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  1. My rowboat. My first big project in Wurm, felt awesome when it was done. Used it to sail to an impalong in 2015, then got sick and was gone for weeks. I was so scared it'd be sunk by the time I got back. But someone had both imped and maintained it while I was gone. Don't get to play much anymore, but a friend now keeps it safe at our town dock for when I can.
  2. Would it be possible to get 1K marble shards delivered to Fort Buda at 50x,7y? I'm in the Eastern time zone, I can be in for short periods in afternoons and evenings, and my in-game-name is Fobok.
  3. Technically, over five years. In actuality, I probably only have maybe six or seven months of playtime, and even then I often only played once or twice a week. My first attempt in 2011, when I first was recruited by Tristanc, didn't last long, I couldn't get past the newbie learning curve. I tried again later, creating a new character as my first was deleted. This time, I tried joining a streamer's community. Same problem, but worse since I didn't have friends around. My third time, I was hooked. I started out in Silver Glass, where I was able to learn the game without committing to helping anybody else, so I felt that I could learn at my own pace. Only when I was hooked did I go back to Fort Buda. Since then, between illness (a bad case of pneumonia last year) and disability issues that made it painful to play at times, I've been sort of come and go rather than constant in game.
  4. I have six sleep powder available, and I'd like to sell them for one silver each. Pick up at Fort Buda (just let me know when so I can be online), or if buying all six, they can be delivered to any mapped coastal deed in Indy in a week or two. (Unfortunately, I don't have time this week to do any sailing.)
  5. There's two main things I love about Wurm Online. Playing with an old friend (Tristanc, who's been a friend of mine for over 15 years) on our deed, and being in a world that has been shaped by other players, which makes me feel like I'm in a living world. I wouldn't get either joy out of WU. I do plan to eventually buy it, however. To support the devs and to fool around with. But I definitely do not see myself making the full switch.
  6. I've been sick with pneumonia for months, so I haven't really played much since the Impalong. Once, about a month ago, I started my journey back to Independence but only made it as far as Charon's Respite, where I moored for what was supposed to be the night. That night, however, I ended up in the hospital and just got out the other day. I log on today and found my boat, previously around 19 QL, was now 50. I don't know who did it, but I'd like to give a huge thank you to whoever did! A very nice surprise to return to!
  7. Xanadu Impalong

    Cool, thank you. I'll check in in about an hour then.
  8. Xanadu Impalong

    Just want to add my thanks for hosting this, fantastic event! It's left me aching and sore, (so I likely won't be sailing home for a few days yet), but it was worth it. I have a few things left in the finished coffins (and I'd like to get one of those adventurer hats if it's still possible). Is there anytime in, say, the next 12 hours that someone will be around to help?
  9. Xanadu Impalong

    Yeah, there was tons of stuff being imped. I actually refrained from getting a few of my tools imped, as I didn't want to add anymore to the load. Do most impalongs last longer than this one? That could explain things too. Anyway, on the new player side things were very fun. I couldn't play as much as I'd have liked, due to my physical limitations, but I enjoyed as much as I was there for. Next impalong I'll hopefully be able to help with imping.
  10. Xanadu Impalong

    Ahh! Ok, thanks for the clarification.
  11. Xanadu Impalong

    Hey. Just a little confused by the wording of this. If we can only get one tool type imped, and only one of that type... so we just bring a single tool to be imped? (I'm not complaining at all! Anything that can get imped is a bonus. I'm just a little confused.)
  12. Xanadu Impalong

    My rowboat is finished, locked, pushed down the hill to the dock (thanks to Zoltan for the help in both building and pushing!), and moored. A batch of tools to get imped is ready to go. I'm all set to go. I'll be setting out Sunday, but I expect to have to moor somewhere part way and finish up the trip Tuesday. That gives me Wednesday and Thursday to rest my shoulders (I have physical stamina issues due to disability) before events on Friday. If I do make it all in one day on Sunday, I'll still try to be around on Tuesday to help with setup in any way I can. I'm very much looking forward to meeting everybody.
  13. Good question. At the moment it doesn't seem to be, but maybe we're just between updates.
  14. Thanks for all the answers and the offers of help!