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  1. Auction: Strongcoffee, black

    Congrats, BG, she's yours! I'll contact you soon for getting her to you. Thanks to all for playing along
  2. Auction: Strongcoffee, black

    While she'll be "nothing special" to most, this little one could be a perfect horse for a caffeine-powered Wurmian who likes their brew dark. (We've seen you playing Wurm at 4 A.M., and getting to the office early so you can play Wurm before anyone gets there to tattle on you...) [23:26:22] You start leading the young Strongcoffee. [23:26:22] She has a normal build. [23:26:22] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. It looks unusually strong and healthy. [23:26:22] Its colour is black. A 'purebred', born with no bad traits, from a bloodline that dates back to 2010, this robust beauty could buzz you around the Wurm Online servers for years to come! Starting bid of 10c Bid increments of 1c No buyout Please be aware buyer will have to collect her from M21 on Independence; although, local delivery can be arranged.
  3. Rift 14/15 Feb

    Location: J 21 on in-game map, or 50x, 28y on community map. Start Time (approximate): (15 Feb 06:15 in the UK) Free beds and pens at Oak Harbour (M21) for out-of-towners - just contact me here or in-game.
  4. Village/Alliance Goals

    Pretty sure more than a few of us would have similar goals, haha
  5. Hey guys, I've been slowly putting together a scavenger hunt event idea involving screenshots of iconic locations, unusual occurrences or strange sightings, players (or staff) rarely seen 'in the wild', riddles to decipher, that sort of thing... but which would also be accessible to newer players. I figured while the server is down, I'd invite folks to share with me (PRIVATELY) any ideas you might have of things to add for screenshots, especially if you have any clever riddles to go with them. Scenarios that encourage exploration, communication, and collaboration very much encouraged. Keep in mind, any suggestion you make that is used, you will not be able to get credit for yourself in the Scavenger Hunt, and I will keep track! Also, I've set aside a few items and a small amount of coin for rewards, but if anyone would like to contribute something, by all means, get in touch.
  6. Village/Alliance Goals

    The idea is thus: create a mechanic for Mayors (or Alliance leaders) to create something similar to a Journal page, with goals and rewards specifically for villagers. Rewards would be 'deposited' by the person creating the goal. For example, a Create Goals screen with dropdowns for Reach Skill Level/Create and Item/Skill, a field for [Amount], and a field for flavour text/description. Then, an area utilising either the Mailbox or Bank functionality for the Mayor to deposit the reward(s) for completion, such as coin or item. Additionally, an announcement in Village or Alliance chat that "X has reached the goal" would be fun.
  7. I'd really like to see Settlement History provide a bit more personalised/customised information, such as the date the village was founded, villager achievements (titles received, unique kills, that sort of thing) and perhaps the ability for a mayor to add entries (perhaps using the Twitter feature?). As it is, it's a bit clinical, and not very interesting for villagers to check out. Something to add a little flavour to it would be welcome. Mayors should also be allowed to control what information is shared on Settlement History. For instance, I may not want everyone in the village to know how much myself or others have put into upkeep.
  8. Live rent, chore, and nag free @ Oak Harbour

    Looks like the folks that joined over the holidays have gone MIA, so there is some space if anyone's interested.
  9. Channeling Locked Features

    Good idea. Adds a bit of complexity to spellcasting without adding difficulty, and could increase the usefulness of some more rarely used spells.
  10. Journal details

    Yes, please, even if it only updated on log in or out. +1
  11. Rift 09 Jan

    Location is on the mountain above Crystal Bay, which for out-of-towners is to the north of Crystal Lake. Roughly J-19 on the in-game map. (Weds 09 Jan at 22:06 in the UK)
  12. Relogging fixes. The light source not only stays in the previous spot, but becomes blindingly bright. Still happening for me as of yesterday.
  13. Albia Cats Eyes Highways Map of Indy

    Oak Harbour has a public wagoner and container located at the junction with the road that leads down to Willits.
  14. Rift 22 Dec, Grand Steppe

    Yes, Perji, that's about right.
  15. Rift 22 Dec, Grand Steppe

    I have guest houses available at Oak Harbour (south of Grand Steppe) if anyone is travelling a long distance and could use a place to log off safely with animals or do a bit of crafting before/after the rift. Just message me in-game sometime before, and I'll sort it.