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  1. I'm slightly surprised, Eobersig, I would have expected a Chat Moderator to read an entire post before commenting upon it, as I mentioned that my suggestion would put more silver into player's pockets, and that paying premium with silver should be removed. You're right, the existing trader does partly do what I suggest, but it doesn't go far enough. The trader occasionally receives a limited amount of silver, which soon disappears. Let's assume that my suggestion is in game: A new player arrives, and wants to play as a shipbuilder. They scrape a few coins together and acquire the materials to build a rowboat, which they then sell to the trader. Then they build and sell more rowboats, gradually increasing their shipbuilding skill, and working up the ship list. Because each ship they build is sold to the trader it disappears from the game world, so isn't cluttering up the area, and as they earn silver they can then hire a mason to build them a stone walled workshop (and a digger to level it then a carpenter to plan it if necessary) without them ever rummaging for iron ore in order to smith a pickaxe in order to mine a rock shard in order to create a brick. That player's time is spent building ships. Maybe they'll buy a wagon and go collect materials, or maybe they'll just pay to have them delivered, whatever takes their fancy. Let's say they spend enough time in wurm to earn a gold, and they decide to sell it for euros. The gold never actually leaves the game, it's useless outside wurm. So the buyer uses it for whatever and it goes back into circulation. After the seller has converted silver/gold into Euros they pay Code Club for premium. You could substitute any profession in place of shipbuilder. Want to be a tailor? Buy high ql cotton from a farmer, a high ql loom from a fine carpenter, tools from carpenter or blacksmith, without the player ever touching those skills. (The trader wouldn't want body parts though, only finished goods, so hunters would sell direct to an alchemist who would in turn sell healing covers/dye/etc to the trader) My suggestion would act as a means of converting items to a universally accepted currency (and also have the side effect of trimming the database as items are removed). Items like bricks/planks could have a fixed rate, whereas items like armour/weapons could have diminishing returns as the trader's stock increases. Code Club has complete control of the size of the pool of silver, and items would find a natural level value anyway, such as the one iron per action that has been standard for a while now. Basically, every player gets to play how they like with their time
  2. The problem with the Wurm economy is that many people don't understand economies and currencies. You see it on a daily basis in the real world, and a dev believing that getting 10k new monthly subs would be an easy fix highlights it in Wurm. (On a side note, who would buy all the bricks and planks that these new subs would produce?) This has already been said, but Wurm has too much supply, not enough demand, and not enough stuff leaves the game. There's no cycle of creation and destruction generating a circulation of goods. Increasing decay or shatter would just annoy people because it impacts the 'fun factor' of playing. Back in January 2016 I suggested on an economy thread that a solution would be to add an NPC (I'd put them on the coast so they could also buy ships, and every so often a King's Galleon sails up, collects stuff, and disappears beyond the horizon) who buys almost everything. That would mean that players could play how they liked from the moment they start, by selling whatever they produce to a guaranteed buyer, and those items are then removed from the game. The silver they earn could then go towards deed upkeep or buying higher ql goods from other players. In theory, it should help with player retention, since they can play whatever role they want, rather than being pushed towards the bulk market. This would make it easier for players to earn silver, so I'd also remove the ability to buy premium with ingame currency. If someone is retired/disabled/unemployed/whatever and has the time and inclination to spend hours earning silver to then convert into real money (assuming they find a buyer, and there likely always will be) then that's fine. It's up to them how they spend their day, but premium should be paid with something that Code Club can use to pay it's bills and reinvest into the business. But here we are, nearly three years later, and players are still pointing out the obvious flaw in the mechanics ?
  3. Project Zomboid isn't starting up for me (and other people) either, and it "is packed with it's own version of Java. It never needs to be updated or changed" (according to one of it's devs). Off the top of my head it was working around the same time as Wurm was, so it's looking like a Java issue somewhere Edit: Apparently Zomboid wasn't even getting far enough upon launch to update the config file. The PZ devs pointed me towards this hotfix for Geforce cards: http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4378/ I likely won't have time to test it for a day or two, but it might resolve the issue
  4. Security profile is set to high, but both wurmonline.com and havenandhearth.com (which seems to run fine) are added to the Exception Site List. Also tried restoring the security prompts, and allowing wurm when asked. The file I used to start wurm was downloaded from the game's webpage, trying both options of opening the file, and saving it. Using the Java Control Panel to remove wurm, then clicking the client.jnlp link you posted gives a progress bar of 'downloading application/verifying application'. Once progress is complete it disappears and nothing else happens. Going into the Java Cache Viewer, then looking at the 'selected application's JNLP file' gives me the same result that I posted, rather than the result which you posted...even though I used your link...which seems...odd It would appear that I'm downloading a different JNLP file On a related note, some time ago I started playing a Steam Early Access game called 'Star Command Galaxies', but the Alpha version I was downloading was much older than the devs had released on that branch. It turned out that the 32 bit version had become corrupted somehow, so those with 32 bit systems weren't getting the proper files. Maybe something similar has happened here?
  5. For the last couple of weeks I've been having a similar problem. The Wurm launcher wouldn't appear after the Java splash. I tried various fixes I saw on the forums (creating a new shortcut, setting Java to use direct connect instead of Firefox's browser settings). Eventually I tried a fresh install, and used the java viwer to remove Wurm, then manually deleted it's folder from my 'Games' directory. The trouble started around the time I updated my firewall (Comodo), so I suspected that was the culprit, but disabling it made no difference. What's puzzling me is that I can't even download the game files to install it. A small splash window appears where it says "downloading application", which disappears after a few seconds. Looking at the JNLP file through Java viewer I see this: It's all gobbledygook to me, but do all those 'false' mean the files don't download?
  6. I had the same problem when I equipped a hellhorse with leather barding, but I also see a 'spike' on their outlines at a certain distance. The spike disappears as I move closer http://prnt.sc/f00l1u And another pic with a second spike coming from down around the leg area: http://prntscr.com/f0q0ae
  7. Bump, because it would be really very greatly useful to see the log of bank transactions. The data is there, we just can't see it
  8. Selling a brown horse by the name of Rolf, on Independence (15,O on ingame map). Delivery/collection can be discussed [19:08:13] It will fight fiercely. It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. It has keen senses. Starting bid - fifty copper Minimum increment - five copper
  9. My suspicion is that if you have a plantation of grapes, one in the middle doesn't become a walnut when it goes past shriveled, but one on the edge 'might' if there's a walnut plantation next to it. So that over time, without human intervention, the boundaries of the plantations become less clearly defined as the two push against each other. But it's not something I've ever scientifically studied Out of idle interest, try planting a single tree of something different among the grapes, and see if it's still there in a few months, or if a grape has replaced it. Your isolated island would make an excellent test site
  10. I still have the logs from 2009-01-18, my very first day in Wurm, arriving in the MR deed of Glitterdale on GV. Glitterdale at that time consisted of a token, an NPC, and a million fruit trees. I remember falling down a hill, then being eaten by a croc. Managing to retrieve my corpse, then running through a thorn bush, then being eaten by a croc. GV memories include: Living near a HotS player called Khainegomm, who would occasionally have GM Qualia (also HotS) hanging out inbetween emergency callouts Qualia ripping out the hearts of ravening monsters Innocent defenceless creatures of the forest 50kg large anvils Nearly banishing Enki to the abyssal-plane-beneath-the-server after I opened a tunnel entrance, which became a rift into...nothingness. What appeared to be a gentle slope was actually so steep it couldn't be walked up, and needed climbed. Enki teleported over to fix it, but landed on the slope, and promptly started to be sucked into the rifto`doom First days on Independence Meh, I can never manage to bend the forum's img tags to my will
  11. Frontier

    Some months ago I got permission from whykillme to (try to) clear out the fruit trees around there. I cleared a fair bit, and planted more pine, but a wurmbreak and then other wurmprojects have meant I bumped it down the 'to do' list. It's something I could revisit, and since I'm nearby it's no hassle to nip over for a couple of hours a week for some lemon murders. I'll take a few rock shards and contain the steppe I can't pack with gravel, as I've used that before to hold back grass to allow tundra to expand
  12. Hmm, interesting stuff mentioned I'm not so sure about this. I wiped out a lot of lemon and cherry in the pine forest surrounding Frontier, and planted more pine and birch. A few months later, and I see the lemon encroaching back into the area I had previously cleared, so it's faster growth is giving it an advantage. Something I've long suspected from idle observation but never really properly tested, is that when a tree reaches it's shriveled state, that it becomes vulnerable to being replaced by something else. For example, I planted moss near my deed, first as a nearby source, then alongside a highway, and I've noticed that it has expanded onto tiles which I'm 99% certain had trees before I also have a very vague memory from several years ago of reading that when switching from shriveled to young, a tree has a small chance of becoming something else
  13. I saw a handful of raging unicorns in the wild a few months ago, haven't seen a wild horse for maaaanny months now
  14. Frontier

    And trees don't spawn on steppe. So as the steppe spreads across the grass it reduces the number of tiles available to trees, making it easier to further reduce their numbers by cutting them
  15. All sorts of things can be made from adamantine and glimmersteel, including rivets, rings and bracelets, but not horseshoes (according to the wurmpedia entries anyway) 'Glimmershoes' could, as well as having a speed boost and a reduction in damage taken, provide a sparkly effect to the horse when it moves. Flaming footprints for hellhorses, rainbow stars (or something equally unicorny) for unicorns, and...ummm...something else for normal horses Disclaimer: this post may or may not be slightly less than entirely serious