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  1. Is your bank flagging the charge as spam and not letting it go through? Sometimes you'll get an e-mail to verify that you're really making that charge if it's somewhere new for that particular card company.
  2. So excited to hear a bout the dyeable rugs! So many options!
  3. COD the remaining rare hammer to Bakhita. Thank you!
  4. Per the Wiki for that message (😞 You gain no inspiration here for your own path. Appears at the end of a successful meditation. You were meditating on a special tile that is on a path other than the one you have chosen or that you previously used for leveling at your own path.
  5. He just wants to give out hugs! Look at those open arms...
  6. @HailiahBakhita, please. Thank you!
  7. @slonif you put in a /support ticket in game, a GM should be able to help you.
  8. Yes, Devs are aware and working on it now, @Katrat