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  1. Works of art! As always!
  2. I believe wind plays a role in this, as I've had the same happen to me in my knarr.
  3. That potting bench is amazing. Do you deliver? Wagoner, perhaps?
  4. Awesome slay, as always, Stanlee!!
  5. Moved to Wurm Unlimited discussions
  6. Moved to Suggestions
  7. WTB Knarr

    Moved to Want to Buy.
  8. Moved to NFI at OP request, per PM.
  9. strange find

    Excellent find! Congrats!
  10. On Release tonight there is a mission to give the Vynora avatar yellow flowers. When I did this, instead of the usual "Vynora thanks you for your gift" type of message, I got the following: I DID get credit for doing the mission in the mission tracker, but the error message reports that it's already done. Not sure if the toon or the tracker bugged.