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  1. Imping PAS

    You should be able to fine if you keep your tools at least 10ql higher than your skill, personally i keep all my tools 90 plus for imping whatever the skill, 'skillers' are garbage, only useful for resource gathering really.
  2. So long, and thanks for all the fish

  3. Taunting Keybind

    Can we please have a key-bind for taunt? The taunt option is right by disembark and as soon as you get a laggy refresh you're off the horse and cant re-embark until all is dead. Whyyy
  4. Help Connecting to Major Highway Network.

    I'd give you perms, but Lakes End is under one of Zomag's alts and he basically does not play anymore. I can't even add push pull perms, which I had assumed would have been added. I built that entrance a few years ago now, pity the perm problem wasn't mentioned before
  5. Help Connecting to Major Highway Network.

    Shifting ay, how bizarre.
  6. Help Connecting to Major Highway Network.

    I'll do that when i'm over in the next few days, I've not actually inspected it in a year or so. It was all dredged out but imagine its been griefed in some way, for a change.
  7. Help Connecting to Major Highway Network.

    Also Dadd account was sold, pretty sure with the deed also. You would have to run a bridge across perhaps. Crazybill does still play, that is his player name, not sure how to catch him though or if he has a forum account.
  8. Help Connecting to Major Highway Network.

    I am fine with cats eyes running up Lakes End, I want to change the stone slab to slate first, been on my list a long time just not got around to doing it.
  9. Hunting Server

    Le bump for this. No the few northern deserts we have are not enough for seasoned hunters, the south of servers are generally empty. We also need tougher mobs to hunt than trolls and hell scorpions, including them on a separate server for higher skilled fighters would be ideal, keeping it way from pve.
  10. Red Dragon

    Your lil crew doesn't even make humanoid killings public, like most groups do. What do you get from that? There is nothing extra to be gained making it private.
  11. Red Dragon

    You didn't have anything to do with the abuses, sure, but you still have him in your group, which to me means you support disgusting behaviour against women. When i was hunting with oblivion, we made many of the hunts public also, or didn't you notice? You live in that little world of yours brainwashing the small minded folks that look up to you so you can stash all your tomes up in that magic chest of yours.
  12. Red Dragon

    Like i said, if the good woman wasn't abused no nastiness would have occurred. The slaying wasn't for spite at all, we genuinely wanted it to be public fun. The issues we have with a group of hunters is nothing to do with that.
  13. Red Dragon

    Why are you even worried about a team of 2 people vs a whole server of hunters?
  14. Red Dragon

    Why would me living on Deliverance be a threat? I'm entitled to live where I like thank you. I'm sorry if i offended you and your man, I know exactly how that feels from the my experiences so far living here.
  15. Red Dragon

    Ah i love the deli community. So friendly, so kind, so cultured. I think i'll stay longer.