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  1. That would be premiums for marks rewards.
  2. Rare long bow is [17:49:29] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [97] [17:49:29] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [92] [17:49:29] Bloodthirst has been cast on it, so it will do more damage the more you hit creatures or players. [10000] 10s Source 1s per kg butcher knife 15s sold compass 5s
  3. CLOSE

    Who cares? Its only been up a day and an offer of 400e has been made privately. Its not an auction its a waiting for the best offer, theres weeks to go before the deadline and its the last chance to buy a priest or spend the next 5 years grinding one from scratch which is 400e just in premium. If you want a very good priest make a sensible offer and not troll posts in the hope soneone will sell you one for 50e when the going rate for similar priests is 500/600 euros.
  4. Steam won't produce any more players, the game is 90% garbage. One of the most redeeming attributes it had was everything you put in you could get something back later if need be. Things you bought for outrageous prices, like a scale set, 200 euro? Lol. Was ok because , well it still has a value in real money.. You could grind thinking hell at least I could sell the toon for something one day if i got bored so not a total utter waste of time spending 6 years of my life to get 100 in something usless. This is going to happen and its not a discussion I know , I'm not forseeing a great success though. Rmt being a stong point for the game , many more items and a regulated auction house would have been a better idea, with cc taking a cut from player sales. A shop selling useless wank, rolfs gnomes sold out in a few hours, imagine what a whole shop full of decorations, clothes, skins , banners, whatever would have made. Its a shame, i have had much love for wurm over the years, never made a penny out of it, until now while selling up before the deadline. I really hope these ideas work for you, can't see it personally though.
  5. Im outa here anyway, pointless opinion. Best of luck with it all.
  6. Times perfectly with Brexit for me , heres to leaving all the loonies and their agendas behind