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  1. Digging has seen some great improvements over the years, since when flat raising was the only option to raise above 40 to levelling and raising tiles and borders. I have been looking forward for dig to pile since it was mentioned all that time ago. This weeks news almost had me logging back in to work on my forsaken deed only to read the small print 'not with levelling'.. You can level mine tiles and shards go to a pile, stamina will still run out, what's the issue with digging?
  2. Having picked up some Halloween shoulder pads from some creatures, I noticed that a rare bone is usable on them to transfer rarity. The Rift shoulder pads, however, are unable to use this facility. I know the occasional rare drops at rifts but for those that want to bling up their pads with a bone, why not add it.
  3. I'm all for tougher creatures to fight, bring them in but make them non aggressive until attacked, similar to the avatars etc. +1
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  6. A week night and very late, pity , have a good fight guys
  7. C90 steel hatchet to Lordlouis please
  8. Worked for me too, thanks Jaz
  9. A classic riposte. The servers are running but no one can log in, there isn't even a screen with the servers and player numbers on the forums or the startup page.
  10. The end is nigh!!
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  14. 'F: Me and Vynora is going to welcome them while we figure out a way.' Fo is Ali G? Who knew?
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