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  1. its been a long time and yes at one point i was a CA, exodus in those days was thriving, so much fun was had, Hard to get those days back or those pals. But all we can do now is make new pals and keep in touch with whats left of ones we once knew.
  2. registering and shop still down.
  3. been here off n on since the start of exodus, Simply put, Homestead way of life ingame that no other game can mimic, Specially with ability to customize so much and i have enjoyed watching the new things come each year. I really enjoy all aspects of the game, Also when you got lots of RL issues, This game is a great way to keep your mind off of things and keep busy. Also teachs good patience and hard work pays off in the long run i still have my original Exodus char, i log it in sometimes, But im on harmony, have been since the start of it. I miss the old exodus days though and all the old pals i used to have, Lots n lots of fun back then.
  4. i got no statue from the stocking 😞
  5. Who wants to the tell story of when i oppsed and conjoined 2 buildings and the events that took place afterwards?
  6. I vote NO on this, this has happened before, you think the steam launch was the first time they released and blocked off servers from others ones? Nope, and when they did , guess what? did 0 but spread the pop so far thing, that there is too many maps as it stands, people quit due to distances to reach other and the economy vanished when that happened on those new ones. Remember connecting them floods players chars whos got 11 years+ ingame, mines one of them, i say NO to these, leave them seperated forever. Instead find ways to get the population back, also no map can handle 2k players, steam launch reached 1300 and it too weeks to fix. Over all in wurm has surpassed well over 2k lots of times, but never stays that way. Merging will Kill the current population, Look at the old maps, exodus used to have 200+ years of new mapps added and its lucky to see 20-30 on during the day and has 0 on at night. i have been there, i have seen it, ITS NOT WORTH IT!. want to be on the old maps, go make a character on it. keepem seperate.
  7. Reporting, i loged in, when inspecting an animal the game instantly crashs, i have tried this with different animals, same result, This needs fixed ASAP!!
  8. Speedy reliable service and my axe has a sharper blade now so i can stab more things, thank you!
  9. ? You will be greatly missed, was a awsome dev and friend, Rest in peace.
  10. well that explains the PM, Hola, hi all i am still alive and around, just super busy with the kids/work.
  11. Shrimps awsome! he made a mistake, and had to deal with the aftermath. That being said, hes still awsome to me and ive known him for years, specially since he was my villager for a very long time. If ya got issues with shrimp, take them up with me and i will gladly open a portal above your house and send it to another planet. Don't think i can? check the past, mwhahahaha! now seriously he didnt break any real rules, it was more of a ethics issue. Don't anyone here act like they are perfect or never made a mistake or got caught up in a convo on a fourm. its done and over with now. ill gladly help my dinner anytime it needs help. Oh and hi i have been mia due to too many kids daily, i got 3 kids yet up to 12 appear in my home daily, i need a new bug spray lol.