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  1. Maybe just increase for carts and wagons?
  2. Bring your favorite seal to the party! (not responsible for accidents)
  3. Yeah, I guess do a login check instead of actually opening, maybe 6 months to be more fair (but have quick decay then). You can’t get free honey out of locked ones.
  4. Please accelerate decay on off-deed beehives if they haven't been opened in 3 months. There's a region on Release which is spammed with them and the owner hasn't been around in years. They're still in really good shape at 70ish QL.
  5. Would be neat cosmetically, though you’d probably want to restrict it a bit to make sure things look good. Could also have a UI button to quick swap weapons.
  6. If you get full, you can give someone else 509. I’m pretty busy so I might not be able to attend for long.
  7. Go ahead and add the Banana canal Wyvern extension to the map (just the blue part, ignore the stuff at Carrera). The work is nearly complete (fully passable).
  8. Definitely. I want to wear my cow hat in combat.
  9. Yes, please, this is especially important on the smaller servers which have been torn up so much from the terrain, abandoned fences, etc.
  10. Can cod to “Lionix”
  11. First off, the article says wooden nameplate. Can someone link a screenshot of a renamed item (bonus points if you have a screenshot of the form when renaming)? I want to see exactly how my item will look when renaming is done. Please add to wiki for others’ benefit as well.
  12. Room for Lionix and Zoranah (1 bed fine) please. (509)
  13. 2s rare branding iron, 1.5s frying pan, 4.5s rare longsword cod to Lionix