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  1. What about a compromise of removing alignment tick requirement (maybe even don't make it tick to allow BL and WL to do their stuff together)? That way you could only preach every 3 hours, but that'd be whenever you want instead of having to deal with rotations (especially at impalongs). It would still make 100 faith something that takes a while, but would simplify things for those without a lot of time to spend. It would also keep the motivation to group up with other players (but still could be gamed by mass alts).
  2. If this was faster than riding a horse from point to point, I could see the argument against it. If it’s about cart speed, then I see no issues with it. It would be a cool way to add another NPC like the wagoner. Make it cheaper (maybe half?) and perhaps a cart load of passengers. Maybe allow you to remotely summon your own from another deed with a “bus stop” (but it has to travel to you). And add permissions on who can use it (so others wouldn’t tie up the service if you didn’t want). Maybe allow log off after setting off and it’ll dump you at destination for when you log in (so maybe heading back home before you log for the day). That’d give a slower but less active way to travel. Going yourself by horse would still be the best, but this way would give a more afk option without being overpowered insta-travel.
  3. -1 way too much work for result. I prefer the narrator describing the events how it is. First person can be awkward/annoying when it doesn’t line up with the way you would say things.
  4. Stanlee often gets his favor by sacrificing animals while he’s out and about (luckily Vyn altars are quite common), so there is already at least some source of active favor gen.
  5. What about stuff we recently bought? e.g. I bought 1 year about a month ago. Would I get the reduced rate for the 12 months? or would I get 2 reduced months and 10 normal months?
  6. Hmmm....can Libila get strongwall with the loss of the nice utility Nahjo? I’d better start burning my chopped veggies for the 100k favor goal :S
  7. There are Lib priests around. I have one on Release. There are others as well. Ask around on Global Freedom chat.
  8. Also add the canal over there, goes all the way to the east edge
  9. Is there a map dump coming? Last one was 2 years ago, right?
  10. +1 Also switching to any state on sails rather than sequential unfurling.
  11. a41 - 2 s a55 - 1.5 s a58 - 1.5 s a66 - 2 s a68 - 3 s cod Lionix if you accept
  12. x36 y21 Lunar Landing & fix highway around it. Point Desolation is still there, it got re-founded due to accidental lapse of upkeep (if that was the reason it was removed)