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  1. Can you be Libila on Xanadu?

    If you want to switch to Lib, just find someone to convert and/or priest you. No need to go to Chaos with priests around on Freedom. I have a Lib priest if you need any conversions. I live on Release, but can travel a bit if needed.
  2. WTS Kingdom Stuff

    2 JK Tall Banner 5 JK Banner 2 JK Flag Will pickup at latest by the end of the weekend. Response to below: Yes, the pmk stuff with dragon logo and bird on the tall one.
  3. Rare longsword blank 2-h sword blank cod to Lionix (I'll accept the mail this Saturday fyi)
  4. How about woodchips as a way to farm mushrooms?
  5. Summon animals spell

    Perhaps maybe just tamed creatures? (would add some value to taming and would avoid summoning something and not being able to lead it on another deed, though I'm not sure on the permissions mechanics there)
  6. The Quest!

    I tried. The first place I looked was a bunch of fighting (got some good fight skill). The second just a bunch of firs and a pair of uncommon iron objects secured on some packed dirt.
  7. Patch Notes 24/JAN/19

    "New: Added an option to disable quick keybinding" Clearly stated in the 26 Jan Client Update notes (after this update). This was added due to user feedback.
  8. Kaj Blood Leatherworking

    Can you send the rare leather boot cod to Lionix? (just to be sure, I want plain leather, not studded) Thanks!
  9. Horses mysteriously dying

    A person on my deed lost her horse while she was logged off today. Death reason: Starvation. It was 1 of 2 hitched to a creature transporter cart on enchanted grass. The surviving horse was fat at time of the victim's death.
  10. WTS High Vyn / Fo Enchants (updated)

    Rare Butchering Knife, iron QL_94 WoA_95 CoC_98 +10%Gather Rune 5,8 s  cod Lionix
  11. Sermons at Xanadu

    I'm there with a Lib priest. I'll get in contact with you. Usually I'm on around 23-02 gmt (evening US)
  12. WTS rares and other stuff

    4s hatchet, cod Lionix
  13. Please Close

    Same as above. Clean transaction. Thanks!
  14. All listeners get +4 alignment if WL preaches or -4 alignment if a BL preaches. As a BL preacher with everyone else being WL, most of the time I didn't get an alignment tick on preaching as the preacher (I only got 1 or 2 on several sermons). It might work normally if there is another BL in the group (but that is just speculation as I haven't tested). So as a BL, sitting in on WL sermons will increase your alignment +4 which isn't good (you become less negative).