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  1. Enchanted items and Blacksmithing service

    bump, more items updated.
  2. WTB Large Magical Chest & Knarr

    All found, can close.
  3. Enchanted items and Blacksmithing service

    Bump, new items and service is up!!
  4. WTB Large Magical Chest & Knarr

    Found large magical chest, still looking for knarr.
  5. As titles says, looking to buy a Large Magical Chest, and a Knarr. Hit me up with what u got, either here on forums or Seancarl ingame.
  6. WTS/PC 100 mine doors

    Thanks Wargasm!
  7. WTS/PC 100 mine doors

    As title says, looking for a PC on 100 stone mine doors at 80ql.
  8. WTS Lots a Stuffs

    How much for all stonecutting potions?
  9. WTS Sleep powders

    sold, can close
  10. WTS Sleep powders

    As title says, want to sell 20 sleep powders, 1s each. PM on forums or try contact Lanaya ingame.
  11. WTS - SOTG High End Fighter/Crafter!

    Whats the asking price?