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  1. Bohemian Catsody - Studio version 2021 Apologies to Queen in advance.
  2. Camouflage Dragon

    Smoke me a kipper, I'll be there for dragon.
  3. Nice goods. Was wondering if there is any discount for Chaos pick-ups?
  4. Ted Nugent - Free For All - 1978 Live
  5. Ah yes, could be that. I prolly finally got around to 'cutting' out that part of the screenie, from the now non-existant original pic. So the date of creation is a month+ later.
  6. Found this one from Feb. 2011. Unsure where it was taken or the reason we had all them lights going.
  7. Found this oldie, the pic not the person in it. *winks* From right after Willow got 100 LW. Was snapped at her Festival Cove deed. Showing off a bit of leg there, eh Willow. Edit: Taken around April 2012
  8. To help Stanlee the dragon hunter out a wee bit, the Freemason alliance has constructed the Red Bar next to The Pawd deed. A clearing for those wanting to drop tents is available. There is lots of booze and some food there for all. Pls help yourselves and party it up at any of the tables set up. Also 2 altars have been made (Vyn + Lib), with two more needing the Bowl last part attached for Mag + Fo. If you are a follower of one of them last two, pls do that attach if you arrive on scene and they still need making. thx. See you all there o/
  9. Hosehead from Strange Brew saves the day... Edit: also capes are awesome, even for doggies
  10. Trooper - We're Here for a Good Time - 1977
  11. I like the way you think
  12. Unsure if this has been mentioned here or not. If I had a guess, it would be that that Creative Construct Competition will be tied to the VR implementation. The VR won't be for game play, but for a "tour" of the game. The winning entries being what VR people will be able to walk around in and check out. Likely duplicated on its own Wurm Tour server. This last line at the end of the competition post gives me that impression. "We will be looking for places that are full of life with attention to detail, and lots of creativity!"
  13. [15:36:34] You failed to respond in time. Disconnecting. This was my error while walking to the southern coast of Deli after the event. Total shut down of the client.
  14. Trooper - The Boys in the Bright White Sports Car - 1979 Studio