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  1. rat

    That rule is made so the GMs can step in if they want, and not step in if they don't want. In recent cases I find it hilarious, how few years ago, when stuff was stolen from me, I contacted Enki, he didn't even bother to answer me, just added his assistant head GM-s to the conversations, who then started to convince me, how this all was my fault and how GMs are like insurance company, who don't do anything, when it is the customers fault. Official statement from the assistant head GM from that time, and I quote here: "You are correct about us being here to enforce the rules and I have just re-read them. I see no line in there saying theft is against the rules. Continued theft by a player could head in to harrasment (griefing) charges."
  2. When your premium is about to expire (one week prem left), you get expiry warning e-mail every time you cross server border.
  3. Completely removes the point of different types of slab roads. You probably now say, that they have different texture, but in reality, what matters is their color. -1
  4. idea

    Hauling service is one thing, which many have tried, but it never got rolling.. even in the better days of trading.
  5. Watched many reviews of Project Gorgon today and eventually decided to buy it. It is very good game, like an unpolished gem. Bit overwhelming still.
  6. Just few months ago I was thinking about to try this game.. but.. I had forgotten the name. Will add to Steam wishlist and wait for a sale.. Price for a niche game is too big IMO.
  7. Yeah, it is silver sitting in banks. More important data tho would be the money bought/sold from the store in last month. Absolute numbers obviously go down as playerbase shrinks, but using proportionate amounts(Silver bought per player) should be more informative, which is not available to public sadly.
  8. Selling silver also creates buzz, word to mouth.. you name it. People join the game with intent to make money while gaming(it is not very rare occasion, when people ask "how can i start making money in this game"). Some of course fail and go away. Some will become paying customers, which you conveniently ignore.
  9. Not beneficial? Code Club sells silver, every silver in game originates from CC store. Currently there is 251600 silvers in freedom cluster (inc Chaos). That is 1.6 * 251000 euros, thats amount CC has directly earned from silver sales. Source: https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Server_graphs If this is not beneficial for Code Club AB, then I don't know.
  10. And your point being about bartering? Money is made to make trading easier. You could sit on your (for example) nails for months, waiting for someone, who matches two criterias - needs nails and has something to offer, which you need. In current situation you have to find someone, who just needs nails. Trade the nails for something of universal value(Silver in Wurms case), so you can the use that universal value to buy something you need. So removing Silver just overcomplicates things in general, the fact that you have bartered things means absolutely nothing.
  11. Not when it is one of the selling points of the game: from WO website (main page): "Trade in-game items and services for virtual or real life currency." This is funny "development decision" tbh. People are invited to trade for real currency, then there is a crusade started against the same people. RMT IS Wurms strength, not a weakness. Pretty much all the changes made to Wurms economy have been made on emotional basis, because "Some people are making money in Wurm".. Obviously! Making profit is the main motivation to trade in the first place. If you take away the profits, you take away reason to trade. Also real money is no factor here.. people trade even in games, where ingame money isn't tied to real money.
  12. My awesome paint skills:) This looks now more like a "k"
  13. According to wurmpedia janitor is "Repair 50 fences, floors or walls. ".. So you have a bit still to go
  14. Buy 9 tomes, so you can win 1
  15. You lose time. The time you have spent into earning stuff, THIS is what gives value to things, not whether you buy it for silver. And this is what is wrong in Chaos/Wurm PvP in general. Things that might have required hundreds of work hours, can be destroyed in a heartbeat. Be it demolishing someones deed and/or looting stuff.