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  1. i would need 3,5kg black drake hide for a new set
  2. did you have black drake hide? when you have i would take 3,5kg to TheDesmon pls
  3. when you still have the seryll lumps i would take them. COD to thedesmon pls
  4. how much did you want? 60 or 65?
  5. for the drake hide set 50s? without the helm
  6. Hi Wurmians, i want to buy 2 boots, 2 gloves, 1 pants and 1 jacket of green drake hide. The Quality is not important for me and enchants arent important too. pls PM ingame: TheDesmon or here. thx Desmon
  7. Hi, i would take 1 black/silver horse (Male) and 2 jet black horses (Female) My deed is Ab Inferis on Release (T14, in the bay) pls inform me ingame (TheDesmon) when you have the horses. thx
  8. Missing Horses

    Many thx Bob and Rolly im so happy. i will take it tuesday or wednesday.
  9. Can you put Ab Inferis back in the map pls. X19, Y47
  10. Missing Horses

    Hi everybody, my deed, Ab Inferis, disbanded and i lost some horses. when anybody see them i'm really happy to get them back. all of them are still alive and they are cared by me. The names are: Xenahunting, Happyflash and Fastcloud. The most important horse is Xenahunting because the horse has the name of my daughter Xena and so i'm reallly happy to get them back. Please inform me when you have them or you saw them. Here is a link that you see that all of them are cared by me. List of Horses Desmon
  11. Hi yes please. which price? ingame: thedesmon
  12. WTB rare or supreme cloth hood. the ql is not so important. pm me here or ingame TheDesmon
  13. I want to buy a complete blue drake hide set with AoSP enchant. i will pay 75-80 s. PM-Ingame: TheDesmon, Stygia or Lucanos
  14. longsword, iron 50ql NIMB72 COC82 LT73 MS74 - 3s30c send it to TheDesmon pls
  15. Please put "Ab Inferis" on the Map. it is on: X19, Y47 With Mail and merchant