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  1. I would have thought a lot less personally. I think its good as it means its less likely to be shut down now for a while. We will still have the same devs and team I imagine, not that much will change at all. I am hoping that different boss like figures having imput might mean we get more QOL things, making it more fun and less rage inducing maybe, who knows.
  2. This is most likely a good thing, I'm hopeful.
  3. Really though? Really? Really really? Same as we were going to have an epic skill transfer I'm reckoning. I am hoping for this though, otherwise it is a pretty pointless venture.. we have journal tasks and we get Jackal points , I really hope these points get some good rewards for 6 months of work. I am having some fun in Jackal, there just needs to be some adjustments and constructive criticism will hopefully be taken aboard. My Op wasn't to patronise or say its a load of garbage, it was to understand what was going on and why things that could have been implemented were not. It is the first Jackal, I am sure the devs will read and take notes and even play themselves to see what they can add or fix. Not that I got anything helpful lol, more likely oh its Louis he upset my dragon hoarding mates lets ignore him . Every single player that wants too should be able to give their opinion as every player matters, not just the elite in private discussions with devs. After all we want a game for the many not for the few.
  4. Wetas are a unique and awesome thing to Jackal and I think they should be made more awesome. They should be able to have large saddles equipped which would also allow us to use saddlebags. It would be nice they didn't wander off unhitched and they would also make great mules, not to mention they would just look cooler! The end.
  5. Well I have noticed there is a journal task for Jackal, something to work towards at least. I can see how it would be tough to implement Ai for sieges etc, I think Freedom beacons should have a minimum distance apart for chaining etc and perhaps a server layout that could allow this sort of mechanic, but Ill take it how it is and try get these tasks done. Maybe some feedback will be taken on for the next round.
  6. The work done on Jackal to make it feel different to other servers is impressive with the rugged terrain and trees etc. I love the Wetas and the idea of having to use them to cross this inhospitable land is great. I believe they already can cross slopes higher than a standard mount could? I do think this needs adjusting , however. The majority of the server is very bumpy and mountainous, personally if I go out I get stuck all over the place on these slopes and have died on numerous occasions due to it. Its incredibly frustrating. I propose the slope limit is lifted somewhat for the Wetas making traversing the terrain a little less rage inducing and making Jackal and Wetas more fun and unique.
  7. We need this, it's fine buying from players now and then but being able to buy it when you want why not. Its a pay to win game already, Codeclub would make a fortune. I know id play more. I saw Retrograde has made a merchant with sleep powders for sale on Jackal, which is great, but 5s each lol what? Suggestion is to allow us to to select how many hours, up to 5 cap, from the shop for like 1e an hour.
  8. This will likely give some hot shot nerds some ammo of neeeh you're dumb look how clever I am etc, however can someone shed me some light as to the purpose of this excursion? So far its rather different to what I thought it would be. There is corruption, to push it back you need to build a beacon, great idea except you can build it anywhere in the corruption? I am seeing random deeds in random places everywhere, I thought you would have to build them on the outskirts to push it back. I assumed that at the borders of the corruption there would be rift like things, lots of mobs, penalties, idk. Things to work at and battle together with as many people as possible helping, front line war. Is there any penalty for going in the corruption? Seems like you can just wander in and hunt and do what ever you like with no penalty. Is it just - you cannot deed and its a different colour? Is there no gradually increasing difficulty as you get closer to the centre of the corruption? The starting out again part with friends is fun, just wondering what the long term goal is really. Thanks.
  9. Totally needs a screenshot of House of Lords
  10. On deed I can hold down a key to set a bind. Off deed it doesn't show the set key by the command and also holding down a key does nothing. I am on Jackal and have not been on Freedom to see if its the same. Edit, works on perimeter too. 2nd edit, just seems to be level on a border, can probably ignore this after all ..
  11. Id say the spawn in general needs a tweak, for a 'dangerous' server there isn't a lot about.