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  1. soft cap for 1s? If so to Meelis please
  2. I agree, dont play nfi but dont really understand why its a problem people swap it around for min maxing. Can you do it? Yes! So why nerf others because you dont like the mechanism
  3. Convert or priest you up? Followers can convert as well.
  4. 1x Demon helm-1s 1x picnic basket -1s 1x luxurious checker board - 1s 1x saddle sacks - 1s to Meelis please
  5. Timer is not working, fyi
  6. so for sweetspot grinding does it make a difference if i am using BoTD or CoC?
  7. Hello, Looking for some decently casted iron weapons for alts. (Nimb, LT, Coc, MS 80+ casts). Might buy just in bulk to arm my many alts so they should not be super expensive. So if anyone has a corner filled with random weapons from the past, let me know. Might take them off ya
  8. ill take the 1k Cotton - 100QL - Price: 1s (Meelis ingame)
  9. pickaxe, iron 5.62 QL -- COC: 93 -- Cost: 78c shovel, iron 23.26 QL -- COC: 99 -- Cost: 1s 18c To Meelis aswell
  10. i think he means picture of the actual item it becomes. But i got your back: https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/File:May2021Monthlyskin.png
  11. stone chisel, iron: BOTD 93: 78c stone chisel, iron: BOTD 94: 84c saw, iron: BOTD 94: 84c small anvil, iron: BOTD 91: 66c to Meelis please!
  12. rake, iron 19.06 QL -- COC: 101 -- Cost: 1s 35c to meelis please
  13. carving knife, iron: BOTD 92: 72c file, iron: BOTD 92: 72c mallet, oakenwood: BOTD 94: 84c pelt, BOTD 95: 90c pelt, BOTD 96: 95c whetstone: BOTD 94: 84c All to Meelis please!
  14. Sold to buyout - please close!