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  1. You put off recovering the account for 7 years, mate. You played for months after finding you couldn't access the account. That is some master level procrastination.
  2. Thanks everyone for the tips. Found a stray blank CDR, and got Puppy running on the potato now. Working well, although I don't think it will run Wurm, sadly. 😉
  3. The laptop is so old, it can't even boot from USB. OK, so time to burn a disc. Except... Just a few months ago, we threw away all our blank CD/DVDs because we hadn't burned anything to disc in years. So at the moment, I don't know how to get *any* distro at all onto this thing. 😂
  4. Please! Just give us anything more to use all this wax for!
  5. I've nearly always paid real money for my subscription, mostly because when I try to earn silver for it, I feel like I'm spending half of my playtime just paying for my playtime. I do sometimes spend silver to prem alts (priest) for 2 weeks at a time, since I don't need them very often.
  6. After your deed disbanded before, did you repair all the fences, etc?
  7. The chimneys made sense back before multistorey houses, but now they are often just awkward. Also, having the chimney stick up through the floor allows people to access the contents of the forge, even if they don't have access to the room where the forge is located. This creates security issues with shared buildings. I'd be happy even with a small forge (and oven) with lower capacity.
  8. Zenity

    Oh no! Hopefully Emoo is on it. Would hate to see the place crumble away.
  9.,1667 Guard tower: Steini 202
  10. I've inherited a very old laptop from my mother-in-law that is just useless for most everything in its current state. On top of being low spec, it's running Win 7, which is horrible and bloated. I thought I might try installing a lightweight Linux distro and see if I can at least use this old brick for watching films or general web surfing. I have used some lightweight Linux distros (Mint, Puppy) on old desktop PCs, but any specific suggestions for laptops?
  11. I've not left my deed in days, and not been near The Howl in ages. I could pop over to The Howl, though, and see if I can find a sign... The only thing I've interacted with outside the norm around deed, is the Monolith the day it was found. It's possible this could have popped up then, but I tend to check missions pretty regularly, so I can't imagine it's been there more than 2 days.
  12. This is now the 2nd bugged mission in my mission list. Any more, and it's going to get out of hand! The "Unknown" mission has been in my list for years, and has been reported in the past. The ITH_Doors mission has just appeared this week. Both also appear on the HUD display for missions. Character name: Schiann Server: Independence
  13. +1 On top of fixing these broken elements, Wurm very much needs an accessibilty overhaul. Wurm does not play nicely with disabilities.
  14. There's also the issue of passengers. Would they be left stranded? In the middle of the sea?
  15. These are some good ideas for karma use. Any ability to teleport a cart, wagon, or ship needs to be quite costly, though. Perhaps exclude wagons and ships larger than sailing boat. Otherwise, you just invite everyone to "ship" masses of goods via teleport.