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  1. Doggy western gun fight
  2. Doggo playing with a beach ball
  3. There is also one other reason for Perimeters to exist. That is to allow free travel in areas that can not be blocked. For example, you can make a Highway on the 4th and 5th tiles of anyones perimeter. The Devs programmed this intentionally, to prevent a-holes from dropping a deed right in the path of someone building a road/highway in an area. The right to travel should not be infringed upon by an individual with personal grudge.
  4. Doggo gives kitty a 'bath'
  5. The Rift is in a wonky terrain spot in the north central area of I - 17. It's between the Port of Valyria and Valyrian Steel deeds.
  6. Doggo chases bottle rocket
  7. Announcing that I have now completed a personal road project (displayed in pink) that I've been working on for some time. The last step was the building of a highway bridge across the Crystal Canal, at Avocano Mine deed (thx Johnnyrascal). This route is now the most southern highway to connect east and west sides of the map. Before this new hwy, the route distance between The Valyrian Estates to Nightmare (due west) was 3939 tiles. It routed up and around the north side of Crystal Lake. Now with the Avocano Bridge built, that same route is only 892 tiles. That's approx. a 77% reduction in total travel distance. I'd like to thank all the people who helped and supported this project along the way. It's a shame that it took extra long, but that's what happens when it's allowed to have one person object, without cause, reason, or rights. I hope you will all use and enjoy the new hwy, it's my pleasure to bring this to the great people of Indy.
  8. How about a price list based on the current market. One that can be updated if the market changes.
  9. Do you have a price list?
  10. One hungry doggo
  11. Doggy steals a treat
  12. Dog Fish