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  1. Rare metals on Adventure map

    Thanks for the info.
  2. I apologize if these have already been answered, but anyway... for the latest version of Wurm Unlimited (1.9) and the default (vanilla) Adventure map: Are there any rare metal veins (e.g. Adamantine, Seryll, Glimmersteel...) included by default? If yes, then what is the exact ratio for each rare metal? Is there any way (vanilla or mods) to adjust these ratios and recreate the map? Thanks.
  3. I noticed that everytime I put some huge shod clubs in a bank (at settlement token), they'll disappear after server reboot. Is this intended behaviour? v1.8.0.3
  4. [EU] Gniazdo / The Nest

    Thanks for sharing the files. Gniazdo wurmitems.db seems to be corrupted a little (noticed some error messages in the server console, also pragma integrity check returned several issues), but I've managed to fix it by exporting everything in a sql file, then recreating the db file. Time to relive the nostalgia and to revisit old places... ... and to lockpick and loot all the goodies
  5. I uploaded the source code here: Just in case anyone's interested
  6. [Solved] LF a populated map

    It's great. Better than I expected. Thanks again for sharing. I really appreciate it.
  7. [Solved] LF a populated map

    Fixed and updated ( map: I deleted a large amount of items - various junk (dirt, lumps, grass, scraps, logs...), server mods related items (templateid > 22000), etc... But there's still more than 400k items left in the database. The original server was modded so there probably will be more issues, but it seems to be playable
  8. [Solved] LF a populated map

    Well, I haven't had much time yesterday, so I just deleted all records for now. That's why there are no crates, carts, market stalls, etc. on my screenshot. But I'll try to fix it properly today. The usual way is to export all data (from all tables inside the .db file) in the SQL format, then import it back again. That should fix it, hopefully.
  9. [Solved] LF a populated map

    The wurmitems.db seems to be corrupted little bit (pragma integrity_check), but after fixing it I was able to update it and run the map. Thanks again
  10. [Solved] LF a populated map

    Amazing. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Hello, this may sound like a strange request (it probably is), but I'm looking for someone willing to share a populated map (with existing villages, players, ruins, caves, etc...). I'm testing some home-made single player mods and I could use a more "realistic" map than the current Adventure one. I understand this could pose possible privacy/security issues for an active online server. It's strictly for my personal use. Even an old, obsolete data files would be fine. Thanks a lot!
  12. Sorry folks for the errors. This projects hasn't been updated since 2015, so it's probably not compatible with the current version of WU anymore. I don't think I'll ever get back to this, since I'm quite busy with other projects now. I've deleted all my GitHub ( = sellouts) repositories. There are better WU maps tools out there anyway. Good luck.
  13. Frying pan disappeared

    I put a frying pan (cca ql60, no damage) with a meal into a chest inside a large cart. 2 days later, there's no pan anymore. I guess once meal decayed, pan disappeared as well (bug?).
  14. Unfinished Bridges Stick Horses

    Still happening in
  15. Magranons Scar - Highway Project

    Damn you guys