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  1. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    Fleetwood Mac - Dreams (1977 Studio version)
  2. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    Deep Purple - Space Truckin' - (1972 Studio version)
  3. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    Grateful Dead - Truckin' (1972 Live)
  4. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    YES - And You and I (1972 Studio version)
  5. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    Supertramp - Dreamer (1974 Studio version)
  6. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    Pete Townshend - And I Moved (1980 Studio version)
  7. W. S. A. Independence lag

    Grats on what seems to be a successful migration. Fingers crossed it holds and the problem is solved. Thank you for you attention in this matter.
  8. My vote would be for some sexy ligerie. It's the gift that keeps on giving. P.S. I look best in red.
  9. Can We Talk About The Lag On Indy Now?

    This situation should have been publicly addressed months ago. Waiting until your customers get so pissed off that they have to come here to get this kind of lip service, is simply more poor customer relations. *in before roll-back to mid October to remove an update that may or may not be the cause
  10. Libila Colossus Construction

    One luvly Lady Libila colossus for the luvly Lady Viti. Thanks much for the great company while this was being constructed.
  11. Libila Colossus Construction

    Good news that you have the area prepped already. I'll be in-game shortly and send you a PM there to discuss details.
  12. WTA Rare statue of an eagle

  13. I will now be taking orders to construct an 80ql Libila Colossus at your deed. All mats will be supplied by me. Price per Libila Colossus is 25 silver, and will be available on all Freedom servers except Chaos. Also, only coastal Xanadu. Colossus can be a little time consuming to piece together as I'll be doing them alone, but I'm sure you'll be pleased with the result. By ordering here in this thread you are accepting a binding contract to pay for the colossus, seeing how there's no way for me to take my colossus and go home if you don't. If you have any questions, please ask either here or PM Gumbo in game. Edit: Please to note - You have to be a follower of Libila to start, add pieces to, and/or complete the colossus. Who would like to have the lovely Lady Libila at their place? Here's a peek at what you'll be getting
  14. Remove the Lag from Independence

    If you say so. I don't know the setup at all, but was a thought I had and shared. Yes, much easier to get a new server, if it's in the budget.