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  1. Yes you are, Jberg!
  2. Demona, this is amazing! This will really help the new players as they go through the tutorial! Thanks for putting this together.
  3. Plan to attend, if all goes well, can do BS (100). Carpentry (71). Can I please reserve a room?
  4. These would be lovely! Could also be used to grow limes and lemons, as I've seen done IRL, but they would be lovely to have ondeed as a decoration as well.
  5. bumps Shrimpiie whoops! So sorry. I slipped!

    Great slaying, Stan! Always nice to have public kills so that everyone can participate!
  7. You can put in a support ticket and ask staff to move it to the perimeter of the deed. They will investigate the issue and let you know whether or not that is something they can do. Type /support in game.
  8. Really is the skill cap, in my opinion. You won't really open up the entire Wurm Online set of skills and capabilities unless you are able to expand beyond the skill levels of 20. That being said, it also highly depends on your in-game goals. If you prefer a simple, wandering life, then you don't really need to premium. The "world" itself doesn't change. You just expand what you can do with it if you're able to skill things like carpentry or masonry up and build bigger and better things!
  9. Moved to NFI Auctions.