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  1. Phantasy RPG

    http://phantasyrpg.com/register.php?ref=243671 Started playing this game many years ago. 2005 to be exact. It is an excellent game that still has a steady player base and has more to do in an RPG than any other mmorpg I have ever seen. Crafting, pets, trapping, fishing, guilds, clans, public events, increasingly harder mobs, legendary equipments... I can go on and on. If you are interested in a taste of the gold old days I would recommend starting here.
  2. Internet Explorer wont, use Google Chrome or firefox
  3. At least to start out is there a way to raise the limit of creatures one player can lead with a rope to 50 or so?
  4. i lot's so hard I almost pee'd a little. I read this in a gruff drunken slurry worded vikings voice because of your avatar.
  5. Didn't someone recently make a thread about closing some of the freedom servers to merge populations together? I think it was about Release server. would be terrible if they did a ninja reset. *crosses fingers and prays for exo players*
  6. All my beautiful shiny items!! highly trusted and recommended seller. Very reliable and fast with trades/transfers. Best of luck in sale!!
  7. Previously you said only sailboats were completed, just confirming this is a full release with all boats and wood types now? Thank you for the excellent work by the way. Would be great to see some of these things picked back up in WO as well. Thanks.
  8. healing covers, farmers salves and bandages are very important if you are going to be out traveling, hunting, Pop or really just to have in your pack in the chance you run into an ugly troll that's deciding you are lunch. Keeping 7-10 covers and about 3-5 salves in a satchel is always a good plan. Potency of covers is based off of ingredients used not the skill you have. These definitely are important to have, especially ones of 12-15+ power. Even the strongest of adventurers can die in a hurry in Wurm. A fall from a cliff and then a hit from a he'll hound and you can spend hours trying to recover your body. Do some research on the wiki about healing cover power and ingredients to get a better understanding of how they work and always keep some on you. Better to have and not need than it is to want and die trying.
  9. Aside from 21 body's strength make sure you have a large maul or similar weapon as your active item in inventory.
  10. Haha, now the evil rears its head. On topic: After having not been able to play the last few months and watching the boards, I have basically decided to return only to WU myself. The idea of basically playing Wurm with no fees and no griefing or bigotry and oth non-sensicle BS very much appeals to me. Then if I cannot play for a month I dont need to worry as much about decay or appeasing other people. As much as I have always loved the Wurm community I just have too much going on in my personal and family dynamic to focus on any gaming community. I sure do miss Wurm though
  11. I disagree with your sig, I don't believe that came out angry at all
  12. Please close, thanks to GM team for the adsistance.
  13. Goodbye Cas, you served me well and will be greatly missed. On the same note could say welcome home to your original owner. Always glad to see accounts back where they had started. Close thread please.
  14. I definitely like the dirt and packed dirt looks. Great work.