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  1. No, toons can't cross from NFI to Epic.
  2. I'm going to have to rethink the color of my staff now!!!! This looks great.
  3. Yes, this would be so much nicer.
  4. Ahh, Stanlee, you are a true Wurm treasure! Poor anemic fella...we'd better give him a transfusion. Sad that I can't be there, but I trust y'all to get the job done!
  5. Moved to community assistance. Also, no difference in the game play and premium time. Just where you launch the game from and where you buy your premium through. You'll buy your premium through steam, not the website.
  6. You can set individual permissions for each player. Building permissions will override deed permissions, so you can allow other players into your buildings, but deny them management. You can also set it so they don't have destroy building permissions on deed. So, things to let them have would be meditation abilities, casting of deity spells, tend/sow, mine, harvest, chop, etc.. I'd avoid letting them have 'pickup planted items'. I'd just go through the list and see what you do/do not want players to have, but make sure you don't let them pick up planted items or destroy buildings. I'm not at home right now to get a good screenshot, unfortunately.