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  1. I let it rest for an hour and played another game. Now Wurm also works, don't know what it didn't like. Checked, the console log has been overwritten.
  2. Client runs, gets to the "Welcome back Rixk, Wurm has been waiting" message. Then just closes, no usual crash screen or anything either, just goes back to desktop. Tried both normal and low-mem client. The issue started after the client downloaded update today. Yesterday all was fine, I haven't even restarted computer after yesterday's Wurm session.
  3. Entropia Universe

    Most expensive free game. Used to play it few years around the end of last decade. Was great game. Then they changed whole game. New map, new combat, etc.. After that I lost interest, as all the familiar places were gone etc. Tried the game again couple of years ago with daughter (she loved sweating when she was a little kid). I bought 50 euros worth of PEDs, but we were broke in 2 days. All we did was bit hunting and mining. The fact, that just to keep playing you have to keep depositing cash just isn't cool. You can do literally nothing without having money, except sweating, but the sweat prices are so low now. When I played first time, it was 6-7 PEDs per 1k sweat, now(well, few years ago) 2-3 PEDs(iirc?) .
  4. So.. mend

    Actually I let my creativity fly.. and shot the stuff at 30 winches in 85 degree angle in the air. But thanks, will try tomorrow.
  5. So.. mend

    This was simple yes/no question. Did it or did it not mend before. I didn't ask, what you like or do not like?
  6. So.. mend

    And it didn't mend before? You should try bit harder..
  7. So.. mend

    Or.. I don't know.. maybe just not replace features, but ADD them. Sounds unheard of, isn't it? I couldn't give a damn about what mend does, when there was actually a comparable way to lower ql.
  8. So.. mend

    200 tiles shots and then send search party into the forest looking for it? Ah, it doesn't really matter. Another feature broken by eager devs, who don't really think things through before making changes. At least I landed nice CoC on the knife, probably helps a bit in the future also, so premming priest was not completely wasted.
  9. So.. mend

    It took me 5 shots to make 1 damage to a 69 ql butchering knife. Longer shots, shorter shots etc.
  10. So.. mend

    Yes, 0.2-0.3 damage per shot. As mends ql reduction is tied to the damage it mends, this really doesnt help.
  11. So.. mend

    In the past we could lower item ql by mending it. Now after the casting changes, how can we lower item ql quickly.
  12. It doesn't really matter, what Code Club writes. In EU: "If you bought a product or a service online or outside of a shop (by telephone, mail order, from a door-to-door salesperson), you also have the right to cancel and return your order within 14 days, for any reason and without a justification." https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/shopping/guarantees-returns/index_en.htm Code Club still has to abide EU rules, no matter what it writes on its website.
  13. In any case, I hope Surtr keeps perimeter on the house and it will be gone eventually. Intentional or not, the fact is, that it blocks access to the pier. And let's face it, there is also plenty of space in the surrounding area good for building another one Just for info, I am sure you have noticed, there are my(and my friends) ships bit east from that place. I used to have my ships docked at Boondock pier, but Boondock 1.0 was big enough to cover also the pier. As there was no proximity ownership for crates, it meant that if you unloaded something, you couldn't load it any more because of deed permissions(iirc couldn't repair ships also). That is when I moved the ships away from Boondock. When Boondock 1.0 fell, I planned to move my ships back to the pier, as it wasn't really big deal, I postponed it... until "the rock" appeared, blocking access to the pier on horse/cart/wagon.
  14. Ah, it is your building, why did you block the pier with your building? That might also be the reason for perimeter.