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  1. Great service! Would recommend!
  2. Auction has end. I'll get in touch with u Derp! Thanks for bidding.
  3. Rare saddle 74ql start bid: 10s increments: 50c sniper protection : 1 hour will send via COD
  4. Start bid: 5s Min bid: 1s Snipe protection 1hr No reserve, buyout or private bids
  5. I'll take the Red Dragon blood. COD to Seancarl. Thanks
  6. Hello everyone! I got a problem on epic. I want to change kingdom without starting all over, tried to sail to the border to cross to home server, but it's not possible. Is there a way to solve this? Thanks.
  7. WTB 2 of each fishing items. Pm price
  8. Want to sell following items 50c each. 5c/100ql whetstone, not enchanted.
  9. How much u want for the imbued rare pickaxe?