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  1. Will sort you out as soon as I get home from work! :)
  2. Want to sell following items, PM Lanaya or Seancarl ingame if interessted, or post below If you cant get in touch with me, u can visit my merchant located at R21 on Independence. Price for Black Tome 1 charge is 60s, or offer.
  3. Sorry for late reply, Sent thanks
  4. I had forgot about this post, huge axe is sadly sold. Sorry Will update shortly - Updated
  5. WTS following items, if you find price is to high, give me a offer! Items bought in bulk will give discount. If u wanna visit the merchant, it's located at R21 on Independence, in the middle of the sea. If you wanna contact me ingame, PM Lanaya. UPDATE: 30c/item
  6. CLOSE

    Looking to sell my Large Magical Chest on Northern Freedom for silver on Southern Freedom Cluster. Asking for 35s 25s or offer! SOLD