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  1. Recruiting frequent friends for my deed! Deed location : Harmony J12 I am looking for 1 to 5 people who would like to join my deed, I will not charge anything, only in the future if there is an increase in the size of the deed I will ask you to contribute with the maintenance amount which is minimal .. Reason for recruitment: I am currently alone in my deed, just a friend who only enters the weekend sometimes, and as I am frequent, I am opening these vacancies for everyone to help themselves to have everything Expectations and commitments: So whoever you want, I hope you commit to helping everyone and especially the deed, being frequent (the available time you can and enjoy playing). The goal is to grow and everyone at deed has the resources of the skills that each will specialize in. Rules? : This is simple, I just ask you to live in harmony with everyone, helping in whatever you need, and I will not stipulate ski obligations, do whatever you like, and I advise that sharing skills within a deed is essential for everyone to have much more benefits in the game in fast time. what do i have to offer? A Vynora priest in progress, fixed housing, a large deed with no upfront costs (there will only be some cost in the future if there is a need for expansion, but I will only charge for the monthly maintenance which is much lower and shared by all) lots of materials, all the resources around , space to expand as much as you want. There will be a free boat, since I have high ship, woodcut, carpentry skills for now ... If anyone is interested, leave your comment and get in touch, or call me in the game: Lordneto
  2. happy to make your knarr, i am happy to know that you will sail much better now !! tyy
  3. hello spell, send me plz, file 54ql 43CoC 2s22c , saw 52ql 53WoA 3s80c , oak mallet 10ql 38CoC 1s64c , carving knif 41ql 41CoC 1s94c , hatchet 1ql 40CoC 1s80c.... by: lordneto in game !!
  4. tell me in game lordneto, for people to talk and close a busines : D thanks
  5. thank you for the preference friend !!
  6. deal closed in deals: D thank you
  7. incredible and fast work, just wonderful, super recommend !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. how wonderful, we have a family of lords in harmony: D
  9. thanks for choosing my friend, we will see you again soon !!!
  10. thanks for the preference friend: D happy about it, hope to meet again
  11. thanks for the preference my friend, see you soon: D thanks for the preference my friend, see you soon: D
  12. I didn’t understand a little about the interval from one sermon to another and how many I can do per day