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  1. Update "Reveal Creatures"

    Have you not used Wurm assistant? It has a log searcher..
  2. Slaying - Goblin Leader

    Apologies for the mess and for the fact I had to log off straight after the slay. I can see why he was left in the centre of the tundra for so long now undetected. I am glad you have it fixed up, I appreciate how tundras, and pockets of natural beauty are important to its locals. If you need any transmutation liquid for the remaining missing tundras let me know. I will mail it over with no fee. I have seen the loss of tundras on other servers with certain people campaigning for its removal. The sole reason apparently being that of things not spawning on it and instructing their minions to destroy it. Very sad indeed, anything I can do now I am back in-game from a crisis in RL, do let me know. Ps . Thank you to all who attended, supported and had patience for the public slaying, and best of luck to Bipolar in his hunting endeavours for more uniques. There is a great hunter in all of us.
  3. Slaying - Goblin Leader

  4. Slaying - Goblin Leader

    The inconspicuous leader of goblin folk has been found and buried alive in the tundras of Xanadu. One of the members of the ever increasing team of public slay enthusiasts located the leader and we all had a good ol shindig penning. Great job Bipolarbear in locating the rascal.
  5. Hey, I'll be honest.

    EU, bah, Pasta la vista babeh.
  6. Hey, I'll be honest.

    What world do you live on? Come to England, we have like 50 cities and a few towns, the rest is fields and rural areas. There is a lot of brainwashing on the internet and tv, especially by the Americans. The co2 was like 10 times higher in prehistoric times and everything flourished, oxygen is the poison. Why not leave your city and take a look around.
  7. Would you pay more deed upkeep for less on-deed decay?

    Upkeep is already outrageous, not to mention the initial cost of expanding tiles. We have done well to get where we are now regarding decay on deed, they may be more generous in the future but right now it is significantly better than it was.
  8. Slaying - Forest Giant

    Location added
  9. Slaying - Forest Giant

    The space is fine, and we walled the edge but he did knock us down a couple times. Its Dragon Fang, its a loooong way down.
  10. W.S.A. Downtime and instability compensation

    Thank you, hoping for a fix to Indy lag soon.
  11. Why is transmutation so horrible?

    92 Ns, 60ql juices, 10ql mats to clear them out, I rarely have a low quality tranny come out. Actually get better results with low ql mats than higher ones. Seems you got served with some bad rng indeed, but isn't that the nature of the game?
  12. Slaying - Forest Giant

    Zor posing after her catch Some fool getting baited 'Come ere boi' 'Help, i've been catfished!!'
  13. Slaying - Forest Giant

    The cheeky forest giant has been found and we have it penned down, very securely.. no , we do. The slaying will be on Saturday night, aiming to make it an all time zone friendly slay. Should be 11pm UK, 5pm Saturday USA and 10am Sunday Australia. 'The Forest Giant is a unique creature that roams the forests of Wurm. The Forest Giant is armed with a 65ql Huge Club that it will use for attacking and parrying. The Forest Giant is easily recognised due to its massive size and antlers. When slain, every premium player in local will receive blood. Mixing Forest Giant blood with source salt will create a Potion of woodcutting.' The location will be up on Friday. We will roll some loot to fighters that will appear on the list abstracted from Niarja, minus alts. Pre-warning, you may want to bring stamina sandwiches and stay on climb during the fight, its rather high up.. if he throws you, it won't be that pleasant! Go up the tunnel as normal and follow the land across once up top, heading southeast.
  14. Patch Notes: 21/FEB/19 Moving Independence Home

    Really not noticing any improvement there, getting them a lot more frequently than every few hours too.
  15. The new way of uniques!

    I personally can't see anything changing. Seeing how a lot of staff help pen and attend private slayings. If the devs change the way scale and drake drops that may be an incentive for some. It is entirely possible to form a group that hunts uniques to make them public, I imagine those interested could easily match the number that prefer private slays. Saying , they find them so quick whats the point is a defeatist attitude, Zor and I never give up hope and we still find some from time to time even though far outnumbered.