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  1. close plz

    no sale.
  2. close plz

    Xor pulled out after auction end. No sale.
  3. close plz

    yours for the taking. Cheers,
  4. close plz

    less then 12 hours remain
  5. close plz

    added old epic link to help give idea of other skills. I know its not a true representation of current skills but he'll have a x3 on it up to the epic values are reached if I recall correctly.
  6. sold for buyout

    Hello there. I'm looking at selling Arudash Many many titles, 90+ BS, 70+ WS, High Carp, 70+ meditation He will come with a basic tool set, studded armour on Freedom. He is on Xanadu and will have a sailboat, deed with a months upkeep (south Xanadu) He is Drooling on path of insanity, just advanced last week On Epic he will be on the Elevation server at the BL starter town. On Epic he is 13th eidilathingy on path of insanity. He will come with plate set and crating gear. Freedom skills below: Epic skills below: Please keep this on topic to offers only, if you would like to comment on this feel free to pm me your comments and keep the post clean. I deal ONLY with verified paypal only, have done many trades in the past. Start Bid 300E Reserve 300E Buyout ?
  7. close plz

    Auctioning off Mankindsbane Wheelr priest 41faith no prem statue and some basic starter tool Edit: I've added the skill dump for epic, this was taking a while ago but nothing has changed, I haven't got a freedom skill dump as he's been unprem for some time. hope this helps start bid 50E reserve 50E
  8. close plz

    Wanting to sell Herblin no prem, some basic tools and located on Xanadu. has 10hr sleep bonus and is currently weelr faith. Believe he's path of insanity on Epic no med path on Freedom. Prefer euros, I'm paypal verified etc. He has x3 on all skills on Freedom until he reaches the epic values I believe. Starting bid 100E Reserve 100E buyout an offer I like
  9. Close plz

    Chose not to sell as i thought i might selling all my accounts as of today. Not point hanging onto them for a game i dont play. Will list my priest as well when i get home from work. Cheers Edit. Will update post this afternoon. Advance in meditation and a deed on xanadu and gear.
  10. Close plz

    Bump selling asap. 325e ono
  11. Close plz

  12. Close plz

  13. Close plz

    Close plz put on auction