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  1. Thank ya sir, much appreciated.
  2. I think I may have said this wrong in OP. So this... Why isn't the onus on the person who wants to Place something, to actually have to take the item into their inventory, activate it, then Place it. Instead of the onus being on everyone in the game to avoid clicking on the Place menu choice when interacting with everything in the game that is not in their inventory and they can pick it up?
  3. The new Place option is nice, but I don't see any need for it to be a part of the menu system on items that are in a forge. It has made imping items a bit more frustrating. One slight mis-click (the Place option is right above the imp tool option) and it pulls the item you are imping out of the forge into your inventory, then starts the Placing timer. You then need to Cancel the action, put the item back into the forge, then continue. Why not only have the Place option available when the item is actually in your Inventory? Since you can only Place items that can actually be in your Inventory. One should have to make the effort and show the intent that they want to Place something (by taking it into their Inventory) instead of having to always avoid clicking the Place option on every single pick up-able item in the game.
  4. I would like to clarify the situation that I was involved with. It was done to prove a point and hopefully resolve an issue without staff involvement. Someone was going around the server attempting to build bridges in and around other peoples areas, including right in their perimeter, without their AOK. That person told the folks who objected that they did not own their perimeter and he could build his bridges where ever he pleased. I was not one of those people. I took it upon myself to go to an off deed mine near the culprit, and mine away. My point was to show that the veins too were off deed and not subject to any rules of ownership, by their very own words. Despite that, the people with a deed close by fenced me in the mine, not leaving me an exit (which is a ban-able offence). They then proceeded to put in a support call to get a GM there. Not sure who the genius was that came up with that plan or if they got banned, but I don't believe so. Anyway, I proved their hypocrisy and was willing to take my punishment for doing so. I hold no ill will towards the staff members that handled the situation. This current situation is somewhat different and I don't feel it's right for me to take either side without plenty more information, that I highly doubt I would ever be privy to. I only hope the two parties can work it out together.
  5. I promise I will never again attempt to breed a Wild Cat and a Hell Hound again. My goal to create a Hell Cat is officially over, I swears.
  6. I've got a roast in the oven, I hope it will be ok.
  7. Having this exact problem on Indy while building a diagonally up/down bridge (about 295 dirt difference between the two ends) all on land, no water involved. It usually happened when I would mount my cart after completing a bridge section to move forward one tile, to start the next section. I'd embark as Commander, but appear below the bridge on the ground level, hovering in the air in the seated position, the cart still up on the bridge. I could drive the cart but only until I hit a support beam below. That support would prevent me from going any further. The work around was for me to maneuver the cart so it hung off the edge of the bridge above me, click on the cart and Disembark. That is the only way I could Disembark. I would then still be below the bridge on foot, cart still above. I'd have to run back up the bridge to the cart, Unhitch the horses, Push the cart a couple times, then I was able to re-hitch the horses after collecting them from where ever they unhitched at. All worked fine after that. Of note, one time while bugged out, I drove the cart (while I was hovering in the air below the bridge) on to the unfinished planned bridge sections, then disembarked. This made it impossible for me to get the cart back, or even interact with the cart. Said I needed to be on the bridge at the same height, which was impossible because it was on unfinished planned bridge sections.
  8. Auctioning this 9 piece Rare Steel Plate Armour set. Starting Bid = 35 silver Minimum Raise = 1 silver No Hidden Reserve No Buy Out Sniper Protection = 1 Hour Ends Sunday, Jan. 14th at 3PM EST
  9. bump for even lower price !!
  10. bump for lower price
  11. Selling a Rare Willow Long Bow that is 90QL - 3s PM Gumbo in game if you like, it will likely be faster service. thx
  12. Third DoND of the night had scary dude Freddykrueger dreaming of winning big. Read on to see if his dream came true, or if it turned into a nightmare.
  13. Game two tonight saw Sadsack hit the cases.