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  1. Baseema, check your forum messages. I need to know if your in-game name is the same as your forum name.
  2. Pretty sure@John9992means a consolidated version, to save space, as the Bulk Container Units are to Bulk Storage Bins. I'd also really, really like this, as food bins fill up quickly, and separating by QL and/or item type can require so many, it takes up a ton of space.
  3. Nobody who has ever played Don't Starve with me would EVER play Wurm with me if this were possible.
  4. I should have noted the area around the guard tower is all steppe now. Also, all the extraneous paving around that old settlement the new East Plains hwy passes through has now been removed. (Schiann has been on a re-wilding kick)
  5. Small road update around 53x, 38y (east of Oak Harbour) The N-S red lined road is a new sanded road, extended from the corner where it used to turn. It now goes straight to the new East Plains Hwy. The old road (yellow highlight, red scribbles) that led into the peat has been removed. The E-W orange line is an unsanded 1-tile path that replaces all the scribbled-out paving, and leads into Oak Harbour. All the paving around the guard tower (in the valley there) has been removed. Apologies for the small image. Anything unclear, just give me a shout.
  6. Location approx H21 in-game
  7. While certainly not scientific, getting 95 respondents just from the forum is a pretty impressive sampling for Wurm.
  8. Everything should be linked up now. Also removed the defunct waystone at the old junction. Will pry up old catseyes eventually. Still working on removing old pavements around that large, old settlement, and "re-wilding" here and there in the area.
  9. I originally thought to use narrower groups, but this graph was shared in GL chat, and I thought it would make a great comparison chart: So far, it does look like Wurm may have a slightly older playerbase than average. At least of forum users, anyway.
  10. Makes sense to me. Because of the way the main Crystal Lake highway shifts over at the crossroads, there are 2 waystones close together, but they're certainly not hurting anything. (Did have to shift the new one around a bit, because it was pointing in exactly the wrong direction for Lindsay's Last Resort. Would have been a very confusing time for anyone looking for them!)
  11. Having a chat about the average age of Wurm players, and whether or not it's a bit higher than that of general gaming. So, here's a poll. Feel free to share it! Please don't share your age on the replies if you're not an adult yet, just for your own safety and security.
  12. Got catseyes down, so highway now all done. @HughMongus - the waystone at the west end of the highway is one of yours, and I think might be redundant now. I didn't want to bash it, since I know you'll be over to count tiles at some point. Figured I'd leave it to you to check and see if that waystone can be removed or not, since you can just swap it with a catseye and move signs around as needed.
  13. My apologies to anyone put off by the round cobblestones. I just happened to have several crates of those, so that's what I used. Quite an epic ramp up the mountains to avoid cutting up the steppe...
  14. Got started on the road yesterday. I've managed to get it to the edge of the steppe so far. No catseyes down just yet, but it's a useable route straight out to the Eastern Plains.