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  1. Hello everyone, English is not my native language so i will be strait to the point. since we have a new permission system can we bring back lock picking on freedom ? we had it in the pass and live it. where why and how i would like to have it 1. like in the good olds days i want it like it was before. you CANT lockpick on someone else deed unless you have permission to, in a completed house that dont belong to you and you dont have permission. Large cart, wagon and boat should NOT be lock pickable. "i dont remember if they where in the pass" 2. new gameplay element this give us even more freedom and we just loose a like bit of protection 3. ok but what we can do with that? first personally as a scavenger it will bring a tresure hunting element to the game. I could find interesting stuff on abandoned settlement. Second. you could make a mine put a locked chest deep in it. fill the mine with creaure put a sign at the entrance saying "tresure inside". What in the chest is up to you The locked chest allow only serious player to open it lockpicking is not that hard of a skill to raise. on totally diff point the combat system to be updated badly.
  2. make it so he can put and take thing from the bag when the horse is hitched
  3. new creature

    i found this near the colosus lake on inde seem like a bison but much bigger here all the info i could get [21:05:23] You decide to classify the mature Beeffalope using numbers. [21:05:23] Stamina level 65535, damage level 0. [21:05:23] Hunger value 3205, fat level 50, nutrition level 0.0, thirst level 0, dominated by none, loyalty level 0.0. [21:05:23] Normal stamina regen true. [21:05:23] Kingdom is no known kingdom, leader is Blgpapa, hitched to none [22:34:08] The bison are impressive creatures when moving in hordes. [22:34:08] He is very well defined. [22:34:08] This creature could use some grooming.
  4. you forgot to remove the palisade i was stuck with only a hatchet fortunaly a friend came to bash it and set me free still was a lot of fun really happy with the reward
  5. i know he dont play anymore but did he just get bored of the game ? i hope it just that, i ask because there a greyax memorial where he used to live so i was wondering.
  6. A LOT of everything. many thousand dirt, many hundred of wood, dont feel i like counting all that.
  7. you have until friday to make a offer