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  1. WTS 2 Characters

    Have removed Niarja links due to issues with uploading characters, have added the skills dumps last I logged in to above post
  2. Hi there, I'm looking at selling 2 characters, both jack of all trades. Paypal - have done tonnes of trades check my history randoone is on path of insanity lvl 9 I believe, currently is 50faith lib priest tworandom not sure on path, spent most his life on epic servers Both come with some basic items - nothing special - prem time expired Randoone below tworandom below Both have max SB on Freedom servers I belive. Feel free to pm me, looking for offers. Happy to wait for the right offer to come along. Cheers,
  3. another crash, have followed enki's guide to clean java, have downloaded the jnlp client (stable) heres another crash
  4. next crash using jnlp client (stable) and again
  5. and heres the other 2 from today crash 3 crash 4 hope this helps
  6. Ok so I've got a fresh windows install here are the crashes just from today after reinstall (im using 64bit wurm launcher) Crash 2
  7. I've just completed a fresh windows install, only using the new 64bit client and im still getting the random crashes like ive posted above.
  8. Another day another Crash, good way to start the morning I guess. Java error below console below
  9. another crash this afternoon java error here
  10. Using JNLP client got this error tonight, only again no HS_ERR_ logs hope this helps
  11. Randomly crashing with no error msg, unable to find a java error log so ill try here I have been using the jnpl (?) version and have had no crashes all evening, its only on the new 64bit client it happens