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  1. Can the combat tool get an icon or text to track how the enemy mob is defending? I know it may be hard to track what mob is defending where and which you have targeted, but it'd be a big help. The in-game defensive icon takes way too long to update (almost a minute at times).
  2. In general riding around with a non-branded horse is risky. With the bugginess, getting thrown off a horse isn’t too rare and if it happens while riding through someone else’s deed, you’re out of luck. Lockable saddle bags could be neat, but I’d also like to see some sort of soft version of branding when visiting other servers. Maybe if horse is cared for AND is not branded, then character caring for can lead or tame the animal anywhere (but other players can still do it as well if on their own deed or off deed). Yes, that puts some animals at risk (I have a couple cared for by people who quit/aren’t around), but I think it’s worth the tradeoff. (or maybe there’s a better system like a temporary soft brand like a nametag or something that gets destroyed after a week or when changing servers)
  3. 10s if you’re ok with late bid by 2 min.
  4. Pretty sure Ark meant to develop the game. Yes, the focus should be on developers and 1-2 community people to keep us informed. There's no reason to organize a suggestions subforum when there's not enough staff to implement anything.
  5. 31y 18x is pretty close to where it is on Indy catseye map. Boat Parking Options: East Exit of Garfius Cave Canal, 182 highway to slaying North End of Equator along the Samling Way, 200 highway tiles (start out heading west to 1st waystone) NE of Fog Lake, 300 tile highway to slaying (seemed like the most gentle slope up, but you still have to go up to same height overall)
  6. Cold weather could just reduce your max stamina/regeneration. Would still be something to address, but wouldn’t be too bad. (also irl you’d have clothing underneath the metal armors for insulation)