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Found 11 results

  1. Edit: We moved to independence and recently started playing again, the thread will be updated with new stuff for sale in the next few days Few things for sale, for now, still trying to figure out prices, feel free to make an offer if anything seems too high (doesn't mean free-lowballing) [Why no spoilers in this list? Because you can CTRL+F (search) and just type the item you are searching for, since there's a bit of everything :D] New player? what does c / w / QL / N / SP / anything stands for? check here some tools are listed as "blades or heads" : that's both because of storage space and because some people like having their signature on their tools, feel free to ask to receive the combined version instead QL96 Supreme Mallet Oak - c100 w104 +10% speed (22s) QL95 Supreme Pickaxe Iron - w104 c98 +10%ql (23s) QL96 Supreme Shovel Iron - w99 c97 +10%ql (18s) QL93 Supreme Press Oak - w94 c94 (15s) QL96 Hatchet Iron 100imbue w100 c97 +10%ql (20s) QL 95 Rare Pickaxe - iron w106 c87 +10%ql (8.5s) QL 94.5 Rare Pickaxe - iron w101 c95 +10%ql (6.2s) QL 93 Rare Pickaxe - iron w100 c87 +10%ql (5.2s) QL 90 Rare Pickaxe - iron w93 c85+10%ql(4s) QL 90 Rare Pickaxe - iron c93 w90+10%ql (4s) QL93 Rare Stone Chisel - Steel c95 w101 (5.7s) QL92 Rare Stone Chisel - Steel c100 w99 (5.7s) QL92 Rare Stone Chisel - Steel c98 w97 (5.4s) QL96.4 Rare Pickaxe - Steel w106 c92 (8.5s) QL93 Rare Hatchet- Steel w100 c95 (5.4s) QL96 Rare File Iron - w100 c99 +10%speed (7s) QL92 Rare Shovel - Steel c95 w101 (5.2s) QL90 Rare Shovel - Steel c99 w96 (4.5s) QL93 Rare Hatchet - iron w103 c95 +10%ql (5.6s) QL10 Rare Shovel iron botd94 +10%ql (4s) QL96.2 Rare Leather Knife - Steel c103 w98 (7.7s) QL96.1 Rare Leather Knife - Steel c100 w94 (6.5s) QL95 Rare leather Knife - Steel c106 w99 (8s) QL92 Rare leather Knife - Steel c99 w96 (5s) QL92 Rare Awl - Steel c95 w96 (4.7s) QL94 Rare Awl - Steel c95 w103 (6.6s) QL94.4 Rare Shovel - Steel w98 c93 (5.2s) QL95 Rare Mallet Oak - botd 98 +10%speed (6s) QL93 Rare Mallet Oak - c104 w102 (6.3s) QL92.3 Rare Mallet Oak - w105 c97 (5.7s) QL92.3 Rare Mallet Oak - w103 c99 (5.3s) QL82 Rare Mallet Oak - c101 w101 (4.8s) QL90 Rare Spindle Oak - c104 w97 (5.5s) QL90 Rare Clay Shaper Oak - c96 w91 (3.6s) QL90 Rare Spatula Oak - c93 w93 (3.5s) Rare Mallet Head Oak c99 (2.9s) Rare Mallet Head Oak (1.8s) Rare Pickaxe Head - Iron (2s) Rare Spindle Oak (1.8s) Rare Spatula Oak (1.8s) Rare Clay Shaper Oak (1.8s) Rare Fruit Press Oak (2s) Rare Cheese Drill Oak (3s) Rare Leather Knife Steel (2s) Rare needle iron (1.75s) QL86 Rare Great Helm - Steel - wa100 (5s) QL90 Rare Huge Axe - Iron Ms95 C84 LT83 N75 (5.5s) QL66 Rare Small Shield - Oak c96 (3s) QL90 Huge Axe c81 (70c) QL73 Scissors botd97 (1.35s) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c100 (1.3s) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c97 (90c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c95 (70c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c94 (65c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c93 (60c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c91 (50c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c90 (45c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel 89 (40c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c88 (35c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c87 (30c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c86 (27c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c85 (25c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c84 (22c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c94 (65c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c82 (20c) QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c80 (17c) QL 93 Shovel - Iron w103 c88 (3.4s) QL 91 Shovel - Iron w99 c89 (1.8s) QL 90 Shovel - Iron w98 c77 (1.5s) QL 90 Shovel - Iron botd91 (1.2s) QL 85 Shovel - Iron w89 (70c) QL 90 Saw - Iron w92 c77 (115c) QL ~85 Saw - Iron w87 (65c) QL ~85 Saw - Iron w86 (62c) QL~20 Saw Steel c94 (65c) QL~20 Saw - iron c84 (22c) QL~20 Saw Steel c83 (20c) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c102 (2s) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c101 (1.5s) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c99 (1,1s) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c98 (1s) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c95 (70c) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c94 (65c) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c91 (50c) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c90 (45c) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c86 (27c) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c83 (20c) QL~20 Rake blade Steel c82 (19c) QL 91 Carving Knife - Iron c91 w83 (1.1s) QL 87 Carving Knife - Iron c88 w82 (60c) QL 95.3 Awl - iron botd95 (2.75s) QL~12 Awl blade Steel c102 (2s) QL~3 Awl blade Steel c97 (90c) QL~10 Sickle blade - iron c89 (40c) QL~10 Sickle blade - iron c87 (30c) QL~10 Sickle blade - Steel c89 (40c) QL~10 Sickle blade - Steel c83 (20c) QL~10 Sickle blade - Steel c82 (19c) QL~10 Sickle blade - Steel c80 (17c) QL~20 Needle Steel c100 (1.3s) QL~20 Needle Steel c94 (65c) QL~20 Needle Steel c89 (45c) QL~20 Needle Steel c84 (22c) QL~20 Needle Steel c82 (19c) QL~20 Needle Steel c81 (18c) QL~20 Needle Steel c80 (17c) QL~12 Scissors - iron c94 (65c) QL~4 Scissors - iron c90 (45c) QL~12 Scissors - iron c88 (35c) QL~12 Scissors - iron c87 (30c) QL~12 Scissors - iron c87 (30c) QL~12 Scissors - iron c86 (27c) QL~12 Scissors - iron c80 (17c) QL 32 Dredge c97 (90c) QL 36 Dredge c85 (25c) QL~20 Knife Steel c84 (22c) QL 92 Hammer - Iron w89 c84 (1.3s) QL~12 Buchering knife blade Steel c94 (65c) QL~12 Buchering knife blade Steel c86 (27c) QL~12 Buchering knife blade Steel c86 (27c) QL 90 Fruit Press - oak w77 (60c) QL 99.7 Whetstone c85 w78 (30c) QL 100 Whetstone c92 (55c) QL 100 Whetstone c72 (10c) QL 100 Whetstone c71 (9c) QL 100 Whetstone c70 (8c) QL~9 meditation rug c105 (3s) QL~9 meditation rug c101 (1,5s) QL~9 meditation rug c99 (1,1s) QL~9 meditation rug c96 (80c) QL~9 meditation rug c93 (60c) QL~9 meditation rug c91 (50c) QL~9 meditation rug c90 (45c) QL~9 meditation rug c88 (35c) QL~9 meditation rug c86 (27c) QL~9 meditation rug c85 (25c) QL 45 Fishing Rod - willow c94 (65c) QL67 Compass w72 (70c) Horse Stuff: 4x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w80 (25c each) 8x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w81 (26c each) 10x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w82 (27c each) 4x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w83 (28c each) 4x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w84 (30c each) 6x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w85 (33c each) 4x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w86 (35c each) 5x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w87 (38c each) 7x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w89 (45c each) 2x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w90 (50c each) 8x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w91 (55c each) 4x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w92 (60c each) 5x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w93 (65c each) 3x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w94 (70c each) 4x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w95 (75c each) 3x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w96 (80c each) 1x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w97 (90c each) 1x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w98 (100c each) 4x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w99 (110c each) 1x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w102 (2s each) 3x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w104 (250c each) 1x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w105 (3s each) 1x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w106 (4s each) 1x QL73+ Horseshoe - iron w108 (5s each) QL90.9 Rare Horseshoe w92 -10dmg Ru (3.2s) QL90.7 Rare Horseshoe w93 (3s) Combinables (Shipped in little weight, ask me if you don't know how to use them) String of cloth c83 (20c) String of cloth c82 (19c) Rock Shards c94 w86 (78c) Rock Shards c80 w78 (25c) Steel lump c101 w88 (165c) Steel lump c96 (80c) Steel lump c94 (65c) Steel lump c87 (30c) Steel lump c83 (20c) Steel lump c73 w71 (13c) Steel lump c75 (10c) Steel lump c70 (8c) Iron Lump c81 (18c) Cotton c100 (1.3s) Cotton c95 (70c) Cotton c93 (60c) Cotton c88 (35c) Cotton c87 (30c) Cotton c84 (23c) Cotton c82 (19c) Cotton c81 (18c) Cotton c78 (12c) Tooth c78 (12c) Tooth c66 (3c) Silver lump w86 (27c) Zinc lump c82 w61 (20c) Charcoal c83 (20c) Charcoal c67 (3c) 7x Champagne (1s each) Rare Champagne (2s) Soft Cap (1.5s) 33ql Star Diamond (1.5s) 3x Pottery valentines (80c each)
  2. Hi everyone and welcome to my shop. I can offer almost any type of bulk goods for sale: nails, planks, veggies, sprouts, bricks/mortar, dirt, clay, etc. you name it! I am located at Xanadu G23, Summerholt lake, which is easily accessible for ships via underground canal system at G23/24 or H23/24. I can also offer delivery to coastal areas (except for Chaos) or delivery by wagoneer if you happen to live on Xan. Pricing: Blacksmithing: Small Nails 1s/1k Large Nails 1s/1k Ribbons 5s/1k Rivets 2s/1k Fence Bars 1.5s/100 Carpentry: Arrows 2.5s/k Arrow shafts 1s/1k Floor Boards 5s/100 Pegs 1s/1k Planks 1s/1k Shafts 1s/1k Support Beams 5s/100 Wood Shingle 1.5s/1k Fine carpentry: Beehives/chicken coops/larders - 10c/10ql (up to 90+ ql) Masonry: Bricks/round stones (stone/sandstone) - 2s/k; current stock: 9k sandstone bricks Slabs (stone/sandstone) - 3s/k; Colossus bricks - 3s/k Mortar - 2.5s/k Colossus building service - 12s (price can be reduced down to 4s if you provide construction materials) Raw materials: Clay, dirt, logs, lumps, ore, peat, sand, shards, tar, - 1s/1k Please note - all prices above are set for creation ql, if you want specific ql pm me and we'll negotiate. Farming (animals) and forestry products current stock and prices: In general, grain and veggies go at 1s/k; berries, herbs, fruits, nuts and spices at 2s/k; dairy products (butter and cheese) - 2s/k (they can come wrapped to reduce decay for additional 1.5s/k). Both stock and quality are subject to constant change, so the numbers below are approximate. Food: Barley - 4.9k 99+ ql - 1s/k Basil - 8.4k 65+ ql - 2s/k Beladonna - 8.3k 65+ ql - 2s/k Buffalo cheese - 11.7k 91+ ql - 2s/k Butter (on demand) - 2s/k Cabbage - 12k 99+ ql - 1s/k Cacao pod - 8.5k 77+ ql - 2s/k Carrot - 12.8k 99+ ql - 1s/k Cheese - 64k 83+ ql, 36k 99+ ql - 2s/k Chestnut - 9.6k 92+ ql - 2s/k Coffee cherries - 7k 77+ ql - 2s/k Corn - 2k 98+ ql - 1s/k Cucumber - 13.4k 99+ ql - 1s/k Cumin - 8.4k 65+ ql 2s/k Dough - 3s/k Eggs - 100k 80+ ql - 2s/k Fennel - 7.2k 67+ ql - 2s/k Feta cheese - 46.1k 95+ ql - 2s/k Flour - 2s/k Garlics - 157.1k 99+ ql - 1s/k Ginger - 8.4k 65+ ql - 2s/k Green apples - 15.6k 72+ ql - 2s/k Green grapes - 28.4k 94+ ql - 2s/k restocking Green tea leaves - 8.3k 74+ ql - 2s/k Honey (ql 70+) - 20c/small barrel Lemons - 5.2k 96+ ql - 2s/k Lettuce - 11k 99+ ql - 1s/k Lovage - 8.3k 65+ ql - 2s/k Milk (bison, cow, sheep) - 20c/small barrel (current stock - 300 barrels of cow milk, 300 barrels of sheep milk) Mint - 8.3k 65+ ql - 2s/k Nettles - 1.2k 52+ ql - 2s/k Oat - 8k 97+ ql - 1s/k Onions - 11.6k 99+ ql - 1s/k Orange - 5.5k 91+ ql - 2s/k Oregano - 8.4k 65+ ql - 2s/k Paprika - 7.2k 67+ ql - 2s/k Parsley - 7.1k 67+ ql - 2s/k Pea pods - 20.1k 99+ ql - 1s/k Pine nuts - 12.6k 90+ ql - 2s/k Potatoes - 28k 99+ ql - 1s/k Pumpkin - 5k 99+ ql - 1s/k Red cherries - 3.7k 95+ ql - 2s/k Rosemary - 7.2k 67+ ql - 2s/k Rye - 9.6k 98+ ql - 1s/k Sage - 8.6k 64+ ql - 2s/k Sassafaras - 1.8k 51+ql - 2s/k Strawberries - 8.4k 99+ql - 1s/k Sugar Beet - 9.5k 99+ ql - 1s/k Thyme - 8.5k 64+ ql - 2s/k Tomato - 16k 99+ ql - 1s/k Turmeric - 8.3k 65+ ql - 2s/k Walnuts - 4.2k 94+ql - 2s/k Wheat - 4.1k 99+ ql - 1s/k I can grow grain/veggies of your choice on your demand as well, so you can have your ql 100 harvest straight from the field. Misc: Acorns - 2s/k (current stock - 4k 53+ ql) Animal fat - 2s/k Beeswax - 1s/k Cotton - around 60k 90-99 ql - 1s/k (strings - 1.5s/k, cloth - 2s/k, sheets - 2.5s/k) Paper - 1.5s/k Rugs (black bear, brown bear, lion, wolf) - 15c each Waxed paper - 2.5s/k Wemp (plants) - 40k 99+ ql - 1s/k restocking Woad - 2s/k (current stock - 9k 69+ ql) Wool - 120k 90+ ql - 1.5s/k (yarn - 2s/k, cloth - 2.5s/k) Sprouts (all 1s/100): Apple – 1.1k 66+ ql Birch – 2.9k 67+ ql Blueberry - 1k 56+ ql Camelia - 100 57+ ql restocking in progress Cedar – 4.4k 68+ ql restocking in progress Cherry - 7k 69+ ql Chestnut – 5.7k 68+ ql Fir – 4.3k 68+ ql Grape – 13.5k 65+ ql Hazelnut - 1.2k 60+ql Lavender – 1k 68+ ql Lemon – 10.2k 65+ ql Linden - 400 53+ ql restocking in progress Maple - 2.4k 68+ ql Oleander - 600 55+ ql restocking in progress Olive - 200 54+ ql restocking in progress Orange - 2.8k 64+ ql Pine – 4.7k 68+ ql Raspberry - 1k 56+ ql Rose - 1k 55+ ql restocking in progress Walnut - 3.2k 68+ ql Discounts are provided for large orders and/or pickup, free delivery to your coast, make an order of 10s and more food items - and I'll throw in a free FSB! I also take orders on single items (like ships, wagons, tools, lamps, leatherworking items, beehives or furniture) and offer imping services with the following skills: blacksmithing (90+), carpentry (90+) (bowyery 90+, fine carp 90+, fletching 70+, shipbuilding 90+), leatherworking (90+), masonry (90+) (stonecutting 90+). To make an order, pm me here or in-game. If you want something that is not in the list, feel free to ask, I'll see what I can do. My time zone is UTC+3. Looking forward to our cooperation 😃
  3. Welcome to Gerlion's General Store and Co. Our main deed is located at Xanadu S19. We sell tools, horses, and ships - among other things. All prices are for pickup but delivery can be negotiated. Feel free to contact Gerlion in game with any questions, orders or jobs you want done. If I don't have it listed here ask anyway Horses: 5 speed horses 25c (pickup) Ships (Ql 87😞 Small sailing boat 1s Corbita 3.75s Cog 4.8s Knarr 7.5s Caravel 10s Imp to Ql 87 50c Tools: Too many to mention Containers: Large creates 5c Chicken coup 50c Ropes: Cordage rope 2c each or 50c/1k favour (Free delivery for 5k (favour) or over) Misc: Yellow Potion 3c - 22 currently in stock Sleep powder 95c - 0 currently in stock
  4. Rike luke Nauko i haurallo. - Ask me for the Impossible. What isn't in stock, simply message me about and I will get it ready for you! Xanadu Wagoner is Available. Delivery to any other PvE Server is free (coastal). ? ANIMALS ? ⛑ ARMOR & SHOULDER PADS ⛑ ? CLOTHING & MASKS ? ? FRUIT ? ☠♘ HELL HORSES ♘☠ ♞ HORSES ♞ ? HORSE GEAR ? ⚒ MATERIALS ⚒ ⛪ PRIEST SERVICES ⛪ ? RARES, SUPREMES, FANTASTICS ? ? SERVICES ? ? SILVER ? ✨ SPECIALS ✨ ? SPROUTS ? ☭ TOOLS ☭ ? VEGETABLES ? ⚔ WEAPONRY ⚔ Queue: 5 Outstanding Orders: 1 Completed Orders: 138
  5. Welcome to the Shadowfly Alliance's First Midsummer Sale! All the money earned from this sale will go towards improving our alliance, building our capital and making sure that we continue to grow and flourish! We hope you enjoy our offers! Any Non-Mailable Items Will Be Delivered To You For Free Courtesy Of The Alliance Regardless of Their Value (To Coastal Locations on PvE Servers) Make an offer on anything you want via reply to this thread, PM here on the forums or PM ingame /tell Yldrania or /tell Mirabloodarc Supremes Rares Materials Miscellaneous Items Event Items Gems Tools HOTA Statues Horses (Xanadu Only) === Yldrania, ==Shadowfly Alliance Leader
  6. Due to low interest I split up the auctions: Deed + belongings here; Toon + knarr here.
  7. Selling a bunch of tools/items I no longer use, have upgrades for etc. Leave me an offer here or on forum PM, remembering to include the name of the character I should CoD it to...I will accept any reasonable offer for these items. Order multiple items = Discount! Want to take everything that is left? HUGE discount! Only 30s for the lot!
  8. Northern Lights MEGA SALE We are starting a mega sale that will last more than likely for a few weeks. New items will be added to this post all the time (because we are hoarders and we got things EVERYWHERE and it's impossible to go through everything fast) so check it out often! (you can follow the topic if you want ) Possible payment types Silver Paypal (not only verified but premier account): 1.05:1 EUR/Silver or USD equivalent Bitcoin ( price +5% - rates in USD/EUR as above) Litecoin ( price +5% - rates in USD/EUR as above) Location Northern Lights, top NE corner of Celebration, on the Cherrywood Isle Map available HERE Conditions Private PMs as well as posts here are welcomed! Delivery is now provided by a third party! check the delivery conditions! Mailing is from Celebration from a 99 power mailbox There is a merchant here and items can be added for offline pickup (if possible) Delivery prices Disclaimer: because I am not doing the actual delivery, you need to check first with me if delivery is available at that specific moment Prices are for Sailboat/Knarr Celebration anywhere 50c/1s Exodus anywhere 50c/1s Deliverance anywhere 50c/1s Independence anywhere 75c/1.5s W, NW and SW Xanadu 75c/1.5s E, NE and SE Xanadu 1s/2s W, NW and SW Pristine (only Knarr shipments) 2.5s W, NW and SW Release (only Knarr shipments) 2.5s E, NE and SE Pristine (only Knarr shipments) 3s E, NE and SE Release (only Knarr shipments) 3s Contact us, we tend to be very flexible with your wishes! part orders | just one item of a type | want more of something | discounts | imping services | etc. Ingame: Thorakkanath, Inspira or Vitrelle, forums: Thorakkanath ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Now on to the categories:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. RAW MATERIALS Wood Birchwood logs (23x 6.17ql, 22x 29.83ql, 17x 59.53ql, 33x 69.30ql, 3x 72.84ql) Cedarwood logs (70x 6.20ql, 3x 18.84ql, 29x 30.13ql, 13x 40.25ql, 12x 51.48ql, 58x 62.73ql, 28x 69.83ql, 3x 72.89ql) Pinewood logs (37x 5.20ql, 6x 29.28ql, 2x 40.23ql, 40x 61.61ql, 18x 69.67ql, 2x 72.94ql) Wood scraps, various types 6000x Willow logs (3x 22.44ql, 8x 30.60ql) Lindenwood logs (11x 2.61ql, 5x 21.73ql, 14x 27.71ql, 15x 42.61ql, 3x 47.84ql) Maplewood logs (9x 5.90ql, 2x 19.62ql, 8x 40.39ql, 7x 62.28ql, 6x 68.93ql) Wood shingles (26x 20.25ql) Walnut logs (6x 42.01ql) Chestnut logs (3x 23.28ql) Farming Cotton (512x 71.87ql, 538x 72.19ql, 1999x 77.06ql, 1220x 78.80ql, 829x 80.69ql) (2000x sold) Various Heaps of sand (39x 54.03ql, 27x 70.21ql) Clay (386x 19.04ql, 188x 58.46ql, 79x 76.14ql) Rock shards (11x 32.92ql, 30x 40.31ql, 790x 47.29ql, 148x 67.73ql) Tar (469x 14.25ql) Concrete (13x 20.82ql) Thatch (629x 30.11ql) Bow strings (190x 18.81ql) Strings of cloth (301x 34.50) Dirt 842x Nature Yellow flowers 113x 48.76ql Shipbuilding Pegs 76x 15ql Tenons 111x 18ql Deck boards 59x 16ql Hull planks (80x 12ql, 5x 19ql, 28x 21ql) Oars 28x 14ql Large tackles 4x 8ql Raw materials Furs (86x 16.68ql, 37x 30.08ql, 50x 40.95ql, 9x 50.93ql, 69x 64.25, 8x 72.79ql, 5x 82.69ql, 4x 91.87ql) II. TOOLS almost everything can be imped on demand, just ask Hammer, iron 80ql Ropetool, oakenwood 50-60ql (8x available)(1x sold) Leggat 55ql Smelting pot ql 40 dmg 0.07 Large maul 69.12ql 53FB 50coc Large rat pelt 91.71ql 6.14dmg 30coc Trowel, iron 74.09ql 46woa Toolbelt 70.12ql Small anvil 79.78ql Dredge, birchwood 68.09ql File, iron 69.87ql Ropetool, pinewood 37.23ql 67coc Ropetool, pinewood 39.49ql 46coc Needle, iron 62.35ql 49coc Needle, iron 61.92ql 54coc Needle, iron 38.29ql 62coc Scissors, iron 63.02ql 59coc Scissors, iron 69.65ql 52coc Scissors, iron 65.04ql 49coc Pendulum, iron 49.64ql 62litd Pendulum, iron 49.17ql 46litd Water 45coc Water 42coc Pendulum, iron 49.75ql Rake, iron 65.26ql 64coc Rake, iron 50.16ql 62coc Saw, iron 68ql 54woa All sorts of pelts ranging from 70ql to 90ql III. RARES almost everything can be imped on demand, just ask Rare hanging lamp, brass ql 46.64 Rare small wheel, cedarwood ql 24.44 Rare cordage rope 28.66ql (8x sold) Supreme cordage rope 25.44ql 49dmg Supreme stone brick 30.25ql 80dmg Rare lump, bronze 24.18ql 62dmg 0.1kg Rare lump, iron 45.50ql, 24dmg 1kg Rare lump, silver 37.96ql 37dmg 0.1kg Rare marble brick 21.65ql 70dmg Rare bowl, iron 48.23ql Rare sprout, chestnut 49.45ql Rare lump, gold (4x 45-60ql) IV. ITEMS almost everything can be imped on demand, just ask Lamp, iron (6x 14ql, 6x 40ql, 3x 50ql) Lamp, brass 19.98ql Water skins (8x 14-28ql) 4x Horseshoes, iron ql 55 BSBs all qualities (10x pinewood, 3x cedarwood, 3x maplewood, 1x applewood, 1x birchwood, 1x oakenwood, 1x willow, 2x cherrywood) FSBs all qualities (4x pinewood, 1x birchwood, 2x cedarwood, 1x cherrywood) Torch lamp, iron (4x 15-20ql, 3x 29ql) Shop sign, pinewood (4x 36-38ql) Freedom Isles kingdom banners (6x pinewood 15-20ql, 2x maplewood ql 40-45, 1x oakenwood 12ql) (2x sold) Freedom Isles kingdom flags (7x maplewood ql 30-40, 1x oakenwood 46ql) Unfinished support beams (22x with 1 iron ribbon remaining included) Flags (2x pinewood 12ql) Quiver 19.82ql with 41x hunting arrows 48.08ql Leather saddle (6x 28-30ql​) V. SPECIALS Fireworks, birchwood 4x 80ql Snow lantern 99ql Yellow potion 14x 16-96ql (7x sold) Potion 22x 13-96ql Sleep powder 4x Soft cap 4x 99ql ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Happy shopping! Thor & Inspira PS. Check our ship and rope accessories shop HERE
  9. Simply wondering how much this could possibly be worth to be honest. The red boxes are satchel containers. The ones at the bottom contain around 70~ Large metal shields at 80+QL and lumps of ore from base to 97ql. Theres also 1500 arrows at ~40ql and another 1500 arrows at ~20Ql in the chests at the bottom. Please feel free to price check!