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  1. [21:23:14] Since its creator tag has faded, you decide to keep history alive by scratching your name on it. Afterwards you proudly read 'Rixk'. Just examined my collection of banners and every one of them had creators tag missing. That bug still around, or is it a feature now? I've seen it every now and then over the years.
  2. Mac M1 outline

    I got a M1 Mac also. Wurm runs well on it, but I think the problem is, that the game uses its own x86 Oracle java. Azul has released ARM Java, which is ~40% faster on M1, compared to Oracle java. How to make Wurm use that java? That is the question though.
  3. So.. when are the Indy(don't know if other servers were also "reset" at some point) named recipes original discoverers coming back? Been a while.
  4. Just simple question... "Why?".. The heck, I have been playing even single player games, where I do like to make money, but for some reason in Wurm it is BAD. It is funny, how trading in Wurm has been made something you should be ashamed of. No offence Crez, but who are you to tell people, how they should be playing the game? As long they do that in following all the rules, not abusing any game mechanics and not harassing anyone.
  5. but.. but.. QOL.. just had to say it
  6. Yep, I did have some old exquisite rugs, which gave me longer timers, those lowered the ql without problems. Funny thing is, on high ql/long timer items I wouldn't really want for the ql to go down, but on lower ql items it is useful at times. Did steel items in the past have similar "bonus" to reduction of repair timer? I remember I noticed a while ago(even a year or so ago), that when I was using my steel staff, then repairing didn't lower its quality. Wasn't using it much, so didn't bother to even report it. But for now I will just wait for the confirmation whether this current situation is working as intended, or it is a bug.. then will see what I will do... repair alts ftw!
  7. In the morning it still wasn't and there hasn't been any restarts meanwhile. My theory is, that it is the 7.5% repair timer reduction, which is affecting it. At certain repair skill the repair timers get so short with the timer reduction, that it doesn't get to to the point, where it subtracts quality. Just a wild guess, haven't tested that, but I am afraid, those repair actions don't give skill either.
  8. You mean penalty? Lowering ql was a feature. Now removing it.. I don't know, especially, when imping increases the ql at chunks which you have no control of. So tired of stuff being "fixed", which isn't broken.
  9. After yesterdays patch repair doesn't lower ql any more. had 5.84ql grooming brush at 30+ damage.. after repairs it was the same ql. Tried with some other items too, the same, medi rug(1.something ql) at 5 dmg, also some random metal items at random dmg(mostly lower end damage tho).
  10. You will never get the prices again, as they were. With "free" money gone from traders etc, people will think twice before giving out coin. It was the "free" money, which was pumping up the economy. It will be interesting to see the developments, what will happen to the economy now. Of course these are long term changes and will be visible after longer period of the time.
  11. I let it rest for an hour and played another game. Now Wurm also works, don't know what it didn't like. Checked, the console log has been overwritten.
  12. Client runs, gets to the "Welcome back Rixk, Wurm has been waiting" message. Then just closes, no usual crash screen or anything either, just goes back to desktop. Tried both normal and low-mem client. The issue started after the client downloaded update today. Yesterday all was fine, I haven't even restarted computer after yesterday's Wurm session.
  13. Entropia Universe

    Most expensive free game. Used to play it few years around the end of last decade. Was great game. Then they changed whole game. New map, new combat, etc.. After that I lost interest, as all the familiar places were gone etc. Tried the game again couple of years ago with daughter (she loved sweating when she was a little kid). I bought 50 euros worth of PEDs, but we were broke in 2 days. All we did was bit hunting and mining. The fact, that just to keep playing you have to keep depositing cash just isn't cool. You can do literally nothing without having money, except sweating, but the sweat prices are so low now. When I played first time, it was 6-7 PEDs per 1k sweat, now(well, few years ago) 2-3 PEDs(iirc?) .
  14. So.. mend

    Actually I let my creativity fly.. and shot the stuff at 30 winches in 85 degree angle in the air. But thanks, will try tomorrow.