw i still do play Online, but seem like its dieing over there and not much efforts they are adding to the game to keep players from leaving. Its like once you build a house, expand your deed alittle, then a boat/ship then they started to disappear. Hell some players wanted a new map or servers to start all over again lol. When i am online and back in Emerald Expanse, when i find a abandoned deed that is a mess, i usually clean it up. Smooth out the terrain, making it more nature environment. Most dont do that, hate when players show up, wreck it then leave
  5. Wanted something that is big, like 8k and the server/map is Emerald Expanse. But idk if anyone willing to make something that good, few years ago he told me he put alot of efforts into it. So now idk where he is or something happen to him. Cause his server/map isnt always there. Not going crazy atm, but like to plan ahead though. just a mix up of everything that is spread out in 8k map. Some water ways or rivers going through in different directions, etc.
  6. I have been up and down trying to get a custom map going in my game, but never work. I checked several guides and didnt work out well. But someday i may find a way to get it setup. My question is, is there a way you can grab someone else map from the server? I mean this map/server been up and down and not being active like it should. Idk if the host having some serious PC issues. But i like that map, plenty of room and i use to hang out in it. Good ping, etc. Then all hell break loose, surprise it came back up then its gone. Been trying to contact that owner of that map, still no reply.
  7. Been seeing this map/server up and down on the list and wondering what is going on in there? I made like three or four characters for the last two years, for some reasons i cant crawl back in there cause its not stable or even online most of the time. Is there a way i can grab this map? Setup as my own, i could let Pingperfect run it if i have to.
  8. I tried, got rejected lol. Hardly anyone want to put up with that rants. If low population going on in there, i dont think hardly anyone will be around or for long.
  9. Look like someone broke into my old place, took those resources Even some rare gears as well on Indy.
  10. Like to see trap doors or hatches that can be locked, keep players from climbing up to next platform on a ladder. Even underground trapdoor, allow to have basement, etc. This is something would be interesting to have.
  11. I remember some years back, that use to take up stamina while rowing your rowboat and now its been removed. Wish they didnt do that. Very much like to see more improvement in this game, instead of just sitting there in the rowboat that going forward, felt like running with a trolling motor lol. So like to see a player or myself sitting there, trying to row the boat with two oars. Idk if should sit backward or forward, i think forward while rowing would be suitable, least you can see where you are going.
  12. Yeah i figured, nothing in Wurm have nothing to do with real life. Just wish they make it more interesting though. So many things are missing and kinda boring too.
  13. Curious, its almost winter season and wondering if this Halloween Even going to be around Spring? Is it possible to delay Fall Season until Halloween is passed?
  14. War in the Pacific Admiral Edition, been taken a break time to time. Freakin very long campaign to play on the Japanese side though. Note this game isnt for everyone, though i give a shot at it and see how long i will last in the Pacific.
  15. I dont think there will be, better off going back where you came from and clean up the mess you made. But, you can goto other servers, by making or playing your previous toons. Linking Northern to Soutern Servers isnt a bad idea.