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  1. ? You will be greatly missed, was a awsome dev and friend, Rest in peace.
  2. well that explains the PM, Hola, hi all i am still alive and around, just super busy with the kids/work.
  3. Shrimps awsome! he made a mistake, and had to deal with the aftermath. That being said, hes still awsome to me and ive known him for years, specially since he was my villager for a very long time. If ya got issues with shrimp, take them up with me and i will gladly open a portal above your house and send it to another planet. Don't think i can? check the past, mwhahahaha! now seriously he didnt break any real rules, it was more of a ethics issue. Don't anyone here act like they are perfect or never made a mistake or got caught up in a convo on a fourm. its done and over with now. ill gladly help my dinner anytime it needs help. Oh and hi i have been mia due to too many kids daily, i got 3 kids yet up to 12 appear in my home daily, i need a new bug spray lol.
  4. SOLD

    WTS Black Legion wagon --- 20 silver -- pick up only --- Can NOT be made anymore, is a pvp wagon------exodus server----x37 y23 The Preatorian Guard on exodus map---- fatboy ingame name
  5. 2h large maul with lt on it and plate/drake set and you can gobble them up like candy , i always set for head shots, does more damage, they die fairly fast.
  6. really fun server, i got soo much to build but so limited time in rl!! :-(
  7. past 2 days 8 rare rocks 2 rare coins. rare tools etc never happens, its impossble, but i get a free dinner!
  8. Rifts

    These are very fun, but i think the in between time should be a bit less for them spawning. waiting 9 days, then few deaths and get a lump bites. Rift loot distro is a serious issue, Today on exodus we killed a TON of mobs, biggest waves ive seen to date on it. yet most only got a lump and very few got a item. Personally i think its because so many are attacking the beast a tthe same time, so the overall dmg per player is far less. Not sure if its that, But it def needs relooked at and adjusted. Rifts are a great community content, But coming once a week, having so many deahts and ya walk away with a .25 kg lump really bites. So devs if ya can please up the loot on them so more people stand a chance here. Cause coming to these and only get a lump makes ya not want to come back.. Not sure what youll do, but at this point ill be happy if ya least try to improve it better. other then that, Love how the waves are, its def a rough challenge that wurm has needed so badly.
  9. the horse spawns still the same, as in i seen 0, Exodus black steppe 0 horses, bisons spawn actually increaded, not decreased.
  10. j 21 the preatorian guard 4k planks, Also thanks for the last batch!