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  1. Just add 2 more goals to top tier and require all but 2 be complete.
  2. Should in-game wiki default to mobile format? Seems like that’d look better with the reduced space for the in game browser.
  3. [17:22:25] You fall into a trance. Should children really be allowed to sort out their indifferences themselves? Should be: Should children really be allowed to sort out their differences themselves?
  4. A streamer mentioned this in his stream today (or at least most of this suggestion) (The_R3d_Jester - Twitch). Add tooltips when hovering over a square on the map to show the coordinate of that square. This is especially important when zoomed in on the map since it's hard to get the coords.
  5. Had to build a floor below on the bottom floor. Now it works, but it's still a really janky way to have things. Make haul up an option like other objects (crates/furniture/bsb). (also BCU cannot fit in wagon)
  6. [17:04:20] You are too far away to do that. Standing on ladder directly above BCU below. [17:04:02] You cannot reach that far. After placing while downstairs, then walking up stairs to top of ladder right above the BCU.
  7. Please add "Haul Up" to bulk container units (and similar newer containers). I don't have to spam drag all the stuff back out/in again after I already just did so to move them into my mine.
  8. Year of 1100

    GL/IRC giveaways are awful. They’re limited to the time zone of the person running them and usually silly trivia games.
  9. Vynora page contradicts and Vynora gets alignment for felling old+ trees.
  10. Possibly, but don't disable manual. There are situations where it is useful to manually control (like sliding down a mountain).