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  1. Doggy with auto-tune
  2. Mott the Hoople - All the Way from Memphis - LIVE
  3. RUSH - Natural Science - LIVE - I am in the audience at this show. First saw RUSH play this tune Sept. 2nd, 1979. Fell in luv with them then.
  4. Here's a topic for people to state their stories of being banned. Please do not call into question the decision made by staff, but simply give your side of the story. This should be permissable as long as you don't question staff final decisions/rulings. Here's my recent story. I recently drew 30 days for questioning why I was not allowed to build a highway to my alliance mates deed. A highway route that was at least 50 tiles from anyone elses deed. Seems there's a rule in Wurm, that anyone can object to anyone else building stuff, even if it's not close to their deed. While making the highway, I was griefed (planted Cat's Eyes and Waystone tore up) and harassed in Local chat. That person after being called out for those things by staff, then put in a legitimate objection to my highway (an objection that I was never made aware of). I'd be happy to share the finer details of my banning, with anyone who wants them. Send me a PM to discuss the issue of my highway building in Wurm. Thank you
  5. Is very disheartening to see this occurring. Appears to be similar to the old 'insurance payout' scam. Wondering where all the staff/devs are here, in support of the people who won this contest? Am feeling bad for Demona. Looking like she's getting hung out to dry alone. All the best Demona, keep up the good fight.
  6. I've been saying this for years and here it is proving itself again. "why buy the cow, when the milk is free" Staff should take note. As well, my "test server" story. A few years ago, I found a bug in game, where you could ride a horse down a 41 - 300 dirt slope. Reported it and was asked to go on Test and duplicate the bug. I said NO. The bug is right there in game, come and see. I don't want to waste my time on Test attempting to duplicate something I know nothing about. Dev agreed and showed up to the spot after some 3rd party go between crap. IMO, that should have been the first thing a Dev would do. Asking me to go to Test server was a joke. Felt like a way to 'blow off'' the problem/me. After finishing showing the Dev. the bug, I asked if there was any reward for discovering this bug. Was told, NO. That this was a known bug from 10 years ago, that appears to have come back, so nothing. Yet funny thing is, I've had 3 players tell me they got a reward, all for reporting that old, "trader free stuff" bug. The same bug that existed from day one of my game time. But back then we were warned with yellow text in the chat for weeks, not to abuse that bug or be banned. Go figure eh.
  7. Wipeout - The Ventures - 1966 LIVE from Japan R.I.P. Don Wilson
  8. Carole King - It's Too Late - 1971 - LIVE
  9. Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who - Covered by Sina on drums
  10. Apache Indian - Boom Shak-a-lak - Video
  11. Nordlys is the winner of this auction. Congrats! Will contact you in game for delivery. Can lock the thread if that is the proceedure. Thank you.
  12. Auctioning this Staff of the Dragon Skin Start bid - 10 silver Min. Increase - 1s No buyout, No reserve, No private bids 30 minute Sniper Protection Auction ends Dec. 4th @ 2PM EST
  13. Here's a Wurm expectation vs Reality for you. Hope ya like it. The challenge is on to see if anyone can best this one. Good luck, I know I set the bar very high. Night time shot
  14. Checked logs. Was last on 16 days ago and all was fine.