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  1. This server any good?
  2. What are those mods?
  3. just 128 pages? ..
  4. i have 90+ beverages, might squeez it for ya for a reasonable price, let me know if still interested.
  5. does this give any karma spells? Nvm found it: http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Red_Cherry 16s
  6. aka no answer xD. Could read that from the pms, that it was the 3 of them, rings made in secret or what was shrimpiie told. Too lazy to look it up... meh. Kuuddos for Enki doing the right thing, don´t know how good shrimpiie was as a GM, but as a player on chaos he was toxic, he and necro where the 2 enemy players who were the ones no one liked and everyone disliked. Most other JK/TC i really have no bad feelings for. But meh, who cares anymore. Good news is im getting close to 50 AH.
  7. How did you get a rare one :D?
  8. Oh the OP meant how in discord everyone saying its not cool to steal and lie are stupid according to shrimpiie and its was good to do it because at that time it wasnt an offence? Gothca.
  9. Where did he own up? I must have missed something.
  10. I agree with what he is saying. For pvp it will need 70+ wep skill and shield skill, now add AT and some archery and then we can start talking about pvp. Then you still need meditating. The fact that SoTG scales now helps a little, but i think most of the value on this char comes from body stats.
  11. Name?
  12. Or... connect it all to my deed With a moat... think of all the dirt!
  13. I used strawberries, way easier to get tons of them and make juice
  14. 240
  15. Im gonna be honest my PC for Tuanta would be around 600-700€, sadly the value of tomes and stuff does not stack up. For others i think 300-400€, don´t see the value. The market is in a bad spot and the seller knows it so i don´t have to sugarcode it. I have seen much better accounts go for much less. Just my 2 cents.