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  1. +1, why not, current rank system with the amoutn of players basically means the rank titles are impossible to get.
  2. -1 no ty
  3. SD for me
  4. computer? I reccomended that the map you made could also have annotations which you have in your ingame map Basically it could be 1- ingame map without anything, 2 - ingame map with alliance annotations, 3 - ingame map with village annotations. All can be copied from what you see when you open map ingame. Should not be that hard to copy that window for the creation moment and put it on tapestry (IMO - not a game dev so could be wrong)
  5. maybe the % would be average ql of the items. So it wont be 100% most of the time but if you really put the effort and have the skill you can have an average of 70 or 80 easily? Ofc with some kind of minimum % for example 40% or so that the newer players have a chance.
  6. +1, maybe make it so you can have a longer timer and sow 3x3 in one sowing action? Just if you have 700 tiles of farm, it takes way too much effort to resow it all every 2-3 days.
  7. But what is bad about the % thing? Because some korean MMOS have it? We are talking about how there is too many rares out there and they are cheap, how we want to have a chance at getting fantastics, this would solve them without basically making x amount of rares = fantastic. If 60% is too steep make it 70%, but the idea is the same. Its risk vs reward - it will take out the 10 years old rares that are gathering in some chests and give some supremes, fantastics, but not a flat amount.
  8. Maybe make it so that you have to gather and craft alot of stuff and then you will try to "assemble" them at WL or BL on chaos. So if you really want one it will be 5 to 10 min timer like charging the artis. Its not full pve solution but will make it cool lore wise and also more about risk and danger. I could see alliances going all together to chaos trying to get those tomes made and so on, scouting ahead, having everything ready to go. Could be cool. But -1 for a full PvE thing. Could as well just give out tomes for 2 years of prem or smth in that way. And i do like if it had like 80% to get it or something so it would not be a sure thing.
  9. maybe you can use the alliance/Village map from ingame with annotations? Will use the moment you made it so if you want to add stuff you have to update/make antoher one. Would be cool to have a map with your alliance information, even if just something to look at.
  10. Maybe make it a % to get And max % is 60. So you can gamble and that gamble fails will take out rares/supremes from game? Like you put in 50 horseshoes for 60%, but you can put in 2 for 1% or smth Would be cool way to take rares out of the game. You donĀ“t have to gamble and try your luck, but you can.
  11. imma fire up timeli for that locate soul to find your corpse All the fun aside, have a nice walkabout! Kinda makes me feel like i want to do that also.
  12. hows your soul stats? Maybe you can fail? I know finding enemies your SS is used to see if you succeed or fail, maybe something similar with that?
  13. found a new way for the personal goal :D?
  14. btw @Emoowas doing a dirt donations on his stream #makepeopleforyou
  15. you are missing it was Niki being mad at angelkaine for nothing (Maybe not mad but questioning him for some unknown reason)