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Found 9 results

  1. Friends If you have not done so yet please register you deed at the "albia roads map" sticky here on indipendence forum. Its a great help to fugure out where you are. like when returning from another server on a foggy day or just roaming the lands off road. So please drop them a post that you want to register your deed on the map. Its completely free of charge. DL
  2. Location Command Mod Find your coordinates on the map by typing /location. Unzip this archive into the mods folder. No additional mods required on server or client side!
  3. Hey guys, as the new rift has spawned, does anyone have any rough estimate or maybe precise knowledge of the location? Details can be posted here and I can add them to this main post. I would love to join 24th June's Rift fight.
  4. On our server, when a player dies/suicides without a tent/deed/or being a citizen of a deed, and they select an option OTHER than Spawn (outside spawn, for instance) to re spawn their toon the player winds up in the ocean on the edge of the map. We are stumped as to why this is happening and I've read numerous threads but haven't located a solution. Here is what we tried so far: 1.) The "spawn point" is a permanent starter deed created by the lead GM 2.) The initial "spawn point" for all characters is a central location in the starter deed. We have verified that new characters spawn successfully at this location. 3.) Random spawn is NOT checked in the server settings box 4.) The server is PVE with one kingdom and set as a home server 5.) We even removed the link between the future PVP map and the PVE map 6.) We removed the soulstones from the database (this is a custom map) 7.) We setup a premium spawn point using focus zones Does anyone have any thoughts on why this is happening and how to fix it? Thanks for your questions and guidance!
  5. Once again the duty has been handed over, and my turn has come, I will be updating the community map after Wraithglow stepping down. No change to the current system, post your updates in here and I'll will add them in the next update. Firstly, a big thank you to those who have helped the community map get to where it is today, including Darkmalice, Mystecore, Mammadarkness, Maximusi, Huserx and of course Wraithglow, not to mention maximusi in particular for hosting the site. The link to the map is here: (Changed back to Maximusi hosting as I have not heard about the other Every listed deed and its co-ordinates can also be found here: If you want anything to be added post here with the coordinates, and if possible a little image to show exactly where you want it to be placed. (You can use an image host such as imgur.) If you want something (such as your deed) removed, send me a private forum message and I will remove it. Thanks, Archaed
  6. (Listing for a friend so pm Onefoxtwoone in game or Onefox on forum with offers or questions.) Wow! "Huntsman Paradise" - a truly great find (more pics below. In case any of the pics are not showing for you, they can also be viewed in the imgur folder Starting bid: 45 silver. (Note, the deed has 38 silvers in upkeep alone...) This deed is all set up and ready to go. Full ocean access with docks, guard tower for protection, several buildings and fully terraformed area, horses and pens, ships and carts...all set up for the new owner. Sail over and go see it. The on deed char, Ginafox, can give tours all through the long Easter weekend as of from tomorrow. Size, upkeep and money in coffers: The deed is 54 by 48 with 38 silver in the coffers. Location and views: With beautiful scenery, the location of the deed, i26 on the in game map, is ideally located for access to either Xanadu in land or sea trade routes, or hop over to Release. The deed is fully fenced. The deed does not come with a deed holder, but there is a char who will hand over all keys and writs to new owner. Clay and sand on deed. Lots of oaks and other trees planted. Mines: On deed: Heaps of iron (poor to very good), utmost copper, marble and tin Off deed (new owner will be shown locations, all easily accessible from deed): More iron (one utmost), zinc (acceptable) and gold (acceptable) Horses Ships, carts and wagons The deed comes with a sailboat, a cog and wagons and cart. Random stuffs All furniture, random items as well as: Come on, take this opportunity to get a fabulous deed on Xanadu!
  7. So I want to be apart of the landgrab on Xanadu, but there's only one problem. Where will it connect to other servers? I'm not going to plant a deed if it turns out it may be on the opposite side of connections. Can we get an official heads up on this?
  8. Simple concept, we just need a way to check what server we're on. I thought either a new command like /where or just flesh out the /who data with a simple "You are on XXX" Expand the concept? Any ideas ? Bump it up lets make it happen!
  9. I've just moved from my old deed to a new one and while I don't want to sell my old deed, I'd hate to see my buildings just stand unused and slow decay. So what I'm offering is simple: if you can make your way over to the spot, I'll hand you the writs to the buildings for free, as well as any gate keys I have. It's located at 49x, 14y on Colossus Lake in the northeast corner of the map. It's a sparsely populated area so it's uncommon to see someone in local. Chances are I'd be the only other player you see on a regular basis and I swear I won't be a bother. It would be a great choice for someone (or a small group of someones) who likes the peace and calm, and just wants to do their own thing. There are three structures in the location: The manor: A 2x5 stone building with wooden plank floors. Has double doors in the middle of each of the longer sides. Contains a cedarwood bed and 33ql floor loom. The smithy: A 2x6 wooden building with stone slab floors. Split down lengthwise, the back half is windows and the front half is arched walls. Contains a large cedar wood barrel, 37ql forge, and cedarwood trash heap. There is a well located next to this building for easy water access. The workshop: A 2x2 wooden building with stone slab floors. Has double doors on two opposite sides. Contains a 48ql oven, birchwood bed, coffin, and large pinewood chest. Some of the features: There's a large clay pit right along my new deed Ravenstone to the northwest, a tar tile at PCG Village, and plenty of sand all around. Thanks to two canals, it's possible to sail a ship from Colossus Lake to the northern ocean or to the Inner Sea and beyond. The plot is right on the lake and has a 12 tile long dock ending with an oak tree where you can moor all your ships. There are both a love tile and a knowledge tile on the plot (at least last time I checked). I can show you the locations of both of them. There are plenty of cedars, pines, birches, maples, grapes, and many fruit trees either on the plot or within walking distance of it. There are also a few oaks and willows, including two oaks that are part of the centerpiece of the place. On the south side, there are six 2x3 pens and one 3x3 pen made of low stone walls and iron fences. There are gaps here and there in them and I don't have keys to all of the gates but it wouldn't take long to get them useable. On the north side, there's a 3x4 low stone wall pen and a 2x4 wooden fence pen with a tile of enchanted grass. I know for sure that I have keys for those gates so they would be useable immediately. If you wanted more enchanted grass, I could easily do that on my alt at a reduced rate since there would be practically no travel time. Spirit castles are available at Symphonies End, River Cottage, and Gideon's Shire. There is also a trader and a few merchants at Gideon's Shire. There are no mines on the plot but a mountain is very close by (~1 minute cart ride) and there are several undeed mines there. There are two guard towers fairly close by; I've lead many monsters to their doom there. There's room to grow. The closest deed is probably about 50 tiles away and the only undeed houses between you and them are well on their way to decaying. Here's an image gallery that shows the place off better than I could explain. Whether you deed it or not is your decision, so it doesn't matter if you have premium. And if you wanted to remove any or all of the buildings, that's fine by me as well. I just wanted to give someone a chance to have the buildings in case they wanted them. If you have any questions or if you're interested, just reply or PM me here or in game. If you're coming directly to the spot, please send me an in game tell to make sure I'm online to give you the writs.