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  1. Creating an ongoing market in WURM

    And that is another problem which OP didn't even touch, output of crafters. It is possible make all your own things, you can make things for your friends and you can make things for half of the server.
  2. Creating an ongoing market in WURM

    It will create demand, as new item is completely different than imping up a thing. Currently lifetime of a tool ends, when enchant is gone, or in a state, where owner thinks it is too low. The emotional part is the reason, why all the changes to fix economy are unpopular decisions. Like I said in previous post, there will be tears no matter what we do.. change items repairability, limit output, limit skills, whatever.. Unpopular doesn't really mean it is not needed, same goes for popular, not all popular suggestions mean it is good change. Reselling is smaller problem than everyone believes. Look at the number of total crafters (niarja probably doesn't give the full picture, but still gives pretty good idea). Now look at the toons traded. I don't know, how many toons are traded privately, but I think we can be safe to assume, that it is in the best interest of the seller to advertise it publicly to earn most from it, so majority of the trades happen publicly. When we compare those numbers (total crafters vs sold crafters), the accounts sold is only a tiny fraction. A lot more players go inactive instead of trying to sell their account. So a few accounts more or less going inactive/changing hands and staying active is not big issue. On chaos it has probably bigger effect(and from my understanding that is where most traded high end accounts end up anyway) as there playerbase is considerably smaller and traded accounts have a bigger ratio in overall (chaos) playerbase. And even trading doesn't mean that toon will be around indefinitely, as it is good chance, that it goes inactive in the hands of new owner. Plenty of old players coming back and trying to find their old sold toon, which is inactive.
  3. Creating an ongoing market in WURM

    OPs suggestion, while it doesn't address everything, does one thing, it would increase demand. Of course it would've been better to not flood the market with so many goods in the first place, then we wouldn't have to look for "solutions" here. But no matter how to fix things, it involves limits in one way or another. Ironically the "QoL and lowering tedious play style" is something, which actually digs the economy sinkhole deeper and deeper, all it does, is increasing the supply of goods, while at the same time decreasing demand. Why were/are people willing to pay for others? So they didn't/don't have to focus on those so-called tedious things and pay someone else to do them, who doesn't mind. Of course, the goal to improve gameplay isn't bad, but when it is so fundamental to Wurms economy, then you can't just remove it without replacing it with something else. Not a good idea to start sawing the branch you are sitting on. To conclude, until Wurms development is being run like a cheap popularity contest, then nothing will ever get done.. that means, that we will continue to have those "discussions about economy almost every month and all are pointless and no good solutions comes out". Mainly because there are no good solutions short term. Question is, what effect various solutions have long term.
  4. Creating an ongoing market in WURM

    Another silly reason: "People make money, let's keep the broken economy that way". Mechanic-wise there is no difference between someone doing trading full-time (and selling few silver in the process) and newbie, who joins the game and tries to earn few silvers for his first deed and/or premium. You may be after those full-time traders, because obviously… they are bad, because they make money, they take(and have taken) losses of course.. but the volume in their trading makes it up.. lets say their income is lowered by 50%, but when they made a gold per month, after 50% losses they still made 50silvers, which is decent income. Don't forget, they are fulltime traders.. that newbie, who just joined, for him the losses are bigger, because of not trading that actively they have also harder time to find customers in already harsh environment. So basically trying to hit those big-time traders, you will hit newbies even harder. Also "fighting" silver trade is also weird.. I always have said, don't make decisions based on emotions, and there is great deal of jealousy involved. First. We want to promote trade (obviously in wurm the devs don't, but in real world/even virtual worlds this is true).. that involves silver changing hands and this is goal.. now that is completely irrelevant, what is the motivation behind that.. it doesn't really matter for what you trade, is it a tool, or some euros change hands via paypal.. in economy the silver is moving around and is not getting "stuck" somewhere.. Secondly if someone buys silver, this happens for a reason.. they plan to spend it, noone really buys silver to put into the bank account and stare it there for months. There have been amazing projects which have come to life, what have been made possible because of silver trade. For bigger projects in many cases materials have been bought for silver acquired from other players. Now of course there is one argument, which is so-so, that silver traded between players is a purchase lost from store. That is not 1:1, some definitely, but not all. But how the silver trade actually stirs the market, I think the benefit from that makes it up. That I don't understand, why "fixing economy" means end to impalongs.. Impalongs have been longer in game, than me (I am from 2012) and back then the economy was in far better state than nowadays. Social gatherings still happened etc.. People traded and also helped each other..
  5. Creating an ongoing market in WURM

    Any market, where prices plummet like they did in Wurm, is not healthy market. Wurm's constant, to which the silver is tied and which give silver in game value, isn't actually euros, but the services, which CCAB offers: premium, deed upkeep, trader goods. And compared to those prices silver value has gone down and keeps going down. To buy premium(or whatever CCAB service), more and more play hours have to be put into the game.
  6. Creating an ongoing market in WURM

    It show popularity/activity, not in what state economy is actually in. But I am always willing to hear your story, how those things are related.
  7. Creating an ongoing market in WURM

    And you wanna say, that trading forums popularity doesn't show anything?
  8. Creating an ongoing market in WURM

    Freedom market is second most popular subforum on Wurm Online forums. Telling, that market doesn't matter is BS. Everyone wants to sell stuff(yes, even those creative guys, noone is allergic to cash). Noone wants to buy, that is the problem. And CountZero is right, healty market would work no matter whether there are 1000 players or 100000 players, trading would happen in just different magnitude. Until now it was like a pyramid scheme, where things were going well, until lots of new players were coming. Influx of new players stopped and the pyramid just collapsed.
  9. QOL - Meditation

    -1 If meditation mechanics are annoying, the skill (like any other) can be simply ignored. Noone else but you forces you to grind that and when you fail to reach the goals set only by yourself, that is not mechanics fault. Just like not everyone HAS to have 90+ weaponsmithing, not everyone HAS to have 90+ meditation.
  10. [SOLD] WTS 27 sleep powders

    Sold, can be closed.
  11. [SOLD] WTS 27 sleep powders

    and to the top again..
  12. Low Frame Rate

    The stuttering is issue for me too.. even when i stand still, the FPS is going between 15-50.
  13. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    You still went to fix a system, which wasn't broken to begin with. WO is a bit different than WU, where you pile as many mods on server as you can. First thing, formulate a problem, then try to find out what causes the problem.. after that find a way to fix it. What was the problem with old armor system? It was diverse, you had to make decisions, you gained one thing(protection) at the expense of other(mobility). IMO that makes sense, if you want to be a tank, you weigh more. Damage reduction was different based on damage type on armors since 2016. It was completely ignored, shows how important that change was. One argument has been the "meta", that drake and scale have been required. Yes, everyone wants drake/scale, but it is not required. There is a huge difference between "I want to have" and "I need to have". In Wurm PvE scale/drake fall into "I want to have" category, as there is NOTHING, from which you are excluded in PvE, when you don't own drake/scale. In PvP, I won't comment on that.