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  1. Agreed, and I think TheTrickster is right about making it something they can find in-game, to avoid confusion.
  2. Steam means 2 new servers, more exposure, possibly leasing to an influx of new players. That's it. What else are people expecting? We've done this before. PC Gamer?
  3. Yes, please make nights a bit darker. I love the new, brighter nights - feels like moonlight - but they're a little bit too bright.
  4. May I suggest this tunnel be labelled Big Sky Tunnel? That's what us folks around the steppe call it. (Named after a deed that once sat where the tunnel starts from the plains.) Hopefully other folks from the area can chime in to confirm, so you don't have to take just my word for it.
  5. Rifts are long, boring, tedious, and frustrating. I stopped bothering to go to them, because they simply aren't fun. I wish Wurm was better at demonstrating "hard" and "challenging" are not the same thing. C'mon guys, get creative!
  6. Yes, please. Ideally, I'd like to see it customisable similar to combat, with different colours available for tool1, tool2, etc (no need to specify what specific tool or material is needed, just keys)
  7. I know what you mean about too many windows cluttering the screen. Have you tried minimising them? This is my solution,and it works well for me. I'd rather not have any labels and such when the GUI is off. I use it primarily for screenshos, and I already get annoyed if outlines are showing.
  8. I agree the permissions settings could use a bit of tweaking. I'd like to see the customised, player-added roles shown in the permissions for buildings, gates, etc, so I could just assign a role to a person, and they'd have access to all the things I've deemed appropriate. That's how the vast majority of permissions systems work out in the world these days, so it might be a bit more intuitive for people, as well. Also, just FYI, you can set friends as "Trusted Friends" (in Manage > Friends)and add that permission to things. Might help you in the meantime.
  9. I'm glad you caught it before you paid! I've fixed the settings now, so leading is allowed. Not sure when/how that got changed, but hey ho. I don't take orders as such, but if there is a specific horse you're after (colour, male/female, etc) I'm happy to make a note and give you a shout when I've got one. I've not been breeding the horses of late, as my playtime is cut way back, so what's in the pens is pretty much it right now; save for a few that have reached aged+.
  10. I've got a few horses still available. Just haven't been on Wurm to sort things. I'll log in tonight and put some in the pens.. and make sure the keys are on the merch
  11. Sorry Joelle, I haven't bred the hell horses recently, because I've not been playing much. So, none to offer.
  12. Not sure what you mean? Skill integers could literally just be added up, and the sum used to determine a bonus. Or perhaps bonus(es) for village skill progress. It wouldn't matter if this skill or that skill is not done by someone (or anyone), as it would be a total of all skill, all progress. Priest characters might struggle to contribute much to such bonuses, but the reality is that these are usually alts, and contribute in other ways.
  13. I'd rather see deed bonuses based on things like number of (premium) villagers and the collective skill total of the village, than more things that can be bought or easily done solo.
  14. I'm not sure how they could easily implement that kind specific kind of check, without adding something that connects individual preachers together. Maybe a check on listeners before the sermon goes?