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  1. Moved to Suggestions & Ideas.
  2. Moved to suggestions and ideas.
  3. Moved to suggestions and ideas.
  4. Have spent much time on the mountains of Release lately looking for the avatars.
  5. Do you need the range pole? Or just the dioptra? What ql are you looking for?
  6. I have a good quantity of 72 ql iron I'd be happy to donate to the impalong. I live on Release, somewhat near the west coast, and could either meet you on the east coast of Xan or if you wanted to pick up, have easy canal access. Just PM me here or ingame (same name) to arrange qty and exchange.
  7. Thread moved from Wurm Unlimited technical issues to WO Maintenance Building Technical issues.
  8. This might help you, @Bathilda
  9. 100% agree with both of these things, Bunn.
  10. This is a good reminder for me. I have an MSI gaming laptop and it’s started running really hot. I didn’t know you could get the paste replaced (you can put what I know about computer mechanics on a pinhead). I’ll have to see if mine is still under warranty and get that taken in. For me, the MSI has been the best running laptop I’ve had. I have a friend who swears by ASUS, but I had one of those just before my MSI and within a month or so of owning it, it was overheating. So I traded it in for the MSI. I mostly play on my gaming desktop now, but am currently recuperating from surgery, so I have to ride the couch, which means the MSI is seeing more action!
  11. Banana Canal is denoted in white on the map here with offshoots to Drowned Priest Lake/Sand Asylum (whatever your preference is for calling that lake just north of Mercury Lake), The Pit Of Destiny, and Meadowlark. It runs west coast to Spawn Lake.
  12. This post is like the Energizer bunny. It keeps going, and going, and going....