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  1. When will we get an ETA on compensation for this "Error 35" Wurm created problem? It's October now. Problem occurred late July. We don't even have an ETA because the PR guy informed me that I didn't request one, so therefore I'm not due an answer on that. Talk about a delay tactic that is so obvious, that it's insulting. Why is it taking months to even address this issue? Well here ya go.. here is the chance for staff and player alike, to discuss the matter. Openly. If someone steps out of line in this thread. Mods, please remove their posts and punish them, instead of locking the thread and putting an end to the discussion. Thank you. ERROR 35 COMPENSATION !!!!
  2. Still waiting. I hope everyone reading this has become aware of the delay tactics in use here. It's October and I got the brush off since the end of July. I was informed that since I didn't ask for an ETA, none was given, so in other words, the problem has not been addressed. Since then I've asked for an ETA, seeing how this was the excuse given by the PR rep as to why there is no update yet. Over two weeks of asking for an ETA, and not even a reply from the staff. Is this really the type of service that is acceptable behaviour now? I hope the player base is becoming as disgusted by this type of treatment, as I currently am. It will happen to you all eventually. You all may want to stand up and get this type of incompetant treatment method, looked into. If it can happen to me, it WILL happen to you. SO, again. Any update on an ETA or any thing to address the compesation that will be given exclusively to the Error 35 people. This was an error that was caused by, and is now beging ignored by, the Wurm staff? Thank you for your time.
  3. Jim Croce - Don't Mess Around with Jim - (Live)
  4. Janis Joplin - Bobby McGee (Studio)
  5. Pushing me? In a hurry? It's been two months since the incident occurred and we haven't even been informed when the problem will be looked at, let alone resolved. Perhaps it's time people asked why it's taking so long to give an ETA on when we will get an ETA, on when this will be looked at. If this type of thing can happen to me, it can happen to you. I don't believe these such delay tactics are a very good way to run a business, but maybe that's just me. Potential players see delays like this, and shy away from playing/paying.
  6. Confirming... I heard the staff has become thinned out and divided, after they all moved to separate island countries with their silvers.
  7. *Takes a look at his calender and notices that a new year is approaching* So... is there any update on this matter yet? Any chance we could get an ETA, on when you will be giving us an ETA, on when this matter will be looked into? Thanks, appreciate it.
  8. Deee-Lite - Groove is in the Heart - 1991 (LIVE)
  9. Almost like Amata, my game name is a play on my last name IRL. I've played a lot of team sports for many, many years, and been online almost as long. As such, I've been called a lot of things. Folks say my last name wrong all the time (can you spell that for me please, hehe). Anyway, I've always said, "put a suffix on Gum, and I've likely been called it". Some of the more popular ones are, Gumby, Gums, Gummers, Gumbalina, Gombeetz, Gumbers, and the ever so popular Guma-lama-dingdong.
  10. Get a haircut hippy ! hehe.. kidding
  11. Awesome video man. Nice to see your vessel. *peers across the lake*
  12. Amateur Gardeners

    Harvest day today, again. Lots of yellow beans and tear drop tomatoes. The short & sweet carrots are especially good, but late. And was recently informed that I've been growing Italian Roma tomatoes (the ones with the little "nobs" on the bottom), thems my faves. Hardly any seeds in em, all meat inside. Also, on the right are some "white tomatoes". First time for them. They were ok. low acid, like the yellow teardrops ones.
  13. Thank you for your reply and interest in this matter which began on July 24th, 2020 (approx. 7 weeks ago). It was from the time Harmony/Defiance were both launched and lasted four days. For those days I was not able to use the main client to access the game, to play on any of my characters. I was also interested in creating a new character on the new North Freedom server of Harmony, but was not able to do so. As such, I missed out on all the bonus skilling/attribute perks that were offered to those NFI players that were able to access and play (96 hours worth for some, 48 hours for others). Due to the lack of attention given to this matter by Wurmonline staff, it left a very sour taste in my mouth. I have no interest in supporting a game that would so easily ignore my (and others) requests for help and compensation for something that was clearly the fault of Wurmonline. This lack of attention is what is responsible for me not playing on SFI. Therefore I am requesting the original 4 days of premium lost, be added to my main character on SFI. As well, I would like the upkeep on all of my SFI deeds be extended in the amount of days from July 24th, 2020 up until this matter is finally resolved. On top of that I am requesting the equivalent of 98 hour of 30% bonus skilling/affinity time be given not only to my main character on SFI, but also given to the character I have created on the NFI after the "Error 35" problem was corrected to the point I could actually log in. That is approx. 86 hours worth of 30% bonus times that was missed out on, that other NFI players were given. I realize you're going to claim that it was my choice not to play after the "Error 35" problem was fixed ,therefore minimal upkeep will be restored. But please keep in mind, that choice was made due to Wurmonline staff ignoring my and many other players' requests for compensation. If you have any more questions in regard to this matter, please feel free to contact me here. I look forward to a settlement package that is beneficial not only to me and the others that have suffered due to this mistake by Wurmonline, but is also beneficial to the game as well. Thank you for your time and kind attention to this matter. Gumbo
  14. Not sure what you're on about. The upkeep was paid in advance, a year at a time. I've not been paying for premium since this situation came about. This is not a good look for a company. Analogy would be akin to you taking your car in for a repair. The shop takes months to fix it despite them saying it would be back tomorrow. You'd expect to be compensated by them giving you a courtesy car, until they can get your car fixed, wouldn't you? I think that works, lols. Happy to be corrected. Analogies suck anyway. Sorry to use one.
  15. It's been explained. Enough so that Staff is "discussing it". So prolly best to either ask a Staff, or wait for a reply from them after their discussion. Edit: bad pun calf is best calf