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Independence Community Map - Superseded by Albia roads map.

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Hello Villager,


Please add my deed named "Fairy Glen" to the community map. I marked it with an orange dot next to the name on the map indicated in the URL. It is located on the in-game map at tile n16. Its size is 14x13 tiles.


Thank you,


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Please add my deed named "Fairy Glen" to the community map. I marked it with an orange dot next to the name on the map indicated in the URL. It is located on the in-game map at tile n16. Its size is 14x13 tiles.


Thank you,




"Pebblestone's images are not publicly available."

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add a guard tower at 62X 30y just next to the mailbox

Edited by BlGpapa

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Once again the duty has been handed over, and my turn has come, I will be updating the community map after Wraithglow stepping down.

No change to the current system, post your updates in here and I'll will add them in the next update.


Firstly, a big thank you to those who have helped the community map get to where it is today, including Darkmalice, Mystecore, Mammadarkness, Maximusi, Huserx and of course Wraithglow, not to mention maximusi in particular for hosting the site.

The link to the map is here:

Every listed deed and its co-ordinates can also be found here:



A Horror Film – 33x 36y

A Strange Place – 60x 16y

Acme Aerie – 40x 51y

Akhenaten – 12x 50y

Albia Gardens  - 28x 44y

Albia Estates – 19x 35y

Albia Fjord – 23x 13y

Albia Heights – 31x 36y

Albia Island Retreat – 24x 37y

Albia Marina – 30x 38y

Allure – 40x 33y

Amber's Bay - 46x 59y

An Gor – 27x 45y

Angbar – 45x 33y

Angel Coast – 33x 14y

Anteos – 42x 29y

Arcane Laboratories – 52x 10y

Arma – 59x 58y

Arundel – 53x 60y

Arwic Port – 33x 14y

Atlantica Was Found - 36x 35y

Atrestos – 36x 37y

Avanlea – 35x 55y

Avatari’s Acres – 22x 33y

Avocano Mines – 42x 52y

Azervale – 17x 17y


BackHeaven – 6x 44y

BackHeaven Downtown – 7x 43y

Bakra – 32x 48y

Bearshark Bay Trading Company – 40x 54y

Bearshark Overlook – 42x 54y

Bearshark Point – 42x 54y

Bearshark Water Way Lane – 42x 53y

Berrisville – 32x 21y

Big Sky – 61x 37y

Bhreacain Croft – 14x 60y

Biberburg – 17x 54y

Bird Dream of the Olympus – 41x 31y

Birds Hill – 36x 51y

Black Dog Market and Stables – 26x 29y

Black Dog Preserve – 25x 28y

Black Dog Retreat – 26x 28y

Black Pine Forest – 31x 7y

Black Wolf Cove Estates – 62x 6y

Blacklable Shipyard – 45x 41y

Blacklight Bay – 45x 45y

Bloodforge Bay – 50x 37y

Bloodmoon Keep – 14x 46y

Bloodmoon Bay – 14x 47y

Boondock – 27x 59y

Bonnie Doon – 18x 53y

Bonsai – 21x 40y

Brendenburg Castle – 26x 27y

Bright Mine – 44x 45y

Brokenridge – 43x 55y

Brotherhood of Steel – 9x 61y

Buckeye Canal State Park – 45x 57y

Buckeye Shipyard – 37x 57y

Busan – 34x 15y


Caer Laoch – 27x 44y

Cape Bastion – 34x 22y

Castel Gandolfo - 45x 5y

Casting Tower – 61x 54y

Castle Anthrax – 10x 60y

Castor Canadensis – 42x 47y

Catan – 10x 54y

Catspaw Keep – 29x 12y

Celtic Frost - 33x 14y

Celtic Highlands – 16x 35y

Challisland – 62x 5y

Chaos Glade – 50x 19y

Charm’s Nest – 13x 28y

Chelaria - 36x 59y

Chiqqita Bananaland – 42x 54y

Chuck Norris lives here – 63x 30y

Claymore Beach – 28x 11y

Cliff Side – 43x 6y

Cliff Side Port – 43x 5y

Cliffs of Tyger Bay – 44x 58y

Cloakwood – 26x 20y

Clochpoint – 24x 43y

Copper Cliffs – 26x 17y

Copper Fortress – 33x 49y

Corner Haven – 28x 41y

Cornucopia – 35x 25y

Cossack’s Inferno – 61x 41y

Crazytown – 32x 7y

Creek Heights – 32x 56y

Crystal City – 51x 41y

Crystal Docks – 46x 45y

Crystal Hills – 46x 45y

Crystal Overlook – 42x 45y

Crystal Pastures – 40x 31y

Crystl Shores – 17x 16y


Damascus Shipyard – 31x 30y

Dark Ashes – 52x 57y

Dark Banjoes – 54x 50y

Dark Heart – 51x 45y

Dark Reckoning – 49x 51y

Dark Runes – 51x 52y

Dark Thoughts – 57x 57y

Dark Waters – 61x 54y

Dark Wing – 60x 52y

Darkened Dreams – 58x 33y

Darkenstone - 52x 56y

Darkenstone Canal – 29x 17y

Darkhold – 36x 14y

Darklands – 35x 13y

Dawnrise – 29x 15y

Dawnshroud Peak – 26x 49y

Debits Hide Out – 28x 7y

Decption – 21x 60y

Defessus Corner Port – 24x 45y

Delta Stables – 19x 39y

Devils Shadow – 56x 41y

Devil’s Peak – 10x 61y

Diggu Borgir - 37x 18y

Dixie Land - 36x 57y

Djakarta – 30x 61y

Dog Head Homestead – 19x 52y

Donner’s Landing – 26x 21y

Dracos Tor – 5x 35y

Dragon Fang Market - 37x 34y

Dragon’s Fang – 33x 34y

Dragon’s Point – 20x 14y

Dragon’s Reach – 54x 33y

Dragonfoot – 30x 32y

Dragonia – 35x 42y

Drunken Monk – 42x 33y

Dun Bhreacain – 13x 61y

Dziki Gon – 46x 48y


Edmonton – 32x 15y

Edoras – 45x 32y

Eirska – 33x 46y

El Rancho Lago – 14x 12y

Elysian Heights – 48x 61y

Endangered Lemming Habitat – 48x 34y

Endler’s Farm – 42x 15y

Endor – 62x 26y

Enzilo – 18x 53y

Eriador - 56x 28y

Erin Go Bragh – 61x 18y

Estwilde – 38x 6y

Ethereal Dawn – 34x 14y

Eve of Insanity – 23x 20y

Exile’s Gate – 29x 60y

Exodus Haven – 46x 53y


Fabled Mesa – 34x 27y

Falcon's Glade - 49x 13y

Falken Peak – 35x 51y

Farhaven – 21x 62y

Fate Of Noobs - 48x 18y

Fedria – 13x 47y

Fedria’s Coal Factory – 13x 48y

Fedria Harbor – 14x 48y

Festival Cove – 31x 44y

Fennec Farms – 47x 51y

Fiddly Bits – 61x 19y

Fire Island – 51x 15y

Foggy Valley – 37x 32y

Fomorach – 19x 7y

Forest Port – 34x 15y

Foresthaven Retreat – 25x 59y

Fort Buda – 50x 7y

Fort Riley – 56x 33y

Fort Wellyn - 29x 5y

Fort Westgate – 4x 59y

Free Barony – 46x 29y

Free Bears – 40x 61y

Free Bears Shipyard – 39x 62y

Freedom Docks – 32x 40y

Freedom Harbor – 36x 38y

Freedom Market – 32x 38y

Frontier – 22x 50y


Galran Zhader – 20x 24y

Galazia Akti – 38x 42y

Garden of the Gods – 13x 20y

Genconia – 20x 42y

Gestalt – 60x 56y

Ghost Town – 28x 11y

Ghosts of the Revolution – 10x 23y

Gideon’s Shire – 49x 16y

Glenden Wood – 40x 19y

Goblins Surfing – 37x 24y

Grand Bazaar of Constantinople – 28x 13y

Grand Steppe Wildlife Preserve – 47x 28y

Greenwood - 26x 27y

Grey Mountain Stables – 43x 57y

Groveville – 25x 30y

Guild of Artificers – 41x 45y


Hades Creek – 11x 7y

Halcyon – 27x 38y

Halcyon Interchange – 27x 38y

Halcyon Heights – 27x 40y

Halos Harbor – 13x 49y

Harlequin Pass – 31x 13y

Harmony Lake – 39x 27y

Haven - 42x 27y

Havenstead – 49x 18y

Havilah – 21x 24y

Heartland Farms – 45x 25y

Heavenly Kingdom – 12x 8y

Hedge Row – 53x 38y

Hell – 14x 14y

Hell’s Forge – 39x 33y

Hell’s Harbor – 40x 34y

Hello Harbor – 27x 34y

Hermit’s Cove – 6x 8y

Hermit’s Heaven – 42x 19y

Hermit’s Heaven Zoo – 41x 19y

Highgrass Vale – 13x 45y

Hilfe Shipworks – 27x 8y

Hill Gate – 18x 48y

Hill Side – 29x 34y

Hill Top Paradise – 53x 30y

Hills of Aenasan – 35x 38y

Hillside Hideout – 29x 19y

Hillside Refuge – 29x 45y

Himmelspforte – 40x 49y

Historic Vash Naroom – 52x 13y

Holmside – 22x 29y

Hopes End – 27x 10y

Horde Mountain – 19x 58y

Horsedog Harbor – 62x 48y

House of Lords – 63x 41y

House of Pain – 62x 41y


Iceland – 48x 8y

Im Back – 63x 61y

Indigo Forest – 30x 13y

Infidel’s Peak – 29x 33y

Inner Sea Sanctuary – 27x 36y

Insane Lighting Magic – 22x 15y

Insanity Hills – 23x 17y

Insanity Hills South Harbour – 24x 18y

Insanity Overlook – 22x 16y

Insanity Valleys – 23x 18y

Iron Heaven – 10x 55y

Ironforge - 45x 47y

Ironridge – 58x 12y

Ironwolf Keep – 26x 29y

Isenthalpic Tangerines – 34x 54y

Island of Bones – 35x 58y


Jackal’s Perch – 24x 58y

Jardin D’ours – 40x 60y

Jaynestown – 18x 8y

Juju – 19x 13y


Kalayaan – 17x 37y

Kaos Bay - 25x 44y

Keweenaw Land Trust – 27x 29y

Killing For Food – 22x 44y

Killino’s Hallow – 25x 57y

Kilroy Was Here – 23x 32y

Kincan – 21x 45y

Kingdom of Arkonica – 5x 35y

Kingdom of Arkonica Central – 7x 34y

Kingdom of Arkonica East – 8x 34y

Kindom of Ryzin – 6x 35y

Kingdom of Titan – 6x 33y

Kinoss Docks - 14x 49y

Kiwiana - 43x 51y

Kobalt – 30x 15y

Kodiak Hiseout - 52x 19y

Krondor – 52x 59y

Kurak’s Revenge – 58x 27y

Kusumvar – 29x 15y

Kystran – 10x 20y


Lakeridge Valley – 12x 26y

Lakeview Point – 41x 45y

Lakewind – 52x 12y

Lambeau Field – 25x 30y

Lantea – 45x 12y

Lava Hills – 34x 38y

Legacy of Karhula – 61x 45y

Liberty – 31x 38y

Liberty Castle – 29x 38y

Liberty Farms – 30x 39y

Liberty Metal Works – 28x 38y

Liberty Port – 29x 38y

Llama By The Sea - 26x 38y

Llama City - 30x 12y

Llamedos – 27x 44y

Lone Pine - 21x 42y

Lorath – 40x 29y

Lost City – 48x 6y

Lothlorien Meadows – 49x 14y

Lower Dragon’s Gate – 31x 34y

Lower Liberty – 30x 38y

Lunda – 41x 30y


Magas Volar – 48x 59y

Magix Mountain – 30x 26y

Magranon Bacon – 47x 34y

Mahna Mahna – 58x 43y

Marvel Chateau – 12x 52y

Menzoberranzan - 42x 34y

Merchant Town – 27x 7y

Midgard – 16x 54y

Millifields - 43x 58y

Mine All Mine – 46x 5y

Mirkwood - 17x 48y

Misty Peaks - 57x 58y

Mittelaltersheim – 33x 14y

Molte Volte - 43x 10y

Moon Rabbit – 45x 55y

Moonglow – 13x 59y

Moonlight Marina – 40x 60y

Moonlight Seranade - 38x 33y

Moonshine Valley – 9x 22y

Moonshine Valley Farms – 9x 23y

Mordor – 62x 5y

Mount Dread – 59x 36y

Mouse Hole – 8x 33y

Mu Draconis – 32x 56y

Muspellsheimr – 8x 55y

Mystery Glade – 31x 58y

Mystic Twilight - 42x 16y

Mystic Woods and Gardens – 31x 14y

Mystvale – 33x 56y

Mythic Harbour – 27x 29y


Nation of Grizzlam – 12x 32y

Nature Valley Port – 57x 27y

Nature Valley Ranch – 55x 32y

Necrotic Existence – 43x 52y

Nuevo Columbubos - 52x 57y

New BroVegas – 11x 17y    

New Eden – 60x 5y

New Europa – 24x 8y

New Forgotten – 41x 32y

New Gustaberg – 18x 31y

New Minoc – 10x 44y

New Port – 11x 7y

New Rotterdam Heights – 13x 15y

New Soacio Harbour – 53x 12y

New Tuscany – 42x 53y

Night Haunter – 12x 35y

Nildakar – 8x 19y

Nippy Shores – 23x 46y

Nolife – 5x 61y

Noorland - 61x 10y

Norrljus – 38x 18y

North Rockport - 23x 33y

North Sea Traders Port – 40x 5y

Northern Light – 37x 9y

Northwest Haven – 7x 19y

Nutter’s Treehouse – 26x 5y


Oak Harbour – 52x 38y

Oakvale – 13x 27y

Oasis In Woods - 51x 51y

Oceanside Resort - 29x 4y

Oracle Sound – 49x 52y

Orphans Cove - 26x 13y

Orpington Bliss – 37x 57y

Ortera’s Sanctuary – 20x 33y


Parris Island – 62x 12y

PCG Freedom Village – 52x 14y

Peaceful Refuge – 25x 60y

Pelagiad - 47x 49y

Pest Harbour – 36x 20y

Petbe’s Retreat – 62x 53y

Pheonix Enterprises – 12x 57y

Phil’s Magic Pumpkinland – 30x 31y

Phoenix Retreat 48x - 48y

Pickle – 33x 22y

Plains of Endeavor – 34x 38y

Plattekloof – 33x 43y

Point Eremite – 41x 59y

Pony Land – 50x 44y

POP the Magic Dragon – 36x 33y

Port Akhenaten – 22x 44y

Port Allure – 42x 35y

Port Defiance - 40x 61y

Port Eagle – 35x 52y

Port Hemingway – 12x 56y

Port Kincan – 22x 46y

Port Merevalin – 7x 8y

Port Minoc – 21x 43y

Port Monito – 23x 61y

Port of Jackal’s Perch – 24x 62y

Port Onody – 38x 37y

Port Onody Farm – 38x 36y

Portofino – 11x 53y

Potkali se u Kolina – 28x 18y

Poxville Farms – 28x 30y

Prairie Ranch – 52x 21y

Prima Casa – 30x 44y

Project Insanity Village – 62x 47y

Psychotic Order – 52x 29y


Quiet Hill – 52x 20y

Quincy Mines – 33x 23y


Raider Nation – 25x 27y

Rajaniemi Retreat – 52x 46y

Rauma – 20x 44y

Ravenstone – 48x 13y

Reaver's Keep - 28x 36y

Reborn – 15x 16y

Red Mountain Trade Port – 46x 58y

Redbeard’s Bay – 49x 53y

Refuge – 13x 10y

Reginae In Caelum – 37x 60y

Regni de Cadentium – 7x 9y

Rhibohut - 31x 57y

Rincon Boricua – 34x 63y

Rithol Manor – 12x 48y

Roadside Historical Site – 43x 6y

Rock Bottom Mining – 36x 22y

Rockport - 23x 34y

Rocky Top – 29x 7y

Rohan – 29x 34y

Rolling Hills – 29x 7y

Rome – 32x 14y

Roussas – 59x 28y

Rufflehome – 32x 22y


Salodurum – 38x 47y

Sandy Shores – 44x 33y

Samling – 27x 6y

Sanctuary – 51x 28y

Sand Castle - 39x 34y

Sandie World – 36x 36y

Sandy Shoal Estates – 17x 50y

Sarvesh – 47x 6y

Savage Garden – 54x 11y

Scarlet Horizon – 15x 60y

Scarlet Horizons – 15x 59y

Scarlets Horizon – 16x 60y

Seaside Sanctuary – 26x 60y

Sevens Bay – 35x 17y

Shaded Glen – 6x 9y

Shadow Realm – 27x 45y

Shadowood – 33x 12y

Shadowpoint – 26x 37y

Shadowthorn – 33x 42y

Shadowy Waters - 17x 56y

Shady Wolf – 62x 50y

Sherwood – 31x 30y

Shipyard of Flamgra’in – 59x 6y

Shorvishid – 63x 38y

Silent Hill – 56x 20y

Silversky – 60x 26y

Silverwing Sanctuary – 10x 20y

Sleepy Hollow - 35x 31y

Sky Shrine – 56x 26y

Sligo - 46x 29y

Sleepy Oaks Harbor – 54x 10y

Small Farm – 61x 51y

Smogs end – 33x 41y

Snoopz – 11x 27y

Solstice – 20x 45y

South Bayshore – 26x 22y

Southport – 36x 58y

Soylent Green – 33x 47y

Sparrow - 26x 22y

Sparta – 34x 31y

Spider Mine - 35x 13y

Springton – 38x 33y

Starfleet Academy – 27x 34y

Steep Area – 33x 40y

Stone Creek - 20x 11y

Stone Harbor – 45x 48y

Stone Rose – 10x 16y

Stonehaven – 24x 31y

Stonehill - 43x 15y

Storm’s End – 43x 33y

Stormies Gardens - 28x 31y

Straylight – 17x 34y

Sunrise Valley – 29x 33y

Sunset Cove – 12x 25y

Sunshine Harbor – 58x 12y

Sunstone Seaport – 44x 51y

Sutherland Shire – 27x 32y

Sweet Southern Side – 6x 61y

Syhl Market - 5x 61y

Syhl Owns This Island Ok Thx Bye - 5x 59y


Tackenberg – 53x 19y

Tan Bottom – 33x 57y

Targoviste – 56x 9y

Temple of the Withe Horse - 47x 5y

Tenakill – 6x 42y

Tenakill Boat Basin – 6x 39y

Terranova – 62x 23y

Territoire Nolife – 6x 60y

The Dark Forest – 22x 24y

The Dark Hills – 62x 40y

The Dog House – 44x 61y

The Grey Place – 28x 38y

The Happy Cave Bug – 32x 36y

The Howl – 32x 39y

The Infernal Outpost – 63x 60y

The Keep – 32x 34y

The Mystical Village Mizuho – 45x 42y

The Northern Outpost - 30x 16y

The Overlook – 34x 17y

The Preatorian Guard – 64x 62y

The Preatorian Guard Islands – 63x 62y

The Republic of Shine – 48x 16y

The Sacred Order – 52x 24y

The Stabbin’ Cabin – 17x 33y

The Weald – 54x 31y

This Is How We Do It – 23x 46y

Thorinhold – 42x 58y

Three Bears – 34x 38y

Three Hollows - 37x 46y

Three Hollows Heights – 39x 45y

Three Lanterns – 55x 9y

Thunder Valley – 50x 33y

Timberwolf Hills – 52x 17y

Titans Hideout – 31x 57y

To The Sleeping Hellhound - 27x 50y

Torchwood - 47x 44y

Totebo – 40x 30y

Tranquility Glade – 34x 25y

Trauma – 50x 30y

Treehuggers Eden – 62x 23y

Treganna Park – 50x 12y

Trinity Stronghold – 19x 51y

Trofan Kingdom – 36x 38y

TrollVIll – 22x 8y

Tropical – 51x 13y

Twilight Sanctuary – 12x 12y

Twin Angel Peaks – 55x 46y


Uncharted Waters - 48x 18y

Undaunted Landing 49x 17y

Underworld – 32x 10y

Unified Republic of the Red Star – 52x 53y

Uphill Farm -34x 54y

Ussta Delmah – 60x 5y


Valhalla - 25x 29y

Valley of the Gods – 15x 18y

Valrei's Forest - 12x 45y

Vicus Arboria – 22x 32y

Viking Heaven – 37x 58y

Villmanstrand – 53x 16y

Volcano Forest – 61x 6y

Vorgon – 31x 63y

Vulcan Retreat – 22x 31y


Watchtower – 29x 31y

Weed Control – 27x 37y

Weeping Angels – 41x 32y

West Hillpeace Estate – 25x 13y

West Independia

Shipping Company – 10x 20y

Whispering Waters – 47x 54y

White Dragon’s Den – 38x 11y

Willow Point Trading – 36x 60y

Willowpeak Landing – 61x 4y

Winstermill - 41x 8y

Winter Farms – 32x 7y

Winterfels – 20x 49y

Wolverine Shoes - 29x 4y

Woodland Corner – 34x 6y


Xanadu 27x 6y


Yggdrasil – 27x 39y

Yoitsu Medow – 35x 39y


Zak’s Shipyard – 17x 49y

Zanzibar Land – 31x 47y

Zenadu Reach – 7x 21y

If you want anything to be added (whether it be a village, road, terrain change, tower, etc), post here with the coordinates, and if possible a little image to show exactly where you want it to be placed. (You can use an image host such as imgur.)

If you want something (such as your deed) removed, send me a private forum message and I will remove it.



can anyone put my deeds rhibohill cordinates to list? 34x35y because map shows my deed but that doesnt be a list

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A couple of new roads, built by me and Kimicu (37x, 18y)



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Exile's Gate,


Mystery Glade,


Uphill Farm,

Copper Fortress


These are long gone.

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Everfree @ 46x, 54/55y border, due south of Exodus Haven

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Please add


Cherub Dock: 18x14y, on coast in middle
Cherub Rock: 17x14y, middle


Silente: 51x9y, on coast in middle

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forget it

Edited by Gumbo
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We like to use "The Anatomically Physically Correct Map" here

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In 27x 45y, Llamedos has disbanded, and where the text of 'Shadow Realm' is, is where my deed 'Willow Vale Deeps' is

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From my recent travels, these deeds don't exist anymore:

  • Mystic Twilight
  • Shadowood
  • Oceanside Resort
  • Silverpine
  • Goblins Surfing
  • Glenden Wood
  • Fort Wellyn
  • Rocky Bottom Mining
Edited by Borgir

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Are there any plans to update this map over to the topographical schematic? Just curious because I wouldn't mind working on that in my free time if anyone wanted it.

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Hi mates.


this server Indy is now deed what name is Rhibo Harbour and cordinates is 31x-59y can someone put it the map

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Greetings can you please place this bridge on the map....

Black Dog Isle Inner Sea Crossing Bridge



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These are gone:

Juju 19x, 13y

TrollVill 22x,8y (yes we made it to the top!)

New Europa 24x, 8y

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62x 22y, terranova is now wolfsden and has a guard tower, then just north of there and Treehuggers Eden on the coast is now Treehuggers Harbor.

Also, is there any way to make the most recent map dump for inde into the community map? I think this would help greatly with navigation and identifying towns for new players to inde or even players who do not travel a lot.

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Is this still being updated?


Good question. At the moment it doesn't seem to be, but maybe we're just between updates. 

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It is being updated!


apologies for the delay, some rl issues as well as other things have delayed it, am currently working on it while sailing across xan, will not be long at all

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Welcome back archaed, I hope things are better now. Thanks for the hard work.

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Whispering Waters, Oracle Sound, and Redbeard's Bay are all disbanded to the best of my knowledge.

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Edoras is no longer around.

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