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  1. Room 109 please. Will bring Mag, Vyn, Fo and crafting for most stuff (will work on stuff where needed most, though I may primarily try to grind cloth or wep smithing)
  2. Is there also actually 2-h sword? Seems to be hard with those spiky fists.
  3. Allowing Rift Scout Parties to count toward this journal goal would be great. They’re not super common so would still time gate things. They also don’t force you to do them at specific times (and you don’t have to spend over an hour to participate). It also encourages people to get out and explore.
  4. WTS Mend casts so RNG doesn’t wreck your moonmetal gear.
  5. Repairing should just be reworked to make it less of a mess. Separate timer and ql loss completely. Pick a point where mend is equivalent exactly to repairing (say 70 or 80 repair skill). Then have repair skill higher than that reduce ql less than mend curving to a certain point at very high skill level. Then have the timer calculated based on what you’re repairing, amount of damage, skill and any bonus. Then have a linear repair of damage and reduction of ql as the timer progresses. Make it where it doesn’t matter when you repair it (i.e. effective ql of item isn’t factored into the repair at all). It would still be good to repair often since your tool would spend less time in a lower effective ql state. Repairing shouldn’t be such a painful decision on when to do it.
  6. It’s all Vynora’s fault.
  7. Coastal road in red below is catseyed. EoTR deed technically isn't up, but it's still a good historical name/location reference.
  8. Is it for a character that ever changed owners? Maybe a previous owner didn’t leave village? (Note: account trading is no longer allowed)
  9. I guess their “accounting for the changes” was a bit off.
  10. With the price of 35 silver and pre-trader deed cost of 1.25s, the payback is 11 years 8 months. You can’t reduce deed cost to under 1 silver per month. A 1 year payback period is if you start at around 12 s/month (reduces to 9) This change is geared toward large deeds.
  11. Settlement loss is irrelevant since all the trader deeds disbanding. They were just big empires owned by a small amount of people.
  12. Click to place, but keep holding the left-click. Move your mouse around and it will rotate.
  13. Also there's a flood of stuff on the market from people converting to euro before the change.