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  1. Can't like or +1 this enough. This would be a huge QoL measure (it's always driven me nuts, heh). Yes please!
  2. Definitely think they should be giant!
  3. There's some variance to when it arrives. Usually it's around 12 months, but can take a bit longer sometimes. Have seen it take 13-14 months before.
  4. It's so cute! Congrats, Cecci! I hope you enjoy the heck out of it.
  5. Minotaurus, try a password reset in game. See if that lets you back into the shop. Sometimes that will reset it. If it doesn't, file a support ticket, and the GM team can help you reset your password. Sometimes the system just needs a good kick.
  6. That is an oft-reported, but entirely intentional spelling. It goes back to one of the founders.
  7. In order to get an image to embed, you need a file link at the end such as .png or .jpg. I normally use imgur or gyazo. If you use Imgur, upload your file, then right click the picture itself and drag down to "open image in new tab" and it should generate an image link with a file name at the end, usually .png. I'm not familiar with imgbox. I tried that with the picture you linked above, but I didn't see that option. Try Imgur, that might work for you.
  8. Yeah, makes sense that if you make the slog to 100, there should be an additional bonus to imping things. Here's looking at you, horseshoes...
  9. Oh my gosh, I’d probably have so many of these!
  10. @NcRSweet. PM me in game or on the forums and we can arrange pickup.