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  1. I think it could be a good way to sort of "humanise" folks in other kingdoms, and make things more fun. We're all playing the same game, but cut off from a lot of people we might get on with well, or folks we play with all the time on other servers. It's not like the moments of bickering and complaining don't end up on the forum as is... As Zeke says, if it gets a bit too salty, just shut it down.
  2. While most of us from Oak Harbour and the alliance are playing on Defiance, I'm still happy to invite people to join Oak Harbour if they're after a place to get started. Or you can join up with us on Defiance if you're curious about the PvP side of Wurm.
  3. It's a small annoyance, but annoying all the same. I'd just like to know if the tile I'm applying a support beam to is flat or at the right slope before I put it on, without having to switch back and forth to a pickaxe.
  4. I've had this for years. Would love to know if it's something that could be affecting performance. (Wurm has never run well for me)
  5. Unless it's changed for the Northern Isles, no mycelium on PvE, even though they've got Libila.
  6. You haven't gained Animal Husbandry skill between the time you originally checked and now, have you? Is it possible you had just under 39 skill before? Otherwise, I've never heard of this happening.
  7. I'm not sure I grasp your diagram, but you can't have any tiles of a building (completed or not) under a bridge. You can connect 2 or more buildings via bridges, but they still remain individual buildings.
  8. Only premium players should get marks, non-prem could just get SB. As it is, you can't even access the marks store unless you're prem, and marks themselves aren't transferable, so not able to be consolidated from alts. Thus, I don't think that would be a huge issue. As for the economy... well, 1) maybe the economy shouldn't be based so heavily around sleep powders; and 2) many of the marks would be spent on other items. Compensation doesn't happen often enough that it should make a significant impact on the economy if it was given in marks. What if it were a choice given at a settlement token? Choose 10 hours SB or 10k marks, or something to that effect?
  9. When trying to pick up items that will exceed your weight limit, the message is: "You can not even carry one of those." This should read: "You can not carry even one of those."
  10. I see you stalking me here, creeper! 

  11. So... we talk about new player experience in the creature movement thread? I admit I'm a bit sleep deprived today, but that doesn't make much sense to me.
  12. Now nearly all items go missing from inventory until I add more of the item and move them around. This is on Defiance.
  13. Battle Camp on Defiance is gone, but because the camp influence remains, I can't expand my deed in any direction. Pleeeeease, someone fix this. For a PvP server, this is very broken. [21:42:54] You cannot found the settlement here, since this is a battle ground.
  14. I had 2 whetstones in my inventory, but only one was visible, even though the item counter showed (2) Was able to make both appear after dropping them into a container and picking them up several times.
  15. Indeed, we can already click to see the current Wurm time; just give us a graphic we can toggle on or off. Perhaps tie it to the Compass, so that if you want this info displayed on screen, you'd need to carry a compass (which many don't bother with since Place). It could also show current wind direction and power.