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  1. Previously posted I didn't receive marks from silver purchase, but it turns out that's not what's missing in my marks balance. Rather, I am missing the 1500 marks for the use of a referral. I see from another post that this has been confirmed happening to others. Merge if needed
  2. I've had this bugged mission for years and years, and I'm ready to be rid of it. See screenshots below. Is this something a GM can fix for me? This Unknown mission only seems to appear on Schiann.
  3. Map from 2012

    I see Thornfield Lake, Quercus Velutina Ranch, and Lonely Boar Cove. Popped online with Lonelyboar recently, and the area has changed so much. Still cool that the Thornfield name stuck to that area. I named a Wurm body of water!
  4. I was thinking the same thing. That's why I put "Tender" at the top of my list; because I want to be a Tender Mauler or a Tender Knifer someday.
  5. Tender Rake It So Rake It Til You Make It Rake-up Artist Raking Bad Rake That The Great Re-Tender Weed It And Weep Weed Between The Lines Weeding Frenzy
  6. There's a very odd issue happening on Independence with aggressive creatures. They clearly aggro and enter attack stance, but do not move, no pursuit. It seems they have a very small aggro radius as well. Very little (if any?) "natural" movement of aggros. Did someone break all the baddies?
  7. I'm sorry I didn't get a screenshot at the time, but a group of us encountered a Rift scout camp on Independence that spawned very near mine entrance. All but one of the mobs were stuck on the entrance tile, and wouldn't follow us outside the mine, or even inside. The scouts were already all packed on the entrance tile when we arrived, so no idea if they spawned on that tile, or moved there.
  8. Event message when leaving the area of a bee hive says "The sounds of bees disappear into the distance." There's an extra space between the words "into" and "the".
  9. I'm sure the point is that these keys are not mapped the same way (or at all) on some Finnish keyboards, so Sam_J was helping people out by showing which Finnish button each Java keyword represents.
  10. We currently have 2 leveled building plots, and a large area of hillside that can be used by those willing to do the work to terraform it. As always, plenty of space for anyone happy to board in the barracks and make use of the community buildings - perfect for someone planning to set off on their own once they raise their skills and get their footing.
  11. I thought I recalled it being reported in the past, but I couldn't find a thread for it. Just wanted to make sure it actually did get reported, as sometimes we moan about glitches for ages but nobody has actually bothered to make an official report of it. If this needs to be locked/deleted, no problem!
  12. When animals are hitched to a wagon left on an upper floor, the wagon graphic appears on the ground floor, but can't be interacted with. Hitched animals typically stay on the upper floor, but sometimes one or two also appear on the ground floor with the wagon. Relog seems to be the only way to remedy.
  13. It's been too long since the last cat picture.