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  1. This gets a hearty upvote from me! Would be a big QOL thing.
  2. Congratulations!!! That's quite the "mountain" to climb.
  3. I use a large storage unit with pottery bowls. Much storage for fragments!
  4. As of right now, planning on attending, can imp BS and shield smithing. Can I please reserve a room? Would be happy to help staff if needed.
  5. Moved to Maintenance buildings. If you continue to have troubles, you can e-mail for help with in-game password reset.
  6. Locked at request of Assistant Wurmpedia Manager. Please see new thread:
  7. @Errantknight, you cannot purchase from the Wurm Online Shop's website as a Steam Client User. You do have to purchase through Steam.
  8. Locked at OP request.
  9. I also had this problem, but if you go into the settings menu and check "Use Normal Mapping", it will return these to glowing. However, every time I've done that, it's crashed the game (but always remembers the selection) upon saving the profile. But I see rare armor and clothing now.