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  1. hmmm i have a vacation on that time.. drinks you said?
  2. I have also basically quit, i would play this. Give the chance to take the name from freedom with a portal (no skills just to get the name) . reset it from time to time. The best fun in pvp so far for me has been in challenge and also nappys pvp server. Would be awesome if you could just port over and fight and get out if you get bored and play freedom. Make 1 map and not a huge map. And RESET it every x amount of time.
  3. close plz

    ill take the shortsword, cod to Thunderstruck
  4. Poor Trade Practices

    I agree with others. It could be that i see something i want, pm them just before i log off (has happened many times) and cant log in for a day. I still want the item, i am still going to pay for it, just it will take me day. I usually warn the buyer and ask if its okei, if i pay for tomorrow as i am going to log off. Additionally it could be i am out hunting, traveling, in a random mine etc. If i am in the middle of my grind somewhere i wont pick up the item after i am done because i am in the middle of something and want to finish it. Pretty often it is more then an hour for that. Now add the fact that it can and sometimes is sent sub 70 cast courier so people might not be on for that timeframe. All those things can and will happen. I +1 the idea of being able to check the mail, which will also tell how long it will take they get there(for example for bad casted couriers) and after a week or maybe 5 days you can recall. Shorter amounts would make it possible to try to sell for more while sold already
  5. As the title says. Main needs are 100 faith and 90+ channeling. I am also looking for other skills but those are my main needs. Pm with Niarja link and lets discuss prices. Thunderstruck
  6. Close plz

    Cod me the bricks 20c each - thunderstruck
  7. Looking for Brick Chipper (Close)

    @Wargasm heard he does it
  8. Awesome, ty wanted to give this boat to my alt but had 0 idea where it is.
  9. Cod the horseshoe to thunderstruck
  10. Fair game play hits a new low

    And you will get banned as that is griefing and against the rules. But thank you for clarification. I am not a friend of OR or well tbh i am not sure if i have ever met him ingame, know the name, but i think this server hunting groups being mad if someone takes the unique, even in a ###### way this happened should be left up to GM-s and not shame and blame. And no i am not talking about Deli group but in general, as i have no beef with anyone from there. Just so everyone knows. As said before, IMO - Was it a ###### move? Yes. Is it illegal and he should be punished by GM-s - No, to my knowledge what he did was nothing wrong in game mechanics. Maybe the solution would be changing the mechanics instead of being mad at different people who are just doing stuff that shafts you.
  11. Fair game play hits a new low

    Damn you are worse with making a post which moves the topic to pvp vs pve then wu and tc are with kvk posts.
  12. Fair game play hits a new low

    My 2 cents. Even tho there is hunting groups on every server, that means nothing. Just because its you "main" server does not mean you are entitled to an unique. If you find one AND manage to secure it (if it can be taken from you, you didnt secure it) it is not griefing IMO. Is it a ###### move? Yeah, sure. Is it illegal or a new low? Nope. Learn from it, stop doing these public shame topics everytime someone does something you dont like and next time pen in a secure place/bigger deed etc etc and keep on wurming.
  13. Wine making title

    [15:27:17] Your title is now Sommelier. Yeah late for the show.
  14. Computer Citizens

    Wouldnt this make just a money cow for people setteling next to it? Like limitless money drain. The good thing would be an item sink, but i am pretty sure this would kill any market that is left in WO. So i am in between. I do not like the NPC thing, i do not like the market crashing as surplus of silver coming from it( and trust me there will be), but i would love the idea if those things didnt break. Maybe instead of city it would be kind of for guards, so you can sell some stuff that then will be used by the "king" to repair, maintain and protect you and the benefit will be handed out thru token coffers and traders?