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  1. Why drain at all when doing channeling grind? Multiple suggestions on ways to limit abuse (make it only drain on certain conditions). You trashed the channeling grind (other devs) and now are stepping back with an “improvement” that barely improves anything.
  2. You’d think chain casting would be at least tested before going live...
  3. Ok, true, but the system as it is makes no difference really. Defensively, you’d have an altar and can buff people after saccing. Maybe no drain unless you get embark or get combat flagged (logoff timer).
  4. There are already resistance to healing/repeated damage spells. There are also cooldown on repeat casting, is it really all that overpowered? (or can those be tweaked?)
  5. Just make it drain quickly if you embark. Have no drain if on foot. Would that solve most of the PvP usage issues but remove the losses for casting grind?
  6. “we've decided to give some further details before it goes live:“ (on locked feedback thread) 12 hours before it went live...
  7. On Things Current

    Dev awarded sleep bonus can reach a max of 10 hours. (You’ll be above your normal limit till you use it)
  8. Fo priest, 1.0 forestry skill, cannot see any mouseover. +1 should at least give him ability to see tile he's on. The same Fo priest with 1.0 gardening, CAN see flowers on same tile mouseover. My other Fo priest when 15 forestry, could see tile standing on (same as non-Fo with same forestry). Therefore Fo does not get the bonus of +1 until 30 forestry (which then you jump from same tile to 2 tiles away), but it does get the bonus to gardening before 30.
  9. Bump Fo priest 31 gardening, 30 forestry: 3 tiles away, i can see grass height (seems like there's an extra range, maybe all players start at seeing grass height on same tile) 2 tiles away, i can see flowers (same tile skill 15, 1 tile away skill 30, then +1 to make 2 tiles away for Fo) 2 tiles away, i can see tree age/sprouts(same tile skill 15, 1 tile away skill 30, then +1 to make 2 tiles away for Fo) Looks like the bonus doesn't work when you're under 30 skill, but then does after you pass 30 on forestry (maybe same ongardening?)
  10. Devs are aware and working on it (from Discord)
  11. I wonder if server is lagging behind and still thinks you’re on a hill when you hop out. If you can, try waiting 30-sec to a minute after you arrive and see if it still happens after that.
  12. K“admin”ty probably triggered something. (But yeah, weird like retro said it’s not triggering on other)
  13. If they increase mark gain from silver purchases, that’ll push people to add a lot of silver to the economy which might cause some problems. It’s a reward for supporting the game through your subscription, it’s not supposed to be that you want something from the store so you buy premium (which I’d say might be an argument against having a monthly skin made in it).