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  1. The age old discussion, RTS or Turn Based. Some like one, some like the other, some like both.
  2. Back in original Deli times, Zalifear (with others) penned the original black drake there. A female. She would produce an egg or two every year. Zali would host kills occasionally, every one of them was a black drake. Pretty sure the name derived from the colour similarities, black / charcoal. It was meant as Charcoal I (the first). The hope being that if a girl, she'd pump out many more babies and they could be named sequentially, roman numeral. Game mechanics in regard to (penned) uniques can and do change at any time. You would prolly do better with a reply from Zali on it tho. I know it was thought out for a long time, by Zali.
  3. Hiya, So nice to see Charcoal found. Grats on the find. Yes Charcoal broke out quite a while ago. Near a year? She's a black drake that was hatched by Zalifear with a Huge Egg he had. Halloween 2014 was to be her birthday, but she was a bit eager on the hatching by a couple of days. At first Zalifear had her penned up on his deed there on Xanadu, but it was not properly constructed and Charcoal mine the floors and walls like crazy. What a mess. Zalifear had to think of a better way. He did.. he came up with an amazing design that bafflled Charcoal for at least 5+ years. It just happened that the ideal location happened to be right there on my deed. So the new pen was constructed and I became a Charcoal babysitter. After Charcoal broke out, Zali and I went for a look around. We're surrounded by 3 mountains and a one sea. No sign of her around us, she didn't seem to be on the 'tether' anymore. Even if we found her, neither of us wanted to organize any type of kill. We could have re-penned, but even that seemed to be too much. So we decided to give up the search and let her be free. Thanks so much for finding her and organizing this to be public. I hope there are thousands and thousands of bloods and Charcoal Hide spread around the lands, and I'm sure Zalifear feels the same way. It was a wonderful experience in my Wurm life. Thank you very much Zalifear for allowing me to be a part of it. Edit:
  4. We're talking about nerfing miners with a skill above 95, not 75. Yes fine, it was OP and reduced any point of skilling beyond 75. I'm not disagreeing there, but punishing players who have skilled above 95 is a clown show. You're applying a nerf to people who actually did skill up well beyond the level that you're claiming you want to prevent. This is your flaw in nerfing as you have.
  5. If these were the only or best 3 options/solutions you could come up with, then this is proof enough that you need more input from others. Clearly not enough thought was put into this ridiculous change/nerf.
  6. "Wurm seems to have a whole bunch of disgruntled users here in this thread. " They are disgruntled HERE !!! Not OVERTHERE !!! Each person deserves a reply to their comment. That is what customer service is supposed to do.
  7. Wurm seems to have a whole bunch of disgruntled users here in this thread. Why wasn't there a staff member here replying to EACH and EVERYONE one of them, addressing their concerns? You have released an update that doesn't sit well with many of your customers, yet you let them stew here without replying to them individually. Some blanket reply after you believe things have "calmed down" isn't customer service. It's called sticking your head in a hole in the ground hoping the problem goes away on it's own. This is ridiculous and the staff here should be ashamed of themselves.
  8. I find the inability to get 100ql ores with mining 95+ skill, a rare+ pickaxe, 90+ Imbue, and 10% gather rune, to be quite disturbing. This update was clearly not thought through. Don't suppose we could get an explanation as to why this major nerf change to mining/woodcutting was needed.
  9. Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak - 1976 studio version
  10. Break-Out !
  11. People who wish to wait and receive a spyglass after 12 months time, still can. Why prevent people who wish to get one quicker? Wait if you want, buy if you want. What's the problem?
  12. Traffic - The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys - 1971 Studio version
  13. I was just proud that "Gumboland Good Time Happy Place" was the runner up name. :D
  14. Stephen Bishop - On and On (LIVE) - 1977