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  1. Hiya LL and Zorana, Congrrats on the wedding. Wonderful news to hear. All the best in the coming years. Sorry to hear about the deed. It's an amazing place. Good luck with the sale.
  2. Hiya, I have a place called Xanadu just a catapults launch or two west of the Northern Lights area (thanks for all them cows NL guys, hahaha). As lore goes, to the best of my memory... They had one of the original four dragons on Indy, the white one. Had the honour to see and witness a feeding one day. Good times. Southport and NL were allied on JKH before Indy, so other members may recall more. Robfox is the last known member I've seen and that was a couple of years ago at one of Shrimpiies' Impalongs. You may try to research at Niarja . If the white dragons death is recorded, it should have the names of the people who were in on the kill. All likely buds of the NL folks. Good luck with your quest.
  3. For Mr. Neil Peart who passed away at 67. RUSH - A Farewell to Kings - Live 1977
  4. Tournaments

    Here was our event a few years back. May be some things you're after. Good luck to you.
  5. I pray you don't count this as your first Wurm death, on the character. It would be a shame. It's great to see you're still at it. All the best to ya.
  6. You can thank me for the free sleep bonus later
  7. Indy is down it would seem. Not sure of the other servers. Indy only - retrograde
  8. is on the way.. sorry real life took over. Bump, for back playing
  9. Is it legal?

    The work around
  10. bump for price adjustment
  11. All are 92ql Huge Axes (Iron) Rare N91 LT87 C83 for 8.5s - SOLD --------------------------------- N98 LT97 C94 for 6s N92 LT93 C92 for 5s - SOLD N86 LT94 C96 for 5s N96 LT92 C88 for 5s N82 LT86 C87 for 4s N75 LT86 C92 for 4s - SOLD N74 LT90 C75 for 3.5s Can PM Gumbo in game as well
  12. Yup, all worked fine. Received my blood today and am happy.
  13. In no particular order, and no particular version. These would likely be my top 10 picks for PC games of all time. I'm likely forgetting something that should be here, but I'll go with this for now. Civilization SimCity X-Com Football Manager Skyrim Age of Empires Kerbal Space Program The Grandest Fleet (old turn based naval battles) Great Naval Battles (old real time naval battle sim) Silent Hunter (real time sub sim)