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  1. i would need 3,5kg black drake hide for a new set
  2. did you have black drake hide? when you have i would take 3,5kg to TheDesmon pls
  3. when you still have the seryll lumps i would take them. COD to thedesmon pls
  4. how much did you want? 60 or 65?
  5. for the drake hide set 50s? without the helm
  6. Hi Wurmians, i want to buy 2 boots, 2 gloves, 1 pants and 1 jacket of green drake hide. The Quality is not important for me and enchants arent important too. pls PM ingame: TheDesmon or here. thx Desmon
  7. Hi, i would take 1 black/silver horse (Male) and 2 jet black horses (Female) My deed is Ab Inferis on Release (T14, in the bay) pls inform me ingame (TheDesmon) when you have the horses. thx