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  1. I’ve posted similar before. Remove that stuff. Maybe add some destruction models that act like tree stumps behave (but random debris/etc) and can be bashed or will decay in a couple days.
  2. Leggat and pitchfork cod Lionix
  3. Removed a compromise that allowed two different playstyles (either burst skilling or longer duration skilling to trade more time for skill) and made it into something almost everyone has to min/max, way to go hurting those with less time.......
  4. That from a real case? lol
  5. They need to fix trolls base jumping as well. When there’s a steep slope next to fences, mobs can be teleported down onto other side of fence. Change would need to address falling from cliffs above walls (which I don’t know that there’s really a healthy way to address that without breaking some fun stuff like falling off mountain or dropshafts)
  6. How do pillars look clipped over the stair pillar? (Might be weird upstairs, but worth a shot)
  7. I usually relocate them 12 per small cart, so I hope it’s timed death and not random chances.