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  1. i feel ignored Nowhere on the list
  2. What med path?
  3. The speedlaps really looks like a RTS game where you build with your mouse and people with laterns on are the "mouse". hahahah really nice video!
  4. Well items + silver is what around 54S in silver,+ rares(5 each) and 2x merchant contracts (7s each). The toon has 50body str, decent gathering skills, tbh i think its a good price. But i promised myself i wont buy more accounts, otherwise would have offered already.
  5. heya, ingame name?
  6. 17s on medium maul 1 if 85 ql.
  7. I kinda like this. Playing a WU server where this is the case (althought instead of portal you can sail over). I like for easier "kinda" grind on the Pvp server but still having a PvE server which does not have a curve for backup. I personally think that having 2 different pvp maps is too much also so should delete both and transfer the skills to freedom, make 1 map (exodus size map, maybe Deli size) and put a portal where you can go back and forth.
  8. what about 4,75 and free delivery I do live on Exo tho. (Coastal ofc)
  9. Id take the rare well for 4s?
  10. Serenity being JKH or MRH?
  11. so for this you need to be on Epic and JK? Strongbox is JKE starter town?
  12. I agree with this. I personally think maybe remove home servers, keep 1 epic pvp server with the curve and going thru the portal should bring everything over except items. So it will in my mind: 1. Put all the pvp players in 1 server. 2. Make it benefitial for people to try out pvp - extra skillgain and easier to lower the cap 3. Play either Pve or Pvp and no double grinding Those are my 2 cents. I would personally prefer if chaos and epic will be shut down and 1 pvp server would merge with only way to get there would be the epic portal. So close 2 pvp servers, make 1 server and skills/tomes/titles shared on both clusters(silver also) and items seperated. Keep the epic curve on it. Everyone knowing the curve understands that it only makes a difference until i think 70 skill for easier skilling. After that it actually becomes a pain in the ass.
  13. Not really, quite a few freedomers might not know that the champ account will have lower religion stats like channeling and so on ( i think -50) after decamping, also the nerf om bodystats and soul and mind