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  1. Can this move to Community Assistance since it’s mechanics related? Cordage seems to be old formula for favor where the c value was bumped up from 1 to 1.3 Favor = 1.3 * QL * QL * 0.002 Can anyone confirm if 100 ql ropes are 26 favor? The get price says 25, but does it actually sac for that (rounding issues maybe)? The model works into the mid 90s, but I can’t test higher. Libila butcher bits (charcoal, meat don’t count) are calculated differently. Favor = QL * 0.105 Butchered bits are nice when you’re out hunting or have them stashed, but I think veggies might be better if you need something mass farmed. Anyone have formulas for other favor sources that were changed? I’ll eventually get around to figuring out others (veggie, cloth squares, door locks) when I get the chance.
  2. Would 1 way skill transfer from PvP to PvE be a good option? (like how freedom grinding transfers to Epic) That way you can grind on PvP, but still come back to PvE with no big loss if you don’t like it or need a break. There is a drawback though, since older players on PvE might be discouraged from going to PvP. Maybe a certain percentage of skill would transfer the other way?
  3. Does the extra skillgain event have an end date set yet? Trying to figure out my schedule for later this month.
  4. Sermon should probably be split off from faith page. Just do a sentence or 2 in the sermon section of faith page and then link to sermon page for more detail. On sermon page, you can have layouts for sermon areas. (5x5 box for a sermon/listen anywhere inside, 3x3 sermon area with 7x7 total listener area) Then maybe do a note on the north-west thing for more detail since that might come in handy for people doing a more careful sermon area setup.
  5. Before even considering changing the rewards, fix the skillgain system for prayer. (Btw shatter protection for only enough time for 1 cast or even less is basically worthless). I think the meditation skill mode fits prayer nicely. Give skill only when you’d gain faith. Then use altar QL (no difference for types) so by the 70s you’d want a 1 QL altar for skilling. Then add a difficulty change if altar is on special terrain (like meditation path tile modifier). Vyn = water, Fo = tree, Mag = Rock, Lib = tundra? On those tiles, you’d want a high enough QL to make up for the increased difficulty. The meditation style skillgain also encourages people even more to charge rites.
  6. I've started a project with big open space. Started mining out at 200 slope higher than future floor. Left ceiling flat and working on mining it all down on floor 200 down (I think max is like 224 mining actions down without touching ceiling). (and strongwall is very helpful to collapse mess ups, and to collapse ramps if needed)
  7. Bump Stage 1: Rename WL god statues to Avatar of ________ Statue. Stage 2: Add statues of gods themselves. I guess Libila doesn’t have a different avatar. Maybe add or just keep how it is? God models could be a mix of metals and stone for cool effect. Would be nice to have upgraded versions of statuette models. edit: oh, this should maybe be suggestions.
  8. You can already do /time. A mechanic in game would be ideal in addition. Just add magic or something. Maybe if you enchant a bracelet, it’ll tell time somehow (either a compass like widget or option to show text of the time under health like you can with FPS/speed). Heck, with exact speed being an option already, why not just add it there for free and not mess with any in-game items.
  9. Spindle, sure. Still easy enough for newer characters to make.
  10. Please add option to use discard command on shards that are piled on floor. Check if allowed to pickup, if able then discard. This will save time. Instead of picking up, moving mouse over to inventory then pressing discard, you just do discard hotkey on the pile until it’s gone.
  11. It’s Welmari’s. It’s pretty close to gm protected site status. I’ll map it more accurately and check with Wel and let you know.
  12. Nice :D

    IDK if this is best spot for this. Lotsa steamers going to post in freedom market if together.