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  1. Whilst I voted yes, part of me would also vote no. Sotg is a big hindrance for people wanting casual pvp, like myself, but for the hard-core pvpers it's essential for not getting 3 hitted, as people have mentioned. A compromise could be for meditation to be merged to one path and each perk a choice as you progress, so someone could have some % protection at low levels and still have a higher tier perk such as 25% skill gain for example, or vice versa.
  2. Damn, Saroman has really outdone himself this time. So pleased the trait colours are coming back, does that mean though that they might actually spawn again I wonder.
  3. A new server would boost pop briefly and then go back to normal again, although I highly doubt a pvp one would. Few want to pvp due to numerous reasons that are discussed daily on these forums, freedom and pvp will always be divided while sotg is still a thing. I'm pretty sure the devs are working on new advertising and they are constantly updating the game, which barely any 10 year old game gets. I have no comment to the dollar statement, its just hilarious. Why so many topics about the population? The games not dying, seems to me the only people that it bothers are those out to make a living from the game rather than putting money into it.
  4. +1 already destroyed my 100ql iron, I'm finding this more annoying than useful!!
  5. Man, drake sets got so much more love than scale, they look amazing.
  6. Wish I had found this a few years ago, nice tool, thanks Max!
  7. I don't think off hand hit damage should equal the same damage as main hand but should definitely be faster than it is currently, + 1 for your option B
  8. It's because the smelter is not a bulk container, would be great if something could be added to allow this though.
  9. Imperials just don't look right to me, they should be double that height. The whole point of those rungs was to enable whoever to place a ladder against them to climb up and fill them. As they are they look like standard lamps with coat hooks, lol.
  10. Just to clarify, are you testing this while queuing up tames? Would it not be better to look at single ticks with a full stamina bar? As the stamina bar affects the timer and gain so significantly the difference is most likely successes and fails at varying stamina levels with a small amount due to Ql. For example, most of your success with the normal beef could have been low stamina and the minced beef more success at higher stamina.. If I tame a deer with a grass at full stamina the gain is the same each time, so I imagine you could test different food that way.
  11. Cod 1 banner to Lordlouis please
  12. As the title says, please allow the pick up of empty crates. We can pickup empty bulk storage containers and put them in their relevant container , it would be a great improvement to be able to do the same with the empty crates rather than have to embark on a cart or juggle them about with lines of crate racks.
  13. I like this idea but it would simply allow the people spamming rares an easy way to create supreme and fantastic items on an industrial scale. This would end up saturating the market even more, defeating the purpose really.
  14. House of Pain's latest layout!