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  1. As title says, looking to buy string of cloth! Looking for 80+ql and 2k or more.
  2. All found. Can close.
  3. Sold to Gawain for 37s. Who do I COD this bone to?
  4. Timer extended with another hour.
  5. As title says, hit me up with what u got and price!
  6. As title says, want to auction my rare bone. Starting Bid: 25s. Increase: 1s. Reserve: Hidden. Buyout 45s. Sniper Protection: 1 Hour. No Private Bids.
  7. As title says, looking to buy 2k marble shards any ql, and 300 of 95ql marble shards. Delivered to Exodus eastcoast. If you know of any Marble vein that I can come mine at, hit me up! EDIT: Found, can close!