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  1. The spike is considerably older than 5 years. It, the tunnel, and the terraforming are the work of Tripletake.
  2. Yes, I know it disbanded. Thanks for the messages. I let it go, because the upkeep is just too much for me to maintain at the moment. Oak Harbour proper is fine. Just busy with real life right now, dealing with health issues again. Thanks to the folks checking up on me. See you... Eventually!
  3. I said young man, pick yourself off the ground.
  4. Just quick opinions of 5 minutes messing about. - Not a fan of getting bounced around so quickly that I lose sight of whatever I was reading. It seems almost like I'm glitching or lagging in some way, rather than an effect. - Too much text - would prefer some sort of shorthand or symbols appearing in the world window and the more verbose descriptions left to the combat window. - Direction arrows are almost lost behind the UI.
  5. This seems to be the same bug that allows aggressive mobs to "glitch" into locked buildings. I'm still having this issue almost daily, where a creature passes through a bridge and then through a locked door.
  6. Sorry for derailing your thread, Oakmaiden. I hope you get your horses back. One of those lessons we all learn the hard way, I'm afraid.
  7. You obviously didn't play Wurm before the ratio and Care For were introduced, and when "enclosure rules" were still in force Every horse you keep alive takes up a slot in the creature count on the server. It was so bad at for a long period of time that no wild horses (or anything else non-aggro) spawned, because so many were being hoarded. It was not a good time. Also, on PvE servers, branding your horses prevents other players killing them, and putting a saddle on them prevents them wandering away.
  8. In my decade of playing, I've found the good people in the community far outnumber the few toxic ones. If I tried to share all the positive experiences I've had with folks in Wurm, we'd be here all day. I've had corpses and death piles located and returned, someone I didn't know all that well let me put on his scale set to get the journal entry, random strangers stopping to help dig some high slopes when I was new, giving me nice gear for PvP, letting me camp at their deed, the list goes on. That's not to say I haven't had negative experiences in Wurm, but they are pretty few and far between, and I generally think if you behave positively, you will mostly get the same in return. So, you know, be nice or whatever.
  9. The word is "depot". "Depo" is birth control in the US.
  10. Many of the tokens say they are "Moving to ERROR". Defiance server.
  11. I think it could be a good way to sort of "humanise" folks in other kingdoms, and make things more fun. We're all playing the same game, but cut off from a lot of people we might get on with well, or folks we play with all the time on other servers. It's not like the moments of bickering and complaining don't end up on the forum as is... As Zeke says, if it gets a bit too salty, just shut it down.
  12. While most of us from Oak Harbour and the alliance are playing on Defiance, I'm still happy to invite people to join Oak Harbour if they're after a place to get started. Or you can join up with us on Defiance if you're curious about the PvP side of Wurm.
  13. It's a small annoyance, but annoying all the same. I'd just like to know if the tile I'm applying a support beam to is flat or at the right slope before I put it on, without having to switch back and forth to a pickaxe.
  14. I've had this for years. Would love to know if it's something that could be affecting performance. (Wurm has never run well for me)
  15. Unless it's changed for the Northern Isles, no mycelium on PvE, even though they've got Libila.