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  1. Can we please un-tame animals in crates?

    isnt there untame option on freedom? Like right click or something?
  2. Increase minimum capacity of source springs

    Easy option would be if they are emptied and make it so if you drink or drag to container it will go empty the source fountain(if you have a smaller container than the source that is in the source fountain it will just go lost)and it will disepear and spawn in random place. This way it will make it a + for roamers or people hunting and discovering. No point to put a house on top of one which will go empty the moment you touch (or well even if you keep it in years for a bigger outcome well who cares) most will still be changing and around for other people.
  3. Nah can pen it with non prem even.
  4. Wurm Time-Lapse

    Very nice video. Everytime i see a wurm timelapse video this comes to mind : Buti think full deed build in timelapse would be awesome.
  5. PC on scale Can pm me the price! Also rare statuette of Fo and rare pendulum to Thunderstruck please
  6. Chance to spawn 10x+ cave bugs when mining :D

    I love challanges also.
  7. Make Scythes A Better Weapon

    Very imformative, thank you @armyskin
  8. PC Wurms 5th Best Potter

    I agree, as someone who has traded my fair amount of accounts i can say that most people will regeret salling their OG or main account. Id go as far as even regreting the first newbie acc they made when they started out. What i always recommend and what has thankfully recommend to me when i have thought about the idea of selling my main is to shelf it. That means either take a break and just dont pay prem but put like a year worth of money into the deed (can ofc shrink it before) or change the scenery. Go to another server, join a community you have never been part of etc etc. Selling your main is only worth when you are walking away from the game for good. Even then these days i think i would keep it for the memories.
  9. Iron Man Challenge

    For money a good way to start off is forage/botanize (specially for those low levels where there isnt alot of possibilites). Its not insane amount of money, but quite a bit.
  10. Iron Man Challenge

    Any chance for like a youtube vidoes for updates per day? Like day 1 - Did this and this, coolest updates. This is more towards people like me who have no time watch the streams and would be really cool to see the progress.
  11. You are still alive? Tempting to make it a full circle because of Umbra? (Cant remember the Indy deed i was part of and you ran). Hows the population?
  12. Wurm Museum

    is your deed open to public and can i come look :D? @shakys
  13. I think the fantastic item thing is cool, it should be like if you make it fantastic (create or imp - on the fence with the bone) it opens up the rename window (one time only, maybe add a make sure you want to name it this and then its done. Cant be renamed so just the creator at that one moment can create. Additionally would be cool if the event chat would say - An Artifact(special item etc) named .....(chosen name) has been created by ..... So everyone kinda gets the message. Additionally this should be only to tools, armor and weapons (maybe also carts and ships) but not for dirt and materials. My 2 cents. Would leave in a chance to create one, it would still be superrare and have to lore to it.
  14. Close

    I suggest being exact. Is this Template MR or MRC? They are very different.
  15. Once charge tomes from digging and rifts

    It would be cool that if you get some specific things from Archeology you have a chance to get a quest kinda thing where you have to find a treasure which can contain a tome etc. Like a minigame. (mission) in the favor of the gods.