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  1. The Crusaders Merchant

    I expected to see some relics, papal pardons etc. What kind of Crusaders merchant is this?
  2. Midsummer on Xanadu

    Will you enable transfer of prizes to Epic?
  3. Midsummer on Xanadu

    Lagg fest on Xanadu \o/
  4. +1, best idea ever, bigger market == bigger demand - > prices go up -> everyone profits!!!
  5. Ambient Lighting

    +1, make it happen I'm your secret admirer... well, it has been secret
  6. [Fixed] Shield Bash/Focus Bug

  7. How do YOU hide your Wurm at work?

    I tried with virtual box and through VPN from virtual machine, but graphic card at work is poor (everything goes black in wurm after some period) and haven't found good free VPN that is using 443 so gave up, just not worth loosing my job:). It works tho.
  8. Night Monster More Aggressive

    give it a try, you can easily jump back to freedom and if you don't like it no one will judge you. i was jumping from freedom to epic and back for more then half year and now i'm thinking of disbanding freedom deeds, i just don't play it anymore. palying with GF is not an issue since there are couples playing epic, if GF is not interested in fighting or pvp noone will force her, plenty of things to do. pick home server you like and join some village.
  9. Night Monster More Aggressive

    I could only suggest you should try pvp servers. I felt the same after the first rift I went to, it was exciting first minute. There's no mob or mechanic that can simulate fight against another player or group. Try first to disregard all misconceptions freedomers and forums kept feeding you about pvp community.
  10. [Fixed] Shield Bash/Focus Bug

  11. Whips

    Whip it!
  12. Unique skins for everyone

    rompers are trendy
  13. Unable to locate server

    well it appears it doesn't work all the time. I was able to login on two accounts with google public dns servers and it stopped working on relogin. Tried some other dns servers and was able to resolve jenn001...for those who know how to update hosts table this should work