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  1. WTS rares and other stuff [UPDATED]

    2s for Goblin leader blood? If so cod to Gunnerld.
  2. Sleep powder and more.

    Price change bump.
  3. Sleep powder and more.

    [22:08:45] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than an hour. Thanks
  4. Sleep powder and more.

    Asking 9s for all sleep powders. Accepting offers on everything else. Green hatchling blood sold. Sleep powders sold.
  5. [Close] Sold

  6. Bought several tools, fast response, good items, good price. Will remember in the future.
  7. Looking For A Weapons Smith

    Thank all of you for the replys. I will give them a PM.
  8. Looking For A Weapons Smith

    Hi, I am looking for a weapons smith to improve my huge axe to 70-80ql. I live on Celebration, but am willing to travel. Please PM me ingame or reply here on the forum. Thank You