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  1. New Rift

    It's about time the west side of Indy gets some Rift attention!
  2. Rift - 19 April

    Roughly I20, SW corner of the Grand Steppe (For reference, UK time: Friday, 19 April at 22:15)
  3. HOX HOX s10 cordinates

    Shocar, if Chaos isn't for you, there is plenty of open space in my area, and I''m happy to help you get set up fresh with some animals and food, etc.
  4. HOX HOX s10 cordinates

    Same. I love a good looting, but if someone asks for something back, not a problem. Animals, though... you will be lucky if they're still alive, I'm afraid.
  5. Rift Inde

    I often scout the Rift locations and post info, but I missed posting this one. If nobody has objections, I'll happily be the fill in Rift-hound while Finndar is on break. I just didn't want to hog it... but it doesn't look like many folks are bothered
  6. Archeology Small token use

    +1 Just make them do something...
  7. Diagonal Walls - Curbed Walls

    Big +1 from me. I'd be happy just with diagonal walls that go from corner-to-corner, even if they prevented certain structures (bridges, fences, normal walls, etc) from being built adjacent. At least it would add a bit more variety to designs, beyond the standard blocks.
  8. [Fixed] Skill gain messed up

    I'm not sure if this could be related, but I have been getting many instances of text not updating; item quantities, damage numbers, QL, all remaining unchanged during/after modifications. Could this be a case of skill ticks happening, but the text not properly updating?
  9. Mayors who recruit, why do you do it?

    For me, it's just a simple case of sharing. My deeded area has always been on the larger side, and I would be paying the upkeep for it regardless of citizen numbers. So, I figured why not invite some other folks to use the deed. Since the more robust permissions system was introduced, access is easier to manage, so I just keep anything I'd miss locked up in my house. That said, at the end of the day, there's very little that can't be fixed or replaced.
  10. Things you'll never hear said in Wurm

    "This tile isn't level with the others. Oh well."
  11. Whats your Best Horse name?

    When you lived by me, you gave me one named Blooded because you knew I'd dig the name. Still have him, even though his traits aren't great, because of that fantastic name. I recently had a black horse born with good traits, named Strongcoffee. Figured I couldn't be the only one amused by the name, so put it up for auction. There was a little bidding war on the forum for her. That was a fun one. Somehow I ended up with 3 horses named Heartdance. Crap horses, but they're a collection now.
  12. Let us have our lush fields of beautiful, bright colour!
  13. Fertilizers

    +1 I like things that can reduce the overall time investment with a few extra steps done now and then.
  14. It's time to necro this thread again. Flowers do not get enough love in Wurm.
  15. 30/day limit

    I don't think she meant renaming the buildings, but rather just showing a signature/owner, as you would on a boat or a cart upon examining.