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  1. I'm wondering who's gonna make the claim, that they've seen bigger? :D
  2. Please add Merchant mechanics to the list of things that need clarifying.
  3. The liquor will do the driving, then we’ll just kick back on booze control - 25s
  4. 33% deed reduction across the board, and everybody can walk away a winner. Do keep in mind, it probably would not be beyond the devs ability to slowly erode that % away over the years. Or even add to it. Now is def. the crunch time. I hope the staff will continue their deliberations and make a proper decision. Don't make a forced decision, make one that is thought out. They always takes a bit longer. Best of luck.
  5. "Randy, I've decided to lay off the food for a bit, and go on the booze." - 17.5s
  6. I've always been a bit of a fan of the RMT system. It allowed me to do things I otherwise never would have been able to. Thank you to Wurm for allowing it all this time. Without RMT, stuff like this would never have happened. For example, years ago a player was inbetween jobs and was a bit strapped for cash. That person being a graphic artist, was able to create this work of art for a few bucks so they could get by until new work was found. The corresponding video of the creation is here, if anyone would like to watch a graphic artist at work. It's pretty good. She said how much trubil it was to recreate the horse, which can be seen during a scrub of it. Video of the Weaponsmith Another time a couple in the alliance, with a special needs child, were looking to get a bit of extra coin to help them out there. The alliance, and many other Wurm players put up goods to be auctioned off. Afterwards, a cut of the proceeds was given to the couple in silvers, later changed to RMT. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for allowing people the opportunity to do helpful like this as well, I shall miss it a little bit.
  7. No wait, I remember how huge of an AC/DC fan you are. "For Those About to Rake" - Fire !
  8. I've put two diagonal cut roads in, at the first two block turns going east from Pings Folley. Take a look and see if ok. If so the new diagonals could use a bit of touching up again as we make our way. Maybe, lots of the old paved tiles from past deeds along the way, could be torn up and let to grow over?
  9. I'll hop on the back of Neenee's wagon when she's not looking.
  10. Wanted to add my history/story with Traders. Done a few, it bought me some really good coffee, and maple sugar candies every now and then. I can live without those luxuries fine, they were a nice reward. Currently I have 6 deeds on Indy, all have one Trader and were set up for the sole purpose of draining money that I put back into my current 40s a month upkeep cost (down from prolly 65s at one time including Deli and Xanadu deeds). I only did this Trader thing when I was actively playing. This new Trader process will automate that for me, I thank you. I never had "milking deeds". Every deed has it's purpose. Housing, Farm, Animal Breeding, Mine/Market, Special Event, and my old original Xanadu deed which is used as hunting and housing for waywards. My upkeep used to be a lot more, but as cut backs to Trader payouts came, I cut back on deed sizes. It's now gotten to the point that I've cut back most of those 6 deeds, to the size of "trader milking", ironically. Your own Trader cut backs have made me turn my useful non milking sized deeds, into milking sized deeds. Action, reaction. If I had a say. I'd want a 50% deed upkeep reduction for deeds with a Trader. After negotiations, I'd likely settle for a 30% upkeep discount. Thank you Odynn for making this topic.
  11. Neb was a little hefty back then, the shipping costs would have been enormous. :D