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  1. Rare JK Wagon

    Congrats to Raycg ! I shall contact you shortly, in game to arrange delivery.
  2. Rare JK Wagon

    Auction ends 60 minutes after the last, or any other bids due to Sniper protection.
  3. Rare JK Wagon

    Sniper rule in effect from time of the last bid.
  4. Dr. John - Such a Night - LIVE 1976 (from The Last Waltz)
  5. Rare JK Wagon

    Auctioning this Rare Jenn-Kellon wagon - Oakwood - 90ql Gumbo siggy - 10% Rare Chance rune Free delivery to PvE coastal regions Staring Bid = 20 Silver Minimum Increase = 2 Silver No Reserve - No Buyout 1 Hour Sniper Protection
  6. Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley - LIVE 1999
  7. Great stuff with the help and advice, thanks much.
  8. "LoA wagons 8s" I'd like to get one of these please. Will try to contact you in game to arrange. Thanks
  9. Grats on the new title ! With all that stone cutting skill, don't you think it's time you created a statue depicting them, for putting up with you?
  10. I run a pretty tight ship. This is what is running after a clean boot. I don't have anything start up, that isn't essential, for the most part. If I want a program running, I run it. As for Nvidia call home software, there are two "STOPPED" processess in the Task Manager Services list. Have you any idea if one of these two is "calling home"? - NVDisplay.ContainerLocalSystem and NVTelemetryContainer. They are not running when this occurs, but will double check next time. I remove "Bloatware" actively. Conhost.exe and Tasklist.exe are the two processes that fire up and hang Wurm. (Tasklist.exe was overlooked at first post, looked like it belonged when I made the OP, realize now it is starting up with the Conhost.exe) Will check graphics driver, but vid card is a bit older on this machine. Not sure they even make updates for it anymore. Appreciate the help and reply. Edit: have to best video driver already installed , as per the NVidia update site.
  11. Well speaking from experience, *cough Xanadu cough*, hahaha, I predict they will be called "Port Onody", and Zed Zed Nine Plural Zed Alpha". My other two longest running deeds. Yes, yes, I'm kidding. I like Spolmits idea of honouring Rolf and Notch. So my real two guesses would be... Rolfing - verb - treat (a person) using Rolfing, a proprietary term for a massage technique aimed at the release and realignment of the body. Notched - adjective - Notched - marked with a notch or notches. Can prolly do better or simpler, or.. Scandinavianize (sp?) the names. Rolfström and Notchberg Edit: ström = stream - berg = mountain - at least this is my understanding of the meanings, sorry if incorrect
  12. Thanks for the reply. Yes, that was the page I read after this occurred. Conhost.exe filesize is normal. CPU demand is normal. No virus detected. File location is correct in the System32 folder. Adding that I don't always get the white screen overlay. There is no CMD window opened up when this occurs. It only occurs when playing Wurm, so far.