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  1. Was prepared to go to 15E, I'm out.
  2. exactly Crap, was meant to be a reply of why to stick around... wait I can spin this... The reason you should stick around is to enjoy the roller coaster that is wurm. It's been an interesting ride thus far.
  3. For Rolfs consistent and positive vision for Wurm, here lemme give ya some inspiration. From JK home and wild days to the MR introduction MR home intro to the opening of home server being accessible for wilds raiders. The deletion of MR home and intro of Independence server. The addition of deli, Exo and celebration. Adding release and pristine on a completely different and inaccessible world - later would be adding to main cluster. Addition of Xanadu Addition of Epic servers with the idea of it being a temporary experience that would reroll, later on this is change to a persistant server that over time would be integrated with the main cluster. Addition of Wurm Unlimited which is its own experience separate of main cluster and available on steam. The reason given for Home servers being closed to raiders were - It isnt time yet. Addition of Player gods which were later deleted due to reasons. The addition of meditation The above is not in order just a reminder of the persistent and clear vision of the game thus far. Cheers,
  4. Newtown. Running past the steppe area then the treacherous road towards silent hill. Navigating past all of that towards Drago's place and then spend the next 30minutes dying cause me and mates killed a croc and I got a bad wound that we couldnt get a decent healing cover on.
  5. Is wurm still listed on PLayerauctions? I believe Rolf did this some time ago and this may need to be fixed. Its solely rmt site
  6. WTS 2 Characters

    Have removed Niarja links due to issues with uploading characters, have added the skills dumps last I logged in to above post
  7. Hi there, I'm looking at selling 2 characters, both jack of all trades. Paypal - have done tonnes of trades check my history randoone is on path of insanity lvl 9 I believe, currently is 50faith lib priest tworandom not sure on path, spent most his life on epic servers Both come with some basic items - nothing special - prem time expired Randoone below tworandom below Both have max SB on Freedom servers I belive. Feel free to pm me, looking for offers. Happy to wait for the right offer to come along. Cheers,
  8. another crash, have followed enki's guide to clean java, have downloaded the jnlp client (stable) heres another crash
  9. next crash using jnlp client (stable) and again
  10. and heres the other 2 from today crash 3 crash 4 hope this helps