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  1. This and some of us are paying upkeep but not playing because of the massive amount of work that's gone into the deed coupled with the hope maybe things will change in the future. With the current bugs, toxic cliques, pvp death, lack of content and steam release soon, I wonder if its worth it. Anyways, +1 Personally I keep reminders on my phone and post-it notes.
  2. Thank you Pandalet and apologies just a tad frustrated.
  3. As far as I was aware Jackal was supposed to be a premium only server and Freedom has F2P, this situation is the opposite.
  4. Those servers are still up, Jackal expires. I refuse to premium up a toon just to take it back, it can't even get back to the deed its a mayor off. So now I need to wait until Jackal dies to get it back I assume. I saw 4 developers read this post and not bother answering. What a complete farce.
  5. In order to cross to Jackal one has to be premium, however if your premium expires whilst on Jackal one cannot cross back to Freedom. I presume this is a bug or situation that hasn't been thought of yet? This brings up what happens when Jackal expires, toons are deleted if they aren't premium? Or what?
  6. Just a thought, as we have all these achievements tracking things it would be fun to have leader-boards built in somehow. I'd love to see how I compare to others in the number of spiders i have slayed for example and if someone was beating me i would go out there and bash more. Would be another incentive for getting people active and some friendly competition I reckon.
  7. [21:04:41] You almost made it, but the fence bars are useless. [20:11:29] Only an empty bsb can be put into that rack.
  8. Plot twist, you know many things Jon Snow
  9. A server run by WO with WO rules, staff and unlikely to be shut down.
  10. The more I try to envisage this situation, I see that WO will be entirely old (veteran) toons with all new players going to the Steam fresh server and any fairly new players on WO with not much to lose going also. Is it a lot different from now? No, but the chance of getting many new players again is likely gone bar the odd person wanting to sail around endlessly visiting a ghost town. An idea could be that the steam version is just a free trial area and if you want to play further, keep your skills and equipped gear and migrate to WO.
  11. That is rather different though, you either have to host or join another players server with all the worries those entail.
  12. I think at this point the focus should be out with the old in with the new. There is a lot of old toxic in the game that basically ruin any experience for new players. A lot of them only supporting parts of ideas that could possibly make them money. A fresh server for newbies on steam sounds like a great idea to me, as long as its not wiped every now and then. After playing Jackal and starting out as a noob again, its been a while, I didn't find it that bad. It would be nice for new players to have a larger safe area around spawn for starting out. Maybe a tweak of some of the things that are highly irritating such as; light winds for sailing being too slow, not being able to ride on slopes over 40, not gaining stamina on slopes when mounted, hell horses attaching you while hitched, not being able to build structures efficiently because of unable to reach the container below, levelling 1 dirt at a time when you can raise 3, losing led animals into walls, having a better targeting system and making it more obvious whats hitting you, so many times i am targeting something that i ran past hours ago while the other thing is bashing me, maybe an auto untarget option after x metres. can keep going if you like.. As Damascus says, more reasons to go out and something fun to look for; mini dungeons, fix to uniques and more of them, random drops of mobs other than coin. Basically making it more fun and hitting the reward/addiction thing that people play games for you know..
  13. Do you also have Bitcoin projections?
  14. I would have thought a lot less personally. I think its good as it means its less likely to be shut down now for a while. We will still have the same devs and team I imagine, not that much will change at all. I am hoping that different boss like figures having imput might mean we get more QOL things, making it more fun and less rage inducing maybe, who knows.
  15. This is most likely a good thing, I'm hopeful.