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  1. sold thx

    Tron is the owner yes desertmind path of knowledge
  2. sold thx

    Starting bid: 20s Minimum increase: 2s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Buyout: None Hidden reserve: None Character: Name : Tron Gender : Male Prem : No Prospecting: 20.054247 Mining: 26.3245 Digging: 35.632954 Smithing: 23.4871 Blacksmithing: 55.07499 Jewelry smithing: 20.052263 Cloth tailoring: 20.6721 Leatherworking: 20.149399 Masonry: 60.967766 Stone cutting: 58.21562 Hot food cooking: 20.423536 Nature: 25.404337 Foraging: 36.653202 Botanizing: 39.116405 Meditating: 32.61782 Fighting: 70.07374 Aggressive fighting: 24.495731 Miscellaneous items: 20.0 Shovel: 24.52008 Pickaxe: 27.487642 Repairing: 20.0 Hammer: 25.833145 Stone chisel: 37.19381 Two handed sword: 43.509502 Woodcutting: 22.762705 Carpentry: 39.80786 Fine carpentry: 46.611076 Mind logic: 20.0 Mind speed: 20.152256 Soul depth: 21.115793 Soul strength: 20.260437 Body: 21.985756 Body strength: 23.454556 Body stamina: 20.70361 Body control: 23.252304 " Items: Large magical Chest - dmg 2.5 Wagon rare large cart rare bed 3k cotton 4k rock shards 10k iron 3k bricks 2k clay 5k onions Deed: small starter deed paid for 220days NE Indy 48x17y name Southpark !Tool enchants outdated and may be a little lower! Have fun
  3. sold thx

    paypal pls asking 50€ for 59 silvers
  4. sold thx

    Asking 40s Pick up only at NE Indy
  5. I understand most points here ...i got this knowledge from a decent source (if i got it right!) and testing... if dev´s and community wants it this way iam ok with it This is just my opinion ... for me it never was to make RL money ... the other way i always putted money in for a good game
  6. yep^^ I think its like : a rare item is really rare vs more people can enjoy it ... but we got fantastics for that
  7. it was when the creation itself succeed least it was for me non complex should still work (like tools) but need some testing on these
  8. 3 rolls 3 failes so far to give numbers maybe 1 / total number of items ^^
  9. Bring back the old rarity chance for advanced creations with non rare materials !
  10. +1 fast and friendly ..recommanded!